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Publicity Stunt

by John Fitzbe

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© Copyright 2018 - John Fitzbe - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; publicity; stunt; show; audition; stage; bond; rope; tease; wrap; bandages; collar; sarcophagus; encased; entombed; buried; cons; X

The full page ad in the Sunday news paper was sure to get attention.

Grand opening Aladdin’s Market! Exotic foods and merchandise from the Middle East.

In conjunction with Saturday's Solar Eclipse,
Come and see an Egyptian princess mummified and buried alive as a sacrifice to Ra the Sun God.
If the sacrifice works and the sun does return, join us for the street dance featuring Joe and the pharaohs!
Come one and all and rock like an Egyptian.
Anyone coming dressed as King Tut will get a 15% discount on their first purchase!

The Planning Meeting.

The Egyptian room at Samantha's Motel, home of the dark fetish fantasy suites. Jeff Donlee, owner of Aladdin’s Market pointed to the drawing on the white board.

"This is the stage, in front of the stage is a shallow grave. Behind the stage we have erected a work tent and connecting the tent and the grave is a tunnel which runs under the stage.. The plan is to have Ginger and Mary Ann mummify our yet to be determined Egyptian princess. Put her mummified form in the sarcophagus, seal it and have the backhoe lift the sarcophagus off the stage and set it in the grave. The grave will then be gently filled in using spades. The eclipse will start at 10:43 and will achieve totality at 11:00. The total eclipse will last about seven minutes and another seven minutes for the moon to move clear of the sun. Mary Ann, Ginger, I need you two to time the mummification process, So we can synchronize it to the eclipse If you can get it under 14 minutes, that would be great otherwise we can add the difference and start the show that much earlier. If nobody has any question, get to work on your assignments. Ginger and Mary Ann the room is yours for the Job Auditions."

The Winning Audition

"Hello Ms. Howel I'm Ginger and this is Mary Ann. Before we begin do you have any questions."

"I'm just wondering how many people you've auditioned for this part?"

"You are number seven." said Ginger.

"We are a bit puzzled" said Mary Ann, "You neglected to put your first name on the job application."

"Lovevee" was Ms. Howel's reply.

"Lovevee?" said Ginger and Mary Ann together at once.

"That's my first name and why I prefer to be called Ms. Howel."

"Ms. Howel it is" Mary Ann agreed. "So Ms. Howel, can you sing and dance like an Egyptian?"

"Of course" replied Ms. Howel.

"We have set up a karaoke system, Why don't you give us a show?" requested Ginger.

Ms. Howel stepped up to the microphone and pressed the play button. As the karaoke system began playing the Bangles song "Walk like am Egyptian" Ms. Howel removed her coat to reveal a Las Vegas style Egyptian costume. Lots of glitter. She sang in the proper key and when the instrumental began she began to dance. Turning her profile to Ginger and Mary Ann she raised her right arm above her head bending her wrist and lowered her left arm behind her back and bending the left wrist.

Mary Ann said to Ginger "Nice profile. I like how her breast stick out." Ginger just smiled in reply.

As the song ended Ginger and Mary Ann both gave Ms. Howel a short golf clap. Mary Ann pointed to a chair and asked Ms. Howel, "Have you ever had any sort of sensory deprivation experience?"

"No. Unless you count a tanning bed session."

"How about Bondage?"

"These are kind of strange questions."

Ginger joined in. "The main part of the show will be you being mummified and buried alive."

"Mummified and buried alive?" Ms. Howel ask skeptically. "The newspaper ad said singing and dancing".

"Our bad." said Ginger. "The ad was a bit long and getting too expensive. Also it was sounding like a joke ad. So I shortened it quite a bit."

"Ginger! You've got some explaining to do!" said Mary Ann in her best Ricky Recardo impersonation.

"Here is the whole show." said Ginger. "The band plays. We three dance on to the stage. You go to the microphone and sing a couple of songs. Jeff the store owner will interrupt your performance to announce 'Ra the Sun God is angry and wants a sacrifice.' Mary Ann and I grab you and wrap you up like a mummy. You are then put into a sarcophagus which is then buried in a shallow grave. After about five minutes or so, my brothers Larry and Jerry will use the secret tunnel under the stage to extract you from the sarcophagus and bring you back here to hide out for 2 days. Then we will re-install you back in the grave, where you will be untombed and unwrapped. to great applause and shown to all to be in perfect health."

Mary Ann added, "You and us will then mingle with the shoppers, pose for photos, selfies."

"Well I just don't know" said Ms. Howel. "Mummified?"

"Well Ms. Howel, actually the next part of the interview is to mummify you and see how you handle the experience." Ginger informed her.

"Well I just don't know," repeated Ms. Howel.

Mary Ann asked, "Do you know anything at all about the mummification fetish?"

"I have a friend who tells me her husband likes to tie her up. And she says it's not unpleasant. Just slaps and tickles."

