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Queen Rubberia's Tomb

by Phantom

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© Copyright 2014 - Phantom - Used by permission

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Part I

For the third time that day, Jessica had come to a metaphorical dead end. The local government had denied her futher permissions to explore the pyramids under the excuse that she “Had no real aptitude or credibility as a scholar.” It was ludicrous! Jessica stormed out of the office at Karnak, furious with rage. She undid a few of the buttons on her khaki photojournalist’s top, leaving her cleavage almost entirely exposed. She felt the stares of a the men (and women) on the road, but paid them no heed. She was in no mood to explain herself, and besides- she was hot.

Jessica had originally come to southern Egypt despite the dangers to meet up with a friend – but Malchezzar had stood her up. Jessica stormed into her jeep, furiously panting, and wiped the sweat from her brow.

Egypt had not been anything like she had hoped. Her social ostracism at home and complete ineptitude with the locals had kept her from forming bonds in Africa or back at Cambridge. Not that it mattered, anymore, as her major – Egyptology – was rapidly fading. It was the domain of professors and their brown-nosing assistants, she thought – no place for someone who sought adventure or fulfillment.

Jessica furiously jumped into her jeep and whipped out her satellite phone. She left a message for her partner that she was going to investigate the last pyramid if it was the last thing she did.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s partner, Lexa, could hear the phone ringing, but she couldn’t reach it. She had been simply sitting in the hotel room, changing as she got out of the shower. She had time before Jessica came back with the permissions. She slipped on a simple pink bra and beige top, and looked for her suitcase with her other underwear. “Huh?” She noticed a new piece of clothing in her luggage- a latex pair of panties. “Ridiculous.” But, Lexa was always an adventurous type. She slid them up her legs slowly, almost as if something was going to happen.

– and before she knew it, someone had forced a black mask over her eyes. She immediately tried to stand to see her attacker, but her attacker grabbed her arms and forced them onto the arms of the desk chair. “What- wait, wha-“ was all she could stammer before someone forced a latex mask over her mouth and nose- though two perfectly-placed holes let her breathe just enough. “Mmmh – mmph?” Lexa was more confused than scared, but there was no answer. 

Instead, she felt someone taping her arms and legs to the chair – very tightly. “Let me go!” she would’ve said, if she could speak. Struggle as she could, the ever-increasing tape was encircling her arms and legs, practically making her part of the chair. “Mmm?” This couldn’t be a kidnapping – kidnappers didn’t strand people in their rooms. She began to panic, but as her heart raced she began to think how different this was. She had never been tied up like this –she could feel herself getting wet down below, from both the heat and her predicament.

“You look warm.” A synthesized, robot voice chirped over a small speaker. Who was her mysterious attacker?

“Let me help you cool off.”

She had no idea who the man (or woman) who had come at her was – and she liked it. Never once had she thought this would happen to her! As her attacker offered his (or her) help, Lexa squeaked – what now?

Gently, the attacker took a pair of high-quality utility scissors and snipped her top (and bra) off. She had worked up quite a heat from all the excitement, and her large breasts practically burst out of her restrictive shirt. However, she coulld barely move with her arms and legs taped so tightly to the chair. She could sense her attacker leaning down, looking at her nipples – “my, my.” She felt a breath of warm air from the attacker at her nipples – once, maybe twice – sending them pert and erect. A quick pinch to her left teat made her wheek in pleasure. “Mmm – mhhhh…” Lexa had almost started to enjoy herself.

“Now, now. I can’t stay forever, but I wouldn’t want to leave you so indignified while I’m gone.”

A wave of pleasure swept across her body like lightning. What was going on? The thought kept repeating in her head. “I have an extra top for you for now. I’ll get the bottom on later.” Suddenly, Lexa felt a super-tight piece of vinyl – or possibly latex – stretch over her DD breasts.
“MMMM!” Lexa squealed into her gag. It was practically squishing her – the bra, or whatever her attacker had, was way to small for her. It felt more like her boobs were too big, rather than the top was too small.
“Calm down. I’ll be back soon enough. We can’t just leave your friend out of the excitement, can we?”

