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A Room for the Winter

by don4u2call

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© Copyright 2001 - don4u2call - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; wrap; D/s; bond; cons; X

It was 4:00pm on Friday. She was on her way home from work. His heart was pounding as he removed his clothes. He was in the basement. He wasn't allowed in his room anymore. Hell, he wasn't allowed out of the basement very often except for school or "Chores" as she called them. He'd be hers until Sunday afternoon when she gave him time to recover and study.

He had to get ready. He hoped she'd had a good day. She took out all her frustrations out on him. He thought back a little as he sat on the plastic covered metal framed bed. It was in one corner of the cold damp basement.

He was in his first year of college. He moved into the city and needed a place to stay during school. He had found her name on a college bulletin board that she had a room to rent for a male. When he called he noted she had a sexy deep English accent on the phone. After they talked for a few minutes she gave him the address and told him to come over. He went to her home as directed and met her at the door.  She was a nurse, in her mid 40's, very slim, very tall, dyed black hair, dark back eyes and wore heavy makeup. She was still in her nursing uniform. Her home was an older brick house with a second story and a large basement. She had showed him a room on the second floor.

She was very curt with him right from the beginning, but from some reason he seemed to like it. She set out a long list of rules. She wanted everything kept clean and tidy. He would have to help with the chores around the house and do what she asked her. It seemed reasonable. But when she told him that she wanted everything kept sterile, he laughed so she slapped him. He was stunned but he signed the lease. He took the room.  It didn't scare him them... but now.

His heart was pounding. He had to get ready. He was naked and went up to the kitchen and took a roll of cellophane from the cupboard. It was blue cling film. She liked the blue. It was more antiseptic looking. He went downstairs back to his musty damp room. He was staying in the basement these days. She said it saved time.

He hated this part. He slowly wrapped each of his legs. He started with his feet, then from the ankles to his thighs and kept on going up around his abdomen, chest and up to his neck.  He wrapped his shaft down between his legs to hide it and so that there was no way for him to rub it. She didn't want him to have an "accident" as she called it.

He then wrapped each arm from the wrists to his shoulders. He was starting to sweat in the plastic. Took the roll and set it on the bed. He went to the closet and pulled out the metal wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and leather collar, two metal chains and a red gag that had a small hole which ran through it. This hole had a small plug in it which sealed it. He went back to the bed. He put the black leather ankle cuffs on his ankles and connected them with a short chain. He connected the other small chain to it and let it hang free. He took the cellophane and wrapped his feet and his legs together and kept wrapping up to his neck and back down with the loose chain hanging down.

He really hated this part, but it was what she wanted. Her directions were to wrap his head, then gag himself, then more cling film over his head. She wanted him completely wrapped up.

He sighed a little as he took the roll and wrapped his head up leaving his nose and mouth free. He shuddered as he took the red ball gag, opened his mouth. It was huge. He had to stretch his jaw to put it in. Once it was behind his teeth it wasn't too bad. He  buckled it on. He then wrapped a couple more layers over his head, over the gag leaving his nose free. He put the collar around his neck and connected the buckle securing it. He laid on his stomach on the bed. The plastic squeaked. He squirmed and struggled but he reached back and pulled his legs up. He took the wrist cuffs, pulled the ankle chain through it and then locked it on his wrists behind his back, effectively hogtieing himself in the plastic. Bound and gagged, he was there until someone released him.

It was 4:30. He could just make out the clock through the plastic over his eyes. She'd be home in half an hour. He squirmed a little. He was heating up. And helpless. His jaw was starting to ache already... It was going to be a long weekend.

He occasionally looked at the clock. 5:00...5:30... oh god.. she's late... 6:00.... finally... he heard footsteps up stairs... she was walking around up there... his heart was pounding....

She came down... he squirmed as he heard her walking to him.. he looked up at her... she was still in her nursing uniform. She had a drink in one hand and a long brown cigarette in the other. She came and sat on the bed... she patted his head...

"Not bad" she said looking down at the squirming wrapped form on the bed. The shiny blue plastic sealing his body. The cling film distorted his face. She looked at the gag behind the plastic and noted the drool that had oozed from behind it and was collecting under his chin.

