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Return Of Ankhesenamun 3: Ankhesenamun's Slave

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2016 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; mummies; museum; encased; display; transform; bodyswap; trapped; mc; slave; entrap; switch; wrap; lesb; reluct/cons; X

story continues from Part Two

Part 3: Ankhesenamun's Slave

Kendell glanced around herself despondently. Only yesterday, she'd rushed into this apartment. She'd been trying to save Gina, her friend, from the curse of Ankhesenamun, an ancient Egyptian priestess. Instead, she'd found Gina's body already possessed by Ankhesenamun spirit. She, herself, had quickly found herself enslaved by Ankhesenamun's powers, unable to refuse any command, including the latest one, to remain in this apartment until Ankhesenamun's return.

As she waited, helpless to leave, Kendell reflected on what she'd learned so far. Ankhesenamun, as she'd already known, was one of five female mummies she helped discover at a recent dig. It was she who'd arranged for the mummies to be put on display at the museum where Gina worked. In so doing, she'd set the stage for Ankhesenamun, entombed alive along with four of her handmaidens, to return to the world of the living by possessing the bodies of mortal women. Already, two other women had been taken: Monique, a model and friend of Gina, and Bree, a local waitress. Now their bodies, along with Gina's were out searching for their next victim.

And there was more. Last night, between bouts of mind-numbing pleasure, the three women had talked, totally ignoring Kendell. This morning, there had been further conversation. From this, she learned that the spirit occupying Monique's body was called Satkamose, while Dadyet inhabited Bree's body. Two more of Ankhesenamun's handmaidens, Hetepheres and Webjebten, were still at the museum, waiting for suitable bodies to possess.

Still, Kendell had no idea what she could do with the knowledge she was gaining. At the moment, she couldn't even leave the apartment, and, even if she could, she had no idea where Ankhesenamun and her handmaidens had gone, and even less idea how to stop them.

Even as Kendell frowned at this thought, another entered her mind. Their powers, the thought informed her, come from the windows to their souls, while the gift of life will be their undoing. Another mystery, she thought. The eyes were considered the windows to the soul, and she knew first hand the power of Ankhesenamun's gaze. The gift of life, however, was less clear.

Kendell's thoughts were interrupted by the opening of the door. Silently, she watched as Ankhesenamun and her two handmaidens entered, followed by a fourth woman. Another one, she thought desperately. Only one more and her chance of stopping Ankhesenamun would vanish.

"Kendell," Ankhesenamun told her, smiling, "greet your newest Mistress. This is Hetepheres, now known as Winona."

"Greetings, Mistress," Kendell said obediently, even as her mind groaned at the thought of a night with four of these women instead of three. Last night, she'd experienced things she'd never thought possible, and she wasn't sure her body could take another night of the same. Thus, it was with more than a little relief that she heard Ankhesenamun's next words.

"While I am gone, you will serve my handmaidens as you would serve me. You will go and do as they command you."

"Yes, Mistress," Kendell replied. "And where are you going?"

"Slaves," she was informed, "do not ask questions. Still, I see no sense in not telling you that I have sensed the final one I seek. Unfortunately, this one does not live in this city. I must utilize one of your society's wondrous flying chariots to reach her. While I am gone, you will serve my handmaidens, as I have instructed. You will also ensure that our old bodies are not disturbed until my return."

"Yes, Mistress," Kendell said, hiding a smile at the thought that these instructions would allow her to leave. "Maybe I should check the museum now," she offered, relieved to see Ankhesenamun nod.

"A good idea, and one that pleases me. You will indeed serve me well. Now go."

"Yes, Mistress." Trying not to hurry too much, Kendell gathered the clothing she'd been ordered out of the night before. Once dressed, she walked sedately from the apartment, only to break into a run as soon as the door was closed. Maybe, once she was at the museum, there'd be some clue as to what she needed to do next.

