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The Position

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; hogtie; rope; gag; tape; wrap; harness; leather; shrink; tease; denial; electro; nipple; encase; box; toys; cons/reluct; X

Jack and Anna have been practicing for the position she had dreamed up for over a year, Anna has been into extreme bondage positions since she started playing bondage games in her teens. She loves the stress put on her body by being bound extremely tight and in very uncomfortable positions. Her favorite has been a hogtie Jack forced her into for the first time she had angered him calling him a pussy and telling him a boy scout could tie her tighter and be more of a dominant. Jack first wrapped her wrists in layers of rope cinched very tight, next he wrapped more rope above and below her elbows cinching them until they were crushed into one another, Anna just smiled and closed her eyes as he continued to bind her roughly.

After Jack finished with her arms he stuffed a hard ball into her mouth and began wrapping her head in plastic tape, pulling each layer tighter as he moved up her head covering it completely and making it very difficult for her to breathe. Anna was moaning from the tension on her head as Jack wrapped a four inch wide leather belt around her waist and pulled it so tight he could hear the air being forced out of her lungs. Jack took her ample breasts and starting with rope nooses he pulled the nooses tightly around the bases of both breasts and then wound the rope around her bulging breasts until he had wide bands around each and her breasts felt like they would burst. Anna was regretting challenging him, her arms and hands were already numb and her shoulders were screaming with pain, her head felt like it was in a vise and her now purple breasts felt like they were on fire.

Jack continued with the now struggling Anna and bound her ankles tightly together just to keep her from trying to run and continued with Anna's upper body bindings. Jack wrapped several layers of tape around Anna's neck making an effective posture collar and making it that much more difficult for Anna to breathe. Jack attached the nipple clamps to her swollen breasts and tightened them until Anna was thrashing in her bonds again then wrapped more tape around her chest smashing the clamps deeper into the tender flesh and trapping them in place. Jack forced a large dildo into her pussy and pulled a crotch rope tight to hold it in and tied her thighs tightly together doing the same above and below her knees until her legs were welded together.

Once he had her bound he rolled her off of his lap letting her land hard on the floor on her tortured tits and leaned back and watched her struggle as he smoked a cigarette. Anna landed on her breasts and immediately rolled onto her back whining and gasping through her nose as she wrestled with the tight ropes holding her.

When Jack was done with his cigarette he rolled her back onto her tits and pulled her ankles up to her ass and looped a rope from them to her elbows and pulled them as close together as her body would let him. Anna was grunting as he tied the rope off and then tied another to her wrists and looped it through the ropes holding her knees together and pulled until her hands were touching the backs of her knees. Anna could no longer move any part of her body, she was lying on her hips and tortured breasts and could barely even wiggle herself side to side.

Jack watched her struggle before taking the last rope and wrapping it around her mummified head making a web of rope across her eyes and mouth and pulling her head backwards and tying it off to her toes, the tape around her neck making her pull hard on the rope and in turn pulling hard on her big toes. Anna’s back was now arched severely, her arms and legs joined together and kept immobile by the tightly tied rope, her head and neck were wrapped in plastic tape keeping her silent allowing only muffled grunts to escape her flaring nostrils.

As Anna struggled to breathe and try to find a way out, her neck was getting tired of holding her head back and she slowly relaxed it until her toes bore the entire weight of her straining neck and head, she didn’t know he had also looped the rope back to her ankles to make sure she didn’t pull her toes off which is what it felt like was going to happen to Anna. The entire experience was starting to turn Anna on as her body adjusted to her new position and she began to try and hump the floor to make the monster dildo move inside her.

Jack watched her hump the floor and said, "I guess you still have too much freedom!" and slid more rope under her stomach, wrapping it around her ankles and elbows and back under her several times before pulling all the slack out forcing her into a much more severe arch and taking all movement she had away.

As Jack began to pull the cinch knots tight, squeezing Anna arms and legs tighter to her body she began moaning and twisting, when he was done she could no longer move her body in any direction other than twisting her hips back and forth a few inches and that drug her tortured nipples across the carpet and made her scream out in pain. Jack told her he had laid scissors by the dresser and when she wanted out she could go get them and that he was going out to get something to eat. "If you want out then do it or I will take it that you want to stay the way you are and I will leave you until morning".

