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by K

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© Copyright 2006 - K - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; fantasy; cons; X

Lillian slowly strolls through the woods, looking around, wondering where she could be and how she got here. The trees are in full bloom, birds are chirping merrily, nearby a couple of deer are grazing peacefully. “It looks so beautiful here, unlike myself” she said to herself. While it is true that she no longer possessed the beauty of a young supermodel, she still could catch an eye or two even though she had reached her 40's. Sure, her 5'1” frame had a couple extra pounds, a few extra wrinkles, a sag here and there, but her gentle brown eyes and calming smile more than made up for her small misgivings. She walks toward a clearing where a gentle stream is flowing through. When she reached the stream to sit down, she noticed a familiar figure resting in the shade of a large oak tree.

“Kerry? Is that you? What are you doing here? What is this place? What is going on?” she rambled. Kerry simply raised his head slightly, just enough to reveal his deep brown eyes to her and made a motion to quiet her. Lillian went silent and was calmed by his presence, noticing just how stressed and tense she had been only moments before. He stood up and slowly walked over to where Lillian was standing, giving her a big hug and considering he stood a full nine inches taller, lifted her up in the process. 

Once she had been placed back on firm ground again, she waited for an explanation, but Kerry just seemed to be gazing off into the distance. Lillian glanced over where something seemed to have his attention, but seeing nothing returned her focus to Kerry. He was younger than her, but had an air about him that made him seem older than his age. Like Lillian, he wasn't going to be mistaken for a hunk. Kerry was a quiet man who was often hard to read, but was sweet and couldn't harm a fly.

“Do you trust me?” he asked after a lengthy silence.


“Do you trust me?”

“Of course, but could you at least tell me something about what is going on here? I'm not exactly sure how I got here or where this place is.”

Kerry sighs. “This is my special place. It's a place I come to when I need a break, need to get away from it all, need to just relax. If you allow me to, I can show you a wonderful time that you will never forget.”

“Wonderful time huh?” Lillian replied while eying Kerry. “Just what do you have planned?”

“Don't worry about that. Go relax and get clean up in the stream.”

Lillian was still sceptical of what Kerry was up to, but a dip in the water did seem like a good idea. She watched as he got out a laptop and proceeded to do something on it. She couldn't see what he was doing, but he was browsing the Sax Leather website for some items. 

With Kerry occupied, she slowly dipped her foot in and was surprised by the warmth of the water. She was expecting it to be cold, but it was warm and soothing. Lillian quickly made her way in and sat down in the water. She began cleaning her arms and face, but the longer she sat, the more she loosened up. Lillian let her auburn hair down, letting it flow down past her shoulders. She started to peel off her layers of clothing, piece by piece, until she was down to what nature had given her. With her clothes piled nearby, Lillian relaxed and let the water flow over her every curve. She was blissfully daydreaming in the gentle stream when she was brought back to reality by the sound of a clearing throat. Noticing that Kerry was watching her, she turned beet red and tried to cover herself up as best she could. She looked for her clothes hoping she could quickly get to them, but she couldn't find them.

“Don't worry, I'm taking care of your clothes.” Kerry told her. “They were all soaking wet so I thought I'd get them dried for you. Now, why don't you come on out of the water so you can experience what else I have planned.”

“But I'm nude!”

“That doesn't matter. You trust me right? You know I wouldn't do anything you would object to.”

Lillian glared at Kerry for a few moments, but finally began moving toward him. He helped her out and once she was out she gave him a little warning. “If you try anything buster, I'll chop your dick off and use it as a dildo” she threatened in a playful manner. 

“Well, there goes plans A through D” he joked. 

They both laughed but Lillian jumped when she felt something wrap around her ankles. A vine had snaked out of the ground and was beginning to encircle it's victim. Lillian tried to pull the vine off but it was securely around her. Kerry told her to just relax and let the vine do its job, everything will be fine. She calmed down a little bit, but was still nervous about what was happening. The vine was working it's way up Lillian's legs causing her to become wobbly. Before the vine made it to her hips, another vine fell down from a tree and threaded itself between her legs and back up through her ass and returned to the tree, helping stabilize her. She shuddered a little bit when the vine embedded itself between her lips, which were getting more moist by the moment. The wrapping made its way past her hips, trapping her hands at her side. She was slowly losing the ability to move at all. While this was going on, a falcon brought Kerry a package. 

