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by JSmith7471

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Storycodes: Other/mf; mum; tape; cons; X

This is a bit of a fantasy story with a little twist to the ending. It involves my favorite characters, Bob and Becky.

Bob and Becky were up late one night working diligently on the computer. They had been pushing hard to put the finishing touches on a few stories for Grommet’s website. The stories were all mummification related, their favorite subject and pastime. They had run into a stumbling block on a two-part story where Bob had ended up mummified after he lost a bet to Becky.

As always, they had used their daughter’s Barbie and Ken dolls to work out new wrapping techniques, positions and mummification styles. (Only Skipper and Kelly dolls were exempt from this treatment as they were underage.) This particular night found the shelves that went around the Computer Room lined with dolls in various stages of mummification and bondage. They ranged from arms and legs individually wrapped, arms wrapped behind the back, legs folded and wrapped, to full body wraps. They usually used electrical tape or ¾ inch PVC tape to wrap the dolls with. The small amount of adhesive residue left behind after removal of the tape could be cleaned off with some alcohol and caused no damage to the plastic. This left no one the wiser. The kids were at grandma’s for the past two weeks and were due back in a few days. They would have to get the dolls cleaned up soon and returned to their daughters toy bins soon.

After about 4 hours, Beck had become bleary eyed and opened up the studio couch over against the wall. She laid down promising to catch only a few minutes of sleep. He knew that she was out for the night. After another hour or so, he could no longer keep his eyes open. Bob walked over to the sofa bed and crawled in beside her, quickly falling asleep. His dreams were very pleasant though a bit animated that night. He vaguely remembered moving around a lot.

When he awoke the next morning, he felt very refreshed. He remembered sleeping this well only after being mummified by Beck. As consciousness slowly returned, he realized that he was sleeping on his back. As he went to stretch his arms and sit up, he realized that he couldn’t move his arms…..legs..or anything else! His eyes snapped open, but he couldn’t see a thing. After struggling for a moment or two, he settled down and took stock of his situation. “Just relax” he told himself. “Don’t panic, that will get you nowhere.”

He tried again to move his legs and his arms with no success. He felt uniform pressure all over his body indicating that he was bound his entire length. He assumed that he was completely or damn near completely mummified at least from the shoulders to his toes. He had always had trouble with his arms being bound behind his back. Since his shoulder muscles weren’t sore, he assumed that his arms were bound at his side. His head felt compressed all around and he could barely turn his head to either side. His head and neck were thoroughly wrapped also. A muffled grunt was the only sound he could make. His mouth felt like it had been packed to the max with something. He also noticed it was quiet and he couldn’t hear a thing.

By the time he was done with his assessment, all he knew was that he was bound and completely immobile. Couldn’t move a muscle or make a sound and was in all probability totally mummified. How had he gotten this way? Where was Becky? Were they even together and still in their own house? A lot of good questions, with no answers. His mind raced on and on for a few minutes. 

Now he wondered what had actually happened. When he crawled into bed, he knew that Beck had checked to see that the doors and windows were locked, as she always did. He would then turn the alarm system on before he turned in, in case the dog needed one last trip out to the yard. ‘Shit!” he thought. He never set the alarm. He went right to bed. So possibly, someone had broken in, immobilized them both and then robbed them. If that were true, then they were in for a long wait. The kids weren’t due back from grandma’s for two more days. Boy would that be embarrassing, found by Beck’s mom. How would they explain this to the police? He stopped in mid-thought. What was that noise? He listened for a moment and heard nothing. It almost sounded like a low moan accompanied by a clattering sound…It was probably his imagination.

The more he thought about the robbery idea, the less likely it seemed. A thief would tie them up and silence them. Why would he wrap them up to do it? The thief would want to get in and out quickly. Mummification would be very time consuming. (Unless he brought his own Tape Buddy.) “Just kidding” he told himself. “At least I haven’t lost my sense of humor yet.” 

Time for a new theory.

Suddenly, it was so obvious he was surprised at his own stupidity. Becky had laid a trap and caught him. She had gotten up after he went to sleep and either drugged or chloroformed him as he slept. She then stripped him  and mummified him while he was out rendering him completely helpless. For some time now, she had been threatening to get even with him for the “display mummy incident”. That was it! She had captured him like an amateur and after some delectably sensuous torture, would release him. He at least felt better now with his situation.