She squealed loudly when she heard this, he turned the remote on the vibrator on low and left the room. Anna felt the vibration but knew it was on too low to get her off but her frustration level rose as did her grunts from her nostrils. She lay listening for Jack and knew he had left her alone and tried to move her body towards the dresser. Anna struggled for an hour before lying limply in her bonds no closer to the dresser than when she started, she was defeated and now was regretting her challenge to him completely.

What seemed to her as hours later when she felt the vibrator level rise slowly until she was wiggling in her bonds and bouncing on her tits trying to make herself cum as Jack quietly watched from a nearby chair and smiled as she tried to orgasm. For three hours Jack held her on the edge of a climax, turning off the vibrations as her gasps got quicker and watched and listened to her frustrations build when he turned it back on. Jack took a riding crop and began to swat her bare skin as her slowly worked the vibrator to high and watched her wiggle and moan as she fought her bonds and the tensed up and screamed into her gag as the orgasm hit her, he let the vibrator run and began whipping her harder as she continued to pull at the ropes holding her.

Anna finally collapsed as the orgasm and strenuous position took its toll and Anna hung limply her whole body in constant pain. Jack waited until her breathing became stable and slowly started to untie the ropes holding her in the strict hogtie. He gently released her from the severe arch and untied her hands and arms and laid her on the bed, her head still wrapped tight and her legs still bound together before tying her wrists together in front of her and leaving the room listening to the vibrator still humming away inside her. Jack was asleep on the couch when Anna found him she had located the scissors and freed herself and laid down next to him whispering "thank you" before both fell asleep.

After this Jack knew what she wanted and together they explored her limits and she spent more and more time bound tightly, sometimes he would leave her strenuously bound and teasing her for 24 to 48 hours before bringing her to an orgasm and releasing her. Anna was aware that her limits were extending further and further as she had to be put into more and more strenuous positions for longer periods of time to achieve that wonderful orgasm she had the first time and needed to find a way to get to it sooner.

Anna read a story about a position she wanted to try and slowly talked Jack into doing it and together they started making plans and building her tolerances up so she could handle the position she had chosen to be left in for at least seventy two hours. Anna started wearing smaller and smaller waist nipper corsets pulling her waist down to 14 inches twenty four seven and practicing yoga everyday while wearing it.

Every night she slept in a strict hogtie until she had no problems sleeping and wasn’t sore when she awoke then they would pull the hogtie tighter and she would start the process over. Her goal was to be able to have her feet pulled up to either side of her head and hooked to a special gag that would hold the heels of her ballet boots in the holes that were drilled in the post of her gag. Her arms would be incased in wide black tape wound very tightly from shoulders to finger tips and would be attached to the spreader bar between her knees. Her body would be first encased by a full body latex suit with both of her holes filled then wrapped from head to toe with the same wide black tape, the tape was to be wrapped very tight and when heated would fuse to itself and shrink slightly.

Anna had been practicing with the tape and found that if she could stand the heat then she would not need the latex suit to protect her skin. Jack was building her special head harness gag that would not only fill her mouth completely and cover her eyes it would distribute the tension of her bound legs evenly around her head, the thick collar would go down over shoulders and had straps that went down around her body running through her crotch and back up to itself to keep the tension from being held only by her neck.

The boots were another challenge they needed to be made from her knee high ballet boots and needed to be secure and hold her ankles firmly and have holes through the heels that would attach to her gag, he was also going to make a spreader that would clamp around her calves with a small half-moon arch in the middle so if she could stand it he could pull her legs until her ankles were attached to her gag and the bar would be against her head and keep her very tightly in the position. Jack had read the story and realized she was wrong about the hands to knees part, in the story read the girl was attached to two winches one pulled her feet forward and the other pulled her hands backwards.

The story also had the bound girl inside a water soaked leather hood that was laced on tightly and as the leather dried it shrank. He tested several pieces of leather and found the type that shrank the most and made a leather hood from it cut to fit her head and face closely and was sure when it shrank it would be very tight around her head showing all her features, this hood like all the other restraints would be riveted closed over the laces making the hood look like it was poured over her head and have to be cut off when her ordeal was over.

