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Project Icekeeper

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2008 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/fm; kidnap; straitjacket; bond; wrap; tape; encase; nc; X

It was the bright lights that woke Angela.

Blinking, she opened her eyes.  Her vision was fuzzy at first, but it steadily came into focus.  She looked around, realized that she was in an unfamiliar room.  Understandably confused, she tried to figure out what was going on.

The first thing that came to her groggy mind was that she had gone home, going in through the front door only to smell something sickly sweet.  Wondering if she had left the gas on, she had only managed a few steps before loosing consciousness.

Now awake and looking about, she suddenly realized that perhaps staying unconscious was preferable.

She was staring at a wall covered in fluffy pillow like substance, almost like padding.  Looking up, there was only a single light mounted into the ceiling, casting a soft glow.  The floor beneath her was soft and padded as well, but looking behind her caused a shiver of fear.

There was a door behind her, but it was closed with no handle attached to it.

She was in a cell.  A padded cell.

Shocked, she quickly put two and two together, realized that only mental hospitals had padded cells.  Only insane people who hurt themselves and others were put in cells and Angela knew without a moments hesitation that she was quite sane.

But that information didn't change the fact that she was locked up in a cell with no idea how she gotten there.  Fighting to keep her breathing steady, Angela knew that it had to be some kind of a mistake.  Perhaps whoever had put her here had accidentally mixed her up with the real person they were going after.  She had to find and convince whoever was in charge that she was fine, but getting out of this cell took priority.

She tried to stand, only to stumble and find that her legs weren't responding to her commands to get up.  Surprised, she tried to reach back, and made the first of what would be many shocking discoveries fate had in store for her. 

Her arms wouldn't move.  The straitjacket buckled around her upper body made sure of that. 

Angela was horrified to see her arms wrapped over her chest and buckled down, making them useless.  The canvas material the jacket was made out of was heavy duty and well used, gripping her body in an inescapable hug.  No amount of struggling or wiggling was going to get it loose, and the thick strap running between her crotch meant that Angela wasn't going to pull it over her head.

This can't be happening, she thought.  Only crazy people wear these!

But the surprises continued. 

While her upper body was covered and enclosed in a straitjacket, she could feel something covering her entire body, a bodysuit of some kind.  Her legs were enclosed in what looked and felt like black nylon, with not even a single inch of bare flesh visible.  Thick leather cuffs were wrapped around her ankles and lower thighs, strapped together so her legs could move around, but not separate.  Walking was completely out of the question. 

Deciding that enough was enough, Angela tried to yell out and attract some attention, but found that calling for help was impossible, for there was a long leather strap wrapped around her head with an enormous gag filling her mouth, effortlessly keeping her silent.

Oh fuck!

Thrashing, Angela tried to make a sound, any kind of sound, but thick rubber completely filled her mouth, pressing her tongue down.  All she could manage were some garbled grunts.

Naturally, the shock of finding herself locked up and restrained made Angela launch into a violent cascade of struggling, squirming, trying to escape her restraints.  For close to ten minutes she rolled, thrashed and squirmed on the floor, trying to escape, but found that her restraints did their job well.  Nothing she could do was going to get them off.

Stopping from exhaustion, Angela collapsed on the padded floor, breathing heavily through her nose.  Bundled up, restrained and locked inside a padded cell, she knew only four things.  One, she had no idea how she had gotten here.  Two, she had no idea who had brought her here.  Three, she didn't know what was going to happen to her.  And last of all, there was absolutely nothing she could do about her situation, save thrashing around to her hearts content.  All she could do was lie on the floor and wait, wiggling and struggling if she wanted to, even if it was useless.

Tired, worn out, she decided that she could only wait and see what was going to happen.

With no clocks or time measuring devices in the cell, Angela had no idea how long she lay there on the cell floor, staring up at the ceiling, and occasionally at her restraints.  She tugged at them every few minutes. 

But aside from her breathing, the rustle of fabric and the occasional flicker from the light, it was dead silent.

It made for quite a shock when there was the loud sound of a bolt being unlocked, followed by the door opening.  Caught off guard by the noise, Angela watched the door with a sudden rush of fear, wondering if perhaps the sadistic individual who had brought her here was about to torture her...or worse.