Several moments and a cab ride later, Kendell stood in front of the display at the museum, staring at the five mummies. The center one, she knew, held the body of Ankhesenamun, now inhabited by Gina, her best friend. From barely visible quivering, she could tell that the two mummies on the right, as well as the first one on the left, now held the spirits of Monique, Bree and Winona, though she had no idea which was which. Still, this was as good a place as any to look for answers.

Carefully, she unwrapped the head of the center mummy, exposing the unworldly beauty of Ankhesenamun's face. The eyes that stared back at her were wide with a fear that Ankhesenamun had probably never felt. The lips, once the packing cloth had been removed, worked soundlessly for a moment, and then the voice emerged, deep and melodious.

"Kendell? What's happening?"

"Oh, Gina," Kendell replied, "it's all my fault. I let Ankhesenamun out of her tomb, and now she's walking around in your body."

"But why?" Slowly, Kendell explained the story of Ankhesenamun's curse, as well as her efforts to free her handmaidens.

"And she already has three," she concluded. "Only one more, and I won't be able to stop her. And she's on her way to get that last one now." She sighed. "And I have no idea how. The only thought I have, and it probably isn't mine, is something about how the gift of life will be her undoing, but I have no idea what that means."

"Kendell, don't be foolish." Kendell's eyes widened at these words. "Don't you remember your ancient beliefs? What was the gift of life?" The face of the mummy frowned at Kendell's puzzled look, then lush lips pursed, causing Kendell's eyes to widen.

"Of course! Now it makes sense. I just need to know which mummy is which. Any ideas there?"

"The first one," came the reply, "was just to my left. At least, that's where the voices seemed to be coming from."

"That's all I need." Quickly, Kendell gathered up the discarded strips of cloth. "I'm sorry, Gina, but I have to wrap your head again. But I'll leave that cloth out of your mouth." Turning words into actions, she quickly had the mummy's head wrapped. "Thanks, Gina," she said, moving quickly toward the door. "I know what to do now, and I'll be right back."

Determined not to fail, Kendell rushed back to the apartment. "Mistress Satkamose, there's something at the museum I think you should see."

Satkamose/Monique nodded. "Lead on." Eagerly, Kendell led the way back to the display.

"Now, what is it you wish me to see?" Satkamose' eyes widened slightly as Kendell began removing her clothes.

"Me, Mistress," she replied, smiling. "I wanted a chance to be with you, without the others to distract me."

Returning the smile, Satkamose quickly removed her own clothing. "You are indeed becoming worthy of the Goddess," she said, spreading her arms in invitation. Her smile turned to a frown as Kendell stepped back.

"A game," Kendell said. "Lets make it last by playing a game. Close your eyes and see if you can find me."

The smile returned to Satkamose lips as her eyes closed. As soon as they were shut, Kendell quickly unwrapped part of the mummy behind her. "Right here, Mistress." Slowly, Satkamose moved forward until she stood almost touching the mummy, which was now held awkwardly in Kendell's arms. "I'm right in front of you," she whispered over the mummy's shoulder. "You can kiss me if you lean forward just a bit."

Satkamose leaned forward in reply. As her lips touched those of the mummy, her body stiffened. For long moments, the body remained stiff. Then, slowly, it stepped back, looking around in confusion.

"What's going on?" The eyes fastened on Kendell, still holding the mummy. "Who are you?"

"Monique?" The woman nodded slowly. "Oh, thank heaven. I'm Kendell, a friend of Gina." Before she could say more, the mummy she held began speaking loudly in words Kendell couldn't understand.

"Damn." Carefully, Kendell returned the mummy to its place. Then, finding the cloth she'd discarded earlier, she stuffed it into the mummy's mouth, muffling the words. Quickly she rewrapped the head, further muffling the sounds emerging from the now gagged mouth.

"What's going on?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Kendell replied. "But I do need your help. Two more of these mummies are women trapped like you were, and we need to free them. I know you were scared and confused, but can you tell me, from the voices you heard, which mummy they paid attention to next?"

