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Plastic Training

by BP

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© Copyright 2009 - BP - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; wrap; bag; breathplay; vacbag; oral; sex; cons; X

"Your training will begin today. Come into the bedroom when you get home, and be naked." This is the text message that Tyler got on his way home. This is the message that sent a chill down his spine. He had been running a few errands for his girlfriend, Cassie. She had probably been home from work for about a half an hour, given what time in the day it was. He knew what the message meant; he and Cassie had been talking about it recently. Tyler was at once nervous, but strangely excited at the same time. He knows that when he gets home, he will walk into the bedroom, and for the rest of the night at least, trust himself completely to his girlfriend. He knows he will have to begin relying on Cassie for even the very air that he breathes.

Tyler and Cassie have a sex life with a little extra spice, so to speak. They both have fetishes, and they both enjoy playing kinky games of all sorts. They both enjoy being tied up while having sex, as well as tying each other up. Cassie is sometimes more dominant and her fetishes are a little more extreme though, and she has been itching to cut loose a little bit and really do whatever she wants with her boyfriend. "Whatever she wants", happens to be breath play, and she has a serious fetish for plastic. She loves the texture, and she loves the way it makes a person look when they're helplessly wrapped or restrained by it. Cassie has been talking to Tyler for some time about her fetishes and they recently agreed that on the next chance they get for a free night, Cassie will begin training Tyler in the extremely kinky art of plastic bondage and breath play. Tyler will be her plastic slave for as long as it takes for him to learn to enjoy it and associate it with pleasure, trust, and sex.

Tyler stands in the doorway of his bedroom. He has just arrived home and the sight that is before him is truly different. Cassie is in a dress, but not just any dress, this dress is made of plastic. She has wrapped herself from her chest down to her mid-thighs in plastic wrap, and it is hugging and squeezing her body in all the right places. Tyler can see her nipples through the plastic, and they're squeezed tightly against her chest. There is a roll of plastic bags on the bed and she is holding some lengths of rope in her hand. She speaks to him in a commanding but sexy tone, "turn around and give me your hands, love." Tyler does as he is told and Cassie wraps his hands together with a short roll of plastic wrap. Now she sits him down on the bed and stands in front of him.

Cassie begins speaking, "as you know babe, I have a serious plastic fetish, and an equally serious fetish for breath play. I've fantasized for a long time about having sex with you while I restrain you with plastic wrap or control your every breath with a plastic bag, and now I'm finally going to do whatever I want to with you. Now I know that all of this is not exactly your cup of tea darling, so I'm going to go slow. I want you to be able to get some pleasure out of this too, and eventually you'll learn to like it, given enough time and practice." Cassie faded out of her dominant role for a minute, and continued, "thank you so much sweetie for committing to let me play with you like this, you have no idea how hot this is going to be for me."

"First though," Cassie said suddenly, before switching to a sultry tone, "I want a little action inside me." With that, she dropped down to her knees in front of the bed and leaned forward to kiss Tyler's member. Tyler was still very nervous, but watching her as she began touching and licking him made his arousal take over, and he began to get hard for her. "That's what I like to see," Cassie said as she began to crawl up onto his lap, her plastic dress making her feel slinky and sexy, "I think I'd like that to be inside me while I play with you." She began easing herself down onto him, moving her pelvis very slowly up and down, until she had as much of him inside of her as she could get. Tyler began to make soft, low moans as he tried to move his hips against her, but she only moved slightly.

"Hold on cowboy, we're not all ready to get into it yet, but I appreciate your enthusiasm babe," Cassie said with a smirk.

"We are ready to start having a little bit of my fun though," Cassie reached over and grabbed one of the clear plastic bags that were sitting on the bed, still moving her hips subtly to keep Tyler aroused. "I want you to relax a bit and trust me, I'm right here and I'm taking care of you baby," she began moving her hips more, and squeezing his legs with her thighs. She kissed him slowly before bringing the bag down over his head from behind him. She began riding him harder now, as she pulled the bottom of the bag closed around his neck with her hands. Tyler was aroused enough to subdue his fear, and he began breathing a little faster from the stimulation of sex.

