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Roman Mummy

by Xena Deckartt

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© Copyright 2003 - Xena Deckartt - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; mum; toys; cons; X

On 2001, I traveled to Greece to visit my grandparents and my cousins. One of them lived in Italy and she took me with her to visit her country. On my fourth day there, my cousin Tela told me about her best friend Lanera, who was curious and wanted to talk about GLS and Bondage. We phoned her, but since my uncles are very traditional, she decided to invite us to dinner. This would allow a more private talk, which we accepted. 

It was a Friday and about 7 pm, my cousin, Tela and I arrived. We enjoyed the dinner as well each other's company. During the meal she told us of her interest in girls and other things. Among them bondage. She was a Dom for sure, and I was just starting to read about the bondage techniques. I didn't consider myself dom or a sub.  Anyway my cousin and I were very excited. We had found a friend who knew about the process and we talked the whole evening about this subject. I even explained about mummification. Her eyes glowed while we talked. Unfortunately we had to leave. It was already getting late. She invited us to join her the next day.  On Saturday afternoon, about 6 o'clock, my cousin called me right on time, saying she couldn't go, but that I definitely should. Tela was busy with her family gathering and I wasn't feeling comfortable with them, since they're all strangers. Maybe the company of just one person would be better, and Lenara had been very friendly last night. 

Tela gave me a lift and I arrived at Lanera's apartment at 6:50pm. I'll never forget that moment. It was a beautiful day and when Lanera opened the door, she looked like a model, an actress, and a woman willing to be held and kissed. I was surprised and I knew there was something wrong. She was wearing a silky black dress and her skin seemed more tanned, glowing with the candlelight's she had set up in her apartment. I opened my mouth and eyes when I saw the place, all decorated with candles, some roses and glasses of champagne. "Oh my..." was the only thing that I thought.  I don't even need to tell you about the rest of the evening. We sat and talked. She looked deeply into my eyes, expressing some hunger or urge. I remember how I felt like a scared child! During the conversation I drank some champagne and since I'm not used to drinking that much, I felt sleepy. Very tired, but still conscious. And at the right moment, Lanera brought up last nights subject:  mummification.

Before nine pm, she showed me the bondage devices and locks she had purchased, always returning to the subject of mummification. Suddenly she turned with a purring voice and asked me to test the new leather cuffs on her. I said it was ok with no malice. She then smiled coming closer. I cuffed her hands behind her. After a few minutes, I released her and we began to test the apparatus on ourselves. Dumb me. I was half-drunk. Feeling tired and saying 'yes' more often than I would normally do. I noticed my submissive condition when she asked if she could cuff me to a Greek column in the hallway. I said yes. "Only until I prepare some coffee for us." she convinced me, with her sexy voice. I entered the hall, she cuffed me and I melted when she pressed her body against mine sucking on my neck. 

"Don't go anywhere." she teased. I couldn't believe it was happening. The drunkenness I felt disappeared.  Maybe because my adrenaline was so very high. Of course it was! How many times I had traveled to see my grand folks on Greece and ended up with an Italian Goddess that likes bondage? One in a million? I felt first.

The time passed and I heard numerous noises. Curtains and doors were closing. Then she finally reappeared. She then released me, took me by the hand and said she had a surprise for me. "More?" I thought. I was led to a small room with a dark-red carpet. Another Greek column stood in the corner with a leather covered, wood carved chair nearby. No windows, or lights were in the room. There was a candelabra with candles already burning on it. She smiled and like a snake, she guided me closer, pushing herself against me, and me in turn against the column. I understood what was about to happen and felt my face blushing. I refused to get close to the column and she insisted. "Please, we're just playing. Don't be such a baby. You're afraid, aren't you?" She said grinning and pushing me again. If there's something that makes me mad, it's when someone calls me a chicken! I said it was nothing to do with fear. When I was about to speak again she just held my jaw and her kiss crashed my hopes of escape. Her tongue invaded, slipped into my mouth and I felt my back knocking hard against the column. I don't remember any cuffs in her hands but, when she managed to hold one of my arms back, I heard a 'click'. She stopped kissing me immediately, and held my other arm back. I heard a second click. I was completely cuffed to the column.

I complained saying it wasn't right. That my cousin was coming later. But she only smiled, answering what I feared most. "Tela knows about it, why do you think she isn't here." With that comment, she left the room. I stood there quietly, watching the candles and thinking a thousand thoughts. "This wasn't my country, or my language. I was far from home. What was I thinking? I promised I'd never pronounce the word bondage again. Certainly, I wouldn't pronounce a word for at least 18 hours." 

Lenara soon came back dressed in a transparent cat suit (a REALLY transparent one).  Using boots and even gloves. I was admiring her body when she grabbed my jaw again and opened up my mouth saying to call her Ms. Len. She forced a mouth spreader between my jaws, against my will. I wanted to fight back but she advised me she would only make it worse. I became quiet then and she finished the adjustments to it. There's nothing worse then having your mouth held wide open. I stood there a few seconds, when she came back with more equipment. A metal clip was set on my nose, forcing me to breath only thru my open mouth. Two cotton balls were taped inside my ears. All sound disappeared. Then, she left the room, returning with a new roll of plastic tape and ropes. She wrapped my boots, going around the ankles and the column. Then she went over and around the thighs, knees and column again. I was being attached to that damn thing! When she ran out of rope, she started with the plastic tape wrapping tightly, stretching it as she went. I was feeling hot when she finished it. From the middle of my thighs to my toes, I was all tied up. 