"There is a philosophy to this fetish. it's about transformation, death, rebirth and sex." Mary Ann continued. "also we are under a time constrain to mummify our chosen star as quickly as possible. Things might get rough. It will be more slap than tickle. So do you want to proceed to the next part of the audition?"

"Rebirth? and sex?"

"Well it's a family show so not so much sex as sexy. Even then we are not going to be transforming you into a sex object, so much as just an object. So Ms. Howel, what do you say?"

"I came here today because I was looking to do something new. Being mummified would qualify as new. Okay, Mummify me." consented Ms. Howel.

Mary Ann put her hands on Miss Howel's tush and pushed her towards the stage where Ginger was waiting with a coil of rope in her hands. Mary Ann started the video cameras and then started the timer. On the stage Ginger directed Miss Howel to a three foot pipe mounted vertically on the stage. Mary Ann joined them and proceeded to attach a two foot piece of pipe to the horizontal pipe mounted to the floor.

"What is with the plumbing materials?" asked Ms. Howel.

As Ginger began tying Ms. Howel's hands behind her back, Mary Ann adjusted the height of the horizontal pipe to match up with Miss Howel's knees as she explained, "The pipes have two purposes. The first is some support to help you keep your balance as you are being mummified and the second is to give your mummified form some handles to aid in lifting you into the sarcophagus."

"And the ropes?" inquired Ms. Howel as Ginger began tying her elbows together.

"The ropes, " explained Ginger, "make your breasts jut forward and will give your mummified form a more voluptuous appearance. Is it uncomfortable? You seem quite limber."

"I do stretching exercises for twenty minutes everyday before my workout." Explained Ms. Howel. "What? More rope.?"

"It's called a breast harness. It will enhance your breast size and give your mummified form an even more voluptuous look." Chuckled Ginger. "Also it will create an attachment point for a tow rope to help pull you out of the grave if needed."

While Ginger was talking and binding Miss Howel's arms Mary Ann was busy wrapping Ms. Howel's legs with horse bandages. Pulling each winding as tight as possible. When she reached Miss Howel's knees she gave the bandage a twist and then made a figure eight tie securing the metal lifting handles to Ms. Howel. She then continued to wrap the bandage around Ms. Howel's thighs.

Ms. Howel's attention was split. While she was aware of her legs being welded together by the thick bandages, Ginger's tight rope bondage distracted her. One rope went across her chest above her breasts and another below her breasts. Ginger then took a cord and slipped it between her breasts and then tied it off, pulling the two ropes above and below together and pinching her breast between them. Ms. Howel looked down at her breasts and saw that they were starting to swell. Looking further down she switched her attention to Mary Ann.

"Oh! Oh my, what are you doing Mary Ann?" said a shocked Ms. Howel.

"I'm checking out your camel toe." said Mary Ann as she caressed Ms. Howel's crotch.

"I believe what you are doing is not appropriate."

"You hear that Ginger. The object has a belief." Said Mary Ann incredulously.

"Perhaps the object is aroused by your touch?" suggested Ginger.

"Object? I'm not a object!" Said Ms. Howel in anger.

"Of course you are". said Mary Ann. "It's all a part of the transformation process. You started out as a person but you allowed yourself to be bound with ropes and bandages. Now you are an object. A helpless generic object and we can do what ever we like with our object."

"Do you think she is aroused?" asked Ginger.

"Lets ask her. Are you aroused Ms. Howel? Many people who find themselves in your position are."

"I'm... I'm. That's not... Just stop!" Stammered Ms Howel. "I don't want to do this any more."

"We can't stop now." said Ginger. "You are going to be such a beautiful mummy."

Mary Ann continued to wrap Ms. Howel. The bandages hiding her moist sex and compressing her ass. "You say many people are aroused by this?" Queried Ms. Howel.

"Almost all." Said Ginger "Look where you are. A fantasy suite dedicated to mummification. Believe me this room gets a lot of use." Ginger softly pinched Ms Howel's left nipple causing it to harden. Ms Howel gasped as a wave of pleasure washed over her body. Ginger pinched the nipple again this time harder. Fist pain then pleasure again washed over Ms. Howel as Ginger whispered into her ear. "You are going to be mummified and buried alive under mounds of dirt. Enjoy it or not."

Ms. Howel suddenly understood her peril. She was helpless and these two girl were going to do what ever they wanted to her. She was an object, a thing and getting hornier by the minute. Panting, Ms. Howel said, "Okay I'm an object. now what?"

"That's all I needed to hear" said Mary Ann as she secured a large piece of surgical tape over Ms. Howel's mouth sealing it shut.

The bandaging continued. Mary Ann pulled the bandage tightly around Ms. Howel's waist and passed it on to Ginger who pulled it tightly across Ms. Howel's lower back. Ginger in turn passed the bandage back to Mary Ann. They continued moving up Ms. Howel's body till they reached her breasts.

"Oh my, they look tender." Observed Ginger, "do you think we should untie them?"

Ms Howel tried to say something that neither Mary Ann nor Ginger could make out.

