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by Mikel

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Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; wrap; tape; gag; toys; insert; breast; tease; torment; blindfold; encased; left; long-term; mistake; cond; submissive; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

Jenny lay relishing the added tension each wrap Ken applied to her naked and aroused body the smell of the tape and the sound of it being rolled off the reel was intoxicating for her. She had begged him for weeks, knowing he would be gone overnight, to wrap her tightly from head to toe mummifying her tightly in the tape. She wanted to be left totally helpless for twenty four hours with only her favorite vibrators to keep her aroused and forcing her to have multiple orgasms. Jenny loved having Ken restrain and torture her mercilessly for hours stroking and teasing her but the idea of being totally helpless unable to free herself or stop any of the sensations that were forced on her kept her mind occupied for hours each day.

Ken had been worried about leaving her for so long even though he knew she had been restrained for longer periods previously. He once returned home after three days away to find her bound to the bed brutally gagged with her hands chained behind her back and her cuffed ankles attached to the foot of the bed by a long chain. Nothing she had planned had gone the way she had wanted but she had still loved the experience and the constant arousal. After that experience she had promised she would not bind herself so stringently when he was going to be away for more than day. Ken was determined to make her time bound not as pleasant as she had hoped wanting to deter her desires to be bound and left alone, finally agreeing to bind her with layers of strong duct tape. The two found a compromise on her request to have her head wrapped as well agreeing her eyes would be left uncovered and a gag with a breathing tube would be used, Jenny wanting her eyes open and Ken wanting the breathe through gag.

Now Jenny was being covered in the strong tape, her arms had been crushed together behind her back from her balled up hands to her shoulders then they had been wrapped over trapping them tightly to her body. Before taping over her breasts Ken stretched a wide rubber band around the bases of her perky breasts, clipping her erect nipples with tweezer style clamps. Jenny whined behind the pump up gag Ken had already stuffed into her mouth and pumped up until her cheeks bulged but couldn’t stop Ken from doing anything he wanted, and secretly loved when he adlibbed. Ken finished wrapping her upper body sealing the bands and clamps under four layers of the tape, the tension he could make around her abdomen always made her pant impressing her with his abilities of being able to make her feel like she was wearing a very tight corset. Ken let her walk around stretching and flexing her compressed body listening to her grunts and squeals while he went to her closet and got her next surprise.

Jenny was still struggling in her bonds when Ken told her to come lay on the strong coffee table she had already spent a lot of time bound to. Jenny tried to communicate she thought her arms had been wrapped too tightly but was forced to lay on her stomach as Ken started wrapping her lower body. Jenny had already inserted the vibrators before they had started and could feel them growing as Ken pulled the tape tightly around her ass and upper thighs. After applying four layers of tape from her waist to just above each of her knees Ken stopped wrapping. Jenny felt him pushing her feet into some shoes realizing as he began lacing the first boot he was putting her knee high ballet boots on. 

Jenny whined again knowing Ken knew how much she hated to be bound in her boots because they caused her legs to cramp badly and at the same time shivered from the thrill she felt being helpless to stop him. Ken grinned and said “We can stop now if you want”. Jenny shook her head “No” as Ken continued lacing the boots chuckling to himself knowing she wouldn’t give in. Ken finished lacing the boots and sat back admiring how the boots made her toned legs look and sat thinking about when she had worn them last and how much he enjoyed watching her walk around the house in them. Ken started wrapping Jenny’s feet moving up to her knees and back down until her lower legs were wrapped as tightly as the rest of her body. Jenny lay on her crushed and banded breasts hoping he would finish and let her roll over when she felt him fold her pointed feet onto her thighs.

