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Party Crasher

by Helios

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© Copyright 2005 - Helios - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; mum; wrap; bond; nc; X

It was Friday afternoon when Heather called up her friend Marcy. When Marcy picked up, the athletic college coed said, "Hi, Marcy, my house mates are gone for the weekend. Want come over? I’m having a sleepover like I used to in high school.”

Marcy, who was on the university swim team, was about 5 foot 3 inches tall with light brown hair that went to the base of her neck with pale blue eyes and a muscular and tone body and weighed around 140 lbs. She momentarily thought about it, instantly realizing that she really didn’t have any weekend plans.  

“Sure!” said Marcy. Heather called up her other friends, who accepted her impromptu invitation. There was Cynthia, a slender but well-endowed blonde, Danette, a tall and well-endowed athletic brunette who was on the college softball team and stood about 5 foot 9 inches tall with long brown hair and blue eyes, Wendy, a voluptuous blonde who was about 5 foot 5 inches tall, and Sharon, a petite brunette with hazel eyes who stood about 5 foot 4 inches and was barely 125 lbs.  Marcy and Cynthia arrived around 7 PM, with the other two coeds arriving a little after 7:30 PM.  For a while, they flipped through the channels and watched some music videos and reality TV show highlights from the week.

Afterwards, they ordered some pizza and took the car out to rent a movie. A couple of hours later the girls ate their pizza and made some popcorn. By the time they were half-way through the movie when Cynthia had to use the bathroom. The house Heather and her roommates shared was big, but old, with the only bathroom on the second floor. Cynthia stood up, pushing her long, flowing blonde hair out of the way, and went to the bathroom. Cynthia was slender but well-endowed, with the jiggling of her breasts catching more than her fair share of turning heads when she jogged on campus to workout. Even with a large t-shirt on, her breasts seemed to swell and press against it tightly.

Cynthia went into the bathroom door, then closed and locked it. The shower-curtain was closed with the window open, making her easily mistake the heavy breathing behind it for the wind.

Cynthia unzipped her cotton shorts, pushed her black panties around her ankles and squatted over the toilet. Several seconds later, Cynthia finished her business and put her clothes back on, and had just finished washing her hands when suddenly, shower curtain was flung open. A heavy-set, masked figure leaped out and muffled Cynthia’s mouth with his fat hand. 

He shoved her roughly against the opposite wall, pressed her up against the wall with his body, keeping one hand over her mouth. Cynthia couldn’t scream, feeling his heavy weight against her young body. It was a horrible sensation; she could hear the man’s heavy breathing, but couldn’t feel his breath, for he towered more than a foot over her.

 “Relax, blondie, I ain’t gonna rape ya, but I do need to keep you under wraps while I’m here,” whispered the masked man. 

Cynthia tried to wriggle and thrash about, but the man was too strong for her. She tried screaming, for her friends and peaceful safety was only downstairs, but his hand was immovable. She desperately tried breaking free, accidentally hitting her head hard against the bathroom wall in one of her thrashes. Cynthia slumped in his arms momentarily stunned, making it easy for the man to carry her into the largest bedroom in the old house. 

The masked man took her into the room and removed the curtain cords used to open and close the drapes, and tightly bound Cynthia’s wrists behind her back and ankles together with the cord. He then stuffed her mouth with a large wad of cotton from the bathroom, and wound beige medical wrap around her mouth and head four times to completely muffle her. 

Upstairs, Cynthia was barely conscious, bound, and gagged.  Downstairs, the other four young women were finishing up with the movie.

“Cynthia’s sure taking a long time,” said Sharon.

“Sure is,” added Wendy with a giggle. “Maybe she fell in.”

“Or,” quipped Heather sarcastically, “Maybe a masked stranger came and had his way with her!”

They all laughed at that absurdity.

“Well, I’ll go get her,” said Sharon as she went upstairs. Turning the corner at the top of the stairs, Sharon saw that the bedroom door was open with unidentifiable sounds coming from inside, so she went to investigate. When she looked inside, Sharon stopped, stunned in terror.

There was a huge, fat, masked man. He was still cutting apart Cynthia’s cotton shorts and t-shirt, stripping her to only her bra and panties. Sharon could see Cynthia’s eyes lit in horror as she thrashed and kicked on the floor, unable to move or talk from the wrists and ankles being bound and from being gagged.  

Sharon stood as if paralyzed for a moment, which was too long as the hulking intruder tackled her hard down to the floor. She tried to scream as the man’s hand clamped over her mouth and pinned her underneath his massive weight. Sharon could barely breathe with her hazel eyes lighting up in shock before losing consciousness…. 

“What was that?” asked a nervous Marcy when they heard commotion from upstairs.

“Oh, it’s probably just Cynthia and Sharon up to their old tricks. You know how they are sometimes. We’re better off ignoring them,” commented Danette.

Sharon opened her eyes slowly. The first thing she noticed was that she was that her hands her bound behind her back and ankles together with duct tape and saw her clothes tossed in the corner of the room. Sharon was only in her gray cotton bra and matching panties, with her petite b-cup breasts looking even smaller compared to the breasts that were practically spilling out of Cynthia’s bra.  Sharon tried to scream, only to find she had been gagged with duct tape over her mouth.

