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Plastic Statue

by Gladwrapguy

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© Copyright 2002 - Gladwrapguy - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; mum; cocoon; sealed; reluct; X

Danielle and Ann had been best friends since high school. In fact in Senior high they had become more than that, they became lovers, and they still were to this day. They were not mutually exclusive however, they were both bi, lived their own lives and saw themselves as eventually getting married to guys and having kids but the relationship between them was something special. They were also quite bright and had done very well at high school and were now at uni. Danielle had won a scholarship with a major chemical company and was now in the forth and final year of her uni degree studying to be a biochemist. Ann had been accepted into medicine and was in her forth year of training to be a doctor.

Ann lived on campus in the student dorm while Danielle rented a small house off campus. Danielle had searched for a while to find such a house. It was affordable and had a big basement, which was important to the two girls. While exploring their sexuality in senior high they experimented with tying each other up, and discovered that they both really got off on it. Over the next 5 years their exploration into bondage games continued and the two girls where hooked on the kinky sexual practice. When they moved out of home and went to uni they started to buy kinky outfits made from latex, pvc and rubber and bondage equipment. Between them they had assembled a reasonable amount of clothing and equipment in the 4 years of uni and the basement at Danielle’s had been transformed into a quite respectable dungeon.

They hadn’t seen a great deal of each other lately. Work and uni commitments had kept them very busy. However they had arranged a night to get together, Danielle was going to cook dinner, which Ann knew would mean ordering pizzas, as Danielle couldn’t cook to save herself. They both had a bit to tell each other as of late they had both met guys on campus and both were doing “the older man thing” so they were eager to compare notes. That would be followed by a trip downstairs to the basement, or as Danielle insisted on it being called, the dungeon, for some fun.

Ann arrived and they traded a long tender kiss.
“It’s been too long since we’ve done that.” said Danielle
“It certainly has.” said Ann as they held each other close. They separated and Danielle poured them both a glass of wine and they sat down on the lounge to talk.
“So tell me about your older stud.” Ann said.
“Well his name is Shane.” Ann almost choked on her sip of wine on hearing this.
“You are kidding me, that is my older man’s name too. Tell me more”
“He’s 33, still in good shape as he jogs and lifts weights.” Ann started to get a sick feeling in her stomach.
“Ann, I think this is a guy I could get serious about. He said he has sewn his seeds as a younger man and he wants to meet a nice girl and...”
“Settle down and get serious, that is what my Shane told me as well. Have you got a picture of him?

Danielle found a packet of photos she got developed last week. There were several pics of her and Shane out for a picnic. Ann looked at the photo. “That bastard, it’s him.” Danielle could not believe what she was hearing. Over the last couple of months the charming Shane had swept her off her feet.
“Did he tell you he was seeing anyone else?” asked Danielle
“No, he said we were an item and he just wanted to be with me.”
“He told me the same thing.” They sat there silently for a minute. Danielle had a sip of wine.
“Well we can’t let him get away with this. Lying to us both and cheating on us. God knows how many other girls he’s doing around the uni as well. What do you think?”
“I think we should teach him a lesson he will never forget.” They looked at each other and smiled.
“Agreed, now how shall we get him back?” Danielle and Ann didn’t get down to the basement that night. They did drink several more bottles of wine and by the time they went to bed together in the early hours of the morning they had a plan to exact revenge on the philandering Shane.

A week had passed since the girls had realised what was going on and their trap was ready to be sprung. Ann had acquired the drugs they needed and Danielle had lined up all the gear at the chemical company to carry out their revenge plan. Shane was to pick Danielle up from work. She said she’d be working late but they could head out after that. Shane arrived at the lab just before 10pm. Ann checked her watch as she watched him enter the building. She thought if everything goes according to plan my mobile would ring before 10.30.

