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The Race

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; mum; wrap; reluct/cons; X

Joanne and eleven of her friends were having a "girlie" weekend at Summerbay holiday camp. They arrived early on Friday afternoon and soon got settled in their rooms.

Joanne was up for anything. Her friends warned her that one day her fun loving would lead to her getting into big trouble. But this weekend was for fun. She was young and was going to lead life to the full. Her friends would be dragged along whether they liked it or not. They all went to the bar and got very merry.

One of the girls noticed an advert in the bar. "Maggot races tomorrow (Saturday) night. All welcome. Eight P.M in the fun room" "Yeuk" The girl said.

"Oh come on, let's have some fun. Let's go and see it. It might be hillarious" Joanne said.  

The girls agreed, and carried on drinking. About a half an hour later a man came up and said they were looking for some girls for a spectacular. Joanne immediately volunteered them all.  After all, what could happen to them in a spectacular in front of everybody? The girls now out of their minds agreed and said they would meet the man in the sports hall at three the next afternoon.

The next day, all the girls got up much the worse for wear. They staggered down to the breakfast hall and managed to eat something. But it was not until they got out into the fresh air, their minds cleared. They went for a walk around the local town looking in the shops. "Oh look, pink furry handcuffs. All we need  is someone decent to handcuff!" Joanne said. All the girls giggled.

At three P.M. The girls were in the sports hall. The man entered. "What we want is some volunteers to be wrapped up like a mummy. This will start the spectacular. The best one will get a hundred pounds" he said.  Joanne said that sounded fun and again encouraged everyone to go for it.

The man left and they all stripped down to bra and knickers. "Come on, let's show them what we are made of. Let's go nude! That will give them something to oggle at while they are wrapping us up". She took her bra and knickers off and the rest followed suit.  A half dozen youths came into the sports hall. They were carrying some rolls of cloth. As soon as they saw the girls all standing there naked and posing, they dropped the cloth. This gave the girls a laugh.

The youths all had two girls to wrap each. They started by wrapping the girls in silk. This was wrapped tightly and held the girls with their arms by their sides. Now the second wrapping came. This a linen cloth was wrapped the other way round so it crossed the first wrapping rather that flow with it. This was painted with glue to make it stick. The third wrapping was added while the glue was still wet. This went on the same way round as the first wrapping so it crossed the second, the linen wrapping.

When all the first six girls had been wrapped up to their necks the youths laid them down and started on the next six. All the girls laughed as now and then the youths would grab their groins. The girls knew what effect they were having on them. The girls were loving every minute of it. Soon all twelve girls were wrapped to their necks and laying alongside each other.

One of the youths left the room and returned with a couple of bags. He put them down and the youths rushed to them. Out of one bag came rolls of duct tape. From the other bag came some black leather head masks. Quickly each of the boys picked a girl and stuck couple of strips of duct tape over her mouth. The other six asked what was going on. But they went silent as they watched the masks going over the first six girls heads. 

The eyes were reflective glass like you get in sunglasses. The girls could see out but no one could see them. Their nose was covered by a leather covering so they could breathe. There was no mouthpiece. This held the duct tape tightly over the girls mouths. The masks were tied tightly behind their heads. Nothing could be seen of the girls now.

Joanne wriggled as they put the duct tape on her mouth and the mask was slipped on her head and she felt the laces being pulled tightly behind her head, making the mask smaller. Now all the girls were exactly the same.

The man came in and told the youths to take the girls into the arena. Six girls were picked up and struggled as they put them over their shoulders and carried them out of the room. Then they came back for the second six girls including Joanne.

The girls looked. They could see they were in a deep pit. In front of them was a shiny stainless steel ramp that went across the whole width of the pit. It was angled at 30 degrees. At a quarter, a half and three quarters of the way up, there were red lines going accross the ramp.

The man told them that they were the markers. The ramp was the only way out as the door they had just come through would be shut and locked. They could not get out that way. The first one to reach the top gets one thousand pounds. The girls liked the sound of that.

The man told the youths to put them in the storeroom and put the numbers on them. They were carried back into another toom and numbers were stuck on the top of their heads.  No one could see the numbers unless they looked down on them. Nobody could see anyones eyes thanks to the reflective glass inserts in the mask, and so with the gag muting them, did not know who they were next to. The numbers, if they had seen them, gave no clue to who was wrapped inside the snug cocoon.

The man came in and said, "If I were you, I would relax before your big performance!" Then he turned and left. Each girl thought "Big performance? What is he on about?"

A speaker burst into life and they heard the crowds entering the room where the microphones were placed. The man came back and said, "Now you are maggots. The one who reaches the top, goes free. Those who lose will go into the rubbish dump and be covered in rubbish to live a short life amongst all the rotting meat and vegetables like real maggots do". The girls panicked. What had the let themselves in  for?

Now they were carried out from the storeroom to the pit. They were laid down in front of the wall at the rear of the pit. In front of them was a wire mesh screen. This was not there before when they looked at the pit. They all thought that even if the man was joking about them being thrown away on the rubbish, there was nothing they could do to stop him. 

The youths left the girls and went back through the door. The girls heard the heavy bolts being rammed home, so they could not escape that way.

A loudspeaker crackled. "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we at Summerbay holiday complex proudly present a maggot racing evening. As you can see, we have got twelve special large maggots with numbers on them for you to bet on. Please go and place your bets."

