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by PVCnLeather

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© Copyright 2011 - PVCnLeather - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; catsuit; chast; pvc; darlex; bond; gag; frogtie; straitjacket; sleepsack; tickle; mast; climax; denial; cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

When Miss Stone moved in next door I had no idea my life was about to change.

It was my senior year of High School and I had no intentions of going college.  I had little motivation and little direction.  I lived with my dad who traveled a lot so I pretty much got to do what I wanted as long as I kept up with the basic chores he asked me to do.  It was summer, I was wayward, and I liked it.

Which is how I ended up meeting my new neighbor, Samantha.  My dad made me call her Miss Stone but she let me call her Samantha and I thought that was pretty cool.  Plus she was hot.  Mid  30's about 5' 6", gorgeous thick red hair cascading past her shoulders, and a smoking hot body.  Samantha came off exceptionally flirty with me when we saw each other, so when she mentioned that she needed someone to mow her lawn and offered a nice rate to do it, how could I possibly object?  Samantha also had an indoor pool attached off the back of her house and before long she had me servicing the pool and the sauna doubling my earnings.  I was well on my way to saving up for that car I wanted.

Samantha was often away when I mowed her lawn and serviced the pool house, so I was able to come and go as I pleased.  She liked my work, and for my efforts, she allowed me to use the facilities as long as I didn't invite any friends over.  Our agreement worked out to be a pretty sweet gig for me and I couldn't help but feeling a little horny about being my hot neighbors "pool boy".  I fantasized about Samantha when I mowed her lawn and when I swam in her pool; most often naked when I knew she wasn't home.  I loved being a little naughty and it gave me a lot of great material for my nightly jack-off sessions.

One afternoon when I was mowing Samantha's lawn I removed my shirt and tucked it hanging into my back pocket.  I knew Samantha was home, and by the time I finished mowing her lawn, she had made her way outside.  She was wearing a pair of PVC leggings with a loose fitting blouse.  I knew it was PVC because I owned a pair of black PVC skinny pants during a short-lived Goth phase a couple of years back.  I really liked the feel of the fabric.  It surprised me that she was wearing them.  When I shut the mower down, Samantha called out "How am I supposed to get any work done when the show just got better?"
That was enough for me to make a move on her.  I approached Samantha and swiftly brought my right arm around her back, grabbing her hair, and pulling her head back to a slight tilt.  I brought my mouth to hers locking the two tight.  I drove my tongue deep into her soft open mouth at the same time I slid my left hand under her top, fingering my way over her mid section and up to her breast.  Samantha swiftly moved her left hand between us and up to my chest pushing, me off while her right hand shot out and grabbed my cock and balls.  She promptly squeezed down like a vice.

I released my grip on her hair and yelped but she did not release the death grip she now had on my crotch.  She looked me square in the eyes with her sultry blues and said, "Slow down, Cowboy.  Show some restraint.  I don't care for boys who pile drive their way in.  I am a goddess and deserved to be respected, and worshipped.  I am not one of your high school park and ride, slip and slide conquests!"  At this point she released my mangled junk.  "Don't get me wrong sweet thing.  I enjoy watching you mow my lawn just as much as you enjoy fantasizing about taking me while you mow it.  But for now, consider yourself eye candy and me the Goddess you serve.  Can you handle this arrangement?"

"Yes",  I humbly replied.

"Good, then lets move forward and pretend like this little advance didn't happen", she said.

"OK, I'm sorry.  It won't happen again."  I replied.

That night I pulled out my PVC pants from the back of my closet and pulled them onto my naked legs.  It all happened so quick but when I had my hand under her blouse I didn't feel skin. It felt like the PVC covered her mid section and breast too.  Something had really intrigued me about what she had been wearing.  I pulled my cock and balls out of the fly and masturbated to the vision of Samantha with her piercing eyes, wearing her PVC leggings, as she pulled me down and took me on her lawn.  I came hard at my own hand.  And I was ensorcelled. 