Armed with the information provided by Monique, Kendell next lured Dadyet to the display. Using the same pretense of a game, she quickly returned Bree to her body. Winona, also, was freed, and the four women stood before the display, the others listening while Kendell explained what was happening.

"This is too strange," Winona said, shaking her head. "I wouldn't believe a word of it if I hadn't seen my own body moving around while I couldn't. And," she added, "if I hadn't seen my body do things I would never have believed before with these other women."

"What about Gina?" Monique gazed at the center mummy.

"We'll get her out," Kendell assured her, "but this one won't be as easy. Ankhesenamun is the leader, and more powerful than these others. And she won't be fooled by a sex game, especially if she's got her final victim in tow. She'll have to be forced, and I can't act against her. A single command from her would turn me against you. So it's up to the three of you, and I think I know how you can manage it."

Ankhesenamun smiled as she approached the display. Behind her strode her latest selection, her mind totally under Ankhesenamun's control. One more, she thought, and all of her handmaidens would be free. One more, and the revels could begin anew.

"Hello, Mistress."

Ankhesenamun stared at Kendell. "What are you doing here?"

Kendell smiled. "Making sure all is well, Mistress," she replied. "As you instructed." Behind Ankhesenamun, she could see the others approaching silently.

"Well, begone," Ankhesenamun said. "I must free my final handmmmmmmm....." As she spoke, Monique reached from behind, covering Ankhesenamun's mouth with her hand. Her other hand covered Ankhesenamun's eyes. At the same time, Bree and Winona grabbed her arms. Her voice muffled, unable to see, Ankhesenamun struggled as the three women forced her toward the center mummy. Moving quickly, Kendell unwrapped the mummy's lower face, exposing the mouth. Slowly, the three women forced Ankhesenamun closer, until, with a final shove, Monique lowered her hand, uncovering Ankhesenamun's lips just before they touched those of the mummy.

Immediately, Ankhesenamun stiffened. Uncertain, the three holding her kept their grip, pushing her forward. For long moments, the tableau held; then the trapped woman's lower arms raised, pushing against the mummy. At the same time, muffled words slipped from between her lips.

"Get me away from this thing."

"Gina?" Any further words were drowned by the sudden torrent of incomprehensible words pouring from the mummy's lips. Moving quickly, Kendell stuffed the mouth with cloth, rewrapping the head before she could be commanded. With the mummy's words reduced to barely audible murmuring, she turned to the others.

"Gina," she sighed, wrapping her friend in a tight hug, "are you alright?"

"I am," Gina replied, "but you won't be. I just came this close to spending the rest of whatever as a mummy thanks to you."

"I know, and I am so sorry. I didn't know this would happen, you have to believe that. How could I have known?"

Gina sighed. "You couldn't," she replied softly. "Nobody could. And you did rescue all of us."

"And kept Ankhesenamun from freeing her last handmaiden," Kendell added, glancing toward the strange woman, who only now had begun to look around her.

"Where am I?" she said, her voice confused. "And who are you?"

"It's a long story," Kendell told her, "and you wouldn't believe most of it. For now, let's get out of here." Together, the five women left the room. Behind them, barely visible, five mummies quivered slightly, five women once more trapped in their prisons of flesh and cloth.

"I don't understand."

Ellen Powers glanced around the table, gazing at each of the men seated there. Finally, she turned her attention to the speaker. "And what is it you don't understand?"

"Ellen, look," the man said patiently, "it's been six months since your husband died and you took over. Since then, you've proven that you can run things. But we've got everything we need here. You now control the biggest criminal organization in the country. Why go to another city? And why a museum?"

Ellen frowned. "Because," she replied, "there is something in that museum I need."

"Mummies?" The man looked skeptical. "That's what you showed us, right? Five mummies locked in a glass case. What's so special about those things?"

"Those things, as you call them, are the key to power you couldn't imagine. And I mean to get it back." Behind Ellen's eyes, Ankhesenamun's smiled coldly. "No matter what it takes."


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