" I'm glad your here.. I had a very shitty day".... he sighed again... this wasn't going to be good....

She sat there for a few minutes working on her smoke, and drink....

"Well puppy... lets get started". She sat her drink and smoke down and went to a drawer. She pulled out a long heavy white rubber apron .. like a butcher's and pulled it over her head and let it hang down. She reached behind her and tied the rubber straps behind her back. She stepped out of the white sneakers she was wearing into the black rubber boots. She then took a white surgical mask and pulled it on, tying it at the back and let it hang loosely around her neck. She pulled out a pair of white latex gloves. She didn't want to touch his skin. She pulled one on her right hand and he heard the snap.

"I'm really tense sweety. It's going to take a lot to get me relaxed." He squirmed at hearing her say that. She pulled on the other rubber glove.

She took another long drag on her smoke, closed her eyes for a second holding her breath, walked over to him, bent down and slowly blew the smoke into his nose. He coughed into the gag.

"Oooo. Poor baby." she said smiling. She pulled the surgical mask up.

"I need to get you set up properly here. We need a clear striking area, don't we."

She unclipped the chain from his ankles to his wrists. She connected his ankle chain to the foot rail of the bed, then took his arms and pulled them up. They were still connected together. She took another chain and connected it to the wrist cuffs, forced his arms up and connected them to his collar. He squirmed in the plastic wrapping as he watched her go and pick up a cat o'nine tails. She walked over to him... He was shaking... She patted his plastic wrapped head.

"Relax puppy... its going to be ok. "  She stood up and stepped back. He watched her planting her feet.

He looked up, and tensed and she bought the crop up....

"Here we go sweety"

SMACK... She first struck his ass. Not too hard, but enough to get him to squirm.

SMACK .... SMACK....

Mmmphhhhhhh.. He was moaning in his gag.

SMACK.... SMACK.. SMACK... she was picking up speed.

MMMMMPHHHHHH ..... he looked up at her... her eyes were closed a little. He could tell she was getting turned on.

"Oh baby.. this feels soooo good"... she said.



SMACK... "yes.... reallll goood"


"I've had such a bad day.. I really need this"...


She worked her way up and down his back and legs.... he was sobbing into the gag.. sweating... the sweat oozing from the plastic wrap onto the bed... welts were reddening up and she continued to whip him....

SMACK. .... SMACK....  She was moaning a little with each hit...

"OOOO baby... mmmmm" she mewed quietly.




She was working up a sweat herself. She was out of breath.

"I need a break... OK?"

She stopped, pulled down the mask and picked up her smoke. She watched him squirming on the bed. She took another sip of her drink. After a few minutes she had finished the smoke. She pulled the mask back up and adjusted it.

"Let's get back to it... just a few more." she said picking up the whip and walking up it him. He saw her planting her feet and winding up.


Each time he jumped, she shuddered a little... she was panting.

The plastic was starting to shred a little..... she stopped.
"Enough of that for now." She smiled.

She went and got another drink and a smoke. She lit the smoke and walked over to the head of the bed. She sat on the edge, pulled the rubber apron up,  pulled down her panties and hiked up her skirt. She then moved to the head of the bed, her long legs on each  side of his head. He could already smell her muskyness... She hadn't washed all day. She reached down, took the plastic away from his gag, the pulled his gag out. Drool oozed from his mouth onto the plastic sheet.

She smiled. She liked everything wet and slippery. She slid her sex right in front of his face and mouth, pulled his head onto it. She flopped the apron down covering him. She took a long drag and her smoke, and a sip of her drink, closed her eyes and started to relax... the only sound was the rustling of the plastic as his head bobbed up and down as he pleasured her with his hot wet tongue.... She looked down, watching the apron moving up and down and smiled.

"Ahhh" she said. "now.. I feel a little better".

She thought to herself that this could be a good weekend after all. She moved back and forth as his tongue moved up and down, gently licking her lips, darting in and out of her... he knew what she liked. She rocked back and forth, pulling his plastic covered head hard against her sex. He could feel her shaking, he was struggling for air as she mashed his face against her. He heard her moaning and shaking.... finally... she stopped... holding him in place.... after a few more minutes... she moved.. slowly pulling herself away from him.... swinging her legs over his head and sitting on the edge of the bed..... the plastic slippery with her juices, his sweat and drool.