To her surprise, there was nothing of the sort.  The door silently slid open, but no one came in.  Laying where she was, Angela looked at the door, at the wall beyond it.  But no one came.  She was wondering what was going on when there was a voice. 

Prisoner Thompson, please rise and step outside your cell.

Startled again, Angela looked around.  From the sound quality, the voice had to have come from a nearby speaker.  As to the voice itself, it was firm, yet had a gentle quality to it, like a mother speaking to a child.  It wasn't threatening.  Not that it reassured Angela, but at least there wasn't someone coming inside to rape her...or worse.

"You can get on your feet if you move to a wall of your cell, then wiggle your up until you are standing."

To trust the voice or not?  Being locked up like this made Angela feel defiant, not interested in cooperating with whoever was talking.  So with that she lay where she was, refusing to move.  No doubt the voice would command her to move, then send guards when she refused, yet several minutes passed with no more instructions.    With nothing else to do, save wait, Angela decided to play along.  But she was cautious, for despite its soft demeanor, there was no telling what the voice would do if she refused.

She shuffled over to the nearest wall (a difficult task with her legs restrained, forcing her to wiggle like a worm) where she leaned up against it.  Slowly but surely she managed to wiggle her way up until she was standing.  With the cuffs wrapped around her legs, walking was impossible, but hopping was not.  Angela hopped to the cell door and glanced outside.

She was in a long, well lit corridor, the walls painted a cheerful green.  Nobody else was in sight, but there were several other cell doors, all closed, and all locked.  Listening, Angela couldn't tell if there was anyone inside them.  There wasn't much else to see, save a single door at the very end of the hallway, constructed out of triple duty heavy steel.  As Angela watched, the door clicked, hissed, then moved open on its own, revealing a dark corridor beyond.

There were no further instructions from the unseen voice, but they weren't needed.  It was obvious what she was meant to do. 

Glancing around, seeing that there were no other ways out, Angela nervously sucked in as much air through her nostrils as she could manage.  If she was going to find any answers, they were going to be behind that door.

She started hopping.  Reaching the door, she saw that there was a small hallway beyond it.  Angela tried to steady herself as she hopped through, sensing that the answers she sought were close.

She was more correct then she could have guessed.

There was a medium sized room at the end of the hallway, also painted a cheerful green and well lit.  The carpet under Angela's feet was soft and squishy, and there were three chairs sitting in the room, one facing towards the wall, two others facing the other wall. 

Those two were occupied, a man and a woman sitting in them.  And both were looking at her, smiling.

"Welcome Mrs. Thompson."  The woman said.  Angela recognized the voice immediately, as it had been the one she had heard in her cell.  "Please, sit down."

Angela looked at the chair next to her, then glared towards the two, as if asking them why. 

"I can assure you Mrs. Thompson that we have no intention whatsoever of hurting you.  You are too valuable to be harmed.  Now please, sit."

Angela wondered if it was worth resisting.  These were obviously the people who had kidnapped her, brought her here and locked her up as a prisoner in a padded cell.  She wanted nothing more then to run and get away, but for now they had the upper hand.  Locked in a straitjacket and cuffed around the legs, there was no way she could fight or even get away. 

And there was something about them, a certain smugness that made Angela curious as to why they seemed this friendly.  Unless they were masters of hiding their emotions, they didn't seem like the type who would hurt her.

She slowly hopped to the chair, slowly fell back into it.  As she sank into the padding, the woman got up and walked over.  She took several straps built into the chair and began to put them over Angela's body, binding her. 

"Shh," she whispered to Angela, who was trying to struggle.  "Just relax."

The straps were finished moments later, binding Angela to the chair, ensuring that she couldn't rise.    

"I apologize for what we've done Mrs. Thompson," the man said as the woman returned to her chair.  "You, understandably, would probably like to know why we've brought you here, correct?"

Angela nodded.

"Perhaps we should introduce ourselves first.  My name is Doctor Dobson."

"And I'm Doctor Donna."  The woman said. 