The only thing that made him nervous was that the girl in the story was attached to the table by large nipple rings. Anna had nipple rings but Jack refused to have her nipples damaged if she slipped or something happened so he designed something to minimize the risk. Once she had been pulled as far as possible during the first 24 hours her bonds were added to and adjusted so she would be forced to hold the position by her bindings only. Jack had created all the bindings and the table she needed and added a box that she would be encased in during the time she was bound, the harness he came up with to protect her nipples was difficult to make but he had the design in his head so he set to work. Every night after putting her into a hogtie and pleasing himself with whatever part of her he wanted he would work on her project. He had made a mold of her bound breasts and used it as a guide to create a "bra" made with steel cables.

This bra would have a thick cable binding her breasts at their bases causing them to bulge into a cage of 8 smaller cables that went to a metal ring about the size of her areolas holding them tightly in place, the nipples would be forced through another set of smaller rings that would have several small cables attaching them to the metal areola rings, these rings also had small brackets that would sit next to Anna's piercing holes and let the rods for the large nipple rings pass through the brackets and would be cold soldered closed this would allow her nipples to be pulled out painfully but the cables would support them and any added tension would make the cages collapse onto to her trapped breasts and squeeze them even tighter but not allow her nipples to be pulled off.

Anna's thick nipple rings would be fed through small brackets attached to the smaller rings keeping her nipples from being damaged even if she yanked hard on them but allowed them to be pulled about an inch and still give the pain that she wanted to feel, once he had the bra cups built he soldered another thick cable that would go around her back and over her shoulders holding the whole thing on.

During the months the two prepared for her ordeal Jack was getting tired of just being her "prop guy" and began to be unsure of how much she really cared for him and decided that maybe she would be happier locked away forever in her box in a position she would never be able to be released from. As he built the box he added some hoses and electrical stimulator controls to keep her occupied and stopped arguing with her about the tape against her skin knowing that once the tape fused together it would adhere to her skin and she would not be able to release it for months possibly years.

Jack left her in her hogtie longer and longer over the next two months as he started to see another girl he had met when he and Anna had done a bondage show at a local club. Anna was becoming more and more dependent on Jack and craved being tightly bound more and more, she had quit her job and moved out of her apartment and was staying bound in Jacks basement for days at a time and sometimes would not be seen for days by anyone, even Jack as she had started chaining herself up in the basement waiting for Jack to use her and retie her even tighter and leave her alone for days. Jack had even gone so far as to have his date come over and stay the night a few times while Anna was bound in the basement. Jack had finished his table and box, he had even made a chastity belt out of the same cables he used for the bra to hold her plugs in her permanently. Neither the bra nor the belt could be removed without being cut off, he was using a crimping tool with cold solder to seal the ends closed.

The box was also designed to allow him to insert his dick into a hole on one side and she could suck it without removing her gag or opening the box. She was getting anxious and wanted to begin her stringent bondage test and began pushing him trying to egg him into starting the event. One night when he was going to be gone for a long weekend with his new girlfriend he decided to answer her digs at him and laced her into a leather corset that would pull her down to thirteen inches over the corset, he had replaced the laces with steel cables and once he had her panting and the corset closed he clamped the cable ends and soldered them closed.

While she was still strapped to the spreader bar holding her arms high over her head he pulled the bra on and tightened the cables around the bases of her breasts causing them to swell in the cable cups, he pulled the cables around her back and shoulders tight clamping them off and soldered them closed, the cables were digging deeply into her skin on her back and shoulders as Jack continued to apply her chastity belt. After inserting her plugs he wrapped a cable around her tiny waist 4 times clamping and soldering the ends making it impossible to remove the corset and laced more cables through her legs pulling each one tight into her filled pussy and ass then clamping and soldering them in place.

Anna was now trapped in her corset and cable bra as Jack applied the new nipple rings he had modified, Jack had taken the large u-shaped nipples rings and inserted springs that would keep constant pressure on her aroused and trapped nipples, he fed the rods through the jewelry and soldered them together. Jack looked at Anna's pretty face and could see her eyes rolling back into her head and hear her moaning slightly as she enjoyed every minute of her preparations. Jack slid the new harness on Anna's head and guided the complicated gag into her mouth forcing it to open wider and pinning her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. He pulled the straps tight around her head then pulled each one another notch tighter and riveted each strap closed.