Now that he had solved the mystery, he found himself relaxing a bit. After a few minutes, as he relaxed, the excitement of the tight mummification began to take affect. He felt a stirring in his lower regions, as an erection started. He paused and held his breath for a moment listening. There was that clattering noise again. He knew he had heard it before! After 20 or 30 seconds, it was gone. Suddenly, Bob was surprised to feel a stroking sensation on his cock. With his erection already full on, it was already throbbing madly in the air. Obviously, she had left his member out during the mummification and she was now going to tease him. This could be a long session. 

Strangely though, it didn’t quite feel like her fingers or her hand, it was more like she was using pencils or chopsticks in a firm but pleasurable grip. He went limp and let the waves of pleasure roll over him. It felt soooo good. His pubic muscles tensed and retracted rhythmically, though he couldn’t move any other muscle in his body. As he moved towards orgasm, the stroking stopped, leaving him hanging and frustrated. His cock throbbed in the air to no effect. After a few minutes, the stroking started again, stopping short of orgasm as before. “Damn!” thought Bob. She is brilliant, what a torture. These events repeated about 10 more times and then stopped completely. He had quickly become a nervous wreck and was now horny as hell. ( Becky enjoyed oral sex immensely, both giving and receiving. He was surprised that she had not wrapped her warm, moist mouth around him while she had him helpless.)He heard the clattering noise again. He felt a tapping that started at his groin and moved up over his stomach and chest and stopped up on his cheek. Becky must be letting her fingers do the walking as she toyed with him.

A scratching feeling started by his eyes. Suddenly, his eyes were assaulted by a bright light as the tape was pulled away. It took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust to the brightness. Though he still couldn’t move, he recognized the ceiling tiles and knew he was still in the Computer Room. Based on what he saw of the walls, he was lying on his back on the sofa bed. After she caught him, she obviously hadn’t moved him. He bent his head, chin down to chest, as far as he could, trying to see more. He could see that he had been mummified in PVC tape from the tips of his toes to the top of his head as he surmised. “I hope she used some sort of an under wrap, or this sticky stuff was coming off the hard way.” He also saw his half erect member sticking out of the wrapping. The tension in his neck muscles became too much and his head flopped back onto the cushion.

He laid there thinking over the events of the past hour while waiting for Becky to return and hopefully give him a sexual release. He enjoyed the tightness and the sense of security provided by the mummification. He laid there for about 15 minutes squirming and struggling in his cocoon when he heard a noise to his left. It sounded like a moan, but this time it continued without stopping. It almost sounded like Becky when she was being pleasured. (And by the sound, she was taking quite a bit of pleasuring.)

Bob was determined to find out what the noise was. Slowly, he began to flex and release his muscles, trying to rock from side to side. After a minute of this, he was sweating in the cocoon so much, he thought he heard himself squish. The heat build-up was becoming bad. “That’s it, almost there!” “One more time. I’m up!” he thought. He had rolled up onto his left side and managed to balance there. 

After about 30 seconds, he rolled back down onto his back, incredulous at what he saw. “He just couldn’t believe it. It was impossible!” 

When he balanced on his side, he saw Becky mummified in PVC tape lying next to him. She had been done head to toe as stringently as he was. She looked delicious in the black cocoon. Too bad he couldn’t do anything about it. A Ken doll lay on her crotch with his arm stuck between the bandages. Though it appeared lifeless, she squirmed vigorously in her tape cocoon to the apparent stimulation. At each breast was a Barbie with their hands under the tape also apparently providing stimulation. Around Becky were scattered various fashion dolls. Watching? Empty and partially used rolls of PVC tape were also laying all over the bed. 

What bothered him the most was, as he rolled back down, he caught a glimpse of the wooden shelf above his head. The mummified dolls were all gone, with some unraveled tape strips lying about and hanging over the shelf edge. A Barbie and a Ken doll with an arm around each other looked down on him. He could swear, they were grinning from ear to ear.


Just imagine.


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