Angela glared at the two of them.

"You probably are angry towards us and I don't blame you."  Dobson said.  "But we've found that when we talk to most people about why they're here, they always try to harm us, so we have to take necessary precautions."

That piece of information was not reassuring. 

"You are probably wondering where you are.  While I can't give you the exact location, you are located in an underground government laboratory out in the wilderness.  Why you're here...well, that's a tad more complicated." 

Doctor Dobson paused as he took a sip of water from a nearby glass.  "Due to my years of working with the medical industry, I've been hired by the government to work on a new project, one for which we need test subjects.  I've come to observe that one of the most efficient ways to calm people down and keep them focused is to put them into bondage.  Even mild bondage will help them calm down and focus after a short while.  That's why you're dressed as you are right now."

Angela glanced down at her body, wiggled and tugged at her jacket and cuffs.

"I apologize that we've had to put you in those, but again, it's for your safety and ours.  Our little lab has been watching you for a few months Angela, your life, your work.  You live a very hard, very intensive lifestyle.  Nine to five every day for years on end."

Angela listened.  Dobson was telling the truth about that.  She had to work every single day to make ends meet.  And he was right about something else as well...this lifestyle was something that she despised.  She didn't want it at all, but was helpless to get out of it, for she had to keep the bills paid.

"You also have few relatives.  No parents, aunts or uncles.  It was determined that you were the perfect subject for our tests, so that is why we acquired you."

Angela stared at him as if he had just sprouted horns.  Like the others who had come before her, Angela stared at the doctor for a few moments, trying to figure out if he was joking or not.  But when guards, each carrying rifles, entered the room, Angela started to realize that he wasn't joking, that this was serious.

Like so many others before here, she started to scream, thrashing in her restraints, fighting against the jacket, the straps, the restraints holding her down.  Emotion was overriding reason and she was fighting, trying to escape. 

"I know it seems harsh Mrs. Thompson, but once you've been captured and brought here, we can't let you go.

Struggling in her jacket, screaming into her gag, Angela didn't hear a word they said. 

Doctor Donna nodded to the guards, who went over and unlocked Angela from the chair, forcing her to her feet.  Though she struggled valiantly, Angela could not overcome the guards irresistible pull as they marched her out of the room and into another hallway towards another opened steel door.  They dragged her in.

It was a very simple room, not too large, lined with shelves, cabinets, and containers.  There was what looked like some kind of scientific equipment too, the purpose of which Angela couldn't figure, but her mind raced with horrible possibilities, imagining gruesome experiments that would be performed on her. 

There was one thing in the center of the room whose purpose was all too obvious though, a large medical examination table.  It was lying out in wait, apparently for her.

As she was led over, Doctor Dobson and Doctor Donna followed the guards into the room, putting on lab coats and glasses, looking exactly like doctors about to do a medical examination.  "Could you please be so kind as to get onto the table Mrs. Thompson?"  Dobson asked as he went into a cupboard and pulled out a stethoscope.  "If you don't, I'll have the guards force you on." 

Angela had no interest in cooperating with her captors.  She fought even as the guards picked her up and forced her onto the examination table.

"Now before we begin, I'm just going to do a quick medical examination, make sure you're in good health."  Dobson announced as he walked over.  "It should only take a few minutes.  Donna, could you remove her jacket?"

Donna nodded, walked to a squirming Angela.  "I'm going to take off your straitjacket, but we're going to have to cuff you to the table for your safety and ours."  Leaning down, Donna took two pairs of handcuffs and locked them around Angela's ankles, then to bars set in the table.  With legs secure, Donna went to work on the jacket.  "Those guards are armed with taser guns, ten thousand volts.  A shock from them would cause quite a bit of pain, so I suggest you cooperate."  Angela lay still under the menacing gaze of the guns as the buckles were loosened, then undone, allowing the sleeves of the jacket to go slack, then undone.  A zipper was pulled down and the jacket was unclasped and pulled off, freeing Angela from its embrace.  Instantly she tried to lean up and grab Donna by the throat, but having long since experienced every kind of trick captives use to escape, Donna was ready.  She grabbed Angela's hands, forced them behind her back and cuffed them, then locked them to the table.  "Sorry, but we can't have you doing that."