The days of summer passed as I continued to mow and clean Samantha's lawn and pool house.  One afternoon when I was confident Samantha was not home I decided to relax and enjoy the accommodations.  I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and set it on the wooden bench outside the sauna door.  I turned the heat up to 120 degrees and sat down on the bench and kicked off my shoes.  I peeled my sweaty socks off of my feet and stuffed them into my shoes.  I stood up, undid my pants and let them drop down around my ankles.  I grabbed the waistband of my jock and pulled it off while stepping out of my shorts.  I dropped it on top as I walked over to the pool's deep end and dove in.  The water felt great.

After swimming a few laps I got out and walked over to the sauna.  When I opened the door hot steam swirled out and around my body.  I sat down, my ass meeting the hot sauna bench and leaned back to enjoy the build up of another sweet full body sweat.  After a bit I got out and reached for the towel on the bench.  To my surprise next to the towel was a black article of clothing, nicely folded with a note on it.  I noticed my pile of dirty clothes on the ground were gone.

"Put this on, Pet, and come find me through the door to your left.  Do not speak, just listen."

I picked up the heavy material that appeared to be similar to spandex.  I grabbed it at the shoulders on each side by my index finger and thumb and let it fall open.  What I thought was going to be a shirt dropped down to reveal a full body suit.  "What is this?" I thought. 

The suit had a zipper down that back that ran from the top of the collar to mid back.
I grabbed a small ring on the zipper and unzipped it to the bottom.  When I got to the bottom I noticed two additional zipper pulls with rings at the bottom of the zipper.  "Odd."  I thought. Three zipper pulls.  I pulled the first zipper back up closing the suit.  The second zipper I pulled up and as expected it reopened the suit.  Upon pulling the third zipper I noticed it once again closed the suit.  I pushed all three back down thinking the second two were a waste.  I then noticed an additional zipped opening with two zipper pulls that ran from the top of the butt through the crotch to the front.  Probably for ease of using the toilet.

Do I really want to put this on?  I didn't really have much of a choice in the matter scanning the room for my missing clothes.  I stepped my first leg into the suit and pushed my ankle through the opening at the end.  This stuff was pretty tight and much heavier than spandex.  I stepped into the second leg, pushed my foot through and pulled the suit up to my hips while reaching my hand in to move my cock to hang to the right, my favored side.

This suit was snug and confining, hugging my skin, and I realized that there was going to be no way of hiding my cock in it.  I pulled the top portion up and slipped my right arm into the sleeve and then my left.  I reached around back and gripped the top zipper pull and pulled it up sealing the suit around my back and neck with it's high collar.

This suit fit me like a glove.  As if it had been custom made for me!  As expected you could see the full outline of my cock tightly pressed up against my body hanging towards my right leg.  As well you could clearly see the definition of every muscle I had.  I really liked how I looked and felt in this suit.  I grabbed the knob to the door and entered the room.

The door opened to a pretty expansive space and I immediately realized this was some sort of workshop.  I noticed Samantha sitting on a tall stool across the room as I quickly took in my surroundings.  Along the opposite wall was a massive wall of pull out bins, each labeled with words I could not read from where I was.  The room had a series of large flat tables in the center. Among them were more stools and a sewing machine on each.  The room was very clean and organized.  The wall to my right was backed with floor to ceiling crimson drapes and had a few rolling racks pushed up in front of it with garments hanging on them.  I noticed several suits similar to the one I was wearing hanging on one and another with different colored garments on it of what looked like spandex.  A third rack had PVC garments of many colors hanging from it.

Samantha hopped off of her stool and began to walk across the room towards me.  She again was wearing PVC leggings but in metallic blue this time, and with a loose fitting pull over blouse on top.