She was panting...

"Oooo baby... that was good". she was holding her head in her hands.... "Mmmm... you know what I like". After a few minutes she reached down and pulled her panties back up and adjusted the apron. She took the gag and stuffed it back into his mouth and tied it on. She then walked to the closet.

"Time to clean you out" she said. He squirmed. He hated enema's. Especially hers. It was usually multiples. He looked over at her. She was humming to herself as she pulled out the large clear enema bag. She put some blue colored soap in it. She walked over to the taps that were near the sewer opening. She ran the cold water and filled the bag. She walked over to him and hung the bag over the bed on a hook in the ceiling. She ran a long hose down from it and put it beside his bottom. She tore some plastic away from his cheeks and with her fingers, pulled them apart.

"Sorry sweety, I'm out of Lube... I'll have to ease it into you". She took the nozzle with her left hand, and with her right hand pulled his cheeks apart, exposing his anus. She took the nozzle, rolled it on the drool near his head and then put it up against his anus. With small circular motions, she forced it into him. He squirm a little but couldn't go anywhere. It only took a moment and a little pain (which was actually minor compares to all the welts on his back side) to get it in him. She gave it a gentle pull to ensure it was in him, then opened the nozzle.

"Here it comes sweety" she said as she stepped back. She pulled off her latex gloves and threw them in the garbage. "I'll be back in about 20 minutes. Be sure not to loose any. I'm going to get another drink." she said. She left him there.

He suddenly felt the cold water entering his system. He grunted. He felt it flowing into his bowels. He rocked back and forth and squeezed trying to prevent it from flowing in. But it was useless. He knew it from experience. He started to cramp. He looked up. She always put the bag where he could see it. She wanted him to know. He watched. From experience, it would be ten minutes to empty the bag, and she liked it to sit in him for 10 minutes. Then he'd be drained, and two rinsing enema's. It was 7:10 pm now. He rocked back and forth as he bloated up. He rolled on his side easing the pressure on his stomach. He was panting into the gag. Almost crying. He looked at the bag. It was three quarters empty. The blue colored liquid draining into him. His head was spinning. The heat, the bondage, the water filling him the helplessness he felt. He was starting to cry.

He rocked back and forth continuously. It helped. The bag was empty. He was cramping. He moaned into the ball gag. Finally she came back. He looked up at her with his puppy dog eyes.

"There there sweety.... let's get you drained out".

She snapped a new pair of rubber gloves on, grabbed a short chain and walked over to him. She released his feet from the foot of the bed and pulled him to the edge of the bed. She connected the chain to the front of the collar.

She reached up and grabbed the bag with one hand and pulled him up by his collar with the other. He moaned as she pulled him off the bed. He was doubled over as she had him hop to the sewer drain in the floor. A chain hung directly over it.
She connected the chain to the front of his collar. His arms were still up behind him. She positioned his feet ahead of the drain and pulled out the floor grate over the sewer.

"OK  sweety... get ready" She reached down and pulled out the nozzle.... His bowels evacuated quickly.. He was moaning into the gag as he emptied down into the sewer. She had stepped away and was attaching a long hose to the taps. She ran the water and was washing the area down as he drained out.

"Finished?" she asked. He nodded. She took the hose, slowed the water down to a trickle and put it to his anus and filled him up again with the hose... At least the water was warmer. She rubbed his belly as she filled him.

After a minute.. she pulled the hose away. He evacuated again. Once again, she put the hose against his anus, filled him, rubbing his belly and watching. He was moaning. She was smiling. She pulled it away and he again spilled out into the sewer. She left him standing there as she hosed down the area.

"We don't want you to have an accident.. do we... better put a plug in" she said. She went to a drawer and pulled out an inflatable plug with a hollow tube. While he was still standing there, she eased the plug up inside him. He heard her inflating the plug and felt it filling him.

"There. That should prevent any accidents until tomorrow." she said as she disconnected the pump from the plug.

"Now. Let's get you dressed. I have a list of things for you to do."

She released the chain from his collar and hopped him over to another chain away from the sewer. This one, she connected to the back of his collar and pulled it tight making him stand upright. He watched her as she picked up a pair of scissors. She walked over to him, bent down and cut the wrapping which was around both legs, but left the first layer of plastic on. She had spread his legs apart.