Angela struggled briefly against the unpleasant surprise of having her wrists cuffed, but realizing that she couldn't get free, reluctantly stopped.

Dobson's examination only took a few minutes as he did the various tests, checking her heartbeat, lung capacity, and hearing among other things.  "I think we made a very good choice in choosing you Mrs. Thompson.  You're in an excellent state of health.  Pretty much nothing left to do except begin the procedure.  Donna, will you bring the supplies over?"

Donna came over, carrying a folded piece of black, shiny rubber.  Closer inspection revealed it to be a another bodysuit, though curiously this one seemed to cover the entire body.

"This is your new attire."  Dobson explained.  "It's a state of the art bodysuit that completely covers and encloses the wearer, save the face.  Within the suit are several sensors that monitor heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, bladder functions, so on and so forth.  As you also may notice, the crotch piece has a long tube coming out of it.  And while many of our staff like to crack jokes about it, its purpose is to remove wastes from the wearer while enclosed in the suit.  If all necessary precautions are taken, the user can wear the suit indefinitely."

A chill, one more horrible then any before, ran up Angela's spine.

"And as you can probably guess Mrs. Thompson, you're going to be wearing this suit.  It is necessary for your long term storage."

There was no attempt at being polite or holding back her feelings this time.  At the words 'long term storage' Angela felt her heart skip a beat in fear.  Cold sweat broke out all over her body and she stared at the two doctors in utter horror, eyes wide.  She tried to back away, but the cuffs holding her to the bed prevented that.

Dobson, watching his patient struggle, looked at Donna.  Wordlessly they nodded to each other, knowing that it was time to explain to their patient the truth of why she was here.

"There are six and a half billion people on this planet Mrs. Thompson."  Dobson began.  "Six and a half billion.  That's a lot of people.  At the rate that humanity continues to grow, so does our need for resources and energy.  And unlike what many others would like to think, this planet does not have an infinite supply of resources.  Eventually they will run out and when that happens we are all in very big trouble."

A frightened Angela watched Dobson from the table, whimpering behind her gag.

"At our current rate of growth, humanity will overwhelm the planet and its resources in about a hundred years, maybe less.  And that leaves us with a problem.  What to do?  We could try controlling the birthrate of our species but enforcement would be utterly impossible.  Euthanasia is completely out of the question due to ethical concerns.  So with that in mind, we have to do the next best thing...try to slow down the population growth.  Enter project Icekeeper."

Dobson looked at Angela.  "Project Icekeeper is the governments attempt at trying to solve the population problem, at least within our own borders.  The project is about taking human beings and placing them in storage for very long periods of time, similar to prison inmates serving life sentences, only much, much cheaper.  That's where we come in.  The government commissioned us and our labs to find the best, most practical solution to storing living human beings for up to fifty years, possibly life if need be, as cheaply and as practically as possible."

"Because this problem threatens our nation and our very existence, we were given free reign to do whatever was needed.  And so far our test subjects have been...undesirables.  Runaways, lifers in prison, people who wouldn't be missed.  But we're running out of time Mrs. Thompson.  We need more data.  Enter the general population.  Ordinary people like you.  When this project is complete, it will be ordinary people who will be stored for decades to come.  And with that in mind, we needed to take ordinary people and remove them suddenly from their everyday lives."

A brief silence as the words began to sink in, as Angela began to realize what he was talking about.

"There are many ways of restraining human beings Mrs. Thompson, infinitely many.  The problem is which one is best?  When storing humans, freezing doesn't work, as the body is destroyed and the individual cannot be revived.  What method would be best?  And how would that individual be kept while in storage?  Naked, clothed, what?  We've been experimenting with materials and various types of storage, including restraints.  And that's where you come in."

Angela tried to slink away, only to have the cuffs stop her from escaping this horrible nightmare.

"You Mrs. Thompson have been chosen to experience the effects of long term mummification on the human body while in storage.  You will be dressed into the body suit, wrapped up and enclosed until you are completely mummified, upon which you will be put into storage in a sarcophagus and sealed inside.  And I must warn you Mrs. Thompson, you will be sealed away for a very, very long time." 