"Tate, welcome to my shop.  I must say that my Darlex Catsuit does look pretty amazing on you. Looks like I was spot on with the measurements.  Pretty damn good for no official sizing appointment.  Turn around."  Samantha had crossed the room and was standing directly in front of me well within my comfort space piercing my glazed daze with her electric blue eyes.  I humbly obliged and did as she had instructed without saying a word. "Oh my.  Yes, I did" as she cupped her hand on my ass cheek.  "Darlex, Tate."  Samantha slowly circling me as she spoke. "Darlex is one of my fabrics of choice.  Darlex is a fabric much like spandex but heavier and more confining."

Confining?  I thought.

"It's properties allow for flexibility and motion...", she explained.  Standing behind me now Samantha lightly grasps each of my wrists and raised my arms until they are straight out from my sides as if to show me.  "...but also when certain design elements are incorporated can be quite restrictive."  As she moves around in front of me this time placing her hands on the tops of my wrists and forcibly pushing my arms back down against my sides and holding them there tight.

"I would like you, Tate, to experience the wonders of Darlex."  As she pushes her body into mine still holding my wrists to my sides.  "Your huge cock is telling me this won't be a problem for you, Tate."

I knew I was getting hard as Samantha was circling me in her seductive way.  There was some loss of control I was feeling here and I wanted this woman more than ever at this point.  I wanted to ravish her and throw her down on one of these tables right here and yank my cock out of the crotch zipper of this suit and open up the similar zipper on her PVC pants and have nasty sex with her!  As if she could sense this, Samantha released her grip and sharply stepped back.  "You want me don't you Tate?"

Gritting my teeth tight with an evident pause of question as to my capacity for figuring out the correct response, I begrudgingly replied with an emphatic "God yes!"

"Good." said Samantha.  "It is good for you to want Tate.  But I asked you not to speak."

"But you asked me a ques..."

"Silence!"  Samantha yelled back quickly shutting me up and causing me to lower my head.

Samantha walked back around me and grasped the rings of the two zipper pulls at the bottom of the back to neck zipper and quickly yanked them to the top to meet the third.  Still grasping the loops she pulled them back hard forcing my neck to crane backwards and my shoulder blades to fall back against her body.  Samantha whispered in my ear:  "You are pushing your luck now Tate"

Immediately following this statement I hear a 'click' and she lets go enabling me to stand straight again.  Samantha then walks back in front of me about five feet away.  "I want to show you something Tate."  With this Samantha grasps the bottom of her top and begins to lift her blouse up over her head.  What I see I half expected but still amazed me.  Samantha's blue PVC pants continue up her mid section tightly hugging her waist.  She pulls her blouse the rest of the way off and Samantha is wearing a skin tight form fitting PVC body suit underneath!  Her firey red hair falls back over her shoulders.  The contrast on the blue suit is spectacular.

I cannot believe what I am looking at.  This woman, no she was right, this "Goddess" standing in front of me is decked out head to toe in the tightest most form fitting PVC suit I have ever seen.  It hugged her every curve.  Her magnificent breasts were jutting out in formed cups that curved underneath as if the fabric were painted on.  She turned to confidently flaunt her backside and her perfect ass was too wrapped into this delectable suit.  Her cheeks well defined by the  suit and the detail stitched seam running up the back of each leg like a classy fishnet stocking.  My cock was throbbing!

"Here's how it's going to go Tate."  she began.  "It is clear that you have no intentions of quitting this gig you have so I have taken the first measure in assuring your stay.  I have placed a small padlock through the three rings on the zips at the back of your neck.  Although you will be able to pull the zippers up and down, you will not be able to open them.  In other words, the Darlex suit is not coming off until I take it off."

As she is saying this I move both of my hands to the back of my neck and feel for the rings.  She had in fact done what she said she had.  There was a lock.  There was no way I was getting out of this suit.