"If you untie them she will be less voluptuous." said Mary Ann. "And we're on the clock."

"That is true. Let's just apply the tit bandages lightly and if we crisis cross the bandages around her tits it will look more sever than it really is."

When the girls had nothing left to bandage except Ms Howel's neck and head Mary Ann checked the timer and paused it. "How we doing for time?" asked Ginger.

"We are at fifteen minutes. But we did a lot of talking and some horsing around. So I think we are good. let's finish her up." Mary Ann started the timer and Ginger put a posture collar on Ms Howel, not as an act of bondage but to prevent the bandages wrapped around her throat from strangling her.

Ginger put noise canceling ear buds into Ms Howel's ears and sealed them in place with bees wax. Switching from the horse bandages to medical bandages they wrapped Ms Howel's throat and head, leaving her face for last.

Giggling Mary Ann said, "This is my favorite part. taking away her sight."

"Mine is closing the lid on the sarcophagus and hearing the lock click." A smiled Ginger thought to her self.

Turning off the timer the two girls stepped back and admired their handy work.

"Voluptuous?" asked Ginger

"Voluptuous." Confirmed Mary Ann

If one looked closely you could see Ms. Howel's voluptuous form squirm.

Saturday the Grand Opening.

Joe and the Pharaohs began playing at 10:00 A.M.

At 10:20 Jeff Donlee stepped up onto the stage and signaled the band to stop playing. Stepping up to the microphone Jeff welcomed everybody and thanked them for coming out today and checking out his new store. "Please everyone! Do not look directly at the eclipse! We have plenty of protective eye gear for everyone. Also the professor from the community college has set up what he calls a camera obscura that is going to project the eclipse on the white wall over there. Again the eclipse glasses are free. Now on with the show."

The Band started up playing "Walk like an Egyptian" and Ginger, Mary Ann and Ms. Howel danced their way on to the stage. Ms. Howel made her way to the microphone and began singing. Half way through the second song (King Tut) The eclipse began and Jeff took over the microphone. "The sun! it's going away. Ra the sun god is angry and wants a sacrifice."

Mary Ann and Ginger each grabbed on of Ms. Howel's arms and pulled her over to pipe mounted in the floor of the stage. As they began the mummification process, Ms. Howel put on a good show of acting frightened and helpless.

After expertly binding Ms. Howel's wrists and elbows, Ginger bound Ms. Howel's breasts and whispered into her ear, "How you doing Ms. H?"

Ms. Howel replayed, "I'm not feel very aroused."

"That will come when you hear the clods of dirt landing on the coffin." Ginger promised.

"What about the ear buds?" Ms. Howel asked.

"Left them at home." Ginger said as she cupped Ms. Howel's breasts and gave them a hard squeeze. "You are such a great 'Object.'"

Ginger Joined Mary Ann in wrapping Ms. Howel. Mary Ann said to Ginger, "We are running out of time, We are already in total eclipse."

"So don't be gentle on her tits." recommended Ginger.

So instead of using the soft medical bandages the girls crushed Ms. Howel's breasts with the horse bandages. Ginger put the posture collar in place and Mary Ann quickly encased Ms. Howel's head. Then Ginger finished the job wrapping Ms. Howel's face. The two girls then picked up Ms. Howel's mummified form and set it in the sarcophagus. As Ginger closed the lid and locked it, Mary Ann attached the hook and chain to the top of the sarcophagus.

Inside the sarcophagus Ms. Howel could hear chains rattling and felt the sarcophagus lift into the air. She felt the swaying motion of the back hoe as it maneuvered the sarcophagus over the grave. She heard the crowd gasp and felt the coffin as it was lowered into the ground. She felt the thump as it hit the floor of the grave. She then felt the sarcophagus tilt as it settled into the earth and finally the sound of the clods of dirt landed on the sarcophagus' lid. The sounds of the shovels grew fainter and Ms. Howel realized she was now buried alive and she began to worry about things never discussed. Things like air!

The Extraction Team

Abandoning the back hoe Larry joined his brother in the tent behind the stage. Larry was in the lead as the two brothers entered the the short tunnel. Larry had a shovel and Jerry a tow rope. Reaching the end of the tunnel, Larry removed the wooden side panel from the grave wall and a small amount of dirt fell away revealing the sarcophagus. Pressing the secret latch button the side of the sarcophagus fell away revealing the padding that surrounded Ms. Howel's body.

Larry shouted, "How are you doing Ms. Howel?"

Ms. Howel was grateful that in their hast to mummify her Mary Ann and Ginger did not seal her mouth shut. "I was feeling a bit frightened till I heard you rutting about." Ms. Howel shouted through her bandages.

Larry began pulling the padding from around Ms. Howel's body and passing to his brother to remove it from the tunnel. "There!" said Larry "Now we have some wiggle room. Just relax and bend your knees as much as you can. Will have you out of here in a moment or two." Larry grabbed the lifting handles and tried to pull Ms. Howel out of the sarcophagus feet first but felt the pipe handles break...



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