She took the plastic film and again wrapped his legs up, his torso, covering his ass and sealing the plug in him, and chest up to his neck. She then went and picked up a black rubber maid uniform. She had him step into it. She put some powder on the cellophane to help the rubber slide up his body.  It was sleeveless but had a thick rubber collar that fastened at the back. There were many layers of white rubber ruffles that filled the bottom of the skirt giving it volume. The bottom of the skirt went to his mid-thigh. She found the  long back rubber stockings. After removing the leather ankle cuffs, she rolled the rubber stockings on his legs up to his thigh. She put specially made rubber knee pads on each of his knees. They were thick rubber and had a connecting chain with a 6 inch separation.  She put the ankle cuffs back on and connected them with a 12 inch chain. She unhooked him from the overhead chain and shuffled him to a small stool. She had him sit down. A strap went over his thighs and she connected the ankle chain to the base of the stool.

She reached behind him and released his wrists from the back of his collar. His arms popped down but were still cuffed together. She pulled off his collar but left his arms behind his back. She smiled at him.

She cuffed his face in her hands. "You look hot. Are you hot? I bet you are." she said like she was talking to a baby.

"Are you thirsty sweety?" she asked. He nodded. She took a squeeze bottle from a shelf. He watched her reach beneath her rubber apron, she adjusted her skirt and she stood in front of him. She spread her legs little. She closed her eyes.

She was filling the bottle with her pee. "MMMM" she said. "Mommy's getting baby something to drink"

He squirmed. This wasn't what he had in mind. She shook her hips, pulled the bottle out, adjusted her skirt and walked over to him. She unscrewed the small plug that sealed the gag, pulled his head back and put the nozzle of the squeeze bottle to it, then forced the hot warm salty liquid through the gag into his throat.

"That's a good girl" she said "Take it all in". He was struggling not to choke. She squeezed the bottle harder, the liquid gushing down into him. A few more squeezes and it was empty. She was smiling as she took the bottle away.

"You're such a good girl." she said putting the bottle down. "I'll have to get you a real treat later". She screwed the plug back in the gag.

"Time for your hood and hat" she said as she picked out the black rubber hood she wanted him to wear. This one had eye, nose and a small round mouth holes. She pulled it over his plastic covered head. She adjusted the eye holes, nose holes and mouth opening. She laced it up the back, very tightly, putting more pressure on his head. He could just make her out through the plastic that was still over his eyes. She pulled the rubber collar part of the maid dress around his neck and laced it on. She then put the leather collar around his neck. He heard the lock clicking as she closed the small padlock. She stood up and took the white rubber maid cap that went with the uniform and put it on his head and pulled the draw strings so it could not come off.

Next were his arms. She un-cuffed them from behind his back. They were so stiff that he couldn't move them. She rolled shoulder length black latex gloves up each arm then pulled them together in front of him. She took thick white rope and wrapped his wrists together, then his elbows. She pulled his wrist up and tied them to his collar just below his chin. His fingers were free, but he couldn't move his arms or pull his hands away from his neck.

She released him front the stool. She had special shoes for him to wear. They were heavy rubber and kept his feet straight so he was walking almost on his tip toes. He hated these shoes. She pulled one on his left foot, tightly laced it up, then the right.. She reconnected the ankle cuffs and the hobble chain.

She stood back and smiled.

"OK honey.. stand up." She watched him struggle. It was so difficult. He was hot, plugged, wrapped, hobbled, gagged and helpless. And she was going to have him like this for most of the weekend.

"Get up sweety.... come one... don't get me mad".  He squirmed more. He struggled trying to get off the stool, leaning forward. He glanced at her. She was taking off the rubber gloves.

He was starting to panic. He rocked back and forth on the stool, trying to get to his feet. He saw her shaking her head.

"Well. I see you need more motivation." she said. He was frantically shaking his head desperately trying to get off the stool. He looked over at her.

He was crying now. She had a thick wide cricket paddle in her hands.
She was patting her hand with it.

"Well sweety.... I guess you're gonna git a paddling."

This was going to be a long weekend........


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