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The Packing Game 2

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2007 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; machine; mum; wrap; cocoon; oral; toys; cons; X

Based on a story by The Packing Game Steff469, this is a possible part two.

Part Two

Janet & Alan had met up in the factory on Saturday, it was supposed to be for Janet to find out more about how the factory packs the goods it sends out but ended up as Janet becoming tightly encased in layers of plastic as tried out the wrapping machine. She had found herself highly aroused and experiencing the most wonderful orgasms at the hands of Alan. He'd found her bondage magazines laying on the coffee table in her home. He'd even brought along a couple of toys for them to play with, the vibrator for her and the ring gag for him, well his pleasure anyway.

After initially trying the wrapping machine, she'd been able to escape after thirty minutes, the next time he added more layers and heated the shrink wrap to hold her firmly in it's grasp. That's when he began to play with her using the vibrator to bring her to climax and then the ring gag for his own pleasure, using her mouth to bring himself to orgasm. After freeing her they had initially planned to go out for a meal, but Janet was tired from their play and they decided to meet again the next day.

Overnight Janet kept thinking back to the wrapping and the time she'd had with Alan, the orgasms were wonderful and she really liked the constriction of the shrink wrap, even thought she had found it too tight at first. She tossed and turned in her sleep, her dreams showed her helplessly wrapped, of being wrapped many times and in many layers during the night and some also had her being strapped in the other machine and another of being enclosed in a box, she awoke from her dreams extremely horny and had to use her vibrator to finish herself off.

Early on Sunday morning she rang Alan to ask if she could met him again back at the factory, she promised to make it worth his time, she didn't tell him of her dreams or how turned on she had become at the thought of what could happen. After he'd agreed to met her in two hours outside the factory, she hung up, quickly showered and got dressed, she thought a simple summer dress would suffice, no need for panties or bra as she would soon be standing naked in front of Alan and being wrapped again. The mere suggestion began to make her wet and she could feel the heat build between her legs.

She caught a cab to the factory, she didn't want to drive as she was too distracted to concentrate on driving, plus as she was getting more worked up thinking about the wrapping, she'd probably get caught speeding trying to get there quickly. Alan was waiting for her outside the factory, quickly she paid the driver and climbed out, adjusting her dress which was caught in the breeze, nearly revealing all her wares to Alan and the cab driver. She kissed Alan on the cheek and he gave her a hug before he turned and guided her to the side door of the building.

Alan had already been inside and turned on the lights and machines, warming them up for her arrival. Alan was the floor manager and so had access to every part of the factory. No one else was in the factory today, being Sunday we had the whole place to ourselves. Alan turned to me and asked if I'd enjoyed the wrapping sessions we had yesterday.

I said, "I Loved the tight feeling of the wrap, especially when you used the heat to shrink the wrap to my body, I was just unable to get free or even move."

"So do you want to start there again today?" he asked.

"Mmmm! I'd love to do that..." I replied.

"Okay, then let's get started," Alan replied.

As we walked over to the machine Alan placed his hand around my waist, his hand slipping down to feel my bottom and guiding me towards the wrapping machine. The closer I got the hotter and wetter I seem to become between my legs, the butterflies in my stomach began doing their merry dance and my nerves seemed to become more enhanced, feeling everything with more intensity.

"You'd better get yourself ready," Alan stated.

Without skipping a beat I grabbed the hem of my dress and quickly pulled it off my body and over my head, leaving me standing there in natures glory, if it was my birthday then I was already dressed in the suit.

Alan looked up from the control panel just as the dress dropped to the floor, the same time as his chin! Open mouthed he looked my body up and down, taking in the sights.

"Ready when you are Alan." I said.

Bringing himself back to his senses, Alan moved over to help me climb onto the conveyor belt. Alan couldn't resist running his hands over my body as he helped me, the feeling of his touch sent electricity through my body, tingling wherever his hands touched my naked flesh.

Moving back to the control panel Alan had difficulty taking his eyes off of my body, admiring my curves and staring at my breasts, the nipples of which were now standing to attention like the good little soldiers they are.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

"Fire away," I replied looking into the abyss of the machine ahead of me.

The conveyor started up with a jolt and I had to rebalance myself, then I began traveling into the machine, the plastic curtains that hid the inside workings were close to me now, my naked skin brushed up against then pushing them aside as I entered the inner workings. I could see the roll of wrap held on a mechanical arm to one side, the other I could see the jets that directed the heat that would seal the shrink wrap to my body.

The belt stopped not long after I entered the inner domain of the machine, my new master, the one that would restrict my movements and bind my body tightly. The machine hummed and the arm holding the wrap began to rise, the roll started to spin on it's axis and soon the first touch of the plastic wrap was felt on my lower legs. At first the wrap slipped until the next layer overlapped and held in place, the arm then revolved around my body, releasing more of the delightful plastic, each pass getting firmer and holding my body in it's clingy grasp.

The arm began to rise, ever so slowly wrapping more of my legs in the plastic, each time the wrap seemed to go around it adjusted itself about an inch, so overlapping the other layers. Leaving my arms by my side, ready for their turn at being enclosed, I had thought to place them near my pussy, being able to play with my little pleasure centre, but then I thought Alan would be taking care of that for me, something to look forward to later.

The speed of the wrap seemed to increase, the arm revolving around my body releasing the plastic wrap, maybe Alan had adjusted the controls, maybe he couldn't wait any longer to get his hands on me! Soon my waist was covered, my hands long since held at my sides, the wrap extended upwards over my arms, now securely held, my breasts were the next target, soon these too would be enclosed. The plastic firming and holding my body, my breasts were flattened between the plastic and my body. Now the machine had reached my shoulders and neck.