“That's some response time” Kerry said as he took the package and gave the bird a nod.

The vine continued to work it's way up, covering her navel, then her stomach. Upon reaching her breasts it wound around them, lightly but fully covering them before moving on. While the vine continued its ascent up Lillian's body, Kerry pulled a collar out of his package and placed it around her neck. It was a leather collar with three rows of studs on it. Just as he had fastened the collar on, the vine reached it and after wrapping around the base of it the vine finally stopped. Lillian's eyes opened when she felt the wrapping stop. She had been so absorbed in the sensation of being mummified she didn't even notice the collar had been put on. Kerry picked her up and rested her on the ground with the vine that had been supporting her falling to and entering the ground near her head, securing her just as the vine wrapped around her was doing near her feet.

“This feels nice” Lillian cooed. “This is quite a pleasant feeling.”

“Just wait, it's not over just yet.” Kerry informed her as the wrapping began moving a little bit, kneading and massaging her entire body.

“Wow. You sure are living up to the 'wonderful experience' you promised” she exclaimed.

“Well, there isn't much to do right now except relax, but I prefer the shade. Care to come with me?”

“Um, I'm kind of tied up at the moment.” she joked.

Kerry kneeled down next to her and started pressing certain studs on the collar. After pressing several of them, he reached up and gave a gentle pull on Lillian's head and much to her surprise, her head pulled out of the collar. She had a thousand thoughts flashing through her mind, but she couldn't say anything. Sensing she was speechless, Kerry explained what was going on. 

“While you were in the stream, I ordered that collar that you have on from a nice company called Sax Leather. They have very prompt service and it arrived while you were being wrapped up. I did add a little modification to it to allow it to separate your head from your body though.” 

Upon hearing this explanation, Lillian didn't know what to say. Kerry carried her over to the shade and sat down with her in his lap. Even though her head was distant from her body, Lillian was still feeling all the wonderful feelings of being a mummy. They sat in silence for a few minutes as Kerry gently rubbed and massaged around what remained of her neck. It was very peaceful with birds chirping and the sun shining. It was so relaxing that Lillian was drifting in and out of consciousness. Eventually she drifted into a deep sleep, a smile firmly on her face.

She awoke to find that she really was mummified and her head was detached. “So this really wasn't a dream?” she questioned. 

“Only you will know for sure.” Kerry cryptically replied. 

Kerry took her head and placed it back in the collar and reattached it to her body. As Kerry removed the collar, the vines began to release their grip on Lillian and as she regained the ability to move she stretched her limbs out. Something seemed amiss but she couldn't place her finger on it. She headed to the stream to get freshened up and when she saw her reflection she gasped. “Is that... is that me?” she said dumbfounded as she slowly moved her hands and seeing the reflection do the same. 

“I look like I did when I was only 20”. It was true, her stomach was flat, her breasts perky, and her skin flawless. There were no wrinkles to be found anywhere on her face. She ran to Kerry and gave him a huge bear hug tackling him in the process. Some birds came chirping in bringing in her clothes in the process and Lillian realized she was laying nude on top of Kerry. “I'm so sorry about that. I was just so excited.” she said embarrassed as she hurried to redress. 

“It's ok Lily. It was rather pleasant for me too.” he joked trying to lighten the mood. She finished dressing and gave Kerry another hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I think it's time for you to head back to your apartment now. But before you go, I have one last thing for you.” Kerry told her as he pulled out a wristband that looked identical to the collar she wore earlier. “If you ever need a little time to unwind from the stress of your life or are on the verge of just snapping, pull this little band out and things will be alright.” he informed her and he placed it on her wrist. He pointed in the direction she needed to travel and with a final wave they parted ways. The further she travelled into the forest, the foggier it became and she began to lose her focus and awareness.

Lillian woke up to the blaring of her alarm clock. She turned over in her bed, stretched, and pondered the strange and pleasant dream she had. When she reached to turn off her alarm clock, she noticed a strange wristband that has three rows of studs on it...


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