When he breathed in, the bag pulled in towards Tyler's face and subtly outlined his features in plastic. This sight turned Cassie on so much that she suddenly felt the beginnings of an orgasm begin to build rapidly inside her. Tyler was overwhelmed by the sensations he was feeling, the bag would come in when he breathed in and hug his features tightly before expanding outward again when he exhaled. Cassie was holding the bag rather tightly, leaving a bit less air in the bag for poor Tyler to breathe. She felt her orgasm about to hit her hard and she leaned in to kiss Tyler's plastic-covered lips. As she kissed him passionately Tyler couldn't get any air and he began moving around to get away from her kiss.

Cassie held him in her wicked, suffocating kiss for another second before moving away just enough to pull the bag up off of his face, then she leaned in and began kissing him again. It was a rather one-sided kiss, since all Cassie could do was suck on Tyler's lips while his mouth hung open, breathing in the fresh air he had been gasping for while his girlfriend had been enjoying her dizzying climax.

"I bet that's probably the first time a girl has ever gotten off and left a guy hanging, huh?" Cassie said, still kissing all over Tyler's open lips and running her hands all over his body. Tyler was too confused to be frustrated, it had been extremely intense, but seeing how turned on it had made his girlfriend made it very hot and sexy too. "Did you like that at all?" Cassie asked, "or do you not know what to think of it yet?"

Tyler took another few deep breathes. "It was scary," Tyler said, before slowly confessing, "but kind of hot too."

"Good," Cassie said as she began getting up off of Tyler's lap, "kind of hot is better than not at all. Now stand up and come over here."

Cassie took a minute to cut her plastic dress off before pulling a chair into the middle of the floor. The chair was built very solidly, it had no arm rests and the back was about shoulder-height for the person sitting on it. "Don't worry babe, I haven't forgotten about my poor little plastic slave," Cassie helped Tyler to stand up and made him walk over to the chair, "I'll make sure you get off too, but your training will still have to go on. Now sit." Tyler did as he was told and Cassie held up a roll of plastic wrap.

"This stuff will hold you pretty tight once I get a few layers on you," Cassie said as she began wrapping Tyler's ankles to the legs of the chair. She wrapped tightly and slowly, creeping up his legs inches at a time, making the rotations closer together and the layers stronger. She continued wrapping her helpless boyfriend to the chair, wrapping on up over his thighs (leaving his most prominent physical feature still exposed of course) before cutting his hands loose from the plastic wrap she had applied earlier. "Now put your hands down by the side of the chair," Cassie said, her dominant voice returning once again. She wrapped his hands to the legs of the chair and his torso to the back of the chair before going over the whole thing once more with another layer.

"Think you can get away?" Cassie asked her captive. Tyler struggled a bit before shaking his head no. Cassie smiled and began touching his exposed member gently, eliciting low moans from her boyfriend. "You like that?" Cassie asked in a sexy voice. Tyler moaned quietly and nodded. Tyler heard the rustle of plastic and opened his eyes to see Cassie holding another plastic bag in one hand, while she continued touching him with her free hand. Tyler whimpered a little. Cassie just made a pouty lip and cooed at him, "oh I know baby, but I'm having so much fun." She began stroking his member a little harder now, and faster too, making Tyler lean his head back and make more pleasure-sounds. Cassie then brought the bag down over Tyler's head and followed it with a rubber band around his neck to keep the bag shut.