Jenny struggled for a moment realizing that’s why he hadn’t covered my knees yet, he had no intentions of leaving my legs straight. Ken wrapped each of her folded legs tightly before squeezing them together and wrapping them into one solid unit. Ken quickly covered Jenny’s wiggling body with two more layers of tape running the tape from her shoulders to her knees then wrapping two more layers over them limiting Jenny’s movements to mere fractions of an inch. Ken picked up her rigidly encased body setting her on her knees noticing her scowling eyes. Ken smiled as he began wrapping her head and neck covering her raven hair and lower face with several layers of the wide tape. Ken had commented on her scowl while he worked on her head and neck making sure to completely immobilize both suggesting she had better change her snide look or he would. Ken stepped back to check his captive and to watch her small compressed body shift slightly under the tight cocoon. He noticed her eyes were still glaring at him and said. “I warned you about those eyes” picking up another roll of the tape and carefully covering them while Jenny squealed and wiggled.

Jenny was now trapped in total darkness unable to move her hands, arms or any part of her body at all with it covered in the tight shell of tape feeling the sticky glue holding her skin firmly and beginning to feel like it was tightening itself. Jenny flexed her already cramping legs desperately trying to move or wiggle her pointed feet finding she couldn’t move them either and that Ken had done a masterful job at securing her tightly. Jenny liked blindfolds for short term bondage or whenever Ken was there but had always hated the feeling of not being able to tell the passage of time when she was alone and had now been forced to deal with her inner worries about what might happen while she was left alone. Jenny knew that all she had to do was hum her safe song and Ken would cut her out immediately, that had always been one of the reasons for her enjoying being bound and alone knowing there was no one to plead with no one to help her and no one to free her. Jenny had also felt very different when she was bound alone, feeling that there was something her mind was trying to bring forward and that somehow if she was left helpless long enough the answers to the nagging questions in the back of her mind would be answered.

Ken rolled Jenny’s encased body onto the floor smashing her bound breasts under her again taking the pump and attaching it to her gag. Ken chuckled again as Jenny struggled each time he pumped her gag up keeping track of how many pumps he applied before she started squirming then releasing some of the pressure. Jenny was desperately trying to free herself, this was not the way she had wanted to be bound and hoped he would at least unfold her legs before he left. As Jenny struggled she could feel her mouth being filled further each time he pumped the gag struggling to get used to the enlarged phallus pressing further into her throat. Ken teased her with the gag for twenty minutes before leaving her alone to cope with her position going to pack his small bag so it would be ready in the morning. Jenny lay on her throbbing breasts still trying to find a weakness in her cocoon finding that not only could she not move her arms and legs but he had wrapped her so well she could barely even flex her body anywhere. Jenny continued to fight now panicking that she would remain with her breasts trapped under her screaming with pain until he returned wishing she had set a few more ground rules before she had begged him to do this to her.

 Jenny lay all night in her silent dark world gasping for air through her nostrils and the small tube in her gag unaware that Ken slept in the chair next to her. During the night Jenny drifted off several times awaking to strange dreams of being used as a sex toy by a cruel master scaring her each time making her pant and struggle again. Ken woke up very early pumping her gag two more quick pumps before going and showering and got dressed to leave. “Well I can see you’re all comfy and cozy so I will be back tomorrow sometime, not that time matters to you now”. Ken was stroking her encased head really enjoying feeling her slight movements under the thick layers he had encased her in and thinking about what he would do to her when he returned having no plans on freeing her but only making her filled pussy and ass available to him to relieve his building sexual frustration.

Jenny purred when she felt him stroking her head having gotten accustomed to the large gag, as usual, the aches and pains had eased slightly as they always did and now she knew he would activate her vibrators. Jenny couldn’t hear Ken leave and lay for hours waiting for her vibrators to come on, she had become comfortable in her warm cocoon loving its tension and rigidity and had even started liking the aches coming from her folded legs and banded breasts. As she lay there recalling the events leading up to her encapsulation she smiled around the gag filling her mouth and tried to move hoping that maybe some of the tape had lost its grip on her bare skin finding none of it had. Jenny recalled the dreams she vaguely remembered feeling her heart race and her breathing increasing as the idea of being enslaved permanently excited and scared her again. Trying to drive the thoughts of her dreams from her mind she started going through her checklist of things she needed to do before being enclosed, shave her body check, flush her bowels check, use the alcohol wipes to make sure none of her body oils interfered with the tapes ability to adhere to her skin check, insert her vibrators check. When suddenly she froze and started to gasp for air as she couldn’t recall installing the rechargeable batteries she had for the vibrators.

