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Plaster Boy

by Neale Suddens

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© Copyright 2002 - Neale Suddens - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; spandex; sleep sack; plastercast; mum; cons; X

It was a horrible wet Sunday morning.  Rain pelted against the windows of our apartment bedroom and the clouds promised that snow was not far away.  I snuggled deep down in the bedclothes and moved closer to my beautiful mistress for warmth.

‘Miserable weather! What will we do today?’ I asked.

My mistress rolled over and looked at me with those deep brown eyes I loved so much.  She smiled and said, ‘Well there is no risk of you overheating today, how about we give my idea a run?’

‘You have the bits here?’

‘Yep, been bringing them home slowly from work for weeks.’  My mistress and wife was a sister at the hospital and had access to all sorts of interesting knowledge and items.  I nodded with enthusiasm and thought of the day ahead.

‘Must dash to the loo first.’  I knew that it might be a while before I had another opportunity. 

‘NO!’ she commanded, ‘Wait till you are in the sack first.’  Sue liked watching me struggle to go normally while in the sack.

Sue got out an ultra tight Lycra sleep sack.  It was very strong with internal sleeves and a hood that enclosed the whole head.  Small zips at the groin and over the mouth allowed her to feed and toilet me without having to let me out.  I stripped off my PJ’s and pulled the sack over my legs and waist.  Tucking my arms down the sides I felt the familiar feel of confinement as Sue zipped up the back of the bag and locked it shut.

‘I am getting desperate love.’ I begged, so she helped me hop my way into the toilet.  I was a creepy feeling hopping blind around the house and an even creepier feeling as the cool air blew over my penis as she unzipped the bag at the groin and held my cock out for me.  Trouble was I always had difficultly concentrating on the matter in hand as she insisted on gently stroking my cock as she held it out.  As usual my arms, sealed at my sides, desperately wanted to move around and take over, but finally I relaxed enough to go.

‘Breakfast next.’ Sue said as she laughed and tucked me firmly back in the sack. She helped me lay down on the floor. ‘Make your own way out to the kitchen.  I will leave the doors open.’   She knew in my current state a shut door was an impenetrable barrier. 

‘Oh great.’ I thought ‘about 10 minutes of blind wriggling and attempting to slide my way past barriers.’  Worst of the lot was the scary descent down the stairwell to the ground floor.  I had done it only once before and found the most safe way was to bump my bum down stair by stair; I had felt the bruises for days!

When I finally made the kitchen I smelt a wonderful smell of bacon and eggs frying and hash browns cooking in the oven.  Sue did help me get up and half sit/ half lay in a chair.  I felt a cloth being tied around my neck as she said ‘We don’t want any mess on your nice sack, do we?’

Next she unzipped my mouth and I gulped some fresh air, unfiltered by the Lycra.  Sue wiped a thin layer of sweat off my lips that had formed due to the condensation of my heavier breathing during my recent exertions.  ‘Good thing it is a cold day.’ she said and laughed.

She then fed me like a baby. Sometimes even playing “Train games” with me as if I was about 12 months old and not 30 years.  Sue being a nurse was used to feeding helpless people and I found the experience very enjoyable and at times hilarious when she pulled the fork out of my mouth before I closed it and left me biting on thin air. Breakfast took some time, but the loss of all other sensory input made it the tastiest meal I had had in years.

While she cleaned up I lay in the lounge and just enjoyed some Bach on the stereo while I wiggled and stretched against the Lycra.  For some reason I found Bach even more enjoyable when you are mummified, mind you I found most things more enjoyable when mummified, especially sex.  Once Sue had slipped into my spare sack while I lay in the main one and we had made love, just two wiggling worms joined at the hips and kissing in the dark.  Sue had simply found it too powerful an experience and vowed she would not get back into a sack ever again.  I had been depressed for a week over that statement.

Finally I felt Sue turn me over and unzip the sack.  Disappointment flowed over me, but her words of ‘Time for the big one’ kept me happy.  I blinked in the sudden light and stretched my arms and legs in the sudden freedom.  As always I was high and low at the same time.  High in being able to move freely, low in missing the comfort of the all-embracing sack.  Every bone in my body wanted to climb back in again!  I looked around at her and blinked in surprise.  She was in her full nurses uniform.  White dress, tights and shoes, her name badge, the little watch she liked to wear, all correct and perfect.