A while went by and the speaker crackled again. "The betting odds are as follows. Number 1 is at12 to 1. Number 7 is at 5 to 4 favourite. The speaker went on to give all the odds of the girls"

The wire mesh grill slid down into the floor of the pit. The girls knew that is why they never saw it. "And they are off ladies and gentlemen".  The girls just lay there. "The winning maggot gets one thousand pounds. The losers get a load of rubbish!" The speaker crackled. All the girls realised he meant it. He had broadcast it to all and sundry present. None of them wanted to go into the rubbish tip so they all worked for themselves. 

They could not turn and roll over as they had just about fitted the width of the pit. They all had the same idea. They brought their feet up as far as they could and pushed their bodies forward. They all reached the bottom of the ramp at the same time.

"Number 3 has started to climb the ramp. Follwed by 2, 6 is third. Oh dear 2 has just slid back down to the bottom. Joanne reached the ramp. What she found was that the satin was slippery against the stainless steel ramp and she kept sliding back down again.

But all the girls kept wriggling their way up so far and slid down with exhaustion. The crowds were roaring with appreciation of the spectacle. Lots of numbers being called out to win the race. Joanne got three quarters of the way to the top and slid back down to the bottom again.

One by one, in different number order, the girls slid back down. "This is impossible. We will all go onto the tip! How will we get out of this?" Joanne thought. But Joanne was determined. She gave it one last push. Her feet were pulled up to under her bum which went up in the air, and she pushed with all her might. When she had reached the end of this move she was flat against the stainless steel ramp. She had to be careful not to slide down again.

"Number 5 is in the lead" So Joanne knew she was number 5. She thought of the 1960's program "The prisoner" "I am not a number!" She gave an extra burst of strength and reached the three quarter mark. "Number 5 is nearly there, but number 2 is coming up fast on the outside".

Joanne pushed again. She only had two feet to go when someone went past her and reached the top. "And number 2 is the winner" Joanne relaxed and slid down to the bottom again.

The girl at the top thought she had made it. One of the youths turned to the man and asked what he should do with her. "Send her back down for the next race of course. It is the one that wins two races that does not go onto the rubbish tip. We have something special for her!" The lad slid her over to the top of the ramp and shoved her down again. She slid down crashing into the girls at the bottom.

"Ladies and gentlemen. While our maggots have a half hour rest to get their strength back, please go and have a drink at our new bar"

"Another race? How many more are we going to have to try and do?" Joanne thought.

A half hour later and the next race started. This time, the girls took longer as the slippery satin on the steel ramp was draining all their energy. "Number 1 wins the second race!" This went on for two more races.As each race started, the girls looked like a wide slithering mass of white maggots wriggling about in their confinement.

At the end of the evening, the crowds left. The youths asked if they should unwrap the girls. "No leave them like they are. They gave a good performance tonight, so we can save them for tomorrow night. The last lot of girls never had the masks on, so people knew who they were. This time no one knows who they are. Put them in the storeroom until tomorrow! We will not have to look for more maggots will we." The man said.

The youths put the girls in the storeroom and locked the door. The girls all wriggled about like giant black headed white maggots. The lights went out and all went quiet.

The next evening the youths and the man came into the storeroom. The man said  "Tonight we have some special guests from the middle east. I expect a good performance from you. Those who do not give a good performance will be given to the Sheiks as a present all ready wrapped. Those who they do not want will be joining the other maggots in the rubbish dump"  This gave each of the girls an extra incentive. It was either be carted off abroad or be flattened amongst all the stinking trash in the dump.

The races started and once agin the twleve girls slid along the floor with their feet being pulled in and their bums going up in the air and their feet being pushed out again like giant maggots would do.

Joanne won one race. But that was the only one. Nobody climbed to the top more than once.  But by the time the evening ended, the girls were exhausted. The man said they had all given a good performance and so they would be kept in the storeroom until the following week. The girls squirmed and wriggled, but the Sheiks called for the man to bring the girls up to the bar.

It did not take long for the youths to have all twelve girls sitting all wrapped up at the tables with the Sheiks. The sheiks asked about the girls and was told that they were nude under the wrappings.

The Sheiks offered two thousand pounds for each girl they could unwrap. The man said it was agreed. The sheiks unwrapped each layer in turn. The satin layer came off first and the linen wrapping had to be cut off because of the hardened glue. Now came the silk layer. Slowly the girls were unwrapped. They Sheiks all went into fits of ecstatic laughter.

The girls were now nude except the masks. The youths took them off of the girls heads and removed the tape covering their mouths. It hurt when they pulled the tape off of their skin. The girls started to scream, but the Sheiks gave each of them two thousand pounds each as promised. The man argued that he thought the money was for him. Joanne and the girls looked at each other and the youths. They grabbed the man and stripped him.

Very soon there was a solitary maggot at the bottom of the pit trying to climb its way up the ramp. The girls stayed nude all night and had a great time sitting on the Sheiks laps and dancing with them.

At the end of the night, the Sheiks and the girls left the bar by the pit. The light went out and a "hhhmmmmpppphhhh" was heard.

"Did someone hear something?" Joanne asked.

"No it must be some blue bottles in the room. They grow from maggots you know" one girl answered.


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