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The Meeting

by Jsmith7471

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© Copyright 2005 - Jsmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; bandage; cons; X

She contacted him one evening on the Internet. She wanted to tell him how much she had enjoyed his stories and that she found them very arousing. They ended up chatting about mummification and kidnapping for hours. She was a novice with limited experience in bondage, never having been mummified. She was obviously very nervous, but also very excited about being mummified. It was this excitement and enthusiasm about a new experience that had drawn him to her.

At his suggestion, they agreed to meet in a public place, a restaurant, for a meal, to talk a bit. He had prepared for their meeting for weeks and traveled about 4 hours to get there. His hotel room was only two blocks away and he had it for the entire weekend. 

Her name was Mindi. She stood about 5 feet tall, 96 pounds, 32-24-34.  She had a curvaceous, tight and attractive body. She was cute with shoulder length, medium blonde hair. He guessed her 32-inch bust had cute perky nipples hiding under there. Her compact figure was just begging to be mummified.

He was a bit surprised at her attire. She was wearing a short, black sleeveless dress with spaghetti straps. The hem was well above her knees, accenting her shapely legs. She was wearing just enough jewelry to accent her outfit with satin black shoes sporting a 3-inch heel. She saw a middle-aged man, 6 foot 2 inches, 210 pounds, snug jeans, tennis shoes, a golf shirt, gray hair with a pony tail and a gray mustache, who worked out frequently to stay in shape, with an inviting smile.

They met on a Friday, late in the afternoon, so if things went well; they had the entire weekend ahead of them to play.
Later in the evening, things were going rather well. She found herself very much at ease with him, speaking freely on numerous subjects. As the evening progressed, they had discussed life in general just like old friends, working their way around to her fantasies.

After the meal and another hour or so of conversation about kinky subjects, they agreed to go back to his hotel so that he could mummify her. She was bubbling with excitement. Before leaving, he insisted that they discuss the terms, conditions and limits. “Very professional.” She thought. At this point, her enthusiasm was over riding everything else, including her cautious side. She basically agreed to submit to him for the weekend. Her attitude was, anything goes except sex, without her permission. He readily agreed to this.

 He picked up the check and they left the restaurant, arm in arm for his hotel. They talked non-stop the whole way there. After arriving and settling in, hesitantly, nervously, at his direction, she stripped off to nude. “You did everything I told you?” He asked. “Yes.” She answered, her voice almost at a whisper. Her nervousness was evident.  “Good girl. Take all your jewelry off and use the bathroom.” He directed.  She noticed that his tone had changed slightly. It seemed a bit more like he was giving orders. She liked that.

A few moments later, she walked out of the bathroom. He took her hand, looking her up and down, smiling with approval at what he saw and led her over to the coffee table. She sat on the edge laying back onto the table lengthwise. She shivered as her back hit the cool surface. Her nipples grew erect and goose pimples appeared on her arms and legs. She looked uneasy as he pulled her arms above her head and tied them together. Securing them to the end of the table legs with rope.

Moving to her legs, he tied a rope around her left ankle. Pulling her leg up off the floor and holding it parallel to her thigh and the table edge, he ran the rope over her waist and secured it to her right ankle, which was now pulled up also. Her legs were folded back and suspended off the floor. Another rope was tied from ankle to ankle under the table. This left her thighs spread open, pussy exposed and legs secured to the table sides. Kneeling between her thighs he admired her succulent mound and lips with their week old growth.

She heard a shhhhhhh noise and flinched nervously as she felt the cool shaving cream being spread over her most private area. His fingers teetered on the edge of her lips, but never crossed the boundary into her cleft. He spent a moment softly spreading the cream over her privates. 

She tilted her head up, looking down at him over her breasts and tummy to see what he was doing. He looked up and their eyes met. “I’m going to wait for a few moments for the topical in the cream to take effect. Are you ok? Not nervous? Any regrets?” He asked. “I’m ok. Thanks.” She replied as her head fell back onto the table. Her neck muscles no longer able to hold her head in that position.

He took a moment to appreciate her figure. He watched the rise and fall of her chest and stomach as she breathed in and out. Her nipples continued to remain erect, like flagpoles on a hilltop. Her pussy muscles contracted and flexed a few times. He wondered how aroused she really was. With everything that she had permitted so far, he had no doubt that she was obviously a total submissive.

Tensing up, she felt the razor begin to drag over the top of her mons. She looked down briefly and saw that he was using a new three bladed razor. Thank goodness he wasn’t into straight razors. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly trying to relax. Briefly, she wondered how she ended up in a hotel room, tied to a table, with essentially a stranger, having her privates shaved bare. 