Now that her boyfriend was all bagged up like she wanted him, Cassie turned the attention of her hands back to pleasuring him. Tyler very much enjoyed her touch and tried to breathe slowly and steadily to conserve his air. Cassie loved watching the bag pull in towards Tyler's face with his breath. Every now and then he would take a deep breath and the bag would outline all his features with plastic, making them shiny and smooth. Cassie couldn't help herself but to reach up to his face with one hand and carress her plastic-bound captive. She kept hard at work on him with her other hand though, and Tyler was soon bucking his hips as hard as his plastic-wrapped bondage would allow. His breathing was faster now, he wasn't trying to control it anymore, all he could think about was his girlfriend's hand on his cock and how good it felt. Cassie was mesmerized as she watched the bag squeeze her boyfriend's face tightly every time he breathed in, and at that moment she knew what she was going to do next with Tyler's plastic training.

Before Tyler could orgasm, Cassie stopped pleasuring him and pulled the bag off of his head.

"Oh Cassie, please finish me, please," Tyler begged.

"Be patient sweetie, almost," Cassie said as she began cutting her prisoner free, "I want you to have a turn seeing how hot this looks from my view while you're still so turned on." Cassie cut the last piece of plastic from Tyler's body before grabbing another plastic bag and a rubber band. "I want you to do me now," Cassie slid the smooth plastic bag down over her face and then pulled the rubber band down around her neck, leaving herself with only the air in the bag.

"You want to get off don't you?" Cassie asked, the bag moving in and out with her words, "then come get me." Cassie draped herself back over the bed and moved around seductively, completely naked except for the shiny plastic covering her face. Tyler took a deep breath and crawled onto the bed after his girlfriend. He moved up between her legs and got ready to penetrate her. "Come on babe, I don't have all day," Cassie said, as she grabbed his manhood and guided it inside her. Cassie's breath was getting faster so she grabbed the rubber band and pulled the bag open for a minute to get a good breath or two before letting it snap back in place around her neck. "Do me now, babe," she said as she took a deep breath inside her bag, making it pull in close to her face.

Tyler began moving against her with all he had, watching his girlfriend's every breath as he had sex with her. It looked strange to him, but hot at the same time, Cassie was moaning and writhing so much, it was obvious that this was turning her on incredibly. "Harder babe, harder," Cassie said in short, quick breaths. She grabbed his hips and bucked against him as hard as she could. Tyler couldn't stop watching Cassie's face as the plastic outlined it perfectly every time she tried to get air. "Oh yes!" she yelled, the plastic expanding away from her face as she did. She felt her orgasm getting close and her breathing was starting to be a constant in and out motion. Just then, Tyler leaned down and kissed her hard through the plastic and Cassie felt him cum inside of her. This sent her over the edge and she took a long deep breath in as her orgasm hit her hard. The bag was sucked tight to her face as her climax washed over her, and she slowly reached up to take the bag off. Tyler was laying on top of her, breathing almost as heavily as she was, just from his orgasm.

They lay there for a while before Cassie said quietly, "I think you can take a break from your training for the rest of the night sweetie."

Tyler, still breathing heavily, simply said, "why thank you."

Cassie took another deep breath before continuing, "but tomorrow's your day off, and I'm not out of ideas yet."

Part 2: The Next Day

"Of course it involves plastic," Cassie said as she opened the door to the bedroom, "and I bet it'll just take your breath away."

Cassie was leading her boyfriend, Tyler, into their bedroom by a leash connected to a soft collar around his neck. Tyler's wrists were wrapped together with plastic wrap, and he had a highly effective gag that consisted of plastic wrap wound over his mouth. Cassie had warned him at the conclusion of their last session that his training would continue today, and now she was making good on that promise. Tyler had promised to Cassie that he would let her school him in all the eroticisms and sexiness that she saw in plastic bondage and breath play. Breath play and plastic wrap are not exactly in sync with Tyler's idea of sex though, and that of course, is the reason for his training in these matters.

