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Prank Gone Wild

by Dr. Destructo

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© Copyright 2014 - Dr. Destructo - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF; F/f+; capture; bond; rope; wrap; vetwrap; cocoon; cupboard; tickle; tease; buried; reluct/nc; X

“You live here?” said Erika, awestruck by the size and style of the house, as it was clearly owned by someone wealthy.

“Yes, but you know I can’t own something like this,” answered Holly humorously. “At least not yet. My friend Dina’s uncle owns it, and lets us stay here rent free in exchange for keeping an eye on it along with cutting the grass and stuff.”

“Hi there,” greeted Dina, opening the front. “I’m Dina. Come on in.”

“Thanks. I’m Erika,” said Erika. 

The three young women went into the living room and relaxed. Erika was passing through, and took the opportunity to meet up with her old friend Holly, who she knew since grade school. Now in their early twenties, they had a lot of catching up to do. Each were attractive young women in their own way: Dina was a tall, slender young woman who stood around 5 foot 9 inches tall with dirty blonde hair that she combed straight that went slightly past her ears at any angle to the base of her neck, with brown eyes and a great tan; Holly stood around 5 foot 6 inches tall, and was the typical “All American Girl” with her long strawberry-reddish blonde hair, fair alabaster white skin, and soft brown eyes; Erika was your typical tomboy, who stood about 5 foot 4 inches tall, with short black hair, blue eyes, with an athletic physique highlighted by her strong, powerful legs from running and biking to workout. 

It was a few years since Holly and Erika had seen each other, so much of their conversation was on how much each they had changed. Whereas Erika had pretty much looked and stayed the same with her tomboyish appearance, Holly had matured from a shy redhead to a confident and extremely attractive young woman. Dina simply enjoyed their company, along with the silly stories of what they were like as kids growing up in the same neighborhood. 

“The pool’s just about ready,” offered Dina.

“Great,” said Holly. “I’ve been dying for a swim since the morning.”

“You have your own pool?” commented Erika.

“Pool, recreation room, fully stocked bar,” added Dina pleasantly. “And all we have to do is take care of the place.”

“Wow,” said Erika.

“Well, Dina’s uncle has always has a soft spot for Dina since the day she was born. He was a widower who never remarried,” explained Holly. “When Dina came along as his niece, he kind of took her under his wing as the daughter he never had.”

“Yeah, I’m really lucky,” agreed Dina. “So, shall we head to the pool?”

“Lead on,” agreed Erika.

Within a few minutes Dina, Holly, and Erika were relaxing in the pool, which also has a small Jacuzzi connected to it. Dina was in a skimpy pink bikini, Holly wore a black bikini, and Erika was in an aquamarine swimsuit. 

“Anyone in the mood for a little wine?” asked Dina.

“Sure,” agreed Holly.

“I’ll have a little,” said Erika.

“I’ll be right back,” said Dina, emerging from the pool. Dina then picked up a towel and began drying herself off.

“Any preference?” asked Dina.

“Surprise us,” answered Erika.

Dina went back into the house and downstairs into the wine cellar. Dina knew her uncle kept the exotic and expensive wines on one side, and the regular he served to casual guests on the other, and headed in that direction. Dina paused momentarily after stepping on something lying on the floor. Looking down, Dina saw several coils of white cotton rope that were neatly wrapped and organized into bundles on the floor. 

“Where did all this rope come from?” muttered Dina when without warning, a slender figure dressed in black emerged from behind one of the wine racks and covered Dina’s nose and mouth with a cloth. Dina’s eyes lit up in shock, inhaling the sweet smelling aroma before everything went black. Dina slumped in the mysterious intruders arms out cold.

Several minutes later, Holly and Erika were starting to wonder what was taking Dina so long.

“She probably got called by one of her boyfriends and lost track of time,” said Holly, getting of the pool. “I’ll go see what’s taking her.”

Holly walked through the patio door and first checked the wine cellar, hearing and seeing no sign of Dina. Holly then checked the kitchen and rooms on the first floor, again finding no sign of her. 

“Dina?” called out Holly, heading up the stairs. “Dina, where are you? Did Gary call you again?”

As Holly walked down the hallway, the slender figure in black ambushed Holly as well, knocking her out cold the same way she did to Dina earlier. The now knocked-out Holly fell into the intruder’s arms, and was dragged into the main bedroom.

Outside, Erika had finished swimming and decided to lay down on the floating loveseat. A cloud cover had settled in, masking the sun from her eyes as she relaxed, drifting into a light sleep and losing all sense of time, completely unaware of what was transpiring inside.

“What…in the hell…are you doing this for…?!” exclaimed Holly finding herself on the large, four post bed in the master bedroom. When Holly awoke from the effects of the mild sedative, she found her arms pinned at her sides with her entire upper torso cocooned in blue vet wrap with this strange, masked intruder winding even more around her ankles.