"I have taken the liberty of buying you a pair of jeans and a shirt so that you will have something to wear over your Darlex when I send you home tonight.  Tomorrow morning you will get up and spend some time with your father before he leaves for the airport in the afternoon.  You do know that when he leaves he asks me to keep an eye on you as he has suspected you have been having girls over when he's gone?  And that you have Tate. Tsk Tsk.  Anyway, once he leaves you are to return here and start a new job for me where you will be in charge of product testing."

Product testing?  Sounds cool.

"You will be staying here while your father is away.  No need to bring anything with you. Everything you need will be provided. I have also taken the liberty of retrieving your cell phone from your shorts and I have that for safe keeping.  I am letting your friends know as they text you that you left unexpectedly and that you are in Florida with your grandparents and you don't know if you are coming back.  I know you have a lot going through your head right now Tate and I need to wrap this up and get you home soon, but trust me that you will be well taken care of while you are here.  Oh, and one last thing Tate.  I need you to masturbate for me."

My eyes widened at this, and my cock responded with a jerk.  That wasn't going to be a problem for me after this day!  That was first on my agenda after getting home.

Sensing my misunderstanding Samantha said "Now Tate.  I want you to masturbate for me immediately.  Pull it out and whack off for me."

"Really!",  I thought as goose bumps ran in waves across my chest and through my body.

Samantha looked directly at my crotch and said "We haven't got all night Tate".

So I did.  I pulled back the crotch zipper and whipped ole Johnnie out right in front of the woman I had been fantasizing about all summer.

My cock had been rock hard the whole time so it's release from the Darlex confinement was glorious.  The Darlex around the head of my cock was soaked with precum.  This wasn't going to take much with her standing right in front of me, and now caressing her body with her hands.

She's taunting and teasing the shit out of me.  I could see her nipples harden under the PVC as she swirled her fingers around them.  I began to pump my rock hard cock as I watch her take her finger and seductively wet it in her mouth and bring it down to her pussy.  She pressed firmly against the PVC and moaned as she did it.  I explode with such force that my first shot shoots out and lands within a foot of her booted feet.  I continue to pump as cum continues to flow for every additional stroke I give.

"Oh yes!"  she exclaims.  "No wonder you are so popular with the girls."  I give my cock two more slow pumps as the last of my cum seeps through my urethra.  My engorged cock floats stoically in front of me as it begins to succumb to the forces of gravity and falls flaccid.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it Tate?  I think you rather enjoyed it.  A little more clean up than I thought though.  Take this towel and don't miss a drop."

I caught the towel Samantha tossed me and reached down to tuck my now flaccid cock back into the suit.

"No, no.  leave it out" she instructed.

I got down on my knees and wiped my cum off of the linoleum flooring.  When done I stood and Samantha now had a device she was holding in her hand in front of me.  It was a clear silicon looking device that I could plainly see was in the shape of a very short penis.

"This will help ensure you return tomorrow Tate.  I am going to put this on your very happy little cock and send you home now so you can process everything we have discussed before your first big day.  Don't be alarmed. It is a perfectly harmless and comfortable device to keep you from acting out inappropriately with yourself or any teenage tramp that might decide to tap on your bedroom window tonight as I know has been happening."

Samantha took both hands and stretched the opening of this device wide as she pushed it over my cock and balls.  She pulled her fingers loose and the band closed tightly around the base of my cock and balls.  She then took the attached silicon enclosed cock sheath and stretched it out and over the head of my cock being sure to push the head firmly down inside the tip of the device. There was a silicon strip attached to the bottom of the head, with a small looped opening at the opposite end.  Samantha took a clear flat band and threaded it through this loop.  With my cock trapped firmly inside the sheath, Samantha pulled the band down and wrapped it around the silicon cock ring forcing the attached strip to split my balls spreading them apart from each other. The band wrapped up each side of the cock ring and over the top.  There was a small post at the top with a hole in it that the band slipped over.  Once the band was over the post Samantha ran a small padlock through the hole in the post locking it shut.

