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The Perfect Donor

by Jim Williams

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© Copyright 2003 - Jim Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; mum; cocoon; reluct; X

It all started out with me having a totally rotten day, so I came up with this great idea I would go down and check out this new club that opened in my area, meaning the Philadelphia area. I called everyone to see if they wanted to go along but everyone was busy, so I decided I'd go anyway. I dressed up casual, but looked pretty good. When I arrived I walked in and glanced around for a moment and I noticed that there was a lot of women sitting by themselves, and judging by their looks they were in the mid twenty's to thirty's age group. After browsing I made my way to the bar and found a seat. I then ordered a Black Berry Brandy and 7up, which kicked off my start of a very interesting and erotic evening. 

While relaxing and unwinding from a grueling day, I ordered a second drink as the first went rather quickly. While drinking my second one I noticed that two women across the bar were looking at me, I returned their look with a smile. What happened next surprised me, they motioned to me that they were going to come over, instantly all kind of thoughts were racing through my head. I looked at them walking towards me, they were beautiful, the first one was about 5'9" tall and about twenty-seven years old, blonde hair, green eyes and a perfect figure and wearing a very tight form fitting dress. The other one was 5'10" tall and about thirty-four years old with dark auburn hair, brown eyes and also a perfect shape, but this one seemed like she knew exactly what she was doing, like there was a purpose for them to be there. The Auburn haired one was wearing a more conservative outfit, like an executive business suite, Skirt, Blouse and Jacket. 

When they got to me the Auburn haired one asked, "Could we sit with you?" My reply was, "I wouldn't have it any other way." Then they both took a seat on each side of me and introduced themselves as Donna and Tiffany. The only thing going through my mind was, these lady's are beautiful, how could I possibly impress them. At first it all started out with regular conversation and that went on for a couple of hours, so during all that chatting I must of had at least two more Brandy's, and with the one I had earlier I was feeling even more relaxed and pretty open to just about anything. Although I thought this was weird they started asking me personal questions, which I didn't mind. I have been drinking and I will probably never see them again, what could happen? So yes thinking back I figured I'm going to lie about everything and see how impressed they get. The questions ranged from what my occupation was, to what my house looked like and what area it was in, and they even wanted to know what kind of car I drove and how many I owned. With me thinking quickly I answered the questions without hesitation. 

I started out by saying I was a stock broker and that I traveled around to different places quite frequently tutoring big companies on what stocks to invest in and how to get the best from the stock they all ready had. I then said I didn't have a house but I owned a Penthouse suite in Philadelphia, being single and traveling it seemed like the place to have. As for my car I said I have two, one for pleasure one for fun, and they were a Lincoln Navigator and a brand new Mustang GT. Then they asked me how my health was, I replied, "It's great I work out three times a week and I'm into sports." Then came my age, which I said that I was thirty-seven, then the Blonde whispered, "Is that too old?" Sitting there, I'm thinking does she know I heard that and what's that suppose to mean? Donna then answered back, "No I think he's going to be perfect." Then Donna said, "How's your sex life and do you any sexual interest, or any special Fetishes you like to do?" So with me catching a buzz I replied, "I love Bondage, especially Bondage sex!" Then I realized that sex wasn't even brought up so I apologized and said I was sorry. So with a small intermission I decided that it was time to go to the bathroom, so I politely excused myself and said I will return shortly. 

As I got up I noticed them mumbling about something but I figured it was just girl talk so I continued on my way. When I returned there was already a new round of drinks on the bar and ready to go, as I sat down Tiffany said, "I hope you don't mind us buying for a change." I replied, "No why should I turn down a drink from two beautiful Women." I picked it up and then showing off I slammed it down with ease, to their delight they looked at each other and giggled like two schoolgirls. As a little time passed I started feeling pretty trashed and thought I was going to pass out a couple of times, my speech was impaired and I could barely stand up.

