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Pain And Pleasure

by Clingfilm

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© Copyright 2005 - Clingfilm - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; plastic; bagged; vacuum; cons; X

I have been into self-bondage for most of my life.  I started off as a kid using the dog lead to tie myself up.  When I got married I tried to get my wife to help me.  Once or twice she has done but she makes it quite clear that she does not like bondage, get nothing from it and doesn’t like me doing it.  She made me promise never to wrap myself up in cling film ever again since she read about a colleague who went fatally too far.  So I don’t usually do it but sometimes…..Sometimes I can’t resist.  I’m hooked.  It’s like an addiction. So……..

My wife had just gone out to work for the day and I was day off alone.  No plans, Nothing to do. No one is going to bother me.  What should I do.  Is it going to be pallet wrap again. No, I decided, the polythene bag.  I had bought a very large survival bag from the Army Navy stores some weeks ago and hidden it in the loft along with some old cushions from a sofa we were throwing out.  I got the bag and the cushions out of the loft and three planks of wood from the garage.  I then took a large rubbish bag from a roll in the kitchen and some plastic parcel tape. Next I got a length of garden hose from the garage and I had drilled the first five feet of it with quarter inch holes.  Next I got out the vacuum cleaner and took all of the kinks every day items into the spare room.  After making sure the doors were all locked I took the timer from a light in the lounge and made my way to the spare room.

I taped the rubbish bag to the end of the very thick gauge polythene survival bag and opened the end of it.  The bag was now three feet longer.  I snipped a small hole in the bottom of the bag and fed in the first five feet of garden hose and sealed that up with tape.

The other end of the hose I fed into the vacuum cleaner hose.  I plugged in the vacuum cleaner to test it.  The bag sucked flat in no time. No leaks.

Next I placed the planks of wood into the bag, right down to the bottom and pushed the cushions in on top.  The bag was now quite full and it would be a struggle to get into the bag.  So far, so good.  Now I needed a pillow from the bed.  I lay this on the floor at the head of the bag.  I was getting very excited now.

I got undressed and took hold of the timer.  How long should I set it for, for the first time?  Would it work?  Would the bag leak?

I set the timer for half an hour and put on a neck tie I usually wear for work.  

Time to find out!

One last check to make sure everything was set.  I had set the timer for a ten minute delay (would that be enough?) and I started to climb into my polythene prison.  It was tight.  The cushions nearly filled the survival bag and there was only just enough room to get my body in.  It was a very tight fit.  The planks of wood prevented the whole bag from bending in the middle and it made it harder to get in.  

At last, my feet were at the bottom.  I pulled the rubbish bag down round my neck and tucked it into my neck tie from the top, pulling it downwards so that my head was outside the bag (lying on the pillow I’d put there earlier.  I pulled the tie a little tighter.  How long had it taken?

I moved my arms to my sides.  Should I lie on top of them?  No, this was impossible as the bag was already too tight

I couldn’t see the clock.  Damn.  Maybe I have time to get out to start again  I moved my hands up to undo the tie when suddenly, the vacuum cleaner sprung into life!  

Within seconds, the bag round my arms had collapsed and they were pinned helplessly across my chest.  The bag sucked down tightly around my legs and body.  I was going no where.  I tried to move my feet but it was impossible.  I was being sucked into the cushions underneath me.  The polythene was being pulled tighter and tighter.  I was unable to move at all.  The planks of wood held the whole assembly solid. All I could move was my head.  My erect cock was being pressed hard against my belly.  The polythene pulling tightly against the end.  The pleasure was immense!  I tried to hump the wall of the bag but I couldn’t move at all.

The bag got even tighter and it was becoming difficult to breathe.  I hadn’t realised the strength of the vacuum cleaner or the thick polythene.  I could just move one of my fingers a bit.  As the bag got tighter still, my feet were forced outwards.  And my ankles became a little painful.  The cushions didn’t go to the bottom of the bag so my feet were being crushed into the planks of wood.

The pain….please stop the pain I thought!  The pain was beginning to overtake the enormous pleasure of being trapped in inside of this immovable plastic bag.  

Despite the pain, I started to come.  I bucked (or tried to) against the wall of the bag but it held me totally motionless.  Once I started, there was no stopping me, despite the very tight bag crushing my ankles and feet against the wood.  I didn’t care.  I was in heaven.

Eventually, I had come enough, now the pain began in earnest. My ankles and feet hurt like hell.  My hips were staring to hurt from the twist in my legs and ankles.  Now I wanted it to stop.  Now I’d had enough.  How much longer till this thing switches off?  I lay at the mercy of the damned timer.  Why had I set it for so long?  How could I have been so stupid.  The guilt… what if it doesn’t switch off and I get caught.  What would my wife say when she found me?  Will there be bruises on my feet? How will I explain them?  

After an eternity, the timer switched off and I got free.  

The bruises were not as bad as I thought.

I packed away my kinky bits and hid them again for another day

Shall I do it again?




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