"That should do the trick."  exclaimed Samantha.  "Now run along and tuck yourself in.  You will find the jeans and shirt I bought you along with your shoes in the bin on the wall.  See yourself out and I will see you tomorrow for your first day as Product Tester. Goodnight Tate."  Samantha turned and retreated back into the pool house.

"What the hell just happened?"  examining myself in the mirror as I held the bin with my clothes in it in front of me.  I was locked into a Darlex catsuit and my cock was imprisoned in some sort of silicon chastity device.  Was this really happening? I was going to stay at Samantha's while my dad was out of town and I was cut off from my life as I knew it with everyone thinking I was in Florida?  The shear mystique of this whole idea had me completely enthralled.  I set the bin down and slowly put the clothes on.
I woke the next morning with my morning woody pushing at it's silicon prison trying to escape.  I had no way of getting hard and I was in pain.  I got up to take a piss and found that the silicon chastity device had a hole in the end so peeing was easy.  I put the same clothes back on as the night before.  You could see the suit on my chest with the button down shirt but it just looked like I was wearing a compression shirt underneath which wasn't all that uncommon.  I spent some time with my dad in the morning helping him with a couple of chores until he got in his car and left for the airport.  After which, I returned to Samantha's to start my new job as guy "in charge of product testing".  In charge of product testing sounded pretty important.  I was actually excited but nervous at the same time.  I walked over to Samantha's and through the pool house to the door next to the sauna.  On the floor was the empty bin labeled "Tate".  I knew what that meant.  I stripped down to the Darlex catsuit and turned the handle on the door.  Today there were more people here then just Samantha.

"Tate, so nice of you to join us.  Girls, this is Tate.  The boy I have been telling you about.  Tate, meet Alex and Simone."

"Hi", I said as I waived a hand.

"Show the girls your suit Tate."  Samantha swirled her finger in the air signifying that she wanted me to turn around.  By appearances and the complimentary comments I could tell that they were pleased with what they saw.

Samantha sent me back to the pool house to shower in the suit.  I toweled off as best I could but still returned wet and I was impressed how the Darlex gleaned as it hugged every muscle in my body.  Samantha removed the padlock from my neck and handed me a fresh towel as Alex approached with a different Darlex garment on a hanger.  "This will be the first product for you to test. But before you change I want to show you your room while you are here."  Samantha led me to the full length crimson curtains on the far wall and grabbed the side and began to pull them back.  What was in front of me surprised me.  It was a full glass wall with a room on the other side.

"This is where you will be staying and doing most of your testing", she stated.  The room was sparse.  The same exposed beams of the work shop extended into the room.  There was a made up queen sized metal bed off to the left side about four or five feet out from any wall with the side of the bed facing the windows.  The floors were cement except for the area rug the bed sat on and the empty area rug in the center of the room.  There was a 6 X 6 post to the right of this that ran floor to ceiling and had a series of one inch holes running through it on all sides.  "As you see, your room is totally visible by us here in the workshop, however once inside you cannot see out. This is one-way glass and the inside is all mirrors.  This will allow you to feel a sense of privacy while we observe as you test.  Let's get you changed.  Alex will give you a hand."

Alex approached with the garment and asked me to undress and towel off.  I did as instructed.  Standing there naked and a little embarrassed of my cock trapped inside this device not showing it's true size, Alex held up the Darlex suit for me to put on. This suit was different from the first in that it had shorts instead of long legs.  I stepped into each leg and pulled the suit up.  I pushed my right arm down the corresponding sleeve but this time my hand did not come out the other end.  Instead it stopped in a closed mitt at the end of the sleeve.  Alex held up the second sleeve for me and motioned for me to place my left arm in.  Hesitantly I did to find the same mitt at the end of this sleeve.  Alex stepped behind me and zipped the suit up my back to the neck.  Same high collar as the first suit but this one had an additional piece of fabric attached that was laying against my chest.