Jessica?!? Was her assailant talking about Jessica? No – she wouldn’t let –
Her thoughts of escape or rescue stopped as soon as her attacker grabbed her left breast. She began circling it around, sending a sultry mix of agony and unfulfilled pleasure into her mind. She arched her back against the chair. “Sit tight.” And with that, the attacker departed, leaving Lexa to stew in her tight latex.

Meanwhile, Jessica entered a small crypt. Heading down the stairs, she prepared to enter the tomb of Queen Rubberia – followed by a mysterious shadow…

Part II

Jessica stepped into the tomb of Queen Rubberia, initially rather nervous. It was slightly cooler than in the desert, which is to say it was no longer scaldingly hot. She didn’t mind. Of course, she only had so much time to investigate the tomb before someone realized that she may have illegally entered. She didn’t have much equipment other than her camera and notebook, but that was fine too. 

The first thing that struck her was the hieroglyphs on the wall. Considering that this was supposed to be an honored site, full of stories and knowledge, the walls were somewhat empty. She turned the corner at a T-intersection and found only more blank walls. Curious – she continued to make her way through the intersecting tomb. It was almost as if someone had designed it to confuse anyone who entered – luckily, she left a trail of string. She wasn’t stupid.

At the very far end of the tomb, Jessica found just three inscriptions – none of which she could properly read, having been mostly destroyed. She did see a stunningly lifelike statue, though – odd, rather than being a caricatured statue like normal Egyptian culture.

The statue was (presumably) of Queen Rubberia. Her body was covered in some sort of black material, covering even her hands. A large, leather collar circled her neck, as well as a huge Egyptian necklace with gold trim and beads. She was quite beautiful, with full lips, milky-white skin, and sharp eyes.

It was extremely strange that the statue was in such great quality considering the state of the rest of the tomb. If there was anything unrealistic about her (aside from the clothing), it was that her hips were just a wee bit too flared (which Jessica thought was sexy) and her breasts were giant – at least an F-cup.

Seeing nothing else in the tomb, Jessica finally decided to depart. There was nothing- NOTHING – not even a secret passage or a single urn. Dejected, she followed her string to the exit – but when she just barely left the statue hall, she pulled the string – and found it had been cut!

It was no problem. Jessica had been used to this sort of thing. She calmly knew that she could probably exit the tomb by following the right-hand wall. She retraced her steps back to the statue hall- but it was GONE!

“What? Impossible. It was right there – I’m sure this is the same room!” Her monologue echoed throughout the tomb.

Ah, well. It couldn’t be helped. She moved back to the right wall. Beads of sweat formed on her brow and a lump in her throat. Her fingers slowly ran across the right-hand wall as she prepared to exit. Jessica licked her lips, and she put her left hand on her shoulder- a nervous tick. Her heart raced as she slowly traced the cool, smooth stone.

Suddenly, Jessica felt a terrible, horrific sense of dread. She turned around – And was confronted by a wave of a black, viscous substance. “What is this –“

Jessica struggled for a few seconds, but it wasn’t long before she was entirely engulfed by the substance. It felt soft and smooth to the touch, but was somewhat warm and very slippery (but not wet). It was an oddly familiar sensation.

Jessica was now on her back as the wave crept up around her body. She wriggled as it went past her parts, rocking her body with strange sensations. She could physically feel it dissolve away her clothes and tightly press against her body.

Now Jessica remembered why it had felt familiar – if it was nothing else, it must’ve been some liquid rubber. Jessica knew the texture well – she had worn it many times in the past. It wasn’t comforting as it usually was, however – though it was still exciting.

Finally, the wave reached her arms, forcing them behind her back and keeping them rigid, and over her mouth and nose. Jessica panicked at first before realizing she could breathe (with a tiny bit of difficulty.) She inhaled the crisp scent of rubber as she wriggled on the ground. 