Shane had picked Danielle up from work a few times before but never this late. She had to buzz him in as it was a security building and Shane made his way to the lab Danielle worked in. Shane noticed that the place was deserted. He entered Danielle’s section.
“Hi babe, you in here?” Danielle got up from her workstation and came over to greet him. She was dressed in the standard white lab coat but over the top of that she wore a transparent plastic bodysuit that covered everything but her head.
“Love the outfit.” said Shane
“Standard safety procedure when we are working with the industrial strength adhesives we manufacture here. Some of this glue gets on your skin you could end up permanently stuck. You wouldn’t want me permanently glued to anything now would you?”

Shane put his arms around Danielle and embraced her.
“Not unless it is me” and kissed her.
“Seriously, I do like the plastic cat suit. Maybe you could take one home and model it for me without the clothing underneath.”
“What, have you got a thing for plastic or something. You haven’t told me you have a kinky fetish.”
“Baby, there’s lots I haven’t told you yet, but as you are my girl, and there is no one else, all will be revealed.” Danielle was struggling not to knee Shane right in the balls knowing that the smug bastard was lying, time to implement the plan she thought to herself. She broke the hug.

“Would you like a beer? There are some in the staff fridge.”
“I’d love one.” Danielle smiled and said.
“I’ll get you one.” She left the lab and walked the short distance to the staff lounge. She got a beer and opened it and slipped two pills into the beer that Ann had given her. When she returned to the lab she found Shane examining what looked like a king size bed from a Star Trek movie. Shane was prodding the surface of the bed. It was like jelly but firmer and Shane noticed his finger marks remained embedded in the jelly like surface. 

Danielle said “What did I just say, you can end up permanently stuck to things here, you shouldn’t play with anything.” She handed Shane the beer.
“So what is this.”
“It is an impression bed. We push what we want into it, pour the liquid plastic into the indentation and the plastic sets into the perfectly shaped mould of the imprint.”
“I thought your company only made glue.”
“No, not at all, in fact we are working on a plastic project that is a bit hush, hush, but worth a shit load to the company if we win it. You know how the space shuttle is set to become super seeded and plans are being drawn up for the next orbital spacecraft, well we are one of a number of companies throughout the world trying to get the contract to provide the outer shell to the new space craft. Our top research scientists have come up with a compound that we believe is the hardest plastic ever created when it has set.

Shane listened with interest to Danielle while sipping away on his beer.
“Wow, that is impressive. I‘d like to see this revolutionary new plastic.”
“I’ll see what I can do about organising you a sneak peak. Finish your beer and I’ll go finish up.” Danielle attended to a few more things in the lab, checking out pieces of machinery, making adjustments and so forth. Closing things down for the night Shane assumed as he finished off his beer.

Shane was all of a sudden feeling very tired. He had been for a run that afternoon and while he was older than both the gorgeous young girls he had on the go at uni at the moment he wasn’t this old. Danielle came out and noticed Shane was looking a little wobbly on his feet.
“You OK.”
“I, I don’t know. I feel really dizzy and tired all of a sudden.”
“You better sit down.” Danielle helped him to a chair.
“I swear I haven’t had a drink before I got here. I don‘t know what is wrong.” Shane’s speech was starting to slur.
“I do, it is the drug Ann gave me to slip you.” Shane looked up at her with the expression of a drunken man on his face. A drunk and concerned man. He did register the reference to Ann.
“Don’t give me what. You are doing another girl here at uni as well. Unfortunately for you, Ann is my best friend and lover, and we’ve decided to teach you a lesson. What I’ve given you Ann told me the proper name of, but it is basically a date rape drug. Have a nice nap, given your hint to having a plastic fetish what we have planned for you should be quite interesting.” 

Shane tried to get up but it was to no avail. The drugs took over and he was out. Danielle pulled her mobile from her pocket and rang Ann. Ann looked at the clock on the dash as her phone rang. 10.27pm.
“I’ve got him, he’s unconscious. Come in.”