Angela screamed into her gag, not bothering on holding back the primal fear coursing through her. 

"I'm sorry it has to be this way Mrs. Thompson," Dobson said, politely ignoring his subject's frantic struggles and muffled pleas.  "But it must be done.  It is hard, but some must sacrifice their lives for the good of the species.  In a way, it's an honor.  Your contribution to our research will be invaluable."

Yanking on her cuffs so hard that they drew blood, Angela didn't give a shit about nobility and sacrifice.  The only thing she was thinking of was strangling both of these maniacs and getting the hell out of here.  Like a wild animal she yanked again and again at her cuffs, refusing to give up even as she bled.

Dobson sighed.  No matter how many times he went through this, it was always annoying.  He couldn't blame his subjects for what they did, but they just never understood the importance, the magnitude of what was needed.  None of them had any concept whatsoever of self sacrifice. 

But there was one thing that they did understand.

"We knew you would probably react like this."  Dobson said, subtly waving his hand to Donna, who quickly walked out of the room.  "We've seen it before, but we know what to do about it.  If there's one thing our species has, its dedication to our mates, our families, our spouses.  And after reading your files Mrs. Thompson, we discovered that you have a boyfriend."

Angela stopped.

"Knowing what you would almost certainly do upon learning about the rest of your life, we decided to take the liberty and making your next choices easier."

The only door in and out of the room opened again and a gurney was pushed inside.  On it lay a mummy, expertly wrapped and tied down with several straps.  Only its head lay unwrapped, revealing the identity of the individual whose body was sealed away.  And if Angela could have shouted out his name she would have, for her boyfriend Sam lay upon the gurney.

"Your boyfriend is joining us Mrs. Thompson."  Donna said.  "Along with you, he will be sacrificed for our cause."

Lying on the gurney, Angela's boyfriend tilted his head back, saw her sitting on the table.  Instantly he tried to speak, to say something, but bandages covered his mouth, sealing his voice away.  But that didn't keep him from trying.

"When his wrapping is complete, he will be taken back to his cell.  But what happens to him after that depends on you."  Dobson said.  Angela spun and looked at him, getting that it was a threat.  "Normally he would be sealed inside a sarcophagus and left to himself.  But as luck would have it, we need some data on what happens when two subjects are stored together in the same sarcophagus.  With the two of you being a couple, it fits in perfectly.  Now if you cooperate with us Mrs. Thompson, we will lock you up with your boyfriend and the two of you will remain together.  If you don't, then both of you will be wrapped up and sealed, and both of you will never see each other again.  So whether or not you will be lonely or not for the rest of your lives depends on what you choose to do Mrs. Thompson."

He stopped.  Everyone in the room looked at Angela, waiting for her answer.

But there wasn't much choice that Angela had.  Though agreeing to undergo this procedure would admit defeat and entering a new life that she could never escape from, the thought of going through it without any human contact was even worse.  She couldn't let Sam suffer because of a choice she made.  So, knowing that this would be final Angela hung her head.

"Is that a yes?"  Dobson asked. 

Angela looked up at him...nodded.

A smile.  "Very good."  He snapped his fingers.  "We start immediately."  Walking over, Donna produced a key and unlocked Angela's restraints. 

"Just remember, if you struggle or try to escape, you and your boyfriend will spend the rest of your lives alone.  Understand?"  As the cuffs were removed, Angela nodded weakly.

Dobson put the suit up.  "Take off the body stocking and put this on."   

Taking the suit, Angela looked it over for a moment, then slowly removed the black body stocking, embarrassed to stand naked before all these horrible people.  Then she took the body suit and slipped it on.  The feeling was not unlike slipping into a rubbery body glove, only this rubber was the thickest and smoothest she had ever worn.  If this was a play session with Sam, she would have gotten unimaginably horny just sliding the suit on.