Knowing that the evening was now over I said good night to Donna and Tiffany, Donna then said, "Brandy hits you pretty hard huh!" I replied, "Not usually this hard," and I attempted to make it to the door, staggering as I went. Just then the Bouncer comes up and says, "There's no way your driving anywhere buddy." Just then Donna and Tiffany come up behind me and tell the bouncer it's okay, we will get him home. They both take an arm and escort me out the door. Once outside Tiffany asks which one was my car, I replied it's the Mustang over there, she then reaches in my pocket and gets the keys. Tiffany then tells Donna I will follow you with his car that way it's not left here. I started feeling worse and worse then all I remember is Donna and Tiffany putting me into this large car, then I guess I passed out. 

I just started coming out of it when I heard Donna arguing with Tiffany about how tired she was of going to places in search of the right sperm donor, then I heard Tiffany say, "You're right! Every time I went to a clinic or some place like that they couldn't release any information on the donor." All of the sudden Donna walked up to me and said, "I see your waking up, soon we will be able to begin." Then Tiffany walks towards me with a smile on her face and says, "Oh how much did you hear?" Unable to say anything since I had been gagged, I just looked at them with a little fear and some excitement as well. Then Donna said, "We forgot with all the excitement and preparations you don't know what's going on now do you." I then shook my head no, as Donna started to explain what was going on and what was going to happen. She then went on to explain how she and Tiffany have been trying to get pregnant for close to a year but could not settle for just anyone. The Clinics gave no information about their donors and the Doctors were even less help unless you had a mate. But every place we went in search of Gentlemen ended up to be losers or ass holes, of course we could of went on line but who knows what's out there, so then we finally got lucky by finding you. 

As I started to shake my head from side to side in the no position, knowing that everything I told them was a lie. Tiffany walked up and said, "What's that no for, as you can see and feel we kind of made sure you weren't going anywhere for a while or at least until we let you go." Donna then explains, "See we drugged your drink when you went to the bathroom. Then while you were slowly becoming incoherent we put you in my car and drove to my summerhouse. Tiffany followed with your car this way we could keep you for as long as we wanted. All that we wanted was a sperm donor with excellent credentials and finally we found that in you."

"Now getting back to you, the first thing was to plan all this out which meant for us to get everything we needed in advance. We decided that if were going to keep someone captive it would have to be comfortable and at the same time pleasurable and arousing. The first place we went was to a fabric shop and bought a large stretch piece of fabric that was 3 yards by 64", which it had, a 4 way stretch and was white velvet. Then we went to a sex shop and picked up everything else we needed, and here we are!"

"Now getting back to you again, what we did after we got you in the house was pretty simple, first we undressed you, then Tiffany went and got the material we bought and laid it out on my Queen size bed. Once that was done we put you to one side of the bed towards the edge where the material was hanging, and then we threw it over you and tucked it in all the way around you from your toes to shoulders. After that I told Tiffany to go to the other side of the bed and wait. I then started to roll up in the material, then after a couple of rolls I told Tiffany to start at your feet and pull all looseness out of the material and continue to do so all the way up your body until she reached your shoulders. After Tiffany did that I continued to roll you up, stopping every two complete rolls so that Tiffany could again pull the looseness out, we continued that process until you were completely rolled up. We had to stop and admire our work it looked that good, you were completely immobilized, resembling a mummy, the only difference was that your head was still exposed." 

"After a short break, Donna told Tiffany to get the bag of goodies that they got from the sex shop, yes inside was the Ball Gag you have in your mouth and also the eight Elastic/Velcro Belts that you have going up and down your Mummified Body. It was pretty tuff getting them around you but with the help of Tiffany rolling you back and fourth we accomplished what we wanted to do. And since you couldn't see what a great job we did on you I decided to strap you to my decorative support beam, here in the middle of my bedroom. Then I asked Tiffany to get my stand up mirror from my dressing room, this way at least for a while you'll be able to see everything." 