Leaving the room again, when she returned, she laughed, showing me a large, long rubber cock gag. Then she soaked it with honey, coming in my direction. "Say ah." the crazy girl said. I turned my head to the side but she squeezed my face and pushed the penis gag coated with honey into my mouth. It was huge! Nasty! It almost reached the back of my throat and I felt sick. She quickly removed the clip of my nose and I gasped for air. My breathing was heavy and Ms.Len was getting more and more excited holding my breasts firmly. I was a symphony of moans. After a few seconds she left me again and came back with a bag. Inside there were countless rolls of duct tape. She passed behind me holding each of my hands and wrapping them tightly with duct tape. I couldn't move a finger.  T hen I felt the cuffs being opened. "There you are, my own Greek toy" she teased. "Damn right I was! My hands looked like two balls. Half of my body was attached to that column and my mouth gagged together with a three or four inch leather posture collar around my neck! But it was just the beginning. 

She unzipped my pants down to where my legs were taped. Then pushed my head down by the collar. I remained bent over while she said it would be worst if I react and struggle. What else could I do? Even bound by the legs, she had the right space to do something I'd never expect.  She laced both of my bound hands together with a big rope and I had no chance to get up straight. Then she kind of mounted me and spread each of my butt cheeks inserting a lubed plug into my butt. I made muffled sounds and struggled really hard this time. Every single nasty name I could call her, was popping up in my mind. "Oh you like that don't you?" she said diabolically. Pressing my butt cheeks against each other, forcing the bullet object further in. "This vibrator has a battery my beauty. it will vibrate for 20 seconds, every five minutes...and the batteries last 24 hours" Finished, she turned the uncomfortable plug on. She dismounted me and released the rope, moving a few feet away from my arms and me. "I was red, hot, angry...I was furious! She had no right to "invade private property!!" Just my girlfriend does! Anyway, when I calmed down, after all, I was useless to react, she walked into the room with some straps of  white elastic rubber. 

I hadn't noticed but each side of the column, as well as the top (on the ceiling), had a pin in the shape of a half moon. I began to understand when she began with the torture. She got a ladder and set a piece of elastic rubber on the top and left it hang down both sides of the column. Then she pulled the top-rubber and attached it behind my collar, causing me to stand straight up. She asked me if I was ok and I was barely able to nod. I struggled with all my strength to look down, but I just couldn't move! My arms had the same destiny. Both were attached to the side pins and pulled down. The only thing I could move were my shoulders. But, not for long. Ms Len began to work with the plastic tape again. Sealing me to the column. 

My waist, breasts, shoulders and neck were all wrapped. Amazingly, I felt ok, but tired. My muscles were tense.   Ms. Len was tired also. She was sweating under the cat suit and she decided to open the zipper in the front, exposing her tanned skin. She then left the room leaving the door open. The air filled the room and I breathed better. Ms Len came back walking with a drink in her hand. She stopped at the door and drank the cold water slowly. That reminded me of what was inside my mouth and I shook my head, trying to get rid of the nasty gag. "Mmmmmmmppp" Useless! That was a wrong move on my part. Ms Len saw me struggling and I think that turned her on. She reached into the bag, pulling out a double edge strap on. "Oh My God!" I thought with my eyes widening. She smiled. 

As I felt the zipper of my pants being opened, I moaned as loud as I could. I squirmed and struggled but did no good. Incredibly, at this time, I was feeling excited, horny, on the edge of euphoria...and I was at Ms. Len's mercy. She introduced the harness into me very carefully. Her eyes never leaving my eyes. But it was impossible to remain relaxed. She then removed it and again entered it completely in, very slowly. Out and in again. But suddenly, she stopped. At that point, I couldn't believe it. My frustration grew! I tried to spread my legs and force them out. Ms Len noticed and laughed. She rolled her fingers around my wet center several times teasing me. My butt plug then started vibrating and I shook, closing my eyes. 

Ms Len observed me carefully. My legs and body shivering. This wasn't good enough for her yet. She disappeared again out in the dark hall. Returning with 2 rolls of duct tape. I was doomed. I remember my zipper remained opened and once in a while she played with my front center. "Mmmmppphhfff!!!" was the only thing I could do. She taped me over and over again against the column. My chest became a solid wall and my legs became one. The only thing that was not covered was my head and my wet front. But not for long. She placed two cotton balls against my eyes and covered them with plastic tape, wrapping again and again. Only my nose remained unwrapped. She finished the covering with duct tape. It was so tight my mouth gag seemed to move even further back into my mouth. When she finished, she said close to my ears "Didn't take long my mummy, it's only 10:50pm, and you'll stay like that forever!" she said laughing. After that, she again placed a dildo into my wetness, but a small one, just to tease me. I felt though, something soft was attached to the harness and then my zipper being closed. After that, more tape, more duct tape. 

That's it. I felt I was finished. And of course I had the confirmation when Ms.Len held my jaw again telling me closer to my ear. "Sleep tight!". "No kidding! I thought." I moaned once again, and tried to struggle. It's amazing the feeling of that. The column and me were one. A few more minutes and I felt great as I tried to get loose. I could move as much as I wanted, but wouldn't get free. Both of my plugs started to satisfy me and I felt multiple orgasms. Also,  Ms.Len remained around me all the time, as I felt she once in a while pressed her body against mine and moaned with  me. I don't even need to say, it was the best bondage I had ever had.


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