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Plastic Fun

by Plastix

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© Copyright 2007 - Plastix - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; bondage; mum; breathplay; reluct; XX

Bob was on his way home from work, a hard day it was with his feet killing him. He just missed the green light and had to make a quick stop, so he slammed on the brakes. Sitting there all frustrated and hot, he glances over and notices a big car pull up next to him, he glances inside and Bob spy’s three young beautiful looking women, and all three happen to be staring at him smiling. This of course cheers Bob up quickly. The driver he notices licks her lips while staring at him seductively, right there Bob begins to feel his hardness in his pants swell. So the light turns green and Bob feels that was what he needed to cheer him up, in was otherwise a real shitty day.

As he is driving along heading home, he glances into his rear view mirror and notices the car with those three young women are right behind him. Bob sticks his hand out the window and waves, prompting them to wave back. Bob smiles inwards and makes his scheduled turn, the girls right behind them. 

"They must be going somewhere close to my house,” he thought. As Bob turned down the street he lived on, he saw the same car turn right behind him.

With his curiosity peeking, he pulls into his driveway. Sure enough they pull in right behind him. All of a sudden, the excited butterflies start turning in Bob’s stomach. "My I help you ladies?" 

"You sure can you sexy stud,” the driver says. She asks, "Do you live alone?" 

Bob replies, "I have been divorced for about 6 months now, so I guess you could say that yes." 

"Would you mind if we came in and cooled off, maybe a drink? By the way, I’m Christy, and this here is Rachel and Michelle." 

Bob of course is thinking to himself, 'MAN!! You think you just might get lucky today Bob? Three women?? You devil'.

Sure! Come on in, I have plenty of assorted beverages, and it's nice and cool inside.

So the girls piled out of the car, and Christy went and pulled out a somewhat large duffle bag from the trunk and they all went inside. Once inside, Bob, being the true gentleman and host he is, said "Please make yourself comfortable. I'm not used to having strangers in my house for company but you three seem like real fine nice young women." 

Christy said, "Well I do have to admit, there is a reason we followed you here. See, we were sitting around, horny as hell and thinking of our biggest fetishes, all of us being bisexual, we have a taste for both worlds, and that also means we are kinky as hell. We decided to go on a drive and follow the first man we thought turned us on, that being you." 

Bob, getting a hard-on inside his jeans, not to mention horny as hell says, "Sounds to me like we are gonna have some fun!" 

Rachel interrupted saying, "actually, the girls and I are gonna have some fun, you might like what we do to you or you might not, but right now that doesn't concern us, what DOES concern us is that we pleasure ourselves to the fullest, and as of now, you are to become our slave, and there is nothing you can do about it".

That of course makes Bob feel a tiny bit worried but being the man he is, plays along with their game. "Ok miss, what do you want me to---" 

"SILENCE!!!, we will let you know when you can talk and when you can't talk, got it? And since from here on out you won't be doing anymore talking, we are gonna start our little day long session right now." Daylong? Bob thought to himself, luckily I’m not doing anything today or I’d have to tell them I wouldn't be able to participate. They seemed to read his mind, "We don't care what you have planned today, and everything is now cancelled, got it?"

And with that, Christy opened the duffle bag and pulled out a ball gag and cuffs. Quickly slapping the cuffs on, Christy stuffed the ball gag into Bob's mouth and fastening it tight. Now Bob definitely couldn't say anything now if he wanted to. "Take us to your room, now." Bob began to walk down the hall and stopped at a door, gesturing her to open it. Christy swung the door open and pushed Bob inside, rather hard actually, and he ended up stumbling uncontrolled into the bed. Rachel and Michelle came in with the duffle bag and began to take out various items. Bob noticed them pulling out a long slender penis shaped vibrator, a blind fold, a rather large clear plastic bag, some smaller plastic bags, a folded plastic sheet, a bag with a hose on it.... 

Bob was thinking to himself 'how much stuff do they got in there? And what do they plan on doing to me?' a big roll of plastic wrap, and a cock ring. Christy grabs Bob and tells him to stand; she takes the roll of plastic wrap and begins to wrap him from his feet to his waist. Then she takes some of the plastic, tying his wrists together, and then removes the cuffs. Then Christy starts wrapping from his thighs to his chest, leaving his hardening shaft exposed for the others to see, tightly binding him and making him totally immobile. 'Oh my god! I have never been wrapped like this, I can't move a muscle! I'm scared, I really don't know these girls, for all I know, they plan to rape me then steal all my things!' 