"Now getting back to you, we stuck all the Elastic Belts in all the right places starting with your ankles then your lower legs, knees, upper legs, wrist, lower arms, upper arms, and finally your shoulders. So looking into the mirror what do you see, let me tell you what you see. You see some one that is totally immobilized by two gorgeous women who will have their way with you in every way, so that they will achieve the greatest thing (Hopefully two Human Lives). Also there's more surprises to come during the duration of your stay with us as our captive sex slave." As Donna and Tiffany started to giggle, Tiffany says, "Hopefully there's no one waiting for you at home, who knows how long will keep you for!" Then they left me there in the bedroom.

While taking all that has happened in and not being able to do anything since I was at their mercy, the thought of telling them the truth came into my mind, but how am I suppose to do that now I gagged. After ten minutes or so they both returned, the only difference this time was that they were both wearing sexier and tighter dresses then before. Donna then speaks up and asks, "How do you like us now, see we remembered at the club you said you really love seeing women in tight dresses." Tiffany then walks towards me looking down at my penis and says to Donna, "Look he really does like women in tight dresses!" 

As Donna made her way over to me wearing a tight Red Spandex Gown with Spandex Gloves and 4" Red Heels, she put her right hand on my shoulder and with her left hand made her way down my body until she reached him, then rubbing him gently she whispers, "You're all ready aroused." All of the sudden Tiffany hands Donna a pair of what looked like Medical scissors, which I know, are extremely sharp. Then Donna slides her body down mine and goes to her knees right in front of me. Then pinching the stretch velvet at the base of my penis, she glances up and says with a smile, "Don't move these are very sharp!" When she achieved the size hole she wanted she stood up and turned to Tiffany and said, "Would you like the honors." 

Tiffany then came over to me wearing her tight White Spandex Dress and leaned right against me, as she did I could feel him growing even more inside my tight bondage, which I knew it was going to hurt just a little to pull him through that small hole. Then using a few fingers Tiffany got a hold of him and started working him through the hole, the only problem was that he was growing as she was holding him, as she worked him through Donna speaks up and say's look he squirming a bit. Once Tiffany got him out Donna said, "Maybe we will give you some water, since you have been so good." Just then I think, great it's the perfect time to tell them the truth and I should be able to get out of all this. Then Donna walks over and stands in front of me and says you better not make a sound or you won't get anything to drink and we will put the gag back even tighter then before. As Donna removed the gag Tiffany stood by waiting with a glass of water to cool me off. 

After drinking all of the water, Donna said, "that's enough it's time to begin." As Tiffany backed away I said, "Wait, there's been a misunderstanding, I'm not who I said I am." Donna then says, "You mean after all we have done to you, you're saying you have lied to us!" I then say quickly, "yes!" Donna asked me to explain myself. As I started explaining, between the Lady's being dressed in their tight dresses and me in this rather erotic and arousing form of bondage, I must of messed up just about everything. By the time I was done explaining all they said was that they didn't believe me and that I was just trying to get out of my bad situation. I tried to tell them that I was married, had two teenagers and that I only worked as a Mechanic Tech. I also told them I didn't travel and I only owned one new car and one used. But I guess I convinced them so well they wouldn't hear of it, they didn't even attempt to believe a word that I said. Then they left the room.

They returned only minutes later, Donna and Tiffany both had mean looks on their face when they entered the room, as they saw me watching their faces, they went from mean to devilish smiles. Donna then says, "I can't believe you would go this low to lie to us, knowing that we have searched  for an entire year for the right man to have sex with so me and Tiffany could have the perfect child." Just then I thought to myself there's nothing I could have said or done that would have convinced them that I was telling the truth the second time around, they were obsessed and convinced that I was the one. Then without notice Donna gagged me once again, this time it was some sort of an inflatable ball gag that she buckled behind my neck, then Tiffany began pumping something that soon filled my mouth and I couldn't let out a sound. Now that they were ready and that nothing was going to stop them from accomplishing their goals, they began.

Since I was still tied to Donna's bedroom post I was still in the standing position. Just then Donna comes over to me and says, "You're going to have the time of your life whether you like it or not!"