Alex ordered, "Cross your arms."  Reluctantly I did and I started to realize this was some sort of a straight jacket.  I noticed long straps extending from the ends of the mitts when I did this.  Alex grabbed these straps from behind me and pulled them around my back, I could tell there was some sort of buckle on one that she was sliding the other through and pulling tight.  Samantha stepped up in front of me and grabbed my elbows and pushed them in and towards each other forcing my arms even further behind my back as Alex cinched the straps even tighter.

As Samantha ran a strap that felt connected to the front of the jacket around my forearms she spoke.   "This is my new design.  My Heavy Duty Darlex Straightjacket!  I am very excited about this model.  You see, a traditional straight jacket, if not properly secured, can be escapable with a lot of effort by working the jacket up and over your head.  My design however incorporates a pair of Darlex shorts prohibiting the wearer from working the jacket up over their head no matter how much they struggle.  However confident I am that this jacket is inescapable, which you are about to find out, I still want to see it in action so we can modify anything we need to before it goes into production.  I want this straight jacket to be comfortable to the wearer so it can be worn for extended periods of time.  Even if the wearer is struggling quite a bit.  Today you are going to wear this jacket and I want you to try to get out like your life depended on it.  Use it and abuse it. We are going to be observing you periodically for tensile strength, wear and tear, positioning after struggle and over-all comfort for you.  You may tire but we will keep you entertained from time to time when we need you to perform.  Oh, and I almost forgot. The model you are wearing also comes with this built in hood."

Samantha grabs the extra Darlex fabric resting on my chest and pulls it up over my face.  Alex reaches up and zips it closed from behind sending me into blackness.

"Holy shit" I mumble.

Samantha leads me into the "testing room" to the empty area rug in the center that I can feel with my bare feet.

"This is product testing?"  I thought to myself.  Not at all what I was thinking it would be.

Standing in front of me Samantha reaches down, unzips my crotch zip and cups my sack as she pulls my caged cock out and zips the opening back up to the base of my balls.  Still cupping my cock and balls rubbing her index finger across the top she says to me "Now be a good boy and get out!"  before she turns and exits the room.

I am fucked!  Horny, exposed and incapable of doing anything about it.  What the hell did I get myself into?  This is my new job?  I think to myself.  I'm not quite sure what the hell I am supposed to do.  "Get out" she said.  Get out of what is supposed to be an "inescapable straight jacket"?

Over a loud speaker in the room as if on queue...  "Tate, we don't see you struggling.  Don't make me send Simone in to poke you.  We can do this the easy way or the hard way you know."  With that, I begin to struggle.  I pulled and pulled. My arms gaining no slack in the process.  I bent forward and shook from side to side hoisting my shoulders as far up and forward as I could. Nothing.  I could feel the Darlex pulling tight in my ass as I stretched trying to create some room to wriggle around but the Darlex just retained its shape tight against my body.  As if it would help I jumped in the air as I pulled, craned my neck as far as I could and twisted my core from side to side.  Nothing gave me even an inch of internal movement in the suit.

I needed leverage I thought.  Then I remembered the pole.  It should be just beyond the edge of the rug somewhere but I wasn't sure what direction I now faced.  I shuffled forward until I found the edge of the rug and started taking small steps along it while swinging my right foot out trying to find the pole.  I turned the first corner and hit the pole with my foot after a couple of steps.  I leaned my back against the pole and used my legs to slide up and down trying to loosen the buckle mechanism I knew had to be there.  If only I had paid attention to what it looked like I might know how it was fastened.  Up and down and back and forth but still no progress.  I circled the pole pushing my body into it as I went trying and trying to get some break.  Nothing still. "Aargh!"  I cried in frustration.  Giving one last series of tugs and pulls I leaned the top of my head against the pole to rest.  I was giving up.