Periodically, she heard a swishing sound, presumably the razor being rinsed in a pan of water. He looked very intent and concentrated on his work, not wanting to hurt her. She was lulled into a relaxed state by the rhythm that he settled into, shave and rinse, shave and rinse. The razor’s touch almost tickled as he worked along. His fingers finally moved her lips aside as he shaved the edges and along her thighs. She knew he would soon be done.

He stood up and walked into the bathroom, returning with a wet towel. Her hips squirmed with pleasure as the warm terrycloth moved over her mound and labia, wiping the remnants of her shave off. He went back into the bathroom. She heard him rinsing something, presumably the towel, in the sink. Returning once more with it.

The steamy moist towel was piled on her privates like a turban, as he sat back on his calves. The heat from the towel felt very nice on her pussy.

She tilted her head down looking, and asked. “When will you let me up? Aren’t we done yet?” “Not quite.” He replied. Then the towel was gone. The cool air kissed her wet skin as the heat dissipated and a quick chill shot up her spine.

Picking up a bottle of massage oil, he poured some into his left palm. Rubbing his hands together, he warmed up the oil. Bending forward and straightening up, his lips only inches from her labia, he puckered his lips and blew a fine stream of air along her puffy and swollen pussy lips. She shivered and sucked in her breath. The sudden light touch of his breath startled her.

Before she could recover, his hands set to work, slowly and deliberately, rubbing and caressing her mons and labia. He avoided direct contact with her clit at this time. Without penetrating her, his hands kneaded and rubbed her aroused flesh with the slippery oil. She closed her eyes and moaned softly, shuddering in pleasure as the sensual massage continued. Twisting and turning, her helplessness adding fuel to her arousal. Muscles flexing and contracting, as she tugged at the ropes that held her fast. There was no way she could escape his steady hands as they played with her sensitive areas.

She was panting in desperation as a trail of juices leaked out of her overheated pussy. After a few more moments of her massage, he stopped, picked up a towel and wiped his hands. Standing up, he walked around to her head and tilted it up, supporting it so she could look down. She was shocked to see a mirror positioned to give her a view of her shaved privates. Her oil covered lips glistened in the light as she watched them twitch.

They were puffy and swollen with her arousal and her clit was peeking out of its fleshy hood. She turned her head to the side in embarrassment. He turned it back, forcing her to acknowledge her aroused state. He sensed that this was both humiliating and embarrassing to her. He whispered in her ear. “It’s ok. Nothing to be ashamed of.” 

She took a sudden breath as he reached down and gently tweaked her right nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger for a moment. She was gasping for breath and whimpering when he released it and laid her head down. “My god!” She muttered.

A few seconds later, she felt his hand slide over her stomach, moving downward to cup her mound and part her lips. His fingers spread her labia, sliding back and forth thru her juices. He used her juices to lubricate her clit as he rubbed her overheated nub and slid his fingers further into her pussy. As the sensations began to spread outward from her privates, her moaning increased. Somewhere, at some point, she recognized that he was breaking the rules they had agreed to. But, she didn’t say no for fear he would stop and end their session. She wanted this experience so bad. Besides, what he was doing had awakened a desire in her, was harmless and it felt sooo good.

With his thumb working on her clit, his moist middle finger stretched downward and circled the rim of her rear opening. Tracing light circles around the rim gave way to a pulsing pressure on the opening as his thumb continued its assault on her throbbing clit.

After a moment, his finger began a circular movement as it slid inward, rotating slowly inside her. A squeak escaped her lips, amid her moaning, as her hips squirmed and bucked. Now his finger started moving in and out slowly as she gasped breathlessly. He leaned over and sucked and nibbled on a nipple. Her hips were now moving up and down trying to chase his hand as her excitement grew. He could tell that she was moving quickly towards an orgasm.

Withdrawing his thumb from her clit, he concentrated on his finger in her rear for another moment. Then he abruptly stopped and removed it. “No! Finish me! Please!” She cried.

“No. You’ve had enough for now.” He replied, grinning from ear to ear. “Time to begin your preparations.”

She was still panting as he untied her. She stood up stiffly, stretching and bending to loosen up. She stood before him as he reviewed what they had agreed to, leading up to her full mummification. She said she understood and agreed to what he had said. She said nothing to him about his fingerplay.

Gesturing with his finger in a twirling motion, she turned slowly, allowing him a long, lingering view of her body. He admired her shapely, tight figure. 