Placing him down on the bed, Michelle says, "where should we begin? I know! Have you ever played breath games Bob?" Frantically shaking his head no she says "well it's about time you did." the girls begin to take off all their clothes, watching Bob's reaction to their naked bodies and seeing his response, watching his cock throbbing as if it was begging for them.

Michelle grabs one of the smaller plastic bags and slides it over bob's head, then takes some of the plastic wrap and uses it like a rope, tying the bag closed around bob's neck, leaving him with little air inside. With the ball gag on his mouth, bob struggles to breath out of his nose as the bag expands and retracts around his face, moisture from his breath building in the bag. Bob breathes even harder and the bag begins to cling to the holes in his nose, completely cutting off his rebreathable air supply, causing him to buck and jolt wildly for air.

Finally Michelle takes off the bag and Bob engulfs fresh air through his only opening, his nose. It takes him a minute to catch his breath when Christy says, " That was the sampler to get you kinda used to suffocation, cause it is gonna happen all day. Bob delving into his mind says to himself 'how in the hell do you get used to something like that? My gawd a minute more and I would have passed out, then surely died shortly afterwards!' But Bob noticed his cock was throbbing like he had never felt before. 

Christy took the cock ring and forced it all the way down Bob's shaft, snugging it tight so Bob's cock stayed hard for the duration of their session. She mounted Bob and wiggled his cock on her misty wet nectar hole, then plunged his shaft deep inside her; Bob, with a mixture of ecstasy and panic felt her pussy gripping his rod. Christy quickly slipped the plastic bag over his head, tying it once again, and started bucking his cock and riding it while she looked down watching Bob struggle with the little air he had. The asphyxiation he experienced made his cock so hard, Christy started to jilt a little as she approached orgasm. She looked down at Bob, who was bucking and wiggling for air and his life as a sensation of pleasure engulfed him, Bob exploded into orgasm as the plastic bag was hugging his face, not giving him anything he needed to live. At the same time, Christy felt his cum shoot hard into her, that and watching her precious suffocating toy struggle made her orgasm explode all over his cock and the surrounding plastic. 

Christy noticed him slowly relaxing, so she took the bag off his head; Bob was out like a light, passed out from no air. The three of them laughed looking at the start of their handy work, and thinking, Bob is in for a long day...

When Bob finally came around, he noticed he was still locked tight in the soft constricting plastic wrap. Michelle looked at Bob and said, "Have you ever tried face sitting before Bob?" 'No, but I think I’m about to find out' Bob said to himself with a lump in his throat. Michelle looked at Bob, making sure he was watching her, then proceeded to cut off a nice big piece of plastic wrap, then she spread it open between her thighs, then wrapped each end around her legs to hold the plastic in place over her pussy. Bob knew what was coming next so he tried to take in all the air he could before the inevitable happened. 

Quickly Michelle mounted Bobs face with her plastic covered pussy slowly putting pressure against Bob's face. She started rocking and rubbing and fucking Bob’s plastic sealed face. Bob could feel the warm soft moistness of her pussy grinding his face through the thin clear plastic wrap as he struggled and squirmed, tried anything he could to get some air, but with futile attempt. 

Meanwhile, Christy and Rachel went looking for a vacuum cleaner, finding a nice powerful Hoover with a long hose sitting in a closet. They brought it in the room and plugged it in, watching Bob frantically struggling under Michelle while she literally fucked his face like a horny rabbit. She let up just a few seconds to let Bob have a few lungs full of air, then pressed her plastic covered pussy back down over his face and started bucking on him with her full weight. Christy took the vacuum hose and put it on Bobs cock, then turned on the vacuum, instantly sucking his cock into the tube with such force, since it seemed his cock was to big for the hose in the first place. 

With Michelle fucking away at Bobs face not giving him any air, and the hose sucking Bob’s cock like he never felt before, Bob exploded his white cream right into the hose, the vacuum cleaner sucking it all up. While Michelle almost reached her climax, she pulled the plastic off her pussy and rode Bobs face to an unbelievable orgasm, suffocating Bob with her bare pussy. Michelle being the kind of woman who squirts during orgasm, completely covered Bob's face in her love juices, running into his hair and into his eyes. Christy turned the vacuum off and pulled the hose off Bobs throbbing cock, ring still solid around the base. Bob's head was throbbing also, with all the suffocation going on, he didn't know how much more he could take. Bob wanted so much to be set free, his cock swollen and sore, he couldn't take no more. 