Anna was getting used to the gag and felt Jack pulling the wide collar around her neck, the collar forced her head backwards and when Jack pulled the straps tight through her crotch made her head lean back even further making Anna groan from the position. As she continued to adjust and began grunting as Jack tightened the straps around her body pulling them tightly across her chest making the wire bra pull even tighter as he riveted them closed. Once he finished he stepped back and watched Anna try to pull her head back up from the position it was being held in and smiled as he watched and smoked his cigarette. She was already wearing a pair of ballet boots so he unlaced them and pulled the ones he had modified onto her feet, these boots were two sizes too small and after forcing her feet into them he laced them up tightly with the cables laces and clamped and soldered them closed.

The reinforced boots where crushing her feet and would not allow her to bend her ankles at all as Jack pulled on the built in ankle cuffs and riveted them closed. She started whining louder as Jack clamped his custom spreader bar around her calves having to squeeze them closed with pliers before riveting the ends together, the spreader bar would assure that no amount of struggling would be able to free it from her legs and the added tension over the boots would keep them on until someone cut the cuffs off. Anna was trying to struggle as she could feel the tight cuffs closing around her calves and began to moan as Jack placed the other short spreader bar above her knees and riveted it closed. Anna was now locked in her corset and ballet boots with steel cages trapping her breasts making them try to squeeze out between the cables and a thick collar holding her head almost straight backwards forcing a thick gag to remain wedged deep into her mouth.

Jack finished applying Anna’s restraints and said, "You will stay this way for a few days if at that time you want to go through with the rest we will, if not you will be released and never bring it up again". Anna was in pain and did not want to be left in the position she was currently in but Jack had already walked out of the basement and locked the door to the basement leaving her dangling at the end of a cable holding her wrists high above her head trying to balance on her newly encased toes and getting used to her steel restraints and the lack of air her tight corset and gag was causing.

Anna fought for hours before giving up and hanging limply by her wrists, when her wrists would start hurting she would force herself to stand on her cramped toes until they started hurting too badly and she would hang again by her wrists. She thought about if she wanted to go forward with her plans or not as the pain increased she became sure she did not want to, but when the timer kicked in and her vibrators turned on she soon loved her restrictions and the pain was fading while her orgasm began to build.

For three days she was held on the edge of an orgasm, Jack knew her too well and had set the timer to frustrate only keeping her awake but unable to cum. Jack returned from his weekend with renewed hope for his current relationship, he had brought up in conversation the idea of the two of them having a slave to play with and serve them and she loved the idea as long as it was a girl and the girl was permanently chastised. Jack thought he could arrange that and knew if Anna stayed long enough in her box he could break her and she would be the perfect slave for him and his new fiancée.

Final Decision

Jack found Anna just as he had left her, she was struggling when he walked in and he could hear the vibrator buzzing inside her. He forced a tube into the gag and made it slowly slide down her throat as she fought him he said, "Swallow this or you’ll not be able to be fed!"

So she began swallowing and soon the hose had locked into the end of its holder deep in her mouth. Jack poured a quart of her nourishment down the tube, Anna could feel her stomach swelling but could not taste or control what was being fed into her as Jack detached the hose leaving the feeding tube down her throat. Jack let her hang alone as he put his things away then returned and asked if she wanted to continue or not, "Hold up one finger to continue or two to stop and never mention this position again."

Anna was extremely horny and even though she was in pain she held up one finger. Jack sighed and said, "Ok, just remember you asked for this!"

Anna was unsure of the tone he had but grew excited as she felt Jack clean her body, making it tingle as the alcohol water mix dried.

Before wrapping her body in the wide black tape Jack placed electro muscle stimulator pads on Anna's body, he had been reading up on muscles and how to keep them from getting weak and becoming useless, so he had made a chart where the stim pads should be placed to be able to keep her muscles working, Jack began wrapping Anna after running all the stim pads and other stimulator wires he attached to her body, over lapping each wrap turn by two thirds and slowly worked from her wrists down her arms.