“You like?” She asked with a pouty look. 

“ Very much!” He replied. “Let’s get started, shall we. Your perfect material for a mummification.”

He took her hand and walked her over to the bed where his supplies were laid out. She had been too busy to notice them before. Her eyes widened as she saw them for the first time. “You’re going to use all of that?” She stammered. 

“Yes. And from now on you will be quiet. Do not speak unless I address you! Not a sound. Nod your head if you understand.”  Her head nodded almost immediately. He chuckled quietly. “There was that boo-boo look on her face again”.

“Arms out from your sides at a 45 degree angle. Away from your body.”

Starting at her left shoulder, he wound the 4-inch, sticky bandage down her arm, stretching and pulling it tightly as he went. He stopped at her wrist, leaving the roll hanging and picked up a strip of bandage about 1 ½ feet long. “Spread your fingers straight out.” Weaving the strip thru her fingers and around her thumb, he wrapped the ends over the top and bottom of her fingers covering everything. Continuing at her wrist, he wound the bandage down around her hand until her fingertips were covered. Then he wound it back up over her hand and forearm before the roll ended.

She bent her hand with some difficulty, and found that the bandaging had immobilized her fingers. Her right arm and hand were prepared in the same fashion. She fidgeted, bending her arms at the elbow and wrists, testing her helplessness and gaging the reduction in movement. 

“Stand still now and face me!” She spun towards him. Reaching over to the bed, she watched him stretch what looked like a wide, black rubber band between his hands. He began working it over her right breast, stopping once it was against her chest wall. When released, the band contracted and squeezed the base of her breast, forcing her breast into a globe shape. She was surprised that though tight, it was only a bit uncomfortable. Enough flesh was squeezed forward that her nipples looked almost erect. Her left breast soon followed.

“I love nice, round breasts on a mummy. Don’t you. Now put your hands up on your head and leave them there.”  He began wrapping diagonally from her left side up and across her right breast, lifting and separating them as the bandage continued over her right shoulder, across and down her back diagonally and around again. The 4-inch bandage roll permitted about eight passes around in a similar manner. The other breast was done in the same fashion. Both breasts were now completely sealed in bandages, rounded in appearance and standing out nicely. He paused to give each one a gentle squeeze. Enjoying their firmness.

She enjoyed the sensation of the bandages hugging her breasts. “Now suck in your tummy and breath very shallowly. Things are becoming more difficult. Have you ever worn a long tight corset?” She shook her head no. 

Picking up a roll of 6-inch bandages, he began wrapping right below her breasts around her rib cage. These bandages were pulled as tightly as he could stretch them. He wound around her torso, working the bandages down over her tapering waist and over the flare of her hips. She could feel her waist shrinking and her breathing becoming more difficult. The pressure was incredible. She felt her pussy tingling with excitement and she hoped she wasn’t dripping. Starting again at her hips, he wound the bandages back up over her torso a second time, finishing under her breasts. She was certain that he had managed to apply the second layer even tighter. “Now that is a ferociously tight corset of bandages and your breathing is being controlled so very nicely.” He observed.

Using more 6-inch bandages, he wound a layer around beneath her breasts and then criss- crossed between them, going over her shoulders and around her neck and down her back, finishing with multiple passes under her arms and over the tops of her breasts just like a harness. Her upper body and arms were now completely sealed in a thin, interlocked mass of bandages. Her breasts stood out prominently on her chest.

He stopped and stepped back to take in the view. She stood there twisting and turning, shrugging her shoulders, trying to stretch her arms, discovering how limited her movement was becoming.

Kneeling in front of her and starting at the edge of her crotch, he wound a bandage around her thigh working it slowly around and down her leg. As he approached her ankle, she put a hand on his shoulder to steady herself and lifted her foot off the floor. He finished wrapping her foot down to her toes. As with her arms, he wound the bandage back over her foot and was up her calf before the roll ran out. Her other leg completed a matched set.

She now felt as if she was wearing a rubber suit, like a second skin. A constant pressure covered most of her body. He was mesmerized, staring at her shaved, swollen mound. He could almost detect a pulsing in it. A drop of juice slipped out from between her lips, confirming to him, her intense arousal. He blew softly on them as his tongue shot out to catch the drop of nectar. She squirmed feeling his breath and his touch. She looked down and saw him staring at her sex. Then his eyes moved upward and locked with hers. In that look, they exchanged an understanding of what they both wanted. She to submit and he to dominate and control her, totally.