Suddenly, as if it was all over, they set him up and began to take the plastic wrap off of him. 'Thank gawd this is over, I can't take anymore' Bob thought to himself. Once they got all the plastic wrap off, Bob expected them to cut his hands free, he was wrong. Michelle took the vibrator and lubed it up real good, then slowly forced it into Bob's waiting manhole and turned it on, causing Bob to scream through the ball gag. Then she took the roll of plastic and wrapped the vibrator against his ass in a wedgie, then continued, tightly binding Bobs feet together, all the way up to his waist, letting his cock poke through the soft clear plastic wrap.

Then Christy took the large clear thin plastic bag, opened it up with a couple quick snaps, then lowered the bag over Bobs whole body, letting it settle to the floor. Rachel pushed Bob over onto the bed and Michelle grabbed the end of the bag, putting the vacuum hose into it and wrapped the bag around the hose tightly with the plastic wrap. "Are you ready Bob? Lets see how long you can go without air in a vacuum sealed bag pulling at your lungs." Christy said, and then flipped the switch. Almost instantly the clear bag began to contract around Bob, contorting to the shape of Bobs body, his throbbing shaft, his big balls and ultimately his head. Completely sealed in and vacuum tight, Bob instantly began to toss and turn, mouth still full of the ball gag they put in, and his prostate being stimulated by the vibrator. Bob could hear them giggling to themselves and getting so horny just watching his plastic prison get tighter, pulling at the air Bob was holding in his lungs. Finally Bob couldn't hold it anymore and let it go, and the air was instantly sucked out by the vacuum. 

Christy mounted his still pulsing cock, feeling even harder now than it was earlier, and slid the plastic covered shaft right into her waiting pussy, swallowing it all up, suffocating his shaft as the pussy clamped down on the plastic covered cock. Bob, with no air not even to rebreath, wildly squirmed and jerked and bucked underneath Christy, sending her to the edge of orgasm and beyond. Bob meanwhile came inside Christy with a white creamy load of his man juices but Bob couldn't enjoy the orgasm, as he was about to pass out once again. Bob looked up at Christy with his orgasmic plastic sealed eyes, his life flashing by in his mind, mind slipping slowly away, darkness flooding his mind.........

As Bob regained consciousness, he looked at his surroundings, he was suddenly aware that he was no longer tied up and sealed inside a large plastic vacuum sealed bag anymore, he was tied down to a chair, his own legs bound to the legs of the chair tight with plastic wrap. His arms were also bound behind his back, wrapped together in the same plastic wrap. He struggled with his bindings, finding out exactly how tight the plastic was holding him. The ball gag was no longer in his mouth, so he was able to talk again, but only for a short time. Christy, Rachel and Michelle was watching on as Bob gained consciousness and noticed the predicament he was in. "welcome back from the realm of the unconscious Bobbypoo," Rachel said, "Are you ready for another round of sexual torment?"

Bob, sitting there with a rather uncomfortable headache, said, "actually I would just like for you to let me go, I think I have had enough." "Yeah right Bob, we aren’t done yet, besides, I think deep down you are enjoying our major plastic suffocation fetish.” Michelle said. Before Bob could spit out anymore words, Christy began wrapping plastic around Bob's head at his mouth like a gag, pulling it tight so it constricts to his mouth, keeping him from talking or biting through any plastic. Bob watched as Michelle grabbed one of the smaller plastic bags, and then disappeared behind him. Rachel bent down in front of him and said, "Bob, I just LOVE sucking cock, and I’m gonna suck your cock until you cum. Thinking to himself Bob says 'I have already cum twice, that means this is gonna take a while'. I'm also gonna be rough on your cock head when you spit your creamy load in my mouth, making you beg me to stop....ohh, that’s if you are able to breath, haa haa haa! Rachel licked the head of his cock, tasting some of the cum that he splurged earlier.

