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Sometime back, Jenny wrote an interesting article on why we mummify or allow ourselves to be mummified. This little excursion is intended only to discuss the "how I got here"angle. (These ramblings are not intended to cover all the various examples of mummification and bondage that have been available in movies, tv, comics, etc. Just some of the ones that were significant in influencing me, and probably many others.)

I was about 15 minutes into a trip home to visit my family. This trip usually takes about 4 hours to reach the other side of the state. As luck would have it, my car stereo died leaving me in silence, with only the tires humming on the asphalt at 75 mph as entertainment.

Never one to waste an opportunity to relax in the quiet, my mind bounced around over a few different projects that I had going. Very quickly, I settled on one of my favorite subjects...mummification. I quickly found myself wondering about all the sorts of things that had influenced and helped develop my interest in it.

I know my interest in bondage started early. Back in the late fifties and early sixties, damsels in distress were everywhere on television. Every tv show and movie had at least one woman bound and gagged. Every Saturday morning in the early sixties was filled with action/adventure serials and cartoon shows where the female characters, such as Penny on "Sky King" ended up in bondage or bandages. 

One of the first and best  mummy scenes that I remember, having an influence on me, occurred on a half hour cartoon  show about some teenagers (A girl and three boys.) who spent most of their time investigating and solving mysteries. (NOT to be confused with Scooby-Doo) In one episode, the girl and one of the boys, were kidnapped by the bad guys while investigating a museum. They were completely mummified, except for the eyes and each placed in a sarcophagus, for shipment out of the country. They're squirming and struggling was so exquisite! Since I was already looking at girls, when I saw her shapely form wrapped in those tight bandages, I was hooked on mummification.

Who can forget poor Penelope Pitstop trapped in the pyramid, on the slowly spinning turntable as the bandages slowly wound up her body. That helpless look of fear on her face as she realizes that no one may find her in time to rescue her.

Late Saturday evenings were filled with the double feature horror movies like: the original " The Mummy" and "The Bride of Frankenstein", (Angela Lansbury of "Murder She Wrote" fame was quite the hotty in her younger days. Especially wrapped up in bandages as Frankenstein's bride.)

One of my favorite horror movies with an excellent bondage scene, was a Spanish horror movie called "The Bell From Hell" You must find the uncut version to get the bondage scenes.( Four women at once.) At this impressionable age, any bondage or mummy scene that I could find on tv was both memorable and a treasure.
Reruns of the Charlie Chan detective series (With Warner Oland.) had him drawn into investigating a murder at an archeological dig site in Egypt. One of the archeologists had disappeared and turned up mummified in one of the museum displays. ( Lucky guy!)

Weeknights offered plenty of bondage and mummification to watch on various television series. "The Man From Uncle" episode entitled "The Greater Alexander Affair" found blonde haired, agent Illya Kuriyakin in the hands of a mad scientist determined to solve the riddle of suspended animation. Poor Illya was mummified from head to toe as his subject.

Finally, who could forget the tightly leather clad Miss Emma Peel of "The Avengers" fame. When she wasn't kicking someone's ass, she was tied up and gagged in some fashion. In one episode in particular, called" The Positive-Negative Man", She ends up bound at her wrists, ankles, chest and gagged while strapped to a table. Then, she was wrapped in a cocoon of silver foil. Around this time, I found myself experimenting with rolling up in a sheet, trying to imagine what a mummy felt like.

By the late sixties, I had amassed quite a collection of comics, stories, photos and men's magazines with mummification themes. I eagerly collected anything that I could get my hands on. (This stuff was getting harder to hide in my bedroom.) The Men's magazines with all the bondage themed covers and stories, that sell for large sums of money now on ebay, were available to read or take for free at your local barbershops. A school trip to the Natural History Museum in Pittsburgh, reinforced my interest in mummies. I found myself constantly drawn back to the mummies on display in the glass cases.

 Believe it or not, monthly bondage magazines were available on the newsstand with the other porno magazines. (Into the mid seventies.) I was taking a stab at my own mummification art thru either new drawings of my own or, by altering existing drawings and photos to mummify the person in the picture. One of my favorite pastimes in a boring class in school would be to design mummification machines and traps to capture unsuspecting women and process them into mummies. The margins and pages of my notebooks were full of this sort of stuff.

By the early seventies the bondage/ mummification material availability, was slowing down a lot. In both movies and tv, instead of restraint, the trend seemed to lean towards tranquilizer darts and Chloroform for controlling damsels in distress. This lasted for about 5 years and was very disappointing. That trend finally began to turn around in the late seventies with shows like "Charlie's Angels" and "Vegas". Can anyone remember the "Charlie's Angel's" episode where a van full of beauty contestants in tight tops and running shorts, were all  bound and gagged. Or when Cheryl Ladd infiltrated a beauty resort and ended up tightly mummified in a body wrap, trying to escape.

