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The Printmaster

by cheshire_62

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© Copyright 2009 - cheshire_62 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; tape; wrap; mum; kidnap; transport; newspaper; anal; nc; X

It was the noise of a floorboard creaking in the next room which awoke me from my slumber, unusual as I could normally sleep through a world war in the comfort of my bed. Lying there awake trying to decide whether to ignore or investigate, sod it I’ll get up. Stark bullock naked I crept to my bedroom door and placed my ear against the wood, no sound. Slowly turning the door handle I gingerly opened the door to make my way into the living room. All in darkness, good so far, I can see the reflection of my plasma and my hi-fi equipment.

Relaxing slightly, I slowly walked towards the centre of my room and decided to make my way to the kitchen for a drink. All of a sudden across the back of my neck something or somebody hit me knocking me sideways followed by a punch in the kidneys, falling stunned onto the floor I lay in pain winded trying to recover my bearings in the darkness.

On the cold floor my body was swiftly turned by unseen hands so I was lying face down on the hard pine, a ripping noise suddenly broke the quiet, my hands pulled behind my body and tape wound around my wrists securing them tightly. My throat was dry with shock, unable to utter a word, no chance now as the ripping noise again as tape was wound around my head across my mouth, mmmph I managed. Another punch into my side, I decided to lie still fearing for my life.

Still face down, I caught in the corner of my eye a figure walking to the other side of the room, complete darkness I can’t make out who this intruder is. Turning back towards me I catch a glint of something, shit, it’s a knife I’m fucking dead, murdered bound, gagged and completely fucking helpless on my floor. A tearing sound, something being wrapped around my legs, my torso, my shoulders securing me tightly, clingfilm. I try to protest as the cold plastic is wound around my head. The intruder stopped to secure a piece of tape across my eyes and proceeded to completely immobilize my entire body in clingfilm. I am now lying on my floor helpless and secured. Not a stitch of clothing on, my hands tightly bound behind my back, my ankles secured, my mouth gagged ,blindfolded and tightly oh so tightly mummified with tight clingfilm.

Lying there I realized that the person has left, it could have been seconds or minutes who knows. I start to wriggle hoping to somehow release myself from my plastic hell. Too late a kick in my side the intruder is back. What the fuck does he want from me, I’m not rich, just a normal Joe. Suddenly hands under my body, I’m being lifted from the floor. Then like a roll of carpet my encased body is thrown over the shoulder of the stranger. He starts to walk, I presume it’s a he unless I’m being attacked by Miss Universe. Through the plastic I could feel the cold night air, surely somebody would see this and stop it, but it is the middle of the night all my neighbors oblivious to this kidnap are all fast asleep. A door opened, a van door, my helpless body rolled into a vehicle. The doors shut, the engine starts the vehicle starts to move. For fucks sake what is going to happen to me.

Fear and trepidation had kept me awake throughout what seemed a long journey, the vehicle stopped, the engine turned off, the doors opened. Again my helpless body was hoisted across the shoulder of my kidnapper. A short walk and a door opened, I was placed onto a cold hard floor. A door shut I was alone completely helpless in a strange place.

A time after who knows it could have been hours, days even the door opened. A cutting noise, the clingfilm was being cut down the back of my body the cold air hitting my slightly sweating back, my wrappings were being taken off me. I was now lying face down still with my hands and ankles bound, my gag and blindfold still in place. Hands underneath me started to lift me to my feet, hands in leather gloves. The tape was cut from my feet, I swayed gently trying to get my bearings, the kidnapper held me steady. I was walked a couple of feet and stopped. The blindfold was suddenly ripped from my eyes. It was daylight, the room was painted white my eyes struggled to adjust, everything blurry.

As my eyes slowly adjusted I could make out the room, a stone floor, blinds across the window, like a store room, boxes and piles of magazines and newspapers. Suddenly I was turned around, my captor standing behind me out of view. I was standing at the end of what I presumed to be a bed of some description, I think it is a bed because all I can see is newspapers, many newspapers spread all across. I stood there held by captor for a minute or too taking in this sight. It’s the small things that you notice like they were all black and white, every single inch of newspaper not a bit of color in sight, and every one a broadsheet.

Quickly and without notice I was pushed down onto this newspaper bedspread. The bed was soft my face sunk into newspaper, my whole body lying on soft cool newspaper, my cock suddenly stiffened, aroused by this fantastic feeling. My legs were pulled apart and each ankle tied to each corner of the bed, the familiar ripping noise of tape securing them tightly. Completely helpless with my naked arise in the air. I’ve seen too many films, he is either going to murder me, cut my bollocks off or rape me. Which do I prefer? My head suddenly pulled up, the tape ripped from my mouth and discarded. I managed to swallow as best as I could, quickly a rolled up newspaper was inserted across my mouth and pulled tightly into my mouth, mmmph. My head pushed back into the bed, newspaper filled every sense. The smell, a beautiful smell filled my nose, a familiar smell I read The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times I recognized the aroma. My cock now was getting quite hard pressed into the newspaper around my groin.

A leather clad finger up my arse wriggling around applying lubrication, at least he isn’t riding me dry. A spank across the cheeks of my arse with a folded newspaper, kinky. Then slowly dragging the newspaper across my back stroking almost, he rubbed my balls the same way. The cock suddenly pressing and inserted, I’ve dabbled in anal sex before so it didn’t hurt as much as it probably should have done. Holding my newspaper gag like a riding bit tightly holding the rolled up newspaper with both hands. Riding me harder pressing my body more and more into the newspaper, he suddenly grunted, warm liquid spewing up my arse and dribbling onto the back of my thighs, as at the same time from all the rubbing against the soft, shiny newspaper my cock exploded.

He pulled out and quickly within seconds my newspaper gag was pulled from my mouth and replaced with as I could see this time, brown packing tape again wound around my head across my mouth. My ankles were unsecured from the bed posts. In no time suddenly he was sitting across me and the newspaper and there was so much of it, he started to wrap it around my body securing it with tape, my head first, followed by my body and finally around my legs and feet.

I arrived here as a clingfilm mummy now I am completely and utterly secured in broadsheet newspaper. The paper was so tight around my body, impossible to even move slightly, again the smell filled my nose, my head spinning with the aroma of the beautiful broadsheets. My cock was starting to stiffen again. As before I could feel my body being lifted and placed over the shoulder of my newspaper kidnapper. The rubbing against his body through my newspaper encasing ensured ejaculation, my body twitched and jerked. Through the newspaper he must have sensed what had happened, I just about heard through the newspaper bondage around my head a slight laugh and a voice saying you’ll do. I was placed down the newspaper bondage getting tighter and tighter with each move, I was secured more than ever. A door shut.



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