Swallowing his cock all the way to his hips, she began to quickly suck and lap at Bob's cock, Bob's eyes rolling into the back of his head. Bob's hips also began to pump as he could see his shaft disappear into Rachel's mouth, her cheeks caved in sucking his cock like it was her last one. As Bob felt himself getting real close, 'That was rather quick' Bob thought to himself, 'but gawd she is so good at oral!', Rachel feels him get real hard then stops. "Come on baby, suck all the cum outta my balls!" Ohhh I will don't worry, your gonna experience what me and the other girls love doing to each other. Out of no where, a extra thin clear plastic bag comes down over Bob's head, then Michelle puts Bob in a headlock, creating a tight seal around his neck while she squeezes him with her arm, with that done, Rachel goes back to work on Bob's hard throbbing cock. Bob starts bucking his hips into Rachel's mouth while frantically struggling for precious air. 

While Bob jerks his body around, it makes Michelle squeeze tighter on the headlock she has on Bob, choking Bob while he suffocates. Somewhere deep inside, Bob begins to see what it is about this they find so erotically arousing. Bob sits suffocating under a plastic bag with no way to prevent it while two beautiful innocent looking females show how bad they can be. Bob feels the orgasmic tingling rising inside him as he silently begs his female master with his eyes for the air he needs to live. Rachel feels his cock get extremely hard, and starts fucking bobs cock with her mouth, sucking and fucking hard as she can, using her teeth to make Bob jump and squirm even more. Bob's juices explode into Rachel's waiting mouth as she concentrates completely on his cock head, knowing Bob wants to scream badly, bucking in his bindings, silently begging them to stop, only to be met with more suffocation, a tighter headlock and frantic head sucking.

Michelle finally takes her headlock off Bob and pulls the bag off Bob's head, Bob gasping for air but still bucking cause Rachel will not stop, and the extremely sensitive feeling in the head of his cock will not go away, and she knows it. Screaming through his gag begging her to stop, she finally lets up after another minute. As sweat is pouring down from Bob's face, he feels...feels... that had to be the BEST orgasm he ever had in his life!!! The lack of oxygen, and Rachel force stimulating his cock head, heightened his orgasm to such a high level he never knew existed! "We aren’t quite done with you yet Bob." Christy said.

Christy took another bag and placed it over Bob's head, but this bag was different, it had a hose coming out of the front so he could breath, at least that’s what he thought. Christy took plastic wrap and wrapped it around his neck, creating a nice seal. But she was wrapping his neck tightly, the plastic wrap was constricting tightly around his neck, kinda choking him, like Michelle's headlock, but not completely. As Christy finished wrapping plastic around his neck, Michelle Mounted Bob's throbbing cock, stimulating her wet dripping pussy, then slid his cock into her tight pussy, forcing it all the way in, while placing the end of the tube into her mouth. Michelle sucked all of Bob's air out of the bag, tightened the tube, took a deep breath, then blew it right back through the tube, filling the bag, sealing the tube once again, forcing Bob to rebreath Michelle's air over and over. 

Meanwhile, Rachel took a huge super thin clear plastic sheet and draped it over the both of them, let it settle, then took more plastic wrap and began wrapping the both of them together nice and tight inside the thin plastic sheet. As Michelle rocked on Bob's cock, she began sucking and blowing through the tube, sharing Bob's air. Both were now sealed inside the plastic sheet, with only Bob's air to breath. Both started breathing real heavily, Michelle fucking Bob's cock harder and harder, the more difficult it became to breath. As Michelle came close to orgasm, she sucked out Bobs air completely, sucking hard so he had absolutely nothing, then she sealed the tube with her finger and gasped while rebreathing the stale used air, watching Bob panic and struggle in his binds, eyes bugging out, while Michelle continued suffocating herself bringing herself to an unbelievable explosive orgasm that poured out all over Bob's lap, dripping down to his balls and running to the crack in his ass. 

Michelle broke through the plastic so she could breath, then let go of the tube and filled the plastic bag with air so Bob could get fresh air. "Well Bob, seems as if we are pretty much satisfied with ourselves for now. Hope it was as good for you as it was for us. By the way, we could come back at any time, be prepared Bobbypoo." With that, they undid Bob's restraints, leaving his plastic wrapped hands the way they were for now, and gathered all their things together and put it all in the duffle bag, heading out the door. "Hey! What about my hands?" Rachel said. "Bob you silly, it's plastic, just find something around your house to cut you free, you don't think WE were gonna set you free did you? We don't want you coming after us silly. We need time so you can't see us leave." And the women were on their way. Bob quickly found a pair of scissors in the kitchen drawer and cut himself free, then ran to the front door, only to see that it was to late, they were gone.


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