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The Mistress and the three house guest that never leave

by Angelfire

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© Copyright 2011 - Angelfire - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mmm; D/s; bond; straitjacket; hobble; sleepack; dungeon; slaves; spank; sex; climax; cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

The Mistress and the three house guest that never leave.

There was a house in the middle of a beautiful country side that sat by abeautiful water fall. The house was a two story house that had a large basement that was sound proof. The young lady that lived there was named Quinn but every one knew what she was.

Then one day there was a car going by the house with three guys in it named Harvey, Alex and Doug. There car had broke down and they got out of the car and tried looking at it and see what was wrong. They looked at the tires and everything didn't see anything they could fix. They went to the door and asked if they could use the phone but Quinn said she didn't have one and the town is over two days walk from her front door.

She invited them in for a glass of ice tea, dinner and a rest for the night. The guys looked at each other and thought it would be a good idea. Harvey asked Alex and Doug if their cell phones where working and they said no and the laptop they brought with them was not working at all. Then Quinn walked in the kitchen started to make dinner, she was making fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and corn bread. The guys went out to the car and got their stuff and came back in and asked if they could clean up.

Quinn was so happy that she had three guys in her house that where going to become her slaves with out them knowing. The guys got there showers and cleaned up by then dinner was ready to eat. Quinn had the table set but there was only one problem they needed one thing a called Heavy Duty Darlex Straightjacket that would hold one of their arms perfectly still.

That was Alex, he was surpised and full of delight. Quinn told the other guys go to the table and enjoy dinner and Alex to follow her into the room down the hall, so he was walking behind her. Quinn was in the room and he came in and she shut the door. Alex asked her what about our dinner , she said was in that room but he didn't see it. Alex saw a cork board with whips, nipple clamps, handcuffs, chains, crops, blindfolds and king size bed and and other things.

So she put the Heavy Duty Darlex Straightjacket on Alex and he seamed to like it so after she go on she layed on the bed and she started to kiss him. Play with him and she put a blind fold on him and he couldn't say anything . He was feeling every thing she was doing and he started feeling very hot body pushing up and down on him and he was feeling that he going to cum but she told him to hold his cum until she was ready to cum also. So she road him hard they started to cum together and the other guys heard screaming , moons and they came and she was so happy.

She fed Alex and said you are slave number one and you have to be here always , never leave the straightjacket will be his was the way he liked it. The other guys didn't hear anything else.

Then Quinn walked out of the room and ask the others how was dinner and they said it was very good. Quinn asked Harvey to join her on a little walk, he said yes so he can work off some dinner. He was was surprised to see a little house with black out windows . He said hey Quinn what is this house for? Quinn looked at him with a hungry look into her green eyes and said, Do you want to find out? Harvey said yes it looks kinda cool. So Quinn took him by the hand and opened the door and they walked in.

To his surprise to her delight there was a smile on Harvey's face when he saw her in Darlex Straightjacket Hobble Dress. He had a smile on his face . So Quinn asked him what do want to do to me but just to let you know once you have me you will be one of my slaves here forever and promise not to leave. He promised and zipped her up and told he to be quite. He put her over his shoulders, spanked her ass and said Your the slave for now . They made it to the bed and he told her he wanted her to play around and like she was going to get free and that he was his captive and she had to fight him off and say no , don't touch me , stay away and he lifted the bottom of the dress and started to eat her out , Doug was the only one who could hear her screams . Alex could hear her because of where he was sound proof.

They got done and she said this will you are a slave for me no one else. So she got undressed , a quick shower and went into the main house and saw Doug sitting in the living room . He said are you a madam or someone who enjoys sex? Quinn looked at him and gave him the come heather look . Quinn took him down to the basement and said you are now a slave also and you must promise never to leave . Doug said I promise, but what about my friends? They both said they would be my slaves , the basement will be your home now and you will be able to get sun and everything you need daily, promise. He saw a bed with something strange on it and he asked what that was? Quinn told him it's a Darlex Sleepsack on the bed. He said are you ready for round whatever and she said yes are you?

So she laid him on the bed and started to kiss him, play with him and they started to have sex. As they started to be done for the night she smiled at him and said get in this is what you will sleep in until I wake you up everyday and night. You might get kinda worn out but as you can tell I have a very high sex drive and can't get enough of it .

So Quinn, Alex, Harvey and Doug lived a long and happy life with each other and they enjoyed been slaves and having one mistress for the rest of their lives . So remember pack a few hundred condoms and remember Quinn is always looking for more slaves.

The End




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