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The Mould

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; naked; rubber; casting; encased; sarcophagus; entombed; sealed; stuck; cons; XX

I had made several trips to visit Toran it was quite a change to have a rich boyfriend as it was possible to turn our fantasies into reality, now that he had got to know me he was becoming more adventurous with each visit. The plane touched down and as usual Toran was waiting for me, he told me that to save a bit of our precious time together we would not go by road but take a local Airline direct to Rockford, it seemed like twenty minutes and we were disembarking. Toran's private car pulled up and we were whisked away to his ranch, as soon as we arrived Dawn, his house keeper helped me with my bag, she was a very nice person and explained Toran had been doing a lot of preparation for my visit.

I went down to the lounge Toran as usual was pleased to see me, I suppose like a little boy with a new toy he said, "I know you have just arrived but I must show you what I have prepared for you, lets go out to the workshop."

Now I knew that the workshop was a large outbuilding were he carried out his fantasies, we reached the door it was like entering a vault no one else was allowed in without his permission, once inside I was ushered to one side where there was a raised platform. On top of the platform was what can best be described as a open box, it was about six foot six long, about three foot wide and the walls of the box was about twelve inch high, I was looking at the box and I don't know what I was expecting, but said, "Yes very nicely made, but what is it?"

Toran explained this was his most adventurous project yet as he knew how keen I was and the great interest in Mummification that I had and was going to help me live out my fantasy. He must have seen the look on my face, "Oh don't worry I do not intend to lock you away in a box but to provide you with the means to be mummified anytime you like, even if it is only a short time or a long time who knows!" He continued, "We can start right away if that is OK with you?"

I did not know what I expected but nodded. He then went on to explain he had been in touch with a sculptor who had made the box and advised him on the materials to use, the idea was for me to lie in the box, a rubber mould would be made of me and we would take it from there.

Now things seemed to be running away with me but I decided as he had gone to so much expense I should go along with his idea, after all I suppose I could always say stop. He said that he was now going to start by mechanically mixing a synthetic rubber compound then at a touch on a button a machine sprang into action, there was a large mixing tank connected to a computer, a hum could be heard as the  ingredients were being mixed inside the tank. Toran explained he would like me to strip off, he was going to pour a few gallons into the box on the platform to a depth of several inches, when this was partially set then I was to lie on the spongy rubber, there seemed no problem so far.

With that he moved a hose from the large tank turning a tap open and allowing the synthetic solution to pour into the box, soon the desired depth was reached and I was now invited to lie on my back on the rubbery solution that had all most set, it was like lying on custard, my body sunk slightly into the solution a thin piece of polythene was slipped under my head to stop the rubber sticking to my hair. I lay there for about ten minutes until my body had settled into the solution and it had almost solidified. Toran now explained he was going to pour more of the synthetic solution into the box till the depth was just up to half way up my body and I was not to move till it set. I lay there with the top of my body protruding from the black rubbery solution, the white skin contrasting the jet black of the mixture that surrounded me.

About half an hour later Toran offered me his hand to help me extract myself from the mould,  I stood up and looked down it was a perfect replica of my body, every crease and nitch showed even my ribs were visible. Toran was overjoyed he remarked on how well it had all gone. I slipped back into my clothes and we made our way back to the house, he told me over dinner that the sculptor would work overnight to clean up the mould of me and prepare it for the top section which would be done tomorrow. That evening we enjoyed a few drinks and watched a DVD of an old Marilyn Monroe film "Some Like it Hot".

The following morning over breakfast Toran went on about how the day would progress, I must admit I did not take it all in, just nodding occasionally and mumbling yes or no as I thought  was needed. We made our way back out to the workshop, the lower mould certainly had been cleaned up and it was now looking like a photograph of me in reverse, Toran now said that I should get up and lower myself into the now solidified mould. It had set like a tough rubber jelly yet soft on the skin, this time I had my hair wrapped  in plastic as the solution that was going to form the top of the mould was to be prevented from getting into my hair, I lay back it all fitted snugly each finger and every part of me fitted exactly into the mould, a perfect fit it also seemed to hold me quite firmly in place.

At that I became aware of Dawn standing there looking at me, I must admit I felt a bit embarrassed with her looking down at me as I thought my kinky secrets were between Toran and myself.

She smiled, "Sorry have I alarmed you? I am here just to help Toran complete the second phase."

She knelt down by my side and reached forward bending down and removed my glasses, "We do not want these damaged do we!" she commented folding then placing them into her top pocket. She was then passed an oval tube by Toran, she looked down at me and said, "Hold this between your teeth, its your breathing tube." Then she lowered it into my mouth where I gripped it with my teeth.

Toran then passed her a tin of mould release agent which she quickly painted on all the upper surface of the lower mould, this would help with the separation of the moulds after the top dried and had set. She now reached out as Toran passed her the hose, the tap was opened and the warm solution now started to flow into the box soon covering my body to a depth of at least six inches, it was a little alarming as the liquid began to crawl over my face leaving me in total darkness.