Part Two

"There are a few surprises along the way that you'll never experience anywhere else." Then without warning she takes him in her hand and squeezes him letting me know who's in control, then with her in her tight dress, she slides her body down mine and kneels before me, then looking up at me she takes him firmly in her hand and starts stroking him very slowly. Then without warning she goes from slow to fast and then back to slow and while she's doing this I'm growing in her hand, which she really seemed to enjoy. Then stopping for a moment she glances up and says, "I see you have given in to me." (Me thinking what choices do I have, I'm in heaven.) Then taking him at the base she looks at Tiffany and says, "Tiffany explain to him how were going to work him, while I do a little work of my own." 

Then Donna still holding him at the base slowly takes her tongue and goes up and down his head, which then goes into a full blowjob. So while I'm squirming around getting this knee buckling blowjob, Tiffany is explaining to me how their planning is to get me close to cumming and then without notice we would just stop, this way he would relax causing your sperm count to build up, there for making every time you cum (providing we let you) an explosion of fertile sperm. Just then as I tensed up almost ready to cum, Donna stopped and stood in front of me and said, "See that's what Tiffany meant." As they gave me a small break he started to go down, noticing that, Tiffany came over to me and said, "It's time for me to get you up a little." 

Tiffany then gets a chair from Donna's vanity and parks it in front of me, then sitting facing me Tiffany takes him firmly and starts stroking him slow then fast, squeezing him with each stroke. (Even though this whole thing was a big misunderstanding, I was truly starting to enjoy it without even thinking how bad it could get, especially if I didn't obey there rules). As Tiffany stroked me, I couldn't help but think how each of them had there own style and swagger, almost like they were competing against each other. As my body started to take over and my mind began to wander, I heard Donna say, "I will be back in a couple of minutes, do not let him cum." As Donna left the room Tiffany stopped for a moment and said, "You know I can make you cum anytime I want, right." I then nodded yes. She then said, "Good, because you better save the good stuff for me, I don't want blanks! I can make it hard on you all the way around if you know what I mean." 

Tiffany then went back to getting him aroused because what she said to me, kind of cooled him down a slight, as he grew in her hand, Donna re-entered the room this time wearing a Black Stretch Velvet Hobble Dress that was very tight and confining. As Tiffany noticed what Donna was wearing she stopped in amazement. As Donna made her way over to me she saw that my eyes widen as Tiffany slowly backed away. Donna then sat down on the vanity chair facing me, took him in her hand and ran her nails up and down him as she watched him grow. Once he was totally aroused, she leaned forward and took him in just a little at first, then putting her hands around me and grabbing an ass cheek in each hand she pulled herself to me taking him all the way in until she reached his base, then continued take him back and forth until she thought I was close, then she stopped right before I could cum. As she got up with a smile, she turns and says, "You haven't felt anything yet." Donna then says to Tiffany, "Lets give him a break and we'll relax with a nice glass of wine in the garden." So as they left me there with another hard on, all I could think about was how they got me up three times and they didn't let me cum once. While waiting for their return I thought of how I would ever be able to tell my wife what I have done, knowing it was all suppose to be innocent fun. 

As they both made there way back into the bedroom Donna says, "Look we left him resting for to long." Tiffany then says laughing, "Well we got him up three times and then dropped him cold, so it's understandable." Donna then tells Tiffany it's time for a change of position. Just then Tiffany makes her way over to me and puts her hands over him rubbing him gently, while doing this she asks Donna to get her computer chair from the other room. As Donna made her way back into the room wearing her Black Stretch Hobble Dress, she rolled this high back Reclining Leather Executive chair in and placed it in front of me. Next Donna and Tiffany untied me from the post and sat my Mummified body in the Leather chair. Donna then went to the bag and got out three rolls of ace bandages, she gives one to Tiffany and keeps two. Donna then tells Tiffany to use her roll to fasten my feet and lower legs to the chair, Donna then takes one of her rolls and starts at my shoulders and upper arms and fastens my upper body to the chair, with the last roll she fastened my waist and thighs to the seat of the chair. 