As the suit reached her crotch, carefully positioned tubes and hoses slipped into her various openings, pushing themselves in deep.  "Those will collect your wastes."  Dobson said.  Angela tried to keep from groaning in disgust at feeling herself be violated.  She kept pulling the suit up, felt it gripping her body.  She shivered at the sensation that the suit seemed to be gluing itself to her as it continued up.

Slipping it onto her arms and hands, then her shoulders and around her neck, Angela reached the very end of the suit, the headpiece.  Like the crotch, the area around the mouth had some large tubes sticking out, obviously meant to go into her mouth.  She hesitated, staring at the tubes, suddenly dreading them going into her mouth.  But she had no choice, even as Dobson removed the gag she had been wearing. 

"Put it on."  He instructed her.

Closing her eyes, feeling tears silently trickling down her cheeks, Angela opened her mouth and let the tubes go in.  They went in deep, pressing back, almost into her throat.  There was an irritating sensation of semi-gagging. 

"The feeling will pass shortly."  Dobson assured her.  "Everyone becomes used to it quickly."

With the mouthpiece in, all that remained was the hood.  There was a rather unpleasant surprise when the two guards came over and pulled out some scissors, cutting off all of Angela's hair, then spraying her scalp with a cold liquid.  It was, Dobson explained, to keep her hair from growing back. 

Dobson went over and put the hood over Angela's bare head, pulling the zipper up and making the suit fit even tighter around Angela's body, pushing the various tubes in deeper.  When the zipper was in place (and quietly locked with a tiny padlock), all that could be seen of Angela were her eyes.  The rest of her body was covered and sealed away by the rubber suit.

"Excellent."  Dobson said, looking Angela over.  "A perfect fit.  And if I may say so, you look very beautiful in that suit Mrs. Thompson."

Angela looked down at herself.  The black rubber covering and containing her body was half an inch thick and extremely shiny.  Lights from the lab reflected off the suit, giving it a well polished look.  And though she didn't feel entirely comfortable wearing it, it was cozy and warm around her body.

Angela tried speaking, found that the mouthpiece contained a built in gag, keeping her silent.  The thought of knowing that she would never speak again made her break into a cold sweat.    

"Now that the suit is completed, we shall begin the next phase of your experiment."  Dobson said, "Your mummification."

Angela looked at the man, suddenly terrified.

"What will happen is that you will be wrapped head to toe in bandages, similar to how your boyfriend is wrapped, the only difference is that both your heads will be covered, so you will be blind for the duration of this experiment.  When your mummification is complete, you will not be able to move, for part of your experiment is to study nearly complete immobility on the body."

Walking over towards one side of the room, Doctor Donna came back with a gurney, several boxes of silver colored bandages lying on it.

Staring at them, Angela felt an incredible sensation of fear.

The gurney was pushed in front of Angela, silently letting her know that within a few hours she would be wrapped up and strapped down to it.  She was free now, but that would change soon enough.

Both doctors went up to her, took a hand and coaxed Angela towards the gurney.  "We are going to wrap you now."  Donna said.  "If you try to struggle or escape, security will be called, your boyfriend will be taken away, and you will never see him again, understood?"

Angela reluctantly nodded, silently cursing Donna and Dobson, damning them to the darkest depths of hell.

"Get on."  Donna said, kindly but firmly.

Staring at the gurney, Angela seemed rooted in place.  She knew that once she got onto this gurney, she would get off fully wrapped and completely helpless.  She knew that this was the very last time she was going to be able to walk or move on her own.  Such a realization was a horrifying one.

Slowly, reluctantly, feeling as if the world weighed down on her shoulders with every step, Angela slowly walked across the floor to the gurney.  She paused, hesitating for a moment before soundlessly getting on.

Hands took her shoulders, gently pressed her down.  "Good girl." 

Lying on the gurney, Angela could only look straight up and stare at the ceiling lights.

It began.

Reaching down to her ankles, Dobson and Donna took a strip of the silver bandage and tied it around each of her ankles, then began to wind them up her legs, taking their time and ensuring that the rolls were tight and overlapping each other.  Angela looked down, watched in grim fascination as her black rubber suit began to disappear underneath the silver bandages.  It happened slowly as the doctors took their time.  Slowly enough that if she wanted to, Angela could have knocked both over, run over to Sam and tried to escape.  But the guards were still watching, weapons held at the ready, the door to the lab was locked, and she would never get Sam free from his gurney quickly enough. 

