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Programming Error

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2007 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Androids/ffm; capture; bond; wrap; saran; tape; cocoon; oral; climax; nc/reluct; X

It was the worst storm of the past fifty years. Howling winds and pouring rain pounded southern California for two days. Late on the second day, a Saturday, lightning struck several power substations, causing massive power surges that blacked out hundreds of buildings and pretty much fried many computer systems without sufficient surge protection. One of those systems belonged to Serendipity, Inc, California’s largest producer of sexual androids.

While not totally destroyed, Serendipity’s computer did lose large blocks of data due to the surge. When power was restored late on Sunday, the computer rebooted and began trying to piece together what remained of it’s data stores. Most seriously damaged was the file of human sexual preferences, from which the specs for new androids were developed. Originally containing almost every possible sexual preference, only one now remained:

Humans enjoy bondage for sexual purposes.

Drawing on it’s now seriously shrunken preference list, the computer began a scheduled programming of the latest production run of androids. As each android was programmed, it was put through a test run. Normally, each android was put into standby mode after testing, but this step had been lost. Also missing was another important part of the programming, one which allowed any action to be halted by verbal command. Now, twelve fully functional androids awaited the opportunity to carry out their programming.

“I hate Mondays,” Cynthia said glumly.

“So what else is new?” asked Brenda. After carpooling with her for nearly six months, Brenda had grown used to Cynthia’s Monday morning moods. “You always hate Mondays. And you don’t like Tuesday or Wednesday much, either.”

Cynthia just grunted as she pulled into her parking space at Serendipity. As the two women emerged from the car, Pete, one of the production managers, joined them.

“Been inside to check out the damage yet?” Brenda asked.

“Nope. Decided to wait for you,” was the reply.

“I don’t know why we have to be here when everyone else got the day off,” Cynthia groused.

Brenda frowned. “You’re the computer expert, I’m a top designer, and Pete is one of our best production managers,” she said. “They need us to make sure the storm didn’t do too much damage before we start the line up again.” The answer obviously didn’t satisfy Cynthia, but she fell silent

Inside, the three split up. Cynthia headed for the computer room, while Brenda and Pete moved toward the production floor. On arrival, they immediately noticed that the latest production run of androids seemed to be missing.

“Do you think someone could have stolen them?” Brenda asked.

“I don’t know,” Pete replied. “Maybe we’d better call this one in.”

Meanwhile, Cynthia had accessed the computer and discovered the missing data. “Oh no,” she whispered. “We need to get out of here.” Not bothering to shut the damaged computer down, she rose and fled the room.

As she passed through the door, strong hands grabbed both arms, lifting her from the floor. Ignoring her struggled, two androids carried her back into her office and set her back on her feet. While one continued to hold her, the other quickly stripped her of her clothing. While this was happening, a third android entered the office, carrying several rolls of shrink wrap, the sight of which caused Cynthia’s eyes to bulge.

“Halt!” Her command had no effect. “Stop program! Power off!”

None of her commands seemed to faze her captors in the least. Finished removing her clothes, the second android knelt and forced her feet together, allowing the third android to begin wrapping her. Within minutes, Cynthia found herself tightly wrapped from head to foot in several layers of plastic. With her mouth sealed shut by the tight wraps, soft mumbling moans were the only sounds she could make. Their program complete, the androids placed the helpless woman on the floor and left the office.

Alone, Cynthia struggled mightily, but the plastic wrapped around her refused to yield. Resembling nothing so much as a huge worm, she began to laboriously work her way toward the door.

Downstairs, the fates of Brenda and Pete were slightly different. Faced with two humans, the androids responded by stunning the two before they set to work. The two were quickly stripped and placed together. Pete’s face was nestled between Brenda’s thighs Android fingers carefully ensured that Pete’s cock entered Brenda’s mouth. Tubes were inserted into both noses to ensure an uninterrupted air flow. The two were then securely wrapped in red tape, from end to end. Task complete, the androids moved away.

Brenda woke slowly, stunned to find herself securely bound, with warm skin pressed against her breasts and stomach and a flaccid cock in her mouth. She began to struggle, soon feeling the body pressed against her begin to also fight against the tight bonds. Then she froze as a gust of warm air gusted against her pussy, the result of Pete exhaling in frustration. The two soon ceased to struggle as the total helplessness of their situation began to sink in. Brenda’s embarrassment at having Pete’s face pressed against her pussy only grew worse when she felt his cock begin to harden in her mouth. Unable to pull away, Brenda was forced to hold him in her mouth. She swallowed nervously, causing her tongue to play involuntarily across his shaft. Pete stiffened, causing Brenda to freeze. All too soon, though, she had to swallow again, stimulating Pete further with the soft touch of her tongue.

Brenda commanded her body not to move, but it was no good. Every so often, she had to swallow. And with each swallow, her tongue tried to rise, causing it to brush against the sensitive underside of Pete’s cock. And with each soft touch, Pete’s arousal and frustration grew.

Eventually, Pete’s arousal got the best of him. His tongue slipped out, brushing against Brenda’s pussy. Brenda stiffened, which only pressed her pussy against Pete’s mouth. Encouraged, his tongue slipped slowly inside her. Finding her clit, Pete gently lapped the sensitive bud. Brenda moaned, the vibration on his cock encouraging Pete to greater effort. For her part, Brenda soon found herself eagerly sucking on Pete’s cock, her efforts fueled be the feel of his tongue. Unable to stop themselves, the two tongued each other to shuddering orgasms. Their bound bodies writhed and trembled, then went limp.

As the day went on, the three hapless humans found themselves being bound in a variety of positions, separately and together. When bound together, their position invariably led to involuntary sexual contact. Both women learned the taste of pussy, and all three experienced more orgasms in one day than they’d ever known before.

As the day ended, the three were finally separated, each wrapped securely to a pole in the production area. With the humans satisfactorily bound, the androids separated, plugging themselves into electrical outlets throughout the building to recharge. Alone in their helplessness, the three humans could only struggle uselessly, and wonder what would happen tomorrow when the full production crew arrived.


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