By the time Ann arrived in the lab Danielle was just finishing undressing the unconscious Shane.
“Give me a hand to lift him onto the table.” said Danielle. The 2 girls lugged Shane’s solid 13 stone frame onto a near by table. Ann produced a set of clippers from a bag she had bought. She snapped on some rubber surgical gloves.
“I’ll do the honors while you make whatever last minute preparations you have to that machine.
“OK” while Danielle played with the control panel for the impression bed Ann shaved Shane’s goatee and moe and shaved his head bald. She then took a container from her bag and poured a thick clear liquid all over Shane’s head and face and massaged it in.
“What’s that?” Danielle asked.
“It is a chemical that kills hair follicles and prevents re-growth.” 
Danielle smiled.
“Good idea.” The bed is ready.”
“We’ll so is he. How are we going to do this exactly?”
“We need to lift him up and put him on the bed on his back first of all, he’ll sink down and then we pick him up and roll him over and do a front imprint.”

The two girls positioned themselves at Shane’s head and feet.
“On three” said Danielle. “One, two, three” and they lifted Shane from the table and laid him on his back on the bed. They allowed Shane to sink into the bed until he was half embedded. Danielle was monitoring the computer screen that was giving out readings.
“OK, that’s one mould, we need to turn him over. We will have to lift him clear of the bed and place him face down.” They do this and when Danielle is happy that the imprint will serve as a second mould she says.
“Done, let’s put him back on the table. Be careful not to change the mould.” 
They lift him out and put him back on the table.
“How much longer will he be out.” asked Danielle
“Half an hour maybe.”
“We had better work fast then.”

“I can’t inject him with the nerve-numbing drug until he is conscious. You said you had something here at work to restrain him.” Danielle smiled and went to a cupboard in the lab and returned with a roll of pallet wrap, industrial strength plastic wrap.
“One of the little bonuses of working in a plastic manufacturing company. Feel this stuff, it is great. Really strong and sticky. I’ve taken several rolls home. I was going to introduce it into our play last week when you came over, but we discovered what he was doing and now he’ll be our first experiment with it.” Ann hunched over and tapped the ends of her fingers together mimicking Monty Burns
“Excellent.” and both girls laughed.
“Get on the other side and we’ll wrap him to the table.” 

Starting at Shane’s feet The two girls began to wrap Shane to the table. Danielle passing the roll over the table to Ann, Ann pulling the plastic tight to Shane’s body and passing the roll back to Danielle back under the table. They made their way up his body, ensuring the plastic overlapped and stuck to itself as they did. They reached his shoulders and passed several layers over his chest and shoulders.
“That will probably be good enough to hold him but we’ll go back down just to be sure.” said Danielle
“Just to be sure or because you are enjoying wrapping him?” They looked at each other and grinned.
“Both.” They made their way back down with the plastic. Layer upon layer of the strong sticky plastic securing Shane to the table. They finished wrapping his feet to the table and Ann cut the plastic with some surgical scissors. “I’ll make the moulds and you get to work on his lips. The glue takes 15minutes to set so don’t muck about.” Danielle said as she handed Ann a tube of glue and a small clear plastic tube.

Danielle went back to the computer that controlled the imprint bed and started to punch in commands and the machinery above the bed came to life. A hose descended from an arm above the bed and started to spray clear plastic resin into the moulds. While Danielle busied herself with making the moulds of Shane, Ann was attending to the first part of Shane’s encapsulation. She squeezed the glue from the tube onto his lips and smeared it along both lips. The glue was clear and would set to be transparent. The clear plastic tubing, which was about a foot long, was also covered in glue and Ann used her medical expertise to insert it down Shane’s throat. The end was left just sticking out of Shane’s mouth. She taped Shane’s mouth tightly closed, being careful not to cover the tube she had just inserted so he could breath through it. Now she wanted to seal his nostrils shut but changed to a glue she had bought from the hospital. She wanted him sealed instantly here and filled his nose with surgical superglue. She pinched his nose shut and wiped the excess glue away as it came out of his nose. She released his nose after a minute and the tube was now the only way Shane could breath. She nodded her head in a job well done and joined her lover at the imprint table. She watched as the spray stopped and the hose retracted.