Reaching her chest he carefully wrapped her breasts leaving only her nipples showing and putting even more pressure on her red and swollen globes trapped in their steel cable cages. Jack continued wrapping until Anna's entire body was covered in the thick tape. Jack stepped back and turned on the heat lamps and as he smoked a cigarette he monitored the temperature of her body knowing the exact temperature it took to get the tape to fuse together. Anna felt the heat rising and soon felt like she was going to melt as the tape began to fuse to itself and to her skin. When the temperature was correct Jack turned off the lamps and let Anna's struggling body cool down and was amazed watching the tape shrink and form itself around Anna's body, outlining every line and showing all the cables and wires holding her still.

Anna could feel the tape shrinking and was starting to have difficulty breathing again but with the feeding tube still down her throat she could not make a sound and just stood on her point toes and gasped through her nose. Jack slowly lowered Anna's arms and turned her to face the nearby floor support pole and quickly had her body strapped to it. He forced her arms behind her and began wrapping her from her shoulders down to her finger tips then used a heat gun to fuse the tape together before repeating the process making sure Anna would never be able to break free from the tight arm sleeve she was now in.

As Anna struggled for breath she tried to move her arms but found they were now welded together, the incredibly tight double layer made it impossible to even bend her elbows, she still had her head bent backwards so Jack thought it would be a good time to finish installing her gag and put the leather hood on. Jack slid a long tube into the edges of the gag she was wearing and pushed it deep into her mouth and made her swallow again as it entered her throat, this sleeve would allow the center of the gag to be removed but forced her to keep her mouth open wide and would allow him to enter her with his dick. The internal framework of the gag would not allow her to move her tongue but she could still suck when he wanted her to.

Anna was still choking on the new addition as she felt something being pulled over her head and her short pony tail being fed through it. Jack wrestled the tight hood over her head and face and began lacing it savagely tight, the water it had been soaking in for days was being forced out as he went back over the leather laces several times before having them closed completely and then covering them with the flap and riveting the hood closed, Jack pushed two small stainless steel tubes into Anna’s nostrils to keep the hood from pinching off her nose and make it impossible for her nose to become clogged, he then aligned the mouth piece with the gag and stepped back again.

Anna was trying to figure out what was happening to her head as the pressure from the hood increased but could only gasp as she felt it get tighter and tighter until he finally stopped pulling and twisting her head. She was in total blackness unable to make a sound and could now not hear very well and her body was beginning to itch all over as the tape was sticking to it and the pads were starting to adhere. She felt Jack pick her up and lay her on the table and begin fiddling with her nipples and she started to enjoy herself again being more comfortable lying down and enjoying the added attention. Her breasts screamed out in pain as her body weight made her body shift and pulled hard on her anchored nipples and she desperately wanted Jack to stop no longer enjoying her bondage.

Anna tried to resist but the tape and her steel bonds kept her from being able to move more than just a twitch here and there. Jack continued strapping her down by placing the leather belt around her lower waist and pulling it tight, the belt and nipple anchors would keep her from being able to slide off the small padded table while he continued to restrain her. Jack could hear her gasps as he attached the power cords and large and small tubes to her pussy and ass, these tubes would be used to clean and evacuate her and the power wires were for her vibrators and electro stim units in the plugs. He had used the same kind of stim units on her before and knew how punishing they could be if turned up high.

Jack had purchased two control boxes and had modified them to work together with the pads on her body to make her feel like she was getting a massage or torture her entire body. Jack had attached Anna's nipple clamps to the table before wrapping the mono cuff around Anna's wrists and running the winch cable in between her legs. He bent her legs up towards her head and attached the other winch cables to her ankles, he slowly turned the winches pulling her hands back and her ankles forward evenly until her toes were almost even with her head and Anna was grunting and snorting from the tension and tried to pull her legs back but the cables held her and continued to hold them close to her head. Anna felt like she was being folded in half as Jack increased the tension slowly, she could feel the tension on her nipples piercings tug at her nipples each time he pulled her hands more than her feet.

