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The Scarf Shop

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2015 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; Spiderwomen/f+; store; scarves; capture; envenom; web; cocoon; wrap; gag; enslave; susp; insert; tease; torment; climax; scifi; superheros; cons/nc; X

Andrea “Rachel” Ney looked forlornly at her desk. It was covered in bills, Last Warning, from all her utilities & suppliers. If business didn’t improve soon, she would have to close her shop.

Andrea’s shop, known as the Silk Scarfer, was famous for its high quality silk scarves – for which she stocked only the finest brands including Hermes, Ferragamo and Pucci. Unfortunately her buy price was now far too high to make money, even with her exclusive clientele.

It was now dark outside. Andrea, known as Rachel to her friends through her second name, sighed as she went to close the door. Being a scarf dealer, she was wearing a black g-string with a superlarge white Hermes Scarf tied over her as a dress with long black boots & stockings and long black gloves. She had long blonde hair slicked back with large boobs and no bra.

To her complete surprise a tall beautiful woman suddenly appeared at the door from out of nowhere. She wore sunglasses, had her black hair slicked back and covered in a black silk scarf. She wore a long black trenchcoat with long black gloves & thigh high boots, her legs in stockings. To Rachel’s surprise she was topless with the largest breasts she had ever seen and she wore the finest black silk g-string Rachel also had ever seen.

Inside her G-string across her pussy she had an enormous silken pad, as if sealing over her pussy – but as Rachel thought this was impossible! As Rachel watched her pussy seemed to pulse & turn beneath the pad – as if the pad was holding something inside it back!

The woman smiled at Rachel. “Hello, I am Madame Orb. I am sorry, Miss Ney, but ve are very late. Is zit possible you can help us at zis late hour?” Rachel nodded and asked her to come in, though she thought the woman was alone.

Suddenly 2 tall huge muscular women appeared from nowhere. They were tall powerful with immense musculature & huge boobs. They had slicked back blonde  hair with long black gloves & long skirts with thigh high boots and stockings. Rachel was taken aback, but Madame Orb held her. “Zit zis all right, zey work for me as my bodyguards – zey will not harm you! Bow, ladies!”

Without question the 2 women bowed to Rachel as she closed the door. “Please rise” she said, “I am not worthy of such praise. I am just a scarf dealer…”

Madame Orb laughed. “Nonsense, Ms Ney – may I call you Rachel? Even vee have heard of your talents vith zee silk – zat is vy vee are here! Ladies, you may strip off!”

The 2 women stripped off their skirts to reveal the finest & largest black silk g-strings Rachel had ever seen – they were enormous! Rachel gasped. “Ahh, Rachel – you like zeir G-strings? Very good! Vell, zey like zee silk items & vill now test your scarves!!