I realized I would be left there till the solution set solid enough to be lifted off me, my mind was in a sort of whirl, what if I was not released... what if they had tricked me? I seemed to have lost account of time I was now not sure if I had been there minutes or hours, I was unable to move held in a soft but immovable grip of the mould,

The next thing I noticed was cool air on my shoulder as the mould was praised open the top was pulled upward and daylight flooded in, I must say relief was uppermost in my mind and my trust in Toran was repaid in full. Dawn helped me to sit up my vision was blurred till she placed my glasses back on me, as I stood up she placed a dressing gown over my shoulders. The top of the mould was lying along side the base, it was uncanny looking down at myself in negative form.

During the evening Toran thanked me for the effort and help in making the mould, commenting that it must have been a little worrying as the mould filled encasing me below, I told him that I had complete faith in him and never doubted him for a moment. The next day we went into the workshop to see the finished mould, Dawn accompanied us as she was interested to see the finished product also. The sculptor was just finishing having worked all night, both moulds had now been trimmed and fitted in thin wooden surrounds. 

Where the breathing tube had been fitted but now removed, a hole was now formed between the pursed lips, was all that now showed in the mould of the tube and the top half of the mould was attached to a winch so it could be lowered down with ease. Toran was genuinely impressed with the mould, looking at me he said, "Go on try it now we have both sides." 

I reached forward and ran my fingers down the inner side of the mould, the rubber was silky to the touch and rather inviting I quickly striped and lay inside the lower half, Dawn pressed my body till I was fitted into the mould then again removed my glasses. I glanced out at Toran sitting back admiring his accomplishment, Dawn pressed the winch control and the top half of the mould now lowered down until it encased me completely, there was a slight pressure on my body as the sculptor had shaved the mould surfaces to make them fit better plus adding a little compression, I was breathing easily but also I was unable to move a muscle as the very firm mould held me well.

During the evening we discussed the mould, Toran explained there was going to be a surprise for me in a couple of days, the next two days were spent sight-seeing.  On Friday morning Toran told me my surprise had arrived and we should go to the workshop, we walked in and Wow!! It certainly was a surprise there standing in the room was a full size statue of me that had been cast from the mould by the sculptor, it was me in every detail I think they had enlarged the breasts but it was perfect.

"And that's not all!" said Toran, "look what we have here."

I turned and there in front of me was a granite sarcophagus just like the real thing, it was enormous I went over as Toran pressed the winch button and slowly the half ton granite lid was raised upwards. Inside was the rubber mould of me fitting perfectly within the walls of the granite sarcophagus, the top half of the mould was fitted into the lid that was now suspended about four foot above the base. "Well what do you think?" asked Toran. I was speechless it must have cost a fortune to make I commented.

"Yes." replied Toran, "it's Welsh granite, I have had it shipped over from your homeland Wales."

Just inside the top of the lower section was a step cut into the granite, then again into the step was a rubber seal so that once the lid was in place it would be a good seal.

"Now my dear I want you to get into a real sarcophagus, as you have always dreamed of having your own and now your fantasy can become real!" 

I striped off this was too good an opportunity to miss trying a real Egyptian type sarcophagus.

Just as I dropped the last garment Dawn came over, "Before you get in we want to cover your body with these anointing oils just as the Pharaoh's had done to them all that time ago."

While Toran sat back and watched Dawn covered my body in the oils, it had a scented smell almost hypnotic in effect as she massaged the oil deep into my skin and I may add putting some considerable effort into the massage. I felt as if I was in a trance the massage was quite erotic at times. I was now helped up the steps alongside the sarcophagus and then helped very gently into the lower part of the mould within the sarcophagus, the oils on my body seemed to help me slip in the mould much easier than before, the scented oil was so restful as I lay there my eyes were heavy, as Toran came up to the side of the Sarcophagus to admire his work of art he lent over the side kissing me on my left Breast whispering, "Sleep tight my love, you are the best yet!"

Then he stepped back as Dawn pressed the button, the lid of the sarcophagus now lowered but was stopped just above the sarcophagus, Dawn now picked up a tube of granite sealant and depressed a plunger allowing a stream of the sealant to be placed all around the inner edges, now the lid was lowered till it almost clicked in place not a millimetre to spare and squeezing out any excess sealant.

Inside Jenny was in a form of trance, it was a dream come true as the half ton lid pressed into place it compressed the mould just that bit more, eliminating any movement and holding her very firmly, she was still able to breathe easily through the hole in the mould that now continued through the granite lid. Meanwhile Toran ran his hands over the sarcophagus hardly believing such a work of art could be produced today.

Dawn came over, "We have done a fantastic job for Jenny, I am sure she is as pleased as we are. Shall I fit the granite plug into the breathing tube now?"

"No not just yet." whispered Toran, "let her enjoy it for a day or so first!"

He looked up at Dawn, "I am going to have to rack my brains to top this when it comes to your turn!" he said smiling as they walked away together in each others arms. 



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