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The Robbery

by Pegasus

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© Copyright 2001 - Pegasus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; store; bodystocking; captive; wrap; saran; shrinkwrap; encase; stuck; nc; X

Louisa had been working at her local supermarket for a couple of months now, keen to earn some more money for her studies. At first she’d declined the night shift, but then thought of the extra bonus for the late work and volunteered. She’d be on her own to set-up the new promotional displays, easy work but not exactly exciting.

She turned up just before the last cleaner was going out, “Hi Louisa, late shift again, don’t work too hard!”

“Don’t worry Helen, no danger of that!” Louisa replied. Louisa went up to the canteen and got some food, then went to the ladies locker room.

She opened up her handbag and pulled out her new bodystocking. She loved to wear it as much as she could and it was snag-proof so it was the good as the day it was bought. She stripped off and pulled it on, then walked over to the mirror to pull up the zipper at the back. She put her clothes into the locker and locked it up, force of habit.

Louisa walked back down into the store in just her bodystocking, it was better this way anyway as the store was warm at night with the air-conditioning turned off. No one would know anyway, she’d be long gone by the time anyone came in the morning to open up.

She had been putting the new stands together across the store when she thought she heard something, “Damn it these stupid stands, why can you stand up for once”. She padded across to where she thought the stand had collapsed; she saw nothing wrong when someone grabbed her from behind. Shit she thought, she looked down and saw a hand, he was holding a knife, ‘Oh God what’s he going to make of me?’ she thought to herself.

“Nice of you to leave the door open for me, saved me breaking in”. Louisa was trembling with shock and fear, she hadn’t locked the door when she came in, she cursed herself but it was too late now.

The man released his grip on Louisa, she looked for a way to run but she was hemmed into a corner. She turned round and looked at him, he was a big, big man, the kind you see bouncing heads together at nightclubs, that and he had a combat knife. Not that he needed it; Louisa was practically naked in front of him, with nowhere to go and no one to help.

“Right then, nice outfit you’ve got there, now you behave yourself or you’ll be in trouble! Now show me the way to the safe, and take it slowly”

Louisa padded in front of him through to the managers office, she was absolutely petrified but went on in a dazed bewilderment. “Do you have the keys?” 

Louisa shook her head, trying to cover herself up, but couldn’t decide what to cover first. The man looked annoyed, he took a few steps back then flew at the door with his shoulder. It was locked and bolted but the force of this man sent it crashing inwards, splitting down the middle as well. Louisa was standing there shocked again at the force he used, there would be no standing up to him, and she’d have to do as he said.

He came back out and dragged her through by the arm and shoved her onto a chair, which went flying on its wheels and she crashed into the wall. She sat the quietly as he went to work on the safe. Once he had opened it he turned to look at her, sitting huddled up in the chair still shaking. 

“What will I do with you now? You can’t raise the alarm till I get far away, I haven’t brought any rope with me either, didn’t think anyone would be in at this time. Stay there and don’t move.” He disappeared out the door back into the store.

Louisa relaxed slightly when he had gone but knew he would be back, she looked around the room to find anything she could use to defend herself but saw nothing of use, he had taken the knife with him and she was still sat in just her favourite garment, she wished now she had a lot more on.

After about ten minutes he returned still carrying his bag and walked over to her, “Right, up you get”, she hesitated, trying to cover herself again, he grabbed her arm and hauled her up. He pushed her along in front of him, he seemed to be relaxed now he had his money but no-less scary looking. 

When they got to the meat section he told her to stop. Louisa was more afraid now, with all these knives lying around and this was where they butchered the meat. He went into his bag and pulled out several rolls of cling-film, she really didn’t know what to make of this as he came over to her.

“Stand up straight with your arms by your side” he commanded, she did as he said, she knew by now how strong he was and would do whatever he wanted. He started to wrap the cling-film up her legs, pulling them tight as he went. He continued up over her waist with a second roll and new roll again for her chest. She silently cursed him, he was enjoying this, she could tell by his grin but she remained silent, she still feared him. 

Once he had wrapped her all the way up her body he brought another roll and wrapped her head solid, pausing only to pierce a hole for her nose. She was wrapped tightly all over, she was still worried of what would happen to her next but felt strangely excited with the feeling of her moist body soaking into her bodystocking in this strict confinement of the cling-film.

He picked her up and she stayed totally straight in his arms, good-girl he thought. He took her over to the shrink-wrap machine. It was designed to wrap the meat when it was brought in to keep it fresh. He laid her down onto the plastic-covered surface and stood back to turn it on. The machine whirred into action, using sensors to guide it stretched a layer of plastic down the length of her body, then pulled it down over her tightly. A beam then came out and started to blow out red hot air and it travelled up the body pushing the plastic down into the wrapped form of Louisa and fusing with the wrap and shrinking it all onto her. It then cut round the shape of Louisa, taking off the excess plastic.

The beam stopped at the top, the base rotated Louisa round 180 degrees so she was suspended in the air. What used to be the base lifted up and left the plastic sitting on-top her, the beam the started up again and came back down her body sealing the rest of the plastic down onto her back and fusing it simultaneously with the front. The plastic had now all melted into one continuous layer; she was entirely sealed in plastic.

The machine placed her down and turned off. The man came over and cut a hole for her to breathe, she started breathing rapidly through it as she had been starved of air.

Louisa was thankful of being able to breath again, she tried to move but couldn’t at all, she couldn’t see or hear anything now. She had been numbed by it all, she had seen the machine work before on smaller items and now she knew what it felt like to be packed up like a lump of meat. 

As he left her laid there she wondered what would happen when morning shift came in and found her packed up in her favourite bodystocking!! 


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