With me now in the sitting position Donna grabs two pillows of the bed and lays them on the floor directly in front of me, one next to the other. Donna then lowers herself into the kneeling position onto one of the pillows, looking back at Tiffany she asks, "Would you like to join me?" Tiffany now smiling says, "Yes, but I have to do something first." Donna then says, "Okay but don't be too long, I might not be able to control myself!" Tiffany laughs and leaves the room. Just then Donna looks at me and says, "Now that we are alone, do you think I will be the lucky one?" As I looked into her eyes she immediately grabbed him and started to squeeze him quite hard, as if to make me submit to her or to let me know that I'd better produce a lot of fertile sperm, which I'm thinking I could shoot into the both of them all night and still not get them pregnant. The situation they have put me in and probably the fact that they have tried so hard to have baby's, has made them only care about that single issue, and at all costs they think it will happen with me. 

As my mind finally went blank from the pain Donna was inflicting on him by squeezing him, she speaks up and states, "I guess you get the idea." Then out of nowhere she says, "I'm sorry what have I done, I will make it up to you." Then with her right hand she takes him very gently and starts to stroke him real slow almost like she had on a velvet glove, then as I grew in her hand she stroked evenly and faster until I almost exploded. As I reached that plateau she must of sensed it and stopped immediately, then said, "Not yet, we still have all night, these are just the warm ups." Then through the door comes Tiffany wearing a Leopard designed Spandex Dress with Heels and Stockings to match, all I could feel was him growing again. In all my life I've never been up and down so much, it was truly arousing. Donna then says, "Look he really likes what you're wearing, you'd better tend to him." Tiffany then doubled up the pillows and slid her body down my legs until she reached the kneeling position, once there she leaned forward and ran her tongue up and down him as if to lubricate him. Then without warning she gulped him in with one swoop, caressing him with her tongue as she took him in and out. 

As my body tensed I finally thought this one was going to happen, then out of nowhere Donna pulls Tiffany from me and says, "No not now, he must not waste it on a blowjob!" I knew that Tiffany was going to make me cum, probably thinking that if she let me cum I would give the edge to her. It now seems like it has become a competition between the two of them, from changing their outfits to the way they have been doing things. I am now starting to worry if I don't satisfy both of them in everyway who knows how bad it could get, they might leave me here or dump me off somewhere or possibly do something worse! 

As Tiffany got up you could tell that she wasn't too happy about what just happened; yet she continued to do exactly what Donna told her to do. Then Donna told Tiffany to roll the chair over to an area by this one wall that had some weird tubes and electrical wiring lying around. Donna then says, "I suppose you're wondering what's next for you? Well let me explain it to you, first thing is I'll will explain what this machine is then I will tell you how it's going to help me and Tiffany. As you already know Tiffany and I are really into wanting our own baby, knowing this we went and bought a lot of things to help use in our task. The only problem was that it never happened for either one of us, so we got discouraged and planned our own idea by kidnapping a gentlemen and making sure we were satisfied in every way." Donna paused to look at me.

"Now as for the machine, this machine was a Breast Milking machine, and I'm sure you know basically what it's used for. But we came up with our own idea for it, by buying things from the Internet and asking questions on Bondage and Dominant chat lines people gave use all different idea's and the instructions to convert them for other uses. Our question was if it could be used to milk Breasts, couldn't it be used in a Bondage situation to bring a man to his peak?" 

Just then Tiffany starts to explain, "This 10" long tube which has only about a 2" wide opening has a silicon base for your comfort and also has something special in the silicon, which we'll keep secret for now." Donna then speaks up and says, "Oh, Tiffany forgot to mention the best feature, we also had the tube installed with sensors that can tell when your getting close, and when you do the system automatically shuts down, then it waits for you to relax and starts back up." Tiffany smiling adds, "Pretty cool yuh. But anyway, while we're relaxing and discussing our next moves over a chilled glass of wine, we are going to hook you up for a while, this way you'll stay primed," and Tiffany starting to laugh, "you'll also become more attached to the machine." Donna then tells Tiffany that was a good one, as they both started to laugh. 