For the next twenty four hours Jenny would struggle until she couldn’t breathe anymore stopping only to catch her breath, each time she struggled she awakened the aches and pains in her body making her moan loudly and struggle harder. With each passing minute she knew she would not be able to take being bound so stringently for so long without some stimulation and was sure she would die. Ken sat in his hotel room thinking about his bound and frustrated wife having noticed as he had packed his bags the long life rechargeable batteries were still in the charger and knew she would be more than willing to accommodate his frustration release when he returned. Jenny spent half the time in pure hell and the other half in heaven as her mind accepted her fate and let her true submissiveness emerge making her believe she was being punished by her master and would be rewarded when she was freed.

During the final hours before Ken’s arrival Jenny’s encasement had become her whole world and she could no longer remember any time when her breasts weren’t throbbing or her legs weren’t cramping and could think of nothing else but pleasing whomever it was that had entombed her. The nagging question had been answered, she was a true submissive and now that she had accepted it she lived only to please her master. When she heard Ken’s voice she made no movements or noises until he asked if she was alright and she gave him the one grunt answer for yes. Jenny no longer felt she had the right to ask for anything or complain about anything that was done to her, she trusted her master completely and only wanted to be used as his toy and servant hoping she could please him and be rewarded for her efforts.

Ken smiled and asked if she had enjoyed herself and was surprised when he heard one grunt. Jenny had not allowed herself to “enjoy” anything since she had concluded she was being punished it would have been wrong to enjoy herself but the tone of the question seemed to indicate he was trying to please her so she had answered yes. Ken was tired from his trip so he put everything away and ate a small meal making sure each time he was near his captive she was aware of his presence surprised she had not indicated she wanted out yet. Jenny lay quietly panting under the tight layers waiting for her master to do whatever he wanted to with her never responding to any touch or sensations unless he asked her a question. As he sat stroking her head listening to her breathe he drifted to sleep leaving her bound in the dark for another night. During the night Jenny’s mind dreamed of being bound permanently serving her master forever and this time she wasn’t scared and slept comfortably in her prison warm and safe.

The following morning Ken could stand it no longer quickly positioning her on the table and separating her legs from each other peeling back the tape covering her pussy and ass. Jenny offered no resistance only moaning when she felt the inert vibrator being pulled from her damp pussy and then it being replaced by his hardened cock. Ken used her as his sex toy multiple times during the day asking each time if she was ready to be released only to hear the two grunts answer which to him meaning she wasn’t. Jenny didn’t know how to answer she wanted to please him so if he had wrapped her so perfectly then this must be how he wanted her to be so this is how she would stay until he chose to release her.

By the time Ken was ready to go to sleep Jenny had been bound three full days and he knew she had to be freed because she had no way of being fed or watered. Ken carefully cut her legs free unfolding and messaging each then cut the layers of tape away from her sweat covered face and head finally able to see her beautiful eyes blinking at the bright light. Ken removed the gag and let Jenny flex her jaw before offering her some water then asked if she was ready to have her arms freed.

“Only if it pleases you, I would stay bound for you and when you are done with me I should be gagged and put away”.

Ken was stunned helping her to walk in on her toes to the table where he fed her a light meal before stretching and saying, “Well it’s time to go to bed if you don’t ask to be freed then I’ll leave you as you are”

Jenny looked down and said, “Would rebinding and gagging me make you happy?”

Tired and confused Ken quickly stuffed the gag in her mouth and pumped it up stretching her cheeks vulgarly waiting for her to complain stopping when he felt the pump get difficult to squeeze. Ken wrapped her booted ankles to the legs of the chair leaving her bare pussy exposed by her spread legs, a position she normally detested but got no reaction from his bound wife. Ken was frustrated his plan to deter her desires to be bound had not worked and headed to the bedroom unaware it had worked better than he could have dreamed going to bed unaware Jenny was now his to command and would do anything to please him.


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