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Sara Kidnapped

by Sarablade1967

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© Copyright 2007 - Sarablade1967 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; kidnap; bond; mum; wrap; nc; X

It was late and I seemed to be the last person in the shopping mall. It was real dark and as I got close to my car I saw a dark van, it was old and looked like it might have been abandoned. Then as I got closer to my car the lights in the parking lot went out I thought to myself damn I should have left a little earlier. Here I am dressed real slutty. Yes sometimes I do that to see what the guys at the mall do. I was wearing a real short gray skirt and a tight black button down shirt. Then I added my six-inch heels and black stockings. Underneath it all I had on my shiny red satin bikini panties with a matching bra.

So here I am walking through the parking lot in my slutty clothes all alone and late at night. I thought to myself that there is no way there is anyone driving that junky van. I reached my car and put my bags in the trunk of my little red sports car and shut the trunk. As I tried to get the drivers door open the van’s side door suddenly slid open and two men reached out and grabbed me. Before I knew it I was in the van and held down on the floor. One of the men held my mouth closed with his hand over my mouth while the other tied my wrists with rope. Then the guy holding my mouth grabbed a roll of duct tape and used three strips tightly placed over my lips to keep me quiet. Next they tied my ankles together very tight and after that my knees. 

One of them grabbed a rope and tied my ankles to my wrists forcing me into a hogtie position. This left me tied and gagged and laying on the floor of the van as they drove off, I was being kidnapped and there was nothing I could do about it. I struggled but there was no hope I was tied way to tight. But for some strange reason I was getting wet.

We were on the road for a long time it must have been at least an hour and a half. Then the van stopped and they got out. Both men hopped into the back of the van and threw a blanket over my head. The bigger of the two men picked me up, I was still tied in the hogtie position, he held me over his shoulder as if carrying a sack of potatoes. He went in through a door and dropped me down on the floor and then he removed the blanket. My eyes quickly adjusted to the light, I looked up and one of the men approached me and then he put a cloth over my mouth. I thought ‘oh my god it’s chloroform!’ I started to struggle but there was no hope as I slowly passed out.

When I came to, my mind was still hazy from the chloroform, I found that I was tied to a chair, I looked around and found that my hands where tied behind me with rope and my elbows where tied together pushing my “d cup” breasts out. My shirt was gone but I still had on my red bra. My legs where tied tightly to the legs of the chair at both the ankles and the knees. They also had my waist tied to the chair so I could not move very much. I still had the skirt on but it did almost no good because they could see my sexy red bikini panties, which seemed to turn them on. I tried to speak but I realized that there was a big red ball in my mouth held tight by a leather strap.

The smaller guy walked up to me, he looked like the boss and said to me, “We have big plans for you but we want to test you in this position first.”

I thought what do they have planned. It did not take long for me to realize. The big guy walked up to me with a decent sized plastic bag and duct tape; he slowly placed it over my head. I tried to beg but it did not do much good. Then he taped it tight around my neck. I said, “Please don't!” but before I knew it the bag was taped airtight. They stepped back and watched. I tried to stay calm, but the small guy said, “Listen babe, if we don’t get enough struggling that bag will never come off!” I thought I don’t want to suffocate to death so I struggled, I struggled for all I was worth and hoped that I was pleasing the men. It did not matter anyway before too long, I was panicking, as I had no air left in the bag, as I tried to breathe the bag stuck to my face. 

I looked at the two men though the plastic and the sick pigs where masturbating as I struggled wildly. I tried to beg as the bag started sticking to my face, my hot breath misting up the plastic bag, but it did not do much good. I pulled on the bondage wildly but there was no chance of me getting out. Then everything went black.

I came to and the big guy was picking me up off the chair. The only thing I was wearing now was the red satin bikini panties; they’d removed all my other clothing whilst I was out cold. My wrists where still tied behind me and the ball gag was still in tight. Then I saw the little guy walk up too me with rose colored plastic wrap and bent down and start wrapping the plastic wrap at my feet. He slowly wrapped up my body; it was pretty tight as he worked his way up my legs. When he got to the top my thighs he took the opportunity and rubbed my satin covered pussy and said, “Wow baby you are wet!”

I thought, ‘Oh my god he’s right! I am very wet even though I am scared.’ I could feel my moisture and the heat between my legs, before I knew it he was passed my belly button and he now started wrapping my breasts. This was wild I was totally immobilized, tightly wrapped all the way to my neck. 

I looked up and the little guy had red duct tape and was smiling as he again started at my feet. I thought to myself, ‘Oh my god he’s now going to wrap me in duct tape!’ I tried to struggle, but there was no luck as I was held tightly by the plastic wrapping, before I knew it he was past my waist. He taped all the way to my neck leaving only my breasts open. Then he produced another plastic bag. ‘Oh my god they are going to kill me!’ I was placed down on the floor by the big guy and then the other one taped the bag over my head, they then stepped back and watched me wiggle around for a while begging for air. 

But I soon found out this was not what they had in mind for me when they poked a hole in the bag. Then they took two tubes and stuck them in my nose and started taping my head. I was scared, what would happen to me if the did not stay in my nose. I again tried to complain and struggle but that did no good, they just laughed. Before I knew it I was completely all taped up. I heard them talking pictures and then they loaded me back into the van and we where on the road again.

Again, as before, we where on the road for an hour and a half. When the van stopped, the large guy lifted me up over his shoulder, carrying me a short distance and setting me down in a car seat. Then I heard the little guy’s voice. He said, “We are leaving you in your car to be found in the morning by security. But listen if you tell anyone who did this we will find you and this time the plastic bag will never come off! So you better keep quiet.” I heard them drive off, there I was totally helpless, bound very tightly in plastic wrap and duct tape, all I could do was squirm in my bondage for at least the next few hours until I would be found by security. I thought to myself I hope they kidnap me again some day that was so hot.

The end 


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