A couple of episodes of the tv show "Vegas" were good for some serious tie up scenes. Dan Tanna's blonde secretary found herself in some excellent bondage, more than a few times. For all you William Shatner fans out there, catch the T J Hooker episode with Heather Locklear bound and gagged in a nice short red dress in a warehouse, about to be menaced by a poisonous snake. My point being, that tv and the movies provided an endless list of bound, gagged and mummified women, up to that point to inspire young, developing bondage/ mummification fans.

 Into the eighties/ ninties, movies like "Tankgirl", with Lori Petty bound in a canvas restraint bag, "The House That Mary Built" with one of the heroine's friends ending up wrapped in plastic wrap from her toes to her neck, a gag in her mouth and her face covered by a featureless mask. Kim Catrall (of "Sex and The City" fame) mummy wrapped in the opening sequence of the movie "Mannequin" and "The Adventures of Young Sherlock Holmes" with its Egyptian mummification theme and sequences, kept my privates stirring. (Yes, I realize that some of these mummies were just ok and not up to Devonshire or Imago Studios standards for stringent restraint. Hey. Back then, you took what you could find.)

Two movies, worth noting, that slipped by a lot of folks, were "The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline" (Lots of voluptuous, scantily clad women in bondage.) in the late eighties, and another movie, made for HBO called "Hostage", in the early nineties. It recounted the true story of the American and British  journalists taken hostage in Iran by the Islamic Jihad and their subsequent ordeal. In one scene the hidden location of the kidnappers came under artillery fire. To move the hostages to a new location, they are gagged and completely mummified in packaging tape from head to toes and hidden in secret compartments in trucks to transport them. Very nice.

By the close of the nineties, it would seem that we had come full circle with the remake of "The Mummy". I'll never forget sitting in the theater, listening to people sitting around me wondering out loud what it would feel like to be mummified, as they watched the Egyptian priest's mummification scene. (I only wish that I could have told or shown them.) BTW: For the "MTV" generation, Did anyone catch the episode of the "Road Rules" in Morocco, about three seasons ago? A boy and girl from each team were chosen for a double mummification performed by their respective teams. Each double mummy then spent the night in a coffin like box. There are many cartoons ,tv shows and movies that I have glossed over in this discussion, for lack of time.

About two hours of daydreaming had passed, and I switched gears, thinking about some specific incidents that fueled my interest in mummification.
The first incident occurred when I was about 11 or 12 years old. The next-door neighbor kids that I played with had parents who owned a funeral home. This pretty much guaranteed that we always had cool things to play with. Each summer, their dad would set up a canvas tent, like the type used to keep mourners at the graveside out of inclement weather. The tent stayed up all summer for us to play in. He would also place a large wooden box in it. This box was a temporary coffin that funeral homes would transport bodies in.

It didn't take long for me to talk my friends into making a mummy and one of the neighbor hood girls volunteered to be our subject. (As it happened our subject was Judy, my "girlfriend".) Our plans were made and we swung into action gathering the necessary materials. Six of us were involved. Each of us swiped 2 to 3 sheets out of our mother's linen closets. We sat out in the tent cutting them up into strips, sewing and tying them together, end to end. The longer strips were then rolled up. We collected our supplies for the next day.

The next morning, we had Judy lay down on the top of the coffin with her hands crossed on her chest. I began wrapping her in the strips with my friends helping. After about 45 minutes, we had her wrapped from head to toe and she was helpless. We left her eyes and nose uncovered, for obvious reasons.( In retrospect, poor Judy was the raggediest looking mummy you've ever seen.) All the threads hanging off those scissors cut edges. Even with strings hanging off everywhere, we were proud of the job we did. She was thoroughly enjoying herself and asked to be put in the wooden coffin. We obliged her after bringing out my friend's dad's drill and hole saw and cutting holes in the back wall for air. (We had no concept of destruction of private property.)  We laid her inside and put the lid back on, screwing it down. Every once in a while we asked if she was ok, and she answered yes.

What we hadn't counted on, was the nosy old lady next door. (Every neighborhood seems to have one!) She had been watching us the whole time and after about an hour, she called my friend's parents. We were busted! In short order, Judy was released, pleading that she was ok and having fun. We were turned over to our various parents for punishment for the sheets we swiped and we all cut grass to replace the wooden coffin we damaged. (I occasionally wonder what ever happened to Judy.)

I was now 14 or 15 and my interest in mummies, especially female ones continued over the next few years as my interest in girls increased. Twice a year, my best friend's cousins would come up from Florida to visit. We had both fallen for each other and spent a lot of time together, when they came visiting. Her parents approved of me, certain that I was a good influence. I had introduced her to some light bondage during our make out sessions and commented to her , one time, that she needed to be cocooned. A few days later, everyone had gone visiting for the day. This left the two of us alone in the house. After a long make out session, I led her down into her aunt's sewing room.

I took a large piece of heavy, curtain material out of the scrap pile and laid it on the floor. She lay down in the center and got comfortable, in her bra and panties. I folded the material over her and starting at her feet, began sewing her into a snug cocoon. We talked and kissed the whole time while I worked. After about 45 minutes, she was sewn in up to her neck, in a nice, cozy, cloth cocoon. A little trimming along the sewn seam with the scissors and she was done. Looking back. My sewing skills sucked and the material had some puckers and gathers here and there, where I had pulled it tight at her waist, over her big breasts, etc. At the time she looked great to me.