“GET OFF ME!” protested Holly, kicked wildly. The intruder grabbed hold of her legs together and forcefully wound the blue vet wrap tightly around her legs, working up her ankles, shins, knees, and thighs to mummify her tightly. Only Holly’s head and bare feet were left protruding out as she lay cocooned on her bed. 

“LET ME GO!” insisted Holly; the intruder merely shook ‘no’. 

“When I get out of this, you’re going to be in big trouble…” threatened Holly. 

The intruder said nothing in response, opening the closet where inside, barely maintaining her balance, was Dina. Holly’s eyes lit up in horror seeing her friend bound and gagged mercilessly, for she was literally wrapped in a cocoon from rope from her armpits to her ankles and cleave-gagged with a white cloth. As tall as Dina was, the intruder seemed to have used what looked like a mile of rope to restrain her body. 

“MMMPPHHH!!!!” screamed out Dina.

“Omigod,” said Holly as the intruder lowered Dina onto the floor. 

Meanwhile, Erika had awoken from her light nap, seeing no sign of Holly and Dina. Erika soon got out of the pool and went back into the house. Inside, she overheard what sounded like Holly and Dina, unaware of what was going on upstairs as she soon entered the master bedroom.

The masked intruder immediately turned and saw Erika, pulling out a gun. Erika’s eyes lit up in shock as she held her hands up. The masked intruder gestured Erika to the corner bedpost, which was made of solid oak. Before Erika knew it the intruder cinched a loop of rope around her wrists and forced her other wrist behind her back and the bedpost, quickly tying them together. The intruder knelt down and removed the gag around Dina’s mouth before removing the mask: the ‘intruder’ was no burglar whatsoever, but someone they knew: their mischievous friend Danielle! Danielle was a slender brunette and fair white skin, with a streak for pranks a mile long.

“DANIELLE?!” exclaimed Dina. “What’s this all about?!”

“It’s April Fool’s Day,” answered Danielle, shooting the ceiling a couple times with the gun, which turned out to be a water pistol painted black. “And I couldn’t help but want to spend it with two great friends like you.”

“Are you nuts?” added Holly. “You knock me and Dina out and then tie us up…”

“Yup,” replied Danielle. “And technically, you two are mummified, which is like being tied up at a whole new level. Having your other friend here is a bonus. You are…”

“Erika,” answered Erika angrily.

“Oh, so you’re the Erika Holly told me about,” said Danielle with a smirk while pulling out some more rope from a bag she kept in the closet. “I’ve always wanted to tie up a tomboy.”

With a strangely pleasant smile on her face, Danielle wrapped a loop between Erika’s legs and up her crotch, followed by wrapping it around her waist and pulled hard, cinching in a tight crotchrope. 

“HEY!” exclaimed Erika. “What’s that for?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” said Danielle, pulling out some more rope. While Dina and Holly unsuccessfully struggled against their wrappings, Danielle continued tying up Erika and strapping her in the standing position to the bedpost. Danielle tied her ankles together, then her knees, and then wound and wrapped a long length of rope from her ankles up her legs and tied it off at her waist to strap her lower body to the pole.

“You have very nice legs,” commented Danielle. “Even nicer than Dina’s.”

“HEY!” protested Dina from the floor. 

Erika said nothing but merely glared at Danielle, who continued winding rope from Erika’s waist up to her shoulders, strapping and binding her chest and arms to the bedpost. 

“Enjoying this?” offered Danielle.

“No,” stated Erika. Danielle gently slid her hand to Erika’s crotch and in between the crotchrope, feeling her moistening vaginal fluids through the spandex of her swimsuit.

“No?” teased Danielle. “I beg to differ.”

“Look, enough’s enough,” reasoned Holly. “Untie us.”

“Why?” said Danielle, bouncing onto the bed and straddling over the mummified Holly. “I’m having fun, and Erika seems to be enjoying herself.”

“Hardly” muttered Erika, grunting and straining against her ropes.

“Come on, where’s your sense of humor?” offered Danielle.

“I’m going to kill you when I get out of this,” threatened Dina. 

“Well, then I’d better enjoy my last moments on Earth, shouldn’t it?” retorted Danielle, who began tickling Holly’s exposed bare feet. Erika and Dina struggled against their rope bonds, but couldn’t get loose.

“AH!” screamed Holly. “STOP TICKLING ME!!!!”

“Why? You’re not going anywhere,” commented Danielle who continued tickling the soles of Holly’s feet. Holly protested, squirmed, and thrashed wildly on the bed, shutting her eyes like it was all some nightmare as she laughed from the insane tickle torture. Within a couple of minutes Holly’s fair complexion was bright red from laughing so hard while being barely able to breathe, nearly blacking out before Danielle finally stopped. Holly’s skin tone soon returned to normal as she panted heavily, catching her breath.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” yelled Dina, squirming about in her rope cocoon as Danielle knelt down to deal with her next. 