Escape at this point was a mere dream.

Reaching Angela's crotch, the doctors wound the bandages around the tubes, continued upwards.  For the next hour they wrapped the silvery bandages around Angela's body, covering her feet, legs, crotch, torso, arms, hands, neck, and head, leaving only her eyes uncovered.  When they were done, they took a very short break to clean up and get more bandages, leaving Angela to look at herself.  It was so surreal, seeing her body covered in these bandages.  They were all very tight, yet did little to restrain her movements.  Even the bandaging around her fingers failed to keep them from moving.

The doctors came back, carrying two more rolls each. 

The second layer of wrappings was done almost exactly the same way as the first, covering and wrapping each limb and body part, going over the tubes and generally insuring that while Angela felt very strong pressure on her entire body, her freedom of movement was barely constrained.

After four layers of silver wraps, the bandages had become thick enough now that she was having difficulty bending her arms and legs, and her head felt as if it was being gently squeezed by a vice all over.  Her hands were now fingerless mitts, the fingers wrapped and sealed away, making them useless.

The doctors let Angela rest for a short while, let her explore her wrappings.  With her ears covered and wrapped she could only faintly hear the two doctors talking amongst themselves.  She could not hear as more silver bandages were taken out of the box and unwound.  And Angela, body covered in four layers of silver bandages, could not feel as even more were applied to her.

Soon the doctors took her legs and moved them together, placing a thin pad between the ankles and the knees.  Angela did not resist as her legs had bandages wound around them.  A few minutes later and her legs were wrapped together, sealed away forever.     

They moved up to her chest, each wrap of the bandages taking away more and more of her freedom, turning her more and more into a helpless captive.  From the other gurney Sam watched silently, completely helpless to do anything to stop his girlfriend's mummification.

When they reached her neck, Donna and Dobson took Angela's arms.  They gripped them firmly, expecting their test subject to struggle and resist as her arms were sealed away forever.  But Angela did not resist, instead choosing to allow them to continue their grim task.

Angela's arms were put at her sides and held there ass bandages were wound aground them, pinning them to the rest of her bandaged body.  Like a good little girl, Angela stayed perfectly still as Doctor Dobson and Donna worked on her.  Bandage after bandage was applied, wrapped around her arms and her chest.  When they were done, Angela's arms had vanished, sealed away inside the bandages, hidden from view.  She tried to move them, found that movement was impossible.

So that was it then, she realized.  With her arms and legs wrapped up, there was no way to escape on her own.  She was trapped and there was no way out.

The doctors did three more layers, cocooning the helpless woman inside her mummification tighter and tighter, making movement all but impossible.  And all the while Angela stared at the ceiling, a tear occasionally slipping out of her eyes and into the bandages. 

Two and a half hours after they began, the doctors stepped away from the gurney.  Where Angela was once a free human being, she had now been transformed into a mummy, helpless, restrained and wrapped up head to toe, lying on the gurney.  The only sign that there was a living human being imprisoned within the wrappings came from her eyes, still moving back and forth.

Donna walked up to the mummy, ran her hands over the smooth silver bandages.  The quality of the work was outstanding, nearly flawless.  Each and every curve of Angela's now sealed body was highlighted by the bandages, the curves smooth and subtle. 

They had done a good job indeed.

Inside her inescapable cocoon, Angela tried desperately to move, to gain a single inch of movement.  But she couldn't, her mummification was too tight, too well wrapped to allow her any movement. 

What was even more horrifying was knowing that this was forever.

Straps were placed across her body, locking it to the gurney.  Whining, weeping within her wrappings, Angela could only look up and stare helplessly at the ceiling as she was wheeled out of the room, her boyfriend following. They went though several doors until reaching a long cell block, each cell occupied with a sarcophagus.  "These sarcophagus's are already filled with our other subjects from all walks of life."  Donna explained.  "Young, old, men and women, couples and singles, the elderly and teenagers, some naked, some cocooned, some wearing handcuffs, others straitjackets, all of them locked up and sealed away for the rest of their lives."

