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Party Perils

by Todd Wilson

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© Copyright 2004 - Todd Wilson - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/ff; mum; vetwrap; cons; X

"C'mon, Holly, I could really use your help this weekend," insisted Dina to her friend Holly as they sat in a restaurant having lunch. "There's no way I could handle my niece Emily's party by myself."

 "What happened to her parents?" asked Holly skeptically. The last thing she wanted to spend her weekend was chaperoning a bunch of bratty children. "Aren't they the ones throwing this party?"

 "They can't," said Dina. "That's why they asked me. Emily's Dad's a detective and got called in at the last minute to be part of some security detail that weekend, and Emily's Mom's a veterinarian who also got called to pull a double shift at the hospital the same day."

 "Hmmm," commented Holly, still a bit skeptical about the whole thing. "How many kids?"

 "Counting Emily, twelve, if I remember right," answered Dina. "It'll be fun. It's a pool party. I'll take care of preparing the food, all I need you to do it help keep an eye on the kids while they're in the water."

 "Okay, okay, you got me," said Holly with a laugh. "I'll help out, but you owe me big."

 "I know," replied Dina as she wrote down the information on a napkin and handed it to Holly. "I'll call you later in the week to finalize everything."

 "Great," muttered Holly to herself.

* * *

 Saturday soon arrived, and by 1 PM the party was in full swing. Emily and her friends were having a blast in the pool as Dina prepared plenty of hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill. Holly kept the horseplay to a minimum while also running a couple pool games of Marco Polo. Holly was an adorable redhead who stood about 5 foot 5 inches tall with brown eyes, fair complexion, and had a medium build as she wore a simple black bikini. Dina stood around 5 foot 9 inches tall, had dirty blond hair, tan complexion, and a very slender body that turned more than her fair share of heads as she wore a pink bikini. 

 It was around 2:30 PM when the twelve party guests had their fills of hotdogs, hamburgers, fruit punch, and other assorted snacks as they took a break from swimming, playing a little whiffleball, a little tag, and hide and seek. The outdoor activities, though, was coming to an abrupt halt as an unexpected thunderstorm quickly rolled into the area.

 "Everyone inside now, come on," said Holly hurriedly as Dina alertly activated the pool cover and put out the girl. No sooner than when Dina, Holly, and the party guests got into the house did thunder echo in the sky with a bright flash of lightning followed by what seemed like a heavy downpour of rain.

 "I'd say it's time to get out the birthday cake and start opening presents," whispered Holly to Dina.

 "We can't," muttered Dina.

 "Why not?" asked Holly.

 "It's being delivered and won't be here for another hour," explained Dina. "And I don't know where Emily's parents keep all of their extra party games."

 "Oh, swell," muttered Holly in partial disbelief.

 "So, what'd you like to do now, Emily?" asked Dina as Emily and her friends put on t-shirts and shorts over their swimsuits.

 "We'd like to play a game," said Emily innocently. "But we'll need you and Miss Holly to help out, Aunt Dina."

 "What game is that, Emily?" asked Holly skeptically. 

 "It's called surprise package," explained Emily. "What we need you two to do and stand up straight, place your hands on your sides, and legs together. Oh yeah, and you need to shut your eyes."

 "Like hide and seek?" added Dina.

 "Something like that," agreed Emily. "You each need to count to fifty, also."

 "Okay..." replied Holly as she and Dina complied with Emily's enigmatic instructions, closing their eyes as they placed their arms at their sides and stood, counting slowly to fifty as they expected Emily and her friends to scurry away and hide. Instead, they were still around, as Dina and Holly overheard subdued giggling as they both felt something tight being suddenly wrapped around their arms and legs. 

 "What on earth?" wondered Holly as she felt something sticky wrapped around her arms and waist, right around the elbows, and also at her knees. Dina felt a 
similarly strange sensation.

 Dina and Holly immediately opened their eyes, finding each of themselves being wrapped up by six of the party goers with vet wrap taken from Emily's Mom's storage cabinet. The mischievous girls grabbed Dina and Holly's feet, tripping them as they fell down on the floor, making it even easier for them to continue wrapping up their surprised chaperones.

 "HEY! WHAT'RE YOU DOING?!" exclaimed Dina as the six girls sat on her, pinning her down as they entwined more and more pink vet wrap around her body while the other six girls continued cocooning Holly with blue vet wrap.

 "You kids are going to be in big trouble...cut us out of this stuff!" demanded Holly as they ignored her, wrapping the vet wrap tighter and tighter around her arms and legs. Minutes later, Dina and Holly were thoroughly mummified in the vet wrap with only their heads and bare feet protruding out, with Dina cocooned in pink and Holly wrapped up blue.

 "There, surprise packages!" giggled Emily wickedly as Dina and Holly strained against the sticky, restraining vet wrap.

 "This isn't funny, Emily," stated Dina angrily. "Cut us out of this."

 "Nope, because now we're starting a new game called Houdini!" replied Emily.

 "Is your aunt and her friend ticklish?" asked Tabitha, one of the other party guests.

 "Let's find out," said Emily with a smile as they all began tickling Dina and Holly's bare feet, as Dina began wildly laughing while Holly grunted and strained, as she wasn't ticklish.

 "NO!!!! AHAHAHA! STOP IT!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!!" screamed Dina as she squirmed, still unable to get free of the vet wrap cocoon..

 "UGH! Gawd, I can't move!" grunted Holly as she tried to flex her arms and legs, but still couldn't move.

 Outside the rain had stopped as the thunderstorm passed, giving way to bright sunshine once again as the sun rays entered through the windows, revealing several puddles scattered throughout the lawn. Emily and her friends couldn't resist, as they immediately ran outside again and began splashing in the puddles, leaving the mummified Dina and Holly struggling on the floor.

 "Last time I help you with those brats..." grunted Holly. "You REALLY owe me!"

 "Whatever," replied Dina. "If you keep reminding me of that,  I just may leave you tied up when I get out this!"

 "Oh yeah? Well, maybe I ought to do the same to you!" retorted Holly as the two friends continued kicking and straining to get free of their vet wrap cocoons.

* * *

 Meanwhile, Emily's Mom had just pulled in, as she was able to find someone to replace her at the last minute to give her the chance to celebrate her daughter's birthday. As she pulled into the driveway and parked, she made a quick call on her cell phone to her husband.

 "Hi Ted, it's Faith," said Faith, Emily's mother. "Chris was nice enough to replace me so I'm back at home in time for the rest of Emily's party. Love you, see you tonight."

 Faith then turned off her cell phone, entered her home, and walked into the living room, surprised to see Dina and Holly mummified in vet wrap on the floor with her daughter Emily outside splashing in the grassy puddles with her friends.

 "Hi Faith," said an embarrassed Dina. "A little help?"



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