With my legs getting tired I decided to work my way down to my knees.  Tucking one leg under I lowered myself to one knee and then pulled my second leg back.  I then moved to a sitting position on my legs and shifted my weight to one side trying to maintain balance and slid onto my hip.  With my legs tucked back I tried to swing one around but lost my balance and fell onto my side.  I rolled away from the pole and onto the carpet to lay and wait as I now believed it impossible to escape.  How long were they going to make me stay in this suit?  I thought after what seemed like twenty minutes.  I was oddly comfortable but I was getting bored just lying there.

Lying on my back with my knees bent I dosed off.  I am not sure for how long but I was awaken by hands as they were placed on my knees.

"How are you doing Pet?"  Simone spoke.

"Frustrated" I replied.

"Ha.  We've only just begun."  I kept silent.

"I need you to roll over for me", as she pushed my knees to one side.

I rolled onto my stomach with her help and Simone took my left ankle in her hands and pushed it up bending my leg at the knee.  On her knees she straddle my leg between her thighs shoving her right knee into my ass.  My ankle was resting on her chest between her breasts.  As Simone leaned far forward bending my leg downward I felt rope being slid under my upper thigh close to my pelvis.  She wrapped it several times around my thigh and ankle.  I could then feel her threading the rope between my thigh and ankle around the existing rope tying it off tight.  The two remaining lengths of the rope were then pulled between my big toe and my second toe and over the underside of my foot.  She wrapped it around each side of my foot a couple of times and then around the back of my ankle where she finished off the ends.  Simone then shifted her position to my other leg being sure to jam her knee into my ass and groin and repeated the tying process with another length of rope.  Simone stood and I was now effectively frog tied.

"Are you ticklish Tate?  Because we need you to struggle some more."

"God no" I thought.  "Do not tickle me."

With that Simone took her long nails and dug them deep into the bottom of my feet.  I threw my head forward and tried to thrust my feet back but they were firmly held tight in their binds.  I couldn't even wiggle my feet away from her nails due to the rope between my toes pulling them tightly downward.  I began to writhe in pain as Simone continued to dig and run her nails inside the arches of my feet.

"Stop, please stop" I hollered through my hood.

"I did not give you permission to beg" retorted Simone.

With this she sat on my back, unzipped my hood and pulled it forward off of my face.  She took her left hand and placed it under my chin and pulled it up making me face straight forward.

"I didn't quite hear what you were asking, can you ask again but slower and coherently this time?"

"I asked if you would please sto..."

As soon as my mouth formed the word 'stop', Simone shoved a rubber ball deep into my mouth with her free hand.  She released my chin and quickly strapped the attached strap around the back of my neck.  My mouth was forced wide open and I couldn't bite down or push the ball out with my tongue.  Simone pulled the hood back over my head and zipped it closed.  "That should keep you quite while I play with you."

Simone commenced the tickling of my feet.  Not being able to move my feet or legs at all I writhed back and forth at the waist and hips trying to get away from her hands.  I could feel the heat from the friction of the Darlex straightjacket on my arms as it rubbed hard against the rug back and forth.

This suit was strong.  Although I was firmly concentrating on my tortured feet I knew that Samantha and Alex were watching the affects on the straightjacket.  My intense suffering was only the means to the end goal.  The tickle torture went on for a good twenty minutes or so.  I had both tears welling up in my eyes and drool building up escaping my mouth around the ball gag.  I could feel the wetness of the Darlex against my face as the tears and drool absorbed into the fabric.  It was intensely erotic and humiliating at the same time.

When Simone stopped I could hear her leave the room.  She left me there tied tight without means of escape with my face resting in a pool of my own drool.  How long was this going to go on?  I thought.  Surely I must have rubbed this Darlex suit raw on this rug with how hard I had been squirming.  I was exhausted.

Another fifteen minutes must have passed before Samantha, Alex and Simone came back into the room.  Simone began to untie my legs as Samantha spoke.