Now as I moved around trying to make it harder for them, I knew that I've never seen anything like this nor did I want any part of it, but Tiffany just held the chair still as Donna began hooking things up. Donna first put this lubricant on him, then slid the 10" tube over him pushing it all the way down him until it reach his base. Then using a pair of pantyhose Donna tied them around the tube and fastened a leg to each arm of the chair holding it in place. Taking another pair she tied them over the first pair and pulled them tight, then taking a leg in each hand pulled them over my thighs and under the seat crossing them and bringing them back up and over my upper legs and tying the feet together. Tiffany then say's, "Nice job, that should keep it down and keep him from squirming as well." Donna now smiling tells Tiffany to turn it on and will see how it all works together, as Tiffany hits the switch I tried to move but couldn't. 

As the machine started up I felt a suction that was truly amazing yet also scary. Then Donna approaches the machine and bends down to adjust the settings, she then looks at Tiffany and says what setting would you like, smiling she says 'medium'. Just then the machine picks up its pace and goes into a milking motion like you would see a farmer doing to a cow, I couldn't believe the sensation that came over my body as they both watched in sheer enjoyment. Donna then turns to Tiffany and says, "It works great, but we have to wait for a few minutes to make sure it shuts down and starts up properly." Sure enough as I was getting close the machine just stopped dead and shut off, then as I was going down the machine instantly started up again and picked up where it left off. Donna now bending over the machine looks up at me and says, "Oh yes that surprise we mentioned, well it goes like this. See after you go up and down turning the machine off and on, and the machine has cycled three times it thinks it hasn't done its job properly so it goes into a defense mode. The defense mode is simple the little sensors we had installed in the silicon around the base will begin to stimulate you along with the milking sensation and together you should feel quite aroused and ready to please. Your lucky I'm setting it to three and not to one!" As the machine went on they left the room very happy and positive. The machine did what it was suppose to do and reached the third cycle, but this time as it started I felt little jolts of stimulation that almost sent me threw the roof. As I twitched in pure delight I reached my peak very fast, then without warning the machine shut down again. This torture seemed to go on for hours, but I couldn't remember because I think I passed out, although when I awoke I felt refreshed and relaxed.

As I woke up I found my mummified body laying on a long table, tied down possibly to a coffee table, but now I was in the living room and there was no trace of the machine everything was gone and disconnected. Then from behind me comes Donna and Tiffany wearing two real tight short dresses, Donna wearing a tight Bronze colored one and Tiffany wearing a short Blue one, both supporting Spandex Gloves and 5" heels. As I feasted my eyes on them Donna says, "Remember what you have seen." Then Tiffany comes from behind me and Blindfolds me. I couldn't see a thing. I instantly became aroused. I then felt a pressure on my chest like someone sitting on me, then I heard this voice say quickly remove his gag. When the gag was removed I got ready to let out a yell, but instantly I was over come by one of them straddling my face, then without warning she lowered herself down and put my tongue to work. While I worked the other made sure I didn't miss a beat by performing her own torture, which started as a hand job. As I could feel the one getting wetter by the minute as she moaned in pleasure, I felt her body go limp as she leaned towards my feet grabbing my penis with one of her hands. As the moaning got louder I felt her lean forward and take him by the base, then teasing she took him in a little at a time until she took him all the way in. While lying there as she sucked me off all I could do was to reward her by going faster and deeper with each lick. Then as we became one pumping away, this voice said what are you doing not now and I felt the body being pulled off me. Just then as I was about to say something a hand covered my mouth and another hand squeezed my penis as if I was wearing a full cock ring. As she squeezed him tight cutting off any chance of him cumming I could feel him going through the motions and nothing happening. When I was finished she released me, but she still had her other hand over my mouth. Just then I hear Donna say thanks I got carried away, Tiffany then says that's all right I shut him down before he could cum, it turned out just like we planned, he's all backed up now. 


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