When Tyler stepped into the room, he saw that most of the room was dark, except for the glow of Cassie's computer monitor on the other side of the room. Cassie led Tyler over to the computer, stood him beside her chair and sat down. "Take a look at these pictures, sweetie," she said as she gave a slight tug on his leash to make him look closer. Tyler had never seen anything like this before, and it even looked a little scary. On the computer screen, he saw pictures of people who were perfectly outlined in sheets of clear plastic or black latex. "They're called vac-beds, or vac-bags, depending on how they're made" Cassie began, "there's a frame about the size of a doorway, with a plastic or latex bag pulled down over it. The frame is made out of a long pipe with holes in it and one end hooks to a vacuum cleaner nozzle. When a person crawls inside, they lay out flat and stick that breathing tube into their mouth." Cassie points to the upper center of one of the pictures and Tyler sees that there is, in fact, a breathing tube that the person is holding in their mouth and sticking out of the bag about an inch.

"It's basically an airtight form of bondage that allows me to do anything I want to you. I hear it's as close to immobile as you can get. All you can do is wiggle a tiny bit," Cassie said, smiling, "absolutely helpless." Tyler was still staring at the pictures with an amazed look on his face. "Of course, vac-beds cost a lot of money, so people who aren't as inclined to shelling out that much cash use vac-bags." Cassie got up and turned the lights on. This caused Tyler to turn around and what he saw sent a chill down his spine, because he knew it was meant for him. There on the bed was a large plastic bag almost as big as the bed itself. It was open on one end and had a small hole about three quarters of the way to the top, in the center. Cassie's vacuum cleaner was sitting at the foot of the bed, near the opening of the bag.

"What do you think?" Cassie asked with a big smile.

Tyler made a quiet, "mmmph" through his gag.

"But first, I've made another homemade toy for us to play with," Cassie says, holding up what looks like an ordinary plastic bag. "Have you ever heard of re-breather hoods?" she asks. Tyler shakes his head no. "Well I'll tell you all about them then," Cassie moves Tyler over to the center of the floor before grabbing a rubber band off of her desk. She kisses Tyler on the lips and starts forcing her tongue into his mouth, kissing him more and more passionately, before suddenly stopping. She pulls the plastic bag that she was holding down over Tyler's head and then seals it shut with a rubber band around his neck.

"Let's see if you can tell what's different about this bag," Cassie says as she slowly slides down Tyler's body. She begins running her hands and tongue playfully over his hips, thighs, buttocks, and private parts. Tyler's breathing is pulling the bag against his face and pushing it outward again. He begins to realzie that even though his breathing is getting faster due to his grilfriend's constant touching him, he still has at least a halfway decent breath each time. "Figured it out yet?" Cassie asks before running her tongue over his hip bone. Tyler makes an affirmative, yet muffled sound. "Ah, good boy," Cassie says, standing up, "You see, I've cut the top corner off of this bag, leaving you with a hole about an inch wide at the top of the bag. That way, the bag pulls in towards your face and gives you that feeling of breath play, but you can leave the bag on for a very long time because you're constantly able to get a breath. People who are into latex use rebreather hoods a lot, only theirs, obviously, are made out of latex. Neat huh?"

"Now that you understand you're not in any immediate danger, I want you to get down on your knees and wait for me while I set this thing up and decide exactly what I'm going to do with you." Cassie didn't really have anything left to set up, all she really wanted to do was use Tyler as eye candy for a bit. She did, however, plug in the vacuum cleaner and get it properly situated. She took her time though, and didn't take her eyes off of her captive for more than a few seconds at a time, unable to tear herself away from the picture of helplessness that was her boyfriend. She slowly walked over and began feeling his plastic-covered features with her fingers, and kissing them with her lips.

Tyler watched her through the plastic, and he saw her reach up and, just as he was about to take another breath, grab the hole at the top of his bag and hold it shut. Tyler's bid for air was met with the plastic pulling in and sucking tightly to his face. He breathed out and tried to inhale again, only to meet with the same sheet of unforgiving plastic. As he tried to get a full breath the second time, he began to move around a little bit in a mock struggle, more a signal that he wanted air than an attempt to escape. Of course, Cassie saw this as very sexy helpless movements and she just cooed at him, "aw does my poor boyfriend need air?" She held it another twenty seconds or so to coax a little more struggling out of him before taking her hand off of his breathing hole and lightly pulling the bag away from his face.