Jack stopped and ran his hands all over her body really liking the way the tape accented every curve and detail making her look as if she wasn’t real, not letting any ripples or winkles form on her bent body and still let him feel her trembling body underneath it while it held her inescapably inside its grip. Anna was sure she was going to die as she tensed her body and tried to fight, the extra tight corset was now binding her waist and making her only able to expand her chest to breathe but her chest was held tight inside the steel bra and tight tape over it making her feel like she couldn’t breathe at all. After playing with Anna's trapped body Jack turned the winch handles until she was just tugging at her nipples and her pointed toes were next to her head and said loudly, "I will leave you here for the night, tomorrow we will finish getting you in the position you will remain in!" he slapped her ass and left her alone completely helpless and immobile struggling for each breath.

Jack went upstairs and began packing up Anna's things and taking the boxes to the basement, each time he passed Anna's bound body he listened to her grunting as she pulled at her bonds. He started packing up her clothes but decided to leave her fetish items and shoes out in case Kate wanted to wear them and hoped he could talk her into it because there were several he really liked seeing Anna wear, but once her obsession started she hardly ever wore anything but ropes or leather straps.

Jack called Kate and asked her to come over later and she agreed, Jack had a plan to get her to try on one of Anna's corset dresses and some high heels before they headed out. Kate came by and when Jack turned to close the door he turned back around Kate was standing there naked except for her high heels. Jack smiled and the two went to his bedroom and he quickly had her tied spread eagle to the bed and they made love, changing her position several times before they were finished.

Once they recouped and Jack released her from the doggie style position he had tied her in last they took turns going to the bathroom and when Kate came out she noticed the dress and shoes and squealed picking up the dress and asking if she could wear it. Jack said yes but said he needed to tell her it used to belong to an ex-girlfriend, Kate didn’t care and began working it up her naked body. Once she had it up to her chest she moved to Jack who had been watching her from the bed and turned to let him begin lacing her into the dress. Soon jack had her gasping as he tightened the corset tighter around her waist leaving a small gap at her waist getting wider as it went up and down. Her breasts were heaving over the top of the dress and her thighs were pressed together as the dress stopped just above her knees. Jack got dressed while Kate roamed around the house getting used to the dress and finding out she could only bend, with some effort, at the waist. Jack carried the tall shoes out to her and said, "Let’s see if these fit", and slid her feet in and wrapped the wide straps around her ankles.

The shoes were a little tight but Kate loved them and walked around some more getting used to the severe angle they held her feet in. Jack gave her some long leather gloves and she pulled them on and buttoned the cuffs, "Now I look all together" she said smiling at him as he said, "Good lets go".

She was shocked and asked, "Where?"

"I don’t know well figure it out but I’m hungry."

Kate pulled her long coat on and said, "Let’s go".

As Jack held the door for her he pulled the coat off her and said you won’t need this. She was already outside the door as he dropped the coat inside and closed the door. Kate was unsure of her outfit but Jack walked past her to his truck and got in opening the door for her as he started the truck, she wriggled her way to the door and looked at him trying to figure out how she was supposed to get in. He told her to grab the door and hop up, she grunted as she did it and soon they were going out to eat, Jack had plans to make her walk down the main drag watching her bare ass crack as she swayed in front of him before going in a small restaurant and forcing her to sit in the extremely tight dress, leaving Anna sweating while she struggled in the basement.

Kate made it through the evening and spent the rest of the night with Jack and trying on more of Anna's clothes finally falling asleep wearing a latex catsuit lying on Jacks shoulder as he stroked her rubber covered body. Kate got up early and had to leave to get ready for work and left still wearing the catsuit as Jack smiled and waved goodbye as she drove off.

Jack was tired but he went to see Anna and could tell she was either asleep or had passed out and slowly pulled her feet forward and was able to line up the holes and attach her heels to her gag. He pulled her hands back until he could see her nipples stretching in their rings and stopped pulling her. He set the timers to start in an hour and left her alone as he went back to bed. Anna woke up feeling the increased pressure on her body and the pain from her nipples she couldn’t see anything but if she could have looked to either side she would have seen her pointed toes held firmly on each side of her head. The tight leather was slowly drying and Anna was just starting to feel it adding tension to her head and decided it was just her feeling like things were tightening up.