"You have done well Tate.  You have given us a really good idea of how our Darlex straightjacket will fair under extreme conditions.  Your first testing was successful.  I must say that I am pretty happy with the quality of construction.  Maybe one minor aesthetic adjustment but I think it is ready for production."

Samantha explained the jacket's construction details to me as I stretched my legs back to life and they helped me to my feet.  "It's getting late and you are probably pretty tired after your first day of testing."  Samantha released my arms from the back and I slowly moved them around to the front as the blood began to flow freely through them.  Samantha unzipped the suit, pulled the hood off and peeled the suit off over my shoulders.  I pulled my arms out as she pushed the suit down to my ankles.  Stepping out Samantha picked it up and shook it out.  I was surprised to see absolutely no wear on the arms or front of the suit.  Aside from the obvious wet hood, the suit looked just as new as the moment I had stepped into it.  Amazing.

"You look really cute gagged, Tate" Samantha said as Alex smiled slyly behind her.  "We may need to make that a part of your uniform but for tonight I think we should remove it."

"The girls set your bed up for you so lets get you tucked in for the night."  Samantha grabbed my elbow and led me towards the bed.

On the bed was yet another Darlex item.  It was long, stretching from the head to the foot of the bed.  Again black in color it appeared to be some sort of a body bag with an open zipper from neck to shin.

"This is our Heavy Duty Darlex Sleepsack.  You will be sleeping in this tonight while we record your movement with two of the night vision cameras installed in your room.  Tomorrow we will review the DVR recording and look for signs of discomfort and broken sleep.  You should have enough flexibility to sleep soundly and enough restriction to keep you from getting into any trouble through the night.

Samantha removed my gag and Alex and Simone escorted me to the bathroom where I relieved and hydrated myself.  I looked to the door on the way back and for a split second thought about bolting.  I am not sure where I would have run to naked though.  Although not what I expected my new job to be, I was extremely curious, and deep down I trusted Samantha.

We returned to the bed as Samantha patted the center of the Darlex sleepsack.  "Right here, Pet".

I did as ordered and with Samantha's help pushed my feet into the enclosed bottom of the sack.

Grabbing my left arm with her right hand Samantha continued,  "Our sleepsack has built in internal sleeves that will keep your arms firmly restrained at your sides."  as she slid my hand into the opening of the sleeve.

Alex began the same process with my right arm.  "This is to prevent you from both trying to manipulate the zippers from the inside and from playing with yourself when you think no one is watching."  As my arms find the ends of the sleeves Samantha pushes me down onto my back. She takes the zipper pull at my shins and begins to seal the sleepsack tight.  I can feel the Darlex stretching tight along my body as the zipper is pulled up just below my neck.  "As snug as a bug! Well almost."

Samantha pulled out another Darlex hood and stretched it over my head.  Like the one attached to the straightjacket suit, this one had no eye or mouth holes. She tucked the hood under the suit all the way around my neck and zipped the sack the rest of the way closed.  "One more unique feature of this sleepsack Tate I think you may like, Like the first Darlex suit you wore, it has a three way zip so we can access your pretty cock and play with you".

As Samantha explained this she had pulled two of the three zips down to my groin and opened a small hole.  Reaching in she pulled my caged cock and balls out leaving them as the only exposed part of my body.  She stood and said goodnight leaving Alex and Simone by my side. 


This all happened nearly a year ago.  I can't tell you exactly how much sleep I got that night as the torment was far from over and into the following days.  I tested the same Darlex straightjacket at least another three times in various humiliating and restrictive scenarios.  I wore and tested a myriad of Darlex, spandex and PVC suits, armbinders, hoods, and even a hobble dress. I have tested these items both on and off sight.  In fact, even for the small amount of downtime I actually do have, I am not allowed to wear regular clothes in the shop.  Darlex is my favorite of the lot.

I would do anything for Miss Stone.  Anything.  She has changed my life.  I humbly serve her.  I have found solace and I like it.




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