“Done” said Danielle “What about you?”
“To quote that old Go Goes song, his lips are sealed.” Both girls had a little giggle.
“Well we haven’t finished but all the hard work has been done and we can’t do anything for half and hour or so until the castes have set. I put a bottle of bubbly in the fridge for a little celebration at our success. Do you think we can crack it a little early?”
“I don’t see any reason not to. It’s not like our plastic mummy is going anywhere when he wakes up.”
“I’ll get the champers then.” The 2 girls enjoyed a glass of bubbly as the castes set. Danielle played with the controls of the machine again and a laser fired at the rapidly setting plastic castes.
“I’m carving holes in the castes for the plastic tubing and his dick and arsehole.” she explained to Ann

The girls heard Shane starting to come back to consciousness and went and stood by the table he was so securely wrapped to.
“Look” said Ann as she run her hand over his plastic wrapped cock that was growing into an erection.
“He is getting off on this.” Shane’s body felt warm and sung and as he was floating back to reality he was fantasizing that he was tightly mummified in plastic wrap, his biggest turn on. His eyes fluttered open and he focused on Danielle and Ann looking down at him. He knew he was in deep shit. He went to sit up but found he couldn’t. He had been wrapped to the neck so it was still possible for him to lift his head. He looked down at his naked body and realised his fantasy was reality. He was wrapped to the table with multiple layers of clear pallet wrap. 

He had been wrapped in this stuff many times before and knew he could not get free. He tried to speak and could not. Tape had been wrapped around his head sealing his mouth shut but there was more to it than that. His tongue was stuck to a tube that had been inserted down his throat. He knew he was totally at the mercy of Danielle and Ann. Real panic set in now. He struggled for all he was worth but knew he would not gain his freedom. His struggling made him breath harder and he realised no air was coming in through his nose. They had sealed his nostrils shut. God what have these vindictive bitches done to me, and what is yet to come he thought to himself. Danielle took the breathing tube in her hand and covered the end of it with her thumb. It was now impossible for Shane to breathe.

“If you want air again stop struggling and pay attention.” Shane did as he was told. Danielle spoke “Now unfortunately for you Shane you have been two timing us and we have discovered your little secret, so we figured we’d pay you back for your dishonesty to us. Only problem is judging by your reaction and hints towards having a plastic fetish you might actually enjoy what we are going to do to you. Let me start by explaining by what we have already done. Your head and 
face have been shaved and follicle prevention re-growth cream applied. Your nostrils have been sealed shut with surgical superglue and a plastic tube inserted down your throat. This allows you to breathe and we will be able to provide you with sustenance once we have finished with you. The tube was coated with the glue, but not just any glue. You see it would be no good inventing this revolutionary tough plastic for the new space shuttle if there was no way to attach it to the space craft. So our research scientists have developed this new adhesive which we believe once it has set has unbreakable bond strength. What will be a problem for you, is that our researchers have not developed a solvent that can break it, and as we are the only company in the world who produces this new glue, once you’re stuck, you’re stuck for life. Your lips have been sealed shut with this glue as well, so you will never speak another word as long as you live. I‘ll go and finish the final preparations at the machine. You can do your part here” Danielle said to Ann.