She grunted and pulled on her arms and legs trying to move but could not, she did notice that when she pulled on her legs it seemed like she could feel it tugging on her head and wondered if Jack had already got her into the position she was trying to get into and hoped he would tell her when he had. Jack awoke a few hours later and called Kate then got something to eat before going down to see his captive. Jack could see her struggling as he laid his hand on her back and she calmed down, the stimulators had been running on low for a couple hours and causing her to be extremely aroused and she tried to communicate with Jack but could not do more than grunt.

Jack rubbed Anna's coated body before her pulled her hands back another inch and stretching her nipples even further and causing Anna to grunt loudly as she felt the pain increase in her nipples, he unbolted her heels from her gag and turned the winch pulling her feet another two inches before locking the winch and turning up the stimulators and leaving Anna again to adjust to her position.

After another night of sex with Kate he asked Kate if she would wear another corset and the long latex dress he had and she agreed and the two were soon out walking from club to club Jack almost drooling from watching her walk in the tight latex and corset and had a hard on all night from her rubbing against him. The next day the two spent the entire day in bed trading tying each other up and making the other beg to cum.

Anna had been left alone for almost three days before Jack came down and fed her and while she could feel her stomach expand had no idea what was happening until he turned the crank and was able to pull her feet past her head and the spreader bar snugged up to her head and neck, he bolted the front half of the spreader bar to the back half tightening it together increasing the pressure Anna would feel around her head and neck.

Anna was crying under her hood, the leather had dried and was compressing her head to the point where she was seeing stars and hadn’t noticed her body being stretched back further or the added pressure around her neck. Jack began the final wrap before sealing her inside her box, he pulled out the case of tape and began wrapping her bound body to the base. Jack attached her wrist cuff to a large spring steel strap bolted to the bottom of the box and unlatched the spring and watched as it pulled her arms back another inch or so and caused her to raise her chest a little more before the nipple rings stopped her bodies rise. Anna suddenly felt her nipples being pulled harder and realized her legs were being pulled much harder as well. Jack studied Anna's leather encased head and marveled at the details the leather showed and could see all the straps surrounding her head and could even tell the pony tail hole had shrunk and was pulling hard on her hair.

Jack continued to wrap her body to the base board pulling hard and trapping her body under the tape. Once Jack had her completely mummified her he turned the heat lamps on and watched the tape begin to shrink and pull her in tighter and begin to show all the straps and bindings covering her body. Anna was baking inside her cocoon and was weeping loudly even though none could hear or be able to tell from the outside.

Jack began assembling the box around her, first attaching the sides that just touched her shoulders, as he bolted it together he attached the wires to a set of head phones in her ears and bolted her pointed toes to the boards on either side of her head. Next he attached a board right in front of her face and slid another thin tube into her gag locking it tightly to the board and keeping her from being able to move away from the hole in the board and bolted the front together. After moving to the back of the base he bolted the final side of the box to the base running all the cables and hoses though the small hole down to the control boxes mounted in the small cart the base sat on, that enabled him to move her around easily.

The top pushed on her knees slightly as Jack set it down and as he sealed her in the small box he turned on the recording he had prepared and rolled the box with her body inside into a back corner of the basement and hooked up her flushing and feeding tubes. As he walked back upstairs Anna was trying to move and figure out what had happened as she heard, "You are now in the position you have wanted to be in and obsessed over for the last year, I have sealed you inside a box after wrapping you in more tape, the tape you chose to use on your skin will not be able to be removed for at least several months maybe longer, remember I said to wear the latex but as with everything else it had to be your way, so I figured since you dreamed about being bound forever then this would give you the chance to experience that. Your bonds will keep pulling on your body, stretching your nipples as it pulls your arms further back, this will also make your breast cages tighten and force your tits into a new shape, most likely permanent. You will be fed and cleaned automatically and you food supply is good for 3 months unattended and maybe by then I will release your bonds if I decide to, you need to understand that you are now mine and you will do only as I ask and will stay bound for the remainder of your life."

Anna heard this and tried to scream as she fought her bonds inside her box and felt the stimulators kick on and cause her to tense up and fight harder as the recording started over again stressing how she will always be his and his new wife’s slave until the day she dies. As Anna realized she had gotten what she had dreamed of she stopped crying and began to get wet between her legs.


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