Sue indicated for me to follow her upstairs and I padded along naked behind her, admiring her bottom through the white dress.  One thing she hadn’t bothered to change was her black lace underwear!  Sue unlocked the spare room that she had kept me out of for weeks and I looked in eagerly.  It was a fully equipped hospital.  My eyes took in the room.  Firstly a hospital bed occupied the far wall, beside it was a pulse and respiration monitor sitting on a small hospital bedside cabinet.  A drip feed stand stood beside that.  On a small table was a bowl and millions of plaster bandages. My knees went weak.

Making me even fill in a hospital admittance form for realism, she then told me to take two sleeping tablets that she held out for me and lie down on the bed!  With a little anxiety I took the tablets and lay back on the bed.  Sue donned gloves and when over to the other table I had not seen in my first observation.  She turned and smiled deeply as she said ‘I am now going to catharise you so you don’t need to toilet.’  As I lay feeling the power of the tablets I felt her gently and expertly administering the treatment.  Finally the tablets took over and I lost consciousness.

How many hours past I do not know, but finally the tablets lost their grip on my mind and I struggled back to the world.  The first thing I noticed was that the world appeared to be framed in a circle of white plaster.  I also heard the steady beep of a heart and respiration monitor.
I started to bring my hand up to feel what I could see and realised that nothing happened.  Working up from my toes I experimented.

Big toe – tried to move – nothing happened – it was set in concrete.
Ankles – could I wiggle them from side to side – nope.
Knees – maybe I could bend them – forget it.
Waist – surely that has some movement in it – not likely.
Chest – now she must have left a little space there – watch it deep breaths don’t happen, now I know why the oxygen mask over my mouth.  Forced air!
Shoulders – pinned to the bed as if held by bolts.
Arms – two useless things lying by my sides – forget them.
Fingers – each finger was separately immobilised in plaster.
Jaw – nope, not an inch of movement.
EARS – even they were pinned by separate wrappings.
Tongue – what the hell - it wouldn’t leave the bottom of my mouth – she had placed some kind of gag that held my tongue down.
Eyelids – nope they had been taped open with clear tape.  Just like Mel Gibson in “Conspiracy Theory”.
Sound – no only the sound of white noise over the earplugs in my ears.

I thought the only movement in my entire body would be my eyeballs.  Obviously she hadn’t found a way to fix them in place, or had she?  I tried to move them and found they wouldn’t move.  She had obviously used some drug that paralyses the muscles around the eyes.  ‘God’ I thought this the ultimate mummification!  I am completely immobile and helpless.  Sealed from head to toe in plaster, not a single muscle in my body able to move.

‘Good morning love.’ came a remote sounding voice over the earphones. ‘It is Monday am.  Soon I will have to leave you with a friend while I go to work.  But I will be back tonight.  Just to reassure you I will describe the situation I have placed you in.  Firstly you have been catharised and placed on an intravenous drip, so you will not need to eat, drink or toilet.  Secondly I have placed a special tongue depressor / jaw clamp in your mouth that stops all movement there.  Next you have these sound proof earplugs inserted deep in your ear canals.  Finally I wrapped every aspect of your body in separate plaster bandages to immobilise every muscle.’

‘Don’t worry about your safety, every aspect of your body is being monitored and you are perfectly safe.  If completely helpless.’ she added.
‘Pity you can’t talk about, but I know how much you love mummification, so in order not to deprive you of maximum experience I have decided to leave you in there for a three months.’ she paused, ‘Because afterwards you will come out as helpless and weak as a new born baby, we can have all sorts of fun as I get to help you rebuild those wasted muscles and toilet train you again.’

Her voice faded off and the white noise restarted.  ‘Three months in this?’ I thought as I caught a glimpse of another nurse’s uniform and a very pretty young girls face swam over my limited field of vision. My heart leapt and pulses raced!

‘Oh well there are some consolations to every situation.’ I thought.


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