They came to a stop outside an open cell, a large stainless steel sarcophagus open and waiting for her.  The gurney was pushed into the cell, right up towards that empty case, giving its occupant ample time to look it over. 

"We will put you inside."  Dobson said as the straps were undone.  "From there your sarcophagus will be permanently sealed, and will never be opened again."

Angela screamed, but the sound was sealed inside her suit, inside the bandages.

"For the majority of your time, you will be sedated, only to be awakened when experiments need to be run and data collected.  An ear piece has been sewn into the helmet of your suit, which will allow you to hear us.  Again, I am sorry that this must happen Mrs. Thompson, but your sacrifice will be for the greater good."

When strong hands grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her mummified form off the gurney, Angela struggled as hard as she could, fought to gain any inch of movement, but none came.  She was helplessly carried to the sarcophagus, was put inside.  Air whooshed out as her bandages and her body were sucked in, squeezing the air out, creating a vacuum tight seal between her and the box.  Again she wiggled, knowing it was hopeless, but she had to try.  Squirming, writhing as hard as she could, Angela fought to escape, but being the mummy that she now was, escape was a mere dream.  It was not permitted.  This was reality, and this was her life, now and forever.  A test subject, a guinea pig. 

There was no escape.

The mummy that was Angela seemed to loose all the fight left within her.  Dobson and his assistant watched as the struggling slowly ceased, as the mummy went still, perhaps realizing that this was her new life, and that she would simply have to accept it, make the most of it.

Eyes closing, the mummy lay its head back against the heavy duty foam. 

"Before we seal you inside Mrs. Thompson," Dobson said.  "You will be allowed one last look at yourself."  Going up to the wall, Dobson pressed a switch, which lowered the sarcophagus to the floor.  From inside, Angela looked up, saw a large mirror set into the ceiling, giving her a clear view of herself.  For a moment Angela's struggles ceased as she watched herself in grim fascination.  She didn't recognize herself at all.  There was just a mummy lying in the case, so tightly wrapped and encased that to try and identify who was inside was impossible.  Only her eyes were visible, and even then Angela could barely see them. 

Then the moment was over as the sarcophagus was raised once again. 

Donna walked up to her and began to connect tubes to the ones sticking out of the bandages, connecting her to waste removal and nutrient systems. 

Before Angela could resist or protest, Dobson suddenly went up to her bandaged head and pulled it forward.  There were more bandages in his hands.  Moving quickly and with well practiced skill, the doctor began to wrap the bandages around Angela's eyes.  She struggled and squirmed, protesting mightily, but nothing could stop her fate as the bandages were tightly wound around her head, sealing her vision away until all she could see was darkness.

She knew in horror that this darkness was forever.

Now blind and unable to see, Angela could only feel as her head was pushed back into the sarcophagus, nestled into the foam.  She continued to try and squirm, desperate last measures to try to gain a freedom that would never be hers.  A few straps were put over her mummified body, pressing her down.

Then there was movement next to her.  Unable to see, Angela sensed that another body was being put inside the sarcophagus next to her.  Like her, Sam was apparently struggling to try and escape.  She couldn't hear anything, but Angela hoped he was struggling as they wrapped his head and strapped him in.

She heard a faint grinding noise as the lid was moved, about to be slid into place.  But it paused briefly as Dobson spoke through the tiny microphone in the hood.  "Farewell Mrs. Thompson.  We're going to sedate you now."

Lying in the darkness, waiting for the sedative to kick in, Angela tried once more to move, to try and get closer to Sam.  But the foam and the straps holding her down prevented her from moving.  But that didn't deter her.  She would continue to struggle as long as she could.  When awakened for whatever experiments these two nut case doctors needed, she would struggle to get closer to Sam.  Perhaps, in time, she would manage to wear away at the foam, and perhaps one day her bandaged body would touch his.

It was something to look forward to.

There was a thud as the lid was closed.  Hisses from locks and bolts as the sarcophagus was locked and sealed, trapping the two mummies inside forever.



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