Then she heard a voice; the masked intruder’s voice. 

“I see you’re awake,” said the masked man. “I’m not a rapist, just a burglar making his way through the house, and need to keep you two under wraps.”

Bound on the floor, Sharon helplessly looked on to see the masked man tightly wind clear pallet wrap around Cynthia’s body, working his way down from her neckline all the way down to her ankles. Cynthia thrashes and struggled were violent at first before her body was being restrained in the pallet wrap, which soon reduced to minimal movements as the pallet wrap tightened from shrinkage caused by her body heat. Cynthia was flat on her back a few feet from Sharon, mummified tight in pallet wrap so she couldn’t move a muscle. 

“You’re next,” said the masked man. Sharon struggled and squirmed for the doorway, but the masked man grabbed her duct tape bound ankles and dragged her back into the room. He pulled out a large, white bed sheet from the closet and laid it flat on the floor, then placed Sharon on one end of the sheet and proceeded to roll her up in it, tightly pulling on the makeshift cocoon to restrain her petite but feisty body. After rolling her up in the sheet, only Sharon’s head was protruding out.

The masked man opened up a drawer in the room, finding several leather belts that Heather’s roommates owned. The man then strapped the belts around Sharon’s sheet-wrapped body, tightly buckling them around her to keep her bound in the sheet. He then placed her neatly next to Cynthia, leaving the two women struggling to get free.

Downstairs, more than an hour had passed. The girls went off looking for their lost friends.

Danette, the tallest and strongest of them, went upstairs and went into the attic, thinking that Cynthia and Sharon had perhaps went up there and lost track of time exploring.  

Danette climbed into the attic, and turned on the electric light. As soon as she did, the door slammed shut behind her and a hulking man leaped out of the shadows at her, covering her head with a small cloth bag he found. The fat masked man tackled her hard, hitting her head against the hardwood floor to knock her out cold. The masked man then removed the bag and dragged her to one of the attic support beams, propped her seated against it, and handcuffed Danette’s wrists behind her back to the pole then handcuffed her ankle together. Finally, he tore off some pieces of duct tape and covered her mouth, sealing it shut.

The masked man peered through the cracks in the attic; he had three beautiful college coeds subdued, with two more to go.

While Marcy was cleaning up in the kitchen, Heather was on her way upstairs. When she entered the bedroom, Heather found Sharon and Cynthia mummified and struggling gagged on the floor, and immediately ran to call the police. The masked man grabbed Heather from behind, squeezing her stomach hard from behind. Heather was athletic but small, barely 5 feet 4 inches and was soon overpowered by the much larger and heavier man. She could feel his sweaty body against her as she desperately tried clawing at his face, but only felt the cloth of the ski mask he was wearing. 

The man dragged the semi-conscious Heather into the bedroom, where Sharon and Cynthia angrily glared at him, helpless to get free. Cynthia was sweating profusely, but couldn’t slip her arms free from the tight pallet wrap cocoon. Sharon’s wrists and ankles were still bound, and was unable to wiggle out of the sheet cocoon either. 

The masked man sat Heather down in a chair and tied her hands behind the back of chair with duct tape, then proceeded to continuously wrap the duct tape around her chest and arms, strapping her down to the chair then wrapped the duct tape to bind her legs together, with tape above and below her knees, then finally her ankles. The masked man then wrapped the duct tape a couple of times over and around Heather’s mouth, smothering any sound she could make. Heather awoke too late, bitterly glaring at her captor with her nostrils flaring from her heavy breathing above the layers of duct tape over her mouth.

“Where is everyone?” pondered Marcy, walking into the room and stepping into her worst nightmare:

Sharon and Cynthia were still tied up on the floor, with Cynthia cocooned in pallet wrap, Sharon bound and wrapped in a sheet with belts, and Heather trussed with duct tape on a chair. They struggled feebly in their bonds.

“The big one’s handcuffed upstairs in the attic,” said the masked man. “Now, do as I say, and no one gets hurt, and I’ll be on my way.”

Marcy was silent in disbelief and reluctantly nodded yes.

“Let’s go into the next room, shall we?” said the masked man.

Several minutes passed with Danette still unable to get free of the handcuffs in the attic while Heather, Sharon, and Cynthia remain tightly bound in the bedroom. The bedroom door opened with the fat, masked intruder carrying Marcy into the room and placed her on the bed. Having the most time, the wicked man made sure Marcy was tied up so tight that she couldn’t move a muscle. 

Heather could see that Marcy was stripped to her light blue satin bra and panties, with her hands tied behind her back and ankles together with rope. Heather’s eyes then lit up in shock, horrified to see that the man had wrapped several ropes around Marcy around her arms, chest, and legs from her upper shoulders all the way down to her ankles, mummifying her in cords. Marcy thrashed and kicked on the bed, and was even gagged with rope as she bit down hard.

“There, that should do it,” said the masked intruder with a smile of satisfaction. “I’ll be on my way soon enough….have a good night!”

Within a few minutes the masked burglar was gone, barely walking away with $50 in cash he took from their wallets. Heather, Marcy, Danette, Sharon, and Cynthia were left behind and would be tied up tight for hours before one of them got loose, which made it seem worthwhile to him after all.



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