"I think it's time that you learn to play with a slightly bigger bag now," as Cassie said this, she pulled the bag off of Tyler's head and helped him to stand up. She then cut the plastic wrap gag off of his face but quickly leaned down and wrapped his ankles together tightly with a new roll of plastic. "All right, now I want you to kneel down and crawl into that big plastic bag on the bed, and when I tell you to, I want you to roll over so that you're laying on your back, okay sweetie?"

Tyler nodded submissively, and Cassie smiled, "well get in there, I don't have all day."

Tyler did as he was told and crawled into the bag. It was difficult since his hands were wrapped together behind his back and his feet were wrapped together too, but he managed to slide himself almost all of the way to the top of the bag, to Cassie's satisfaction.

Once Tyler was in the bag, laying on his back in the center of it, Cassie crawled onto the bed and straddled his body with her legs on either side of his stomach. Cassie had not put the vacuum hose in the bag yet so there was plenty of air for Tyler to breathe, but it was strange to see his girlfriend staring down at him through the plastic. She was smilling like a cheshire cat and Tyler hoped that that was a good thing.

"Mmm, I've always wanted to have you all bagged up like this," Cassie said as she ran her hands all over her plastic slave, she smiled sexily and continued, "I think it looks really, really hot." She traced her hands all over his upper body before she began touching Tyler's face. She slowly but firmly put her hand down over his mouth and nose, cutting off his air. Tyler began to struggle a bit and Cassie enjoyed herself as she tortured her little plaything.

Thirty seconds is more or less Cassie's favorite magic breath-play number; just long enough for the slave to start feeling that desire for air, but not enough to really scare a newcomer like Tyler. "Thirty," Cassie said as she pulled the plastic away from Tyler's face. At this point, Cassie's grin suddenly got much bigger and she leaned down and pressed her breasts against Tyler's face, suffocating him with her cleavage. Tyler tried to move his head but Cassie put her hands on either side of his head and held him still, again waiting for about thirty seconds before letting up and sitting back upright.

"I have another idea," Cassie said, "and this one will definitely take your breath away." Tyler was still breathing heavily and wasn't completely paying attention while Cassie crawled up the bed, until she was kneeling directly above his head. "Deep breath, baby," Cassie commanded. Tyler's eyes got big as he realized what his plastic mistress was about to do and he quickly sucked a big breath into his lungs. Cassie saw this and sat down with her pussy cutting off any air to Tyler's nose or mouth. As she did this, she turned her upper body around and began touching Tyler's manhood through the plastic until it was standing straight up, making a little plastic tent. Once she was satisfied that it had grown as much as possible, Cassie began suddenly putting as many as four or five thick rubber bands around the base of Tyler's cock, isolating it in a little plastic sheath of it's own. Tyler's breath of air was definitely used up by now and he began to slowly struggle and move his head around in an attempt to find air. Cassie raised herself up off of his mouth and crawled down towards the bottom of the bed.

"For what I'm going to do next you will have to stay perfectly still, understand?" Cassie asked very seriously.

Tyler nodded and held his body still. Cassie took a small pair of safety scissors and cut the plastic off of Tyler's penis, above the cock-ring of rubber bands, leaving them to hold the bag closed and his happy place exposed. Now Cassie crawled up on top of Tyler and cut a nickel-sized hole in the plastic in front of his mouth. Then she stuck a small plastic tube through the hole and told Tyler to take it in his mouth. Cassie crawled off of the bed and leaned down to the vacuum cleaner, "I hope you enjoyed playing in a big plastic bag, because now you're going to be playing in a vacuum-packed big plastic bag."