Once she realized how comfortable it was and after a bit of teasing and struggling, testing to see how secure she was, she settled in. We spent about two hours, kissing and fondling. I finally, reluctantly cut her out so that we could clean up in case the adults came home early. (Adults are still notorious for that!) To this day, I'm sure that my friend has no idea how we spent that afternoon.

As time passed, my interest in bondage and mummification continued to grow. I consider myself fortunate in that I usually had a girlfriend who was either interested or willing to be introduced to some bondage play. Once I went off to college, things really heated up.

I spent 1972 thru 1975 going to college down in Pittsburgh. Staying in an apartment building, off campus, turned into quite a windfall. I had met a girl down the hall. Her name was Donna. We became friends and were soon dating. She was a Biology major, 1 year my senior, who was working part time at one of the local hospitals. After we had dated for a while, I introduced her to bondage. (My first bondage move was usually to tie a girl's hands behind her back with her bra, while making out and see how she reacted. Then progress to bathrobe sashes, rope, etc.) I suggested mummification, when the time seemed right and found that I had hit the jackpot. After the first time that I mummified her, our relationship was sealed in bandages.

Our initial mummifications were done with gauze bandages, of which we had a steady supply.( Imagine that, considering her job at the hospital!) The gauze bandages were ok, but would loosen up and didn't look good overall. Because of their transparency, it took a lot of layers to cover her tan and achieve the all white appearance. Plus she enjoyed struggling , when mummified and she could, occasionally, loosen up the gauze wrappings. After awhile, I began over wrapping the layers of gauze bandages in a full layer of the white medical adhesive tape. This made the wrapping more restrictive and durable to her rolling and struggling. We had tried ACE bandages, but became disenchanted with the short length and the clips that secured them. (We never thought to sew them together, end to end, to increase their length. Duh!)

She loved being mummified and would go under longer and longer. Eventually staying under for six or seven hours at a time. I remember cutting her out once, thinking she was in distress. Only to find out she was just getting into the mummification. She was pissed at me for two days over taking her out too soon. Usually the bandages at her crotch were soaked from her arousal and I'm pretty sure that on more than one or two occasions, she was so aroused that she orgasmed while still mummified. Usually, I would do other things while she was mummified. When not caressing her body, talking and playing with her, I would watch tv or read nearby, keeping an eye on her. The sex after she was released was incredible.

To make our mummification process more restraining and efficient, we eliminated the gauze bandages and substituted  a bed sheet. After she was wrapped in the sheet, I then mummified her with the white, adhesive tape. This saved lots of prep time and hey.the tape and sheets were still free. Usually, she was mummified every weekend, once in a while during the week, depending on our school and work schedules.

Up until now, I had always been the dominant one doing the tying and wrapping exclusively. (And enjoying every minute of it!)  One weekend, she challenged me to experience life on the receiving end of a mummification. That first experience was awesome and blew my mind. (And everything else!) She had obviously been taking notes all those times I had been mummifying her. She knew how to wrap all the problem areas, where to put the pads, etc.
Wound tightly under the sheet and tape, unable to move. Helpless as a baby, the useless struggling and squirming. No sight, muffled sounds and at some ones mercy for release. It was an incredible experience. (Various tie up games as a kid, were never this good.) Thru our entire relationship, I was mummified maybe three times. I certainly regret not submitting to it more often.

We continued to refine our wrapping techniques to include a gauze wrap on the individual arms and legs to isolate them. Then the sheet, and the subsequent layers of tape as the full overwrap..
Interestingly enough, we never thought of using toys in her, under the mummification.
After she graduated, she had to move to accept a job in another state. We did however part on good terms.

About two years later, a week or two after a massive flood had devastated the town where I lived, I received a letter from my old girlfriend. She had moved back into the state and was now living in a town about thirty miles from me. She wondered how my family and I had faired after the recent flood. She included her phone number. I called her and we got together for dinner to "reminisce". Later that night I took her back to her condo. Over our coffee, in the conversation, she asked if I still enjoyed our favorite pastime. I smiled and said yes. She took my hand and walked me back into her bedroom and showed me her stash of mummification supplies. It turned out she had not found anyone to mummify her since our relationship had ended.

With the look in her eye, it didn't take but a second to figure out what she was hoping would happen. Our mummification play resumed that night, as if it had never ended two years ago. After another eight months of mummification fun, we called it quits and parted company for good.

I don't know why wives and girlfriends always seem obsessed with knowing about previous partners. Every time my partner asks about a girlfriend named Donna. I just get this big shit eating grin on my face that she doesn't understand. (And never will unless she reads this.) 

Over the years, I've been lucky enough to have some great mummification experiences. Luckily, no bad ones. Because of my interests and the internet, over the last four plus years, I've met some very cool people who share the same interests. If your getting wrapped now, more power to you. If your waiting for your first time, don't give up, be patient. 
Take care.



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