Holding my head up the machine carefully wrapped my neck and then moved downwards to re-cover my body in more of the plastic wrap. The machine worked quickly now, the overlapping not so delicate as before and six layers later the arm stopped revolving and cut the plastic roll. Next the fan started, the heat increasing as it warmed up to operating temperature. Blowing on the plastic covering my body, it caused it to melt into the layers beneath, I would soon be covered in the one thick layer of heat shrink plastic. As the heat touched the plastic it also shrank causing the plastic to become ever more tighter and squeezing my cocooned body.

Too soon the heat had covered the entire length of my body, melting and moulding the plastic to my body form, I was now another object successfully packaged by this machine and soon the conveyor restarted and moved me out into the cooler air of the factory. Alan stood there watching as I came out from the machine, my body tightly enclosed in the plastic cocoon, the light glistening off the wraps polished finish. Alan pressed the stop button and I nearly toppled over as the conveyor belt came to an abrupt stop, Alan quickly caught hold of me.

"Wow! You look absolutely fabulous, the wrapping seems even better than yesterday, how do you feel?" He asked.

I was lost for words, too far gone in my daydream and fantasies and could only barely reply, "F..f...fine.."

Alan carried me from the machine and put me down on a table nearby, he'd placed a blanket on top of the table. He ran his hands over the outside, feeling my body under the wrappings. I could not move an inch, my breathing was restricted but comfortable, my limbs were held firm and I was unable to move my legs other than to wiggle my toes.

Alan said, "I'd improved on the first time, I re-programmed the machine to do a more intense wrap the first layer, covering with a inch overlapping."

"Well it certainly feels a lot tighter than yesterday." I said.

Alan reached below the table and brought out his box of toys, with a smirk on his face he picked up the ring gag.

I licked my lips to wet them, as well as look him deeply in to his eyes, smouldering sexuality and wanting to devour him. I opened my mouth ready for the gag. He pushed the ring into my mouth and tightened the straps behind my head, the ring adjusted in my mouth behind my front teeth, now I was open and available for his use. Again I used my tongue to invite him to use my mouth for his pleasure. One of the only parts of my body I could move freely.

He next brought up the vibrator he used on me yesterday, I'm sure by now the plastic covering my pussy would be well steamed over with condensation, maybe even the plastic had melted with the heat coming off from down there. Alan made a hole in the plastic, and soon he had placed the vibrator inside against my throbbing sex. It didn't take too long before the first earth shattering climax hit my body like an express train, my body must have arched a foot off of the table I was laying on. Alan was concerned for me, the cries of pleasure must have sounded like pain to him, he thought that I'd injured myself. I had almost blacked out from the climax, it was that strong.

Alan stopped what he was doing and was quickly looking for something to cut me out, when I saw the scissors in his I hand I pleaded for him not to release me, it came out garbled, "Uthhh, nnngh!" I wriggled as much as I could to convey my intentions and he finally got the message. I licked my lips again sending him a clear message what I wanted next. The smile on his face told me that the message was loud and clear. Soon he had his zipper open and Mr Happy standing there waving at me. Alan rolled me onto my stomach, as he had done yesterday and soon I was was enjoying a man-sized hotdog.

I worked my tongue around, playing with his member as he pushed it in my mouth, holding my head either side, he began to move back and forth, using my mouth as just another sex organ. The bonus was my tongue working him, especially on the underside in that little special spot that makes them go weak at the knees. Soon he began to work faster and faster, holding my head steady and moving his penis in and out of my mouth, I wish I could have closed my lips more over his member but the ring gag prevented that. I felt his penis grow larger and knew that soon I would be expecting a surprise package in my mouth very shortly. Alan gasped as he shot his load into my mouth, his member pushing as far back as it could, I did start to choke as he reached my throat and he pulled back slightly.

Again because I was laying face down and the ring gag prevented me from closing my mouth, all I could do was lay there as his cum dribbled from my open mouth. He sat close by recovering from his climax and I lay there looking like a plastic worm, with spittle and cum dribbling from my mouth. I was still feeling randy as hell and would like nothing more than a pack of vikings come through and ravish me at that point.

Alan looked at me with a big grin on his face, "Enjoy that?"

"Shorr!" was my reply.

Alan reached behind my head and undid the strap holding the ring gag in place, then he gently eased it form my mouth. I worked my jaw, which as you can imagine was stiff and sore from behind held and abused. I swallowed whatever was left in my mouth, I couldn't talk with whatever residue was left anyway. "I loved it!"

"But there's something you're not telling me, aren't you? Alan asked.

I suppose he could see it in my face, or maybe my body language.

"W.. well last night all I could see in my dreams was being wrapped in the machine, then having the straps placed around my body and finally being boxed in the last machine. It was the most intense feeling I'd ever had."

"So you want me to put you in the strapping machine?" Alan asked.

"Y.. yes if you don't mind..." I stammered.

"And then you want to go in the box and be enclosed in the foam packing?" Alan looked at me as he asked.

"Well, yes, that was in my dreams, though in the cold light of day that may not be what I want." I tentatively answered.

"Do you know what happens inside the boxing machine?" Alan queried.

"No, but maybe you could show me later."

"Later... ?" Alan questioned

"Well after you put me through the strapping machine and well... play with me a bit more..." I replied slightly embarrassed.

"Okay, to the strapping machine it is!" Alan now recovered from his climax, Mr Happy was clearly showing signs of enthusiasm.


to be continued...


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