“Mmmhmm…… mmmm?”

Jessica wasn’t especially panicked- it seemed like she would be able to get out of the layer easily enough. It didn’t seem too thick. That’s when she heard footsteps.

Jessica turned her head to see, to her surprise, the statue – walking about!

“Finally!” The statue – presumably Queen Rubberia herself – stretched and yawned, exposing her skin-tight bodysuit. What was going on?!

“Finallly…..” Rubberia had a deep, husky voice that seemed to trail on after she was done speaking. She leaned down and crouched over Jessica, still helpless. The suit seemed to be getting tighter and tighter, squeezing her legs together and arms back.

“Do you know how long I was trapped on that pedestal, little girl?” 


“A long time indeed. It get sooo boring, being immortal. You make one little mistake when you’re young and restless, and hundreds are jeering at the gates of your palace, begging for you imprisonment.”

“Hmmm….” Jessica couldn’t do much but watch as the rubber slickened and tightened over her body. It was beginning to get very shiny indeed.

“So, finally, when they do lock you up, they aren’t merciful. They make you stay there… forever.” Rubberia put extra emphasis on that word, sending shivers down Jessica’s spine. She arched her back as the rubber closed and tightened over her crotch, making a tiny ‘squeak’ noise.

“Of course, I’m free now. Thanks to you, little girly. I’d been waiting on that pedestal, saving up my energy, just waiting for eons until someone would come to my tomb. Other explorers did, of course- but none of them quite fit the description. I needed someone young… nubile to take my place.”


Jessica’s eyes widened. She frantically struggled against her bonds, but it was no use. Her whole body seemed restricted, and she was completely powerless in front of this Rubberia woman.

“Don’t’ worry about a thing… anymore.” Queen Rubberia picked Jessica up and slung her new rubberized form over her shoulder, with her hand on Jessica’s butt. She gave it a strong squeeze, letting out a loud ‘yelp’ sound from Jessica.

Rubberia walked the halls with her new replacement, smiling from ear to ear, until she reached her former pedestal. The queen placed Jessica’s helpless form onto the statue base. The legs of the rubber bodysuit instantly adhered to the pedestal.

“Now, then, girl. I really need to get going. Don’t worry, maybe someone else will come along – and you can have them take your place.”

Jessica had always wondered what a long-term experience in rubber would be like. She was about to find out.

“Now, before I leave, I’ll give you a little gift…”

Rubberia squeezed Jessica’s right breast, forcing another squeak from the rubber mummy.

“Ta-ta.” With that, Rubberia left Jessica to stew.

The pedestal seemed to be moving backwards – it suddenly stopped as it hit the wall. A strange, almost electric sensation grew over Jessica, making her groan in delight. She looked down – and in the blink of an eye, her breasts had grown from a respectable DD to at least F – probably bigger. They squeezed up against her rubber bonds, forcing her ever-tighter into her prison. The torch to her left, her only source of light, went out, sending her world into darkness. “Hmm…. I guess this… this is it.” Funny – despite her super-constrictive bodysuit and somewhat agonizing breasts, Jessica felt fine. Her only regret was that she wouldn’t get to show off her new suit and body to Lexa back at the hotel. Somehow, Jessica knew help was coming.

A black, shadowy figure dressed in an overcoat and full helmet slid through the darkness of the tomb. It covered the androgynous figure’s face, leaving his (or her) gender and looks unknown. Feeling in the darkness, the stranger smiled. “I already have one of them. Knowing what happened in the tomb, finding the other should be infinitely easier.” This was a piece of cake. The stranger switched on the thermal-vision in the and searched the tomb before stopping dead-center. A shapely figure stood motionless in the darkness, her breasts pert and excited, hips and butt daintily flared out, and stomach compressed.

“Perfect,” said the figure into the radio.

Jessica suddenly snapped out of here internal monologue as she felt a gloved hand on her breasts…




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