Cassie stuck the vacuum cleaner hose into the end of the bag that was hanging off of the bed. Tyler could see that there was a pillow tied around the end of it. "I put that pillow on there so that it spreads the suction across a larger area, otherwise the plastic will just get sucked against the end of the hose and the vacuum won't be able to suck all the air out," Cassie sealed the end of the bag shut around the hose with duct tape. "Are you ready for the fun part?" Cassie asked as she turned the vacuum cleaner on.

Tyler was startled at the sound and braced himself to be instantly more helpless. The bag began to shrink around him until it held him completely immobile. The feeling was intense, it sucked tight against his entire body, into the cracks between his arms and his body, between his legs, everywhere. The only parts of him that was exposed were his penis and his breathing hole. Tyler couldn't see through the bag very well, but if he could, he would see that Cassie's eyes were wide with amazement. She had seen pictures of vacuum-packed sex slaves before, but she couldn't believe how good it looked in real life. Her boyfriend's body was completely covered with a second skin of plastic. Cassie saw his hard-on and she knew that foreplay was out of the question, she wanted him right now and there was nothing he could do about it but wriggle around in his plastic prison.

Cassie crawled up onto her captive's immobile plastic form and straddled his hips. She tried a little to savor the moment by running her hands over Tyler's body, feeling the sleek plastic contours of his muscles. Cassie then sat up and pulled her hands away from her vacuum-packed sex toy, she had had enough waiting, and she wanted her boy inside her now. She positioned herself over Tyler's hips and began to slowly lower herself down onto him until she had completely swallowed him up. She could see the plastic statue on the bed arch it's back a bit. She could barely make out a low moan over the noisy din of the vacuum cleaner.

Tyler had never felt so tightly confined. As his girlfriend's vaginal muscles were squeezing his only exposed body part, the rest of his body was constricted so tightly, that it gave him a truly helpless feeling like he had never felt before. He felt extremely vulnerable, and the feeling that Cassie could do anything she wanted to do to him had never been as strong as it was now.

Cassie had known she wouldn't last long before climaxing, and now she felt it getting dangerously close. She decided it was time to really feel her boyfriend move, and as she felt her orgasm getting closer, she reached down and put her hand over Tyler's breathing tube. Tyler began making little efforts to turn his head away but his head was held relatively still. When he couldn't dislodge Cassie's hand from his only source for air, he began struggling with his whole body. He knew that Cassie was probably suffocating him now because she was getting close to cumming, but he couldn't help but struggle for the air he needed.

Of course, this was what Cassie wanted anyway, and as her boyfriend began writhing in his plastic cocoon for all he was worth, Cassie threw her head back and let the waves of her climax crash over her as if she had never had an orgasm before. As her orgasm hit her, she felt her boy cum inside her only seconds after. She took her hand away from Tyler's breathing hole and let her body fall forward onto his. Cassie's ear was close to Tyler's mouth and she could hear his breathing was deep and steady.

Cassie and Tyler let their bodies lay there almost motionless to recover for a short while before Cassie finally got up and turned the vacuum cleaner off. She let Tyler lay there for a few more minutes before cutting a hole in the bag at the top and sitting him up so she could pull it down off of him. Cassie pulled the bag down around his waist, laid him back down, and pulled the bag the rest of the way off of his legs. Cassie took her time cutting his wrists and ankles loose from the plastic wrap that had held them together and finally let herself fall back down onto the bed beside her boyfriend. They lay there in each other's arms for what seemed like hours.

"I hope you're beginning to enjoy my plastic fantasies baby," Cassie said as she took slow deep breaths, "because this is the hottest, kinkiest stuff I've ever done, and I think you're making an excellent plastic slave."

Tyler lay there for a minute before responding, "I think I may be developing a taste for it."

A chill went down Cassie's spine when she heard that, and she slowly fell to sleep, dreaming of bondage, sex, and her wonderful little plastic slave.


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