Ann bent over the struggling and protesting Shane. She blocked the breathing tube.
“Keep your head still or you don’t get to breathe.” The beaten and breathless Shane collapsed back onto the table. Using surgical scissors Ann cut the tape from Shane’s mouth. When the tape was removed Shane tried to open his mouth but found it impossible to separate his lips. Ann held up a small make up mirror.
“What do you think of your new look?” Shane could see the clear adhesive holding his lips and no matter how hard he fought if was impossible to open his mouth. He could also see his nostrils glued shut. While he was into bondage this was way over the top, but somehow he was still being aroused. This type of out of control situation was something he always secretly desired. 
Ann spoke “No doubt you are wondering what we are going to do with you. In a moment I’m going to inject you with a powerful muscle relaxant. Your respiratory system will continue to function as normal but your motor neuron system will be paralysed. Put simply, you will still be able to breathe but not move. Then you will be sealed inside the plastic body caste Danielle has created with the unbreakable glue she has just told you about. You are going to become a permanently glued rigid plastic statue. Do you like the sound of that?

Shane’s attempts at protest and struggling against the plastic that held him only amused Ann. She moved around the back of him and held up a syringe she had got out of her bag. She spoke to Danielle.
“How you doing over there babe? I’m about to give him the tranquilizer. In 15 minutes he’ll be totally paralysed.”
“Good, the moulds have set. I’ll give it ten minutes and spray them with glue. That takes about five to fully cover them and we’ll put him in.” Ann lifted Shane’s head and inserted the needle into his spinal column and administered the drug that would soon make him paralysed. Ann looked down at Shane when she had finished said. “There is one thing I will miss, you were a good kisser. How about one for old times sake.” She lowered her mouth to his permanently sealed lips and kissed him. She covered the tube with her tongue making it impossible for Shane to get any air. Shane tried to move his head but Ann used her hands to force Shane’s head down. After nearly a minute Ann came up puffing a bit herself from what could have been a black widows kiss.

Shane continued to struggle in his plastic cocoon but it was hopeless. It only took a few minutes and he felt his body becoming less responsive. After 10 minutes he had lost all muscle control. He watched on helplessly as the glue was sprayed into the plastic shells that would soon hold him captive forever. However his rising penis beneath the plastic wrap gave away his true thoughts. This was his wildest fantasy being played out for real.
“Danielle, come and look at this.” said Ann, Danielle looked at his hardening member.
“Hu, so he is kinky, wish he had of told us that before. Anyway, is he ready to put in. The castes are sprayed.
“Let’s make him a plastic statue.” Ann cut the pallet wrap holding Shane to the table with surgical scissors. He knew that this would be his last opportunity for freedom. With all his might he tried to move but the drugs had done their job. He was paralysed. They got either side of the table. You ready said Danielle. Ann answered yes and they lifted the defenseless Shane and carried him to the mould of him lying on his back. They laid him down in the glue-covered mould that was a perfect fit.
“Help me lift the other mould over the top of him.” and they did. Danielle made sure his breathing tube came through the hole in the caste and did the same with his dick.

Danielle handed Ann a tube of the unbreakable strength glue.
“Go round the join and seal it.” It didn’t take long and the 2 girls had permanently sealed the two plastic shells together. The breathing tube and the hole his dick poked through were also sealed with glue around them. The two girls stood back and admired the live human plastic statue they had created.
“Wow, he looks awesome.” said Ann
“Has doing this turned you on ?” asked Danielle
“Are you kidding, how long before the glue dries and we can take him home so I can take you.”
“By the time I close down all the machinery he’ll be ready for transport. He’ll make a great display in our dungeon wont he?”
“And I’ve been putting some thought into how we can torture his cock.”
“Me too. If you want to get the van and pull it up round back I‘ll close everything down and we‘ll take our new trophy home. Imagine a life time trapped totally immobilsed in plastic” said Danielle
“You know there are a few other people we know that have crossed us. What is there to stop us from doing the same thing to them.”
“Absolutely nothing.” Danielle said as she smiled and kissed her lover.
“I’ll get the van.”

Shane tried to turn to watch Ann leave but he could not move at all. He could feel the heat all over his body as the glue was curing. He knew his fate was sealed, and he had gotten what he had always secretly fantasised about. He was permanently entombed in plastic. His dick began to harden again with the realisation of his lifetime captivity.



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