Standing up, he gently pushed her back down onto the bed. For a moment her pulse raced, wondering if he was going to break the rules he had agreed to and take her. Her emotions were in conflict. In a way she trusted him, but at the same time, she didn’t. Not yet, anyway. He noted the nervousness etched on her face.

With a smile, he told her to relax. She watched him pull out two vibrators and a butt plug, which he displayed to her. She sighed in relief. His fingers began working on her mound, stroking it for a moment. Soon his fingers were prying her lips apart, dipping deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Using her own juices as a lubricant, he played with her clit, teasing more juice out of her rapidly swelling pussy. Taking his advice, she closed her eyes, moaning softly as the wonderful sensations spread outward from her mound. She was tingling from her breasts down to the tips of her toes. Her feet and toes were flexing uncontrollably.

Her eyes still shut; she could feel the tip of the vibrator nuzzling her lips apart as he slid it in. Her moaning increased as she settled it in place. Her hips rose slightly to meet the butterfly vibrator as he centered it over her clit and secured the mounting straps to her thighs. A quick flick of the switches and her sudden hip thrusting told him that they were both working.

Rolling her onto her side, he spread some lube on the butt plug. She tensed up knowing what was coming next. She felt the cold touch as the butt plug nuzzled her rear hole. The pressure at her anal ring increased briefly. She winced and bit back a cry as it popped in and locked in place.

He ran a strip of tape down between her cheeks and up over her pussy and the butterfly to secure them in place. Checking carefully to insure that the wires were not tangled. He pressed the tape down, smoothing it out, while he rolled her onto her back. “Are you ok?” He asked. She was flush and sweat beaded her forehead. She nodded her head and closed her eyes, a pleasurable expression on her face. She continued to blush from embarrassment at the intimate contact he had made with her most private parts. Her openings were now feeling very stuffed and full.

A few moments later he helped her up and turned her back to him. She danced around a moment allowing the inserts to adjust themselves into more comfortable positions. Grabbing her arms, he pulled them behind her and folded them opposite hand to opposite elbow, forearm to forearm with her palms flat. He allowed the stickiness of the bandages to work in his favor by pressing her forearms and palms together.

“Well. This is it. Point of no return. Can’t even help myself now.” She thought to herself. She was unable to generate enough leverage to pull her arms apart. Forgetting his rules, she asked. “Isn’t this a bit strict for a first time?” 

“You said you wanted to be totally helpless. When I’m done, you won’t be able to move a muscle!” He replied. “By the way. You just broke the rules and will be punished for it.” She frowned upon hearing that, almost saying something in response, but thought better of it. He raised his eyebrows, looking at her.

She felt she should say something, object to this, scream no at him. But the desire to be helplessly mummified was too strong. Prying her arms away from her back, he used the 4-inch bandages and wrapped her forearms together from fingertip to fingertip, welding them as one. Beginning at her left shoulder, he wound the bandages down her left upper arm, across her already joined forearms and up her right upper arm to the shoulder. All she could do was grunt as the encasement became even more secure. Her arms had now been rendered completely useless. Starting at her shoulders, he began wrapping completely around her body, winding the bandages down her torso and welding her helpless arms to her back. Her upper body was now a solid mass of bandages. 

“You said you wanted secure and helpless. No turning back now.” He commented. “I know.” She whispered to no one in particular as a look of concern crossed her face. She felt a tightening of muscles in her shoulders. He enjoyed how her breasts were thrust out even more now. He finished the bandaging down at her hips. He felt himself relaxing a bit. Now he knew he had her in his control no matter what she wanted.

“Spread your legs a bit.” He directed her. With her feet spread apart, he grabbed a few more rolls and began winding the bandages thru her crotch and over her hips and ass to further secure the toys in her. The bandages managed to push them in even deeper. She responded with a few grunts and unghhs as she shifted her hips trying to readjust them. The bandages now covered the last bit of skin, on her except for her head. Blending her heavily mummified upper body to her individually wrapped legs.

With a hand on each thigh, he gently pushed her legs together. She knew what was coming next. He was going to fuse her legs together into one solid mass, moving her that much closer to a complete, helpless mummification. He spread her knees just enough to insert a foam pad between them and pushed them back together. The wrapping started at her navel and moved steadily downward. She looked down to see one wrap overlapping the next. He was concentrating  on applying them smoothly and tightly. 

“Isn’t the pad used for longer term mummification? Days……or longer?” She wondered. 

“I use them frequently, all the time now.” He replied. “That is another punishable infraction, by the way.” He reminded her.