“Hmmm,” said Danielle wickedly, lifting up her arm and took a quick whiff. “I forgot to use my antiperspirant this morning. Whew…smells like a gym locker.”

“Don’t…you…dare…” stated Dina.

“Time for a pit stop,” laughed Danielle, forcing Dina’s face into her sweaty armpit. “Who knew binding you three up would be so much work?” 

Seconds later Danielle released Dina from her grip, which seemed like an eternity for her.

“Oh God, that was disgusting!” said Dina, coughing. “You’re gross!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” replied Danielle, turning her attention to Erika. Erika grunted and struggled, and Danielle could see from the sweat on her head and through her swimsuit that Erika was very determined to get loose.

“You’re not getting out unless I say so,” stated Danielle. “I tied those knots extra tight. Now, I think it’s time to continue where I left off.”

“What? NO!” stated Erika when Danielle slid two fingers between Erika’s thighs and began rubbing against her crotch. Erika already moist vagina increased from Danielle’s rubbing but little did Danielle know, Erika was successfully working her wrists free of the rope. Unfortunately, her arms remained bound and strapped to the bedpost, requiring more time to get free. It wasn’t much, just a few seconds. Somehow, Erika needed to distract her… but how?

“How’s that?” asked Danielle humorously, increasing her rubbing of Erika’s crotch. 

“Hmmm…. not bad,” said Erika reluctantly, feigning some enjoyment. “I’m kind of starting to like this sort of thing… maybe you could take it up a notch with your tongue….?”

“Really? Holly, I had no idea your friend was so kinky,” said Danielle, smiling. Holly and Dina couldn’t believe their eyes and ears, seeing and hearing the seemingly straight-laced Erika getting aroused from what was happening.

“I think I can arrange that,” offered Danielle seductively.

Just as Danielle knelt down, Erika slid her hands free and quickly worked her arms out of the rope. Immediately, Erika delivered a punch as hard as she could into Danielle’s chest.

“OW!” yelled Danielle, clutching herself in the chest. “YOU PUNCHED ME IN THE BOOB!”

Danielle lunged at Erika, but inadvertently stumbled, enabling Erika to grab Danielle into a sleeper-like hold. Erika squeezed with all her might to cut off the air flow to Danielle, who instantly blacked out and slumped to the floor out cold. Erika then untied the ropes around her waist and legs, then freed Dina and Holly with a pair of scissors she got from downstairs. The three friends stood over the knocked out Danielle, wondering what to do next to their former would-be captor.

“What now?” asked Erika.

“We should tie her up so I can smother her with my sweaty cunt when she wakes up,” suggested Dina.

“You know we can’t do that,” answered Erika. “But we shouldn’t let her get away with what she did, either.”

“I have an idea,” said Holly, smiling wickedly.

“AH!!!” screamed out Danielle, waking up to the sensation of water being dumped over her head. Danielle instinctively coughed and spat, shaking the water off with her head as her eyes remained shut. Danielle tried to move her arms and legs but couldn’t; upon opening her eyes she saw nothing but solid earth and sand around her: she was buried up to her neck!

“OMIGOD!!! OMIGOD!!!!” yelled out Danielle. Danielle looked up and saw none other than Dina, Holly, and Erika standing over her waving ‘hello’.

“Hey, c’mon…this isn’t fair…” pleaded Danielle.

“Fair? Since when are there rules in playing pranks?” asked Dina.

“Well, it took three of you to bury me…. and it was only me involved against you three,” reasoned Danielle spuriously. 

“Your choice, not ours,” replied Holly. “How long we were tied up?”

“I think around 30 minutes,” answered Erika, checking her watch.

“Hey,” said Danielle. “You know I was going to untie you three eventually.”

“Eventually?” said Dina. “Did you two hear that?”

Holly and Erika smiled and nodded.

“You can’t leave me here trapped like this,” threatened Danielle. “I… I’ll scream!”

“In that case,” said Erika, kneeling down and wrapped a cloth over Danielle’s mouth to cleave gag her. “This is in order.”

“MMMMPPPHHHH!!!!” yelled out Danielle.

“See you a little while,” said Holly as she and Erika and Dina went back to the pool. Danielle screamed again, muffled by the gag as she remained trapped, buried up to her neck in sand and dirt in an empty plot near the garden. It wouldn’t be long before Erika, Dina, and Holly would dig her out to let her clean up and patch up fences from the series of bizarre and kinky pranks they pulled on each. However, as Danielle struggled, in the back of her mind an even greater prank was in the works to get back at them.

But that is a different story…


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