He stopped wrapping about six inches below her knees. The bandages were wound tightly and she appeared to be unsteady on her feet. She was amazed at how tight and immobilizing the cocoon was so far, how helpless she felt and yet safe and comfortable in its grip. Moving her back onto the bed he lowered her onto her back. After positioning her in the middle, he propped her head on two pillows to ensure her comfort.

Resuming the wrapping above her knees, he continued winding the bandages down to her ankles. Pausing to place another foam pad between her feet and ankle joints, he completed the mummification of her feet out to the tips of her toes. After a pause, he spent a few moments winding another layer from the tips of her toes back up to her hips. She was amazed at the increase in the feeling of compression as this final layer crawled back up her legs. She was tingling all over with sexual sensations. “The tighter the better.” She thought to herself.  “Almost done now.” He commented out loud.

He sat back and admired his work. She was now completely mummified in white bandages from the tips of her toes up to her neck. Every limb and digit she had was completely immobilized in her cocoon of bandages. No movement was possible. He wondered if she had really discovered that for herself yet. She might twist a bit at the waist, but the heavy layering would be limiting even that.

He was a jolted out of his musing as he noticed her forehead. She was looking a bit frightened and her forehead was beaded with sweat. Her respiration rate was a bit fast. He slid over and sat beside her head, making soothing noises and stroking her head and cheeks. “Are you ok? This is your first time. Be patient. It will pass. Just breath slow and deep, thru your nose” She took his advice and after a few moments had calmed down. He continued to sit there caressing her and talking to her.

Standing up and walking over to a case on the entertainment center, he returned with an item she recognized instantly. A black ball gag. “Any last words?” He asked with a grin. Using a firm pressure he worked it past her teeth and gave her a few moments to get used to it. Picking her head up he buckled it snuggly behind her head. Making sure that he pulled it that extra hole in the process. “He doesn’t have to pull it that tight!” She thought to herself. “It’s not like I’m going anywhere.”

He sealed her lips over the ball with two strips of tape. She twisted her head back and forth briefly, as if resisting the tape. “Now breath slowly and deeply thru your nose.” He reminded her. After a moment, she nodded and blinked an acknowledgement. 

She felt the ear plugs being pushed deeply into her ear canals and immediately registered the hearing loss. It had become very quiet. At this point he lifted her shoulders up and propped her in his lap. He gathered her hair into a ponytail and twisted it into a bun at the back of her head. Grabbing a roll of bandages he wrapped over the bun and around her forehead about five times, much like a headband. This kept her hair out of the way.

Taping a thin foam pad over each ear, he bent down to kiss her on her nose. He could feel her, faintly struggling and squirming in the cocoon of bandages, but he knew she was helpless. She looked up at him with the realization dawning in her beautiful brown eyes, that she was completely helpless, had been expertly immobilized and could do nothing about it. With a smile on his face he mouthed bye-bye to her and waved with one hand as he taped a foam pad over each eye. 

She was now in total darkness and silence, unable to move or speak and a little frightened. As she tried to calm down, she was reassured by his presence. She felt him begin winding bandages over her mouth and around her head, under her chin and over the top of her head, locking her jaw tightly onto the ball gag. The bandages moved upward winding over her nose (careful not to block her nostrils.) Her eyes were covered in multiple layers also. A moment later, he finished mummifying her head and neck. She was now a complete mummy, wound in white bandages from head to toes. Her sexy female form was quite evident.

She was certain that he had covered her head and sealed it completely in bandages. He laid her head back down on the pillow. She was taking slow, deep breaths thru her nose. She found the ease of breathing reassuring, though she could feel bandages right up against the bottom of her nose and covering it right down to the tip. Though not blocking it. Then, he was moving her slightly, rearranging her on the bed. Then nothing.

Once she settled down, her mind drifted for a long time. Time had absolutely no meaning. She had the most exquisite dreams as all of her mummification fantasies took over. It was everything she had expected and more. Periodically, the vibrators would start up and run for different time periods and arousal levels, keeping her sexually simmering but never allowing an orgasm.

He sat at the desk or lay on the opposite bed watching over her, deciding what to do, now that he had her. It had been much easier than he had thought it would be. Occasionally, her form wiggled or twitched, possibly indicating her attempts at struggling, and some mewing and whimpering sounds escaped her heavily wrapped and packed head. His thoughts kept coming back to her earlier mention of being engaged. She had told him how much the thought of a kidnapping aroused her also. After all, his car was parked nearby and she had made a nice, compact, easy to handle, mummified package. Hell, she was ready to travel. Hmmmmm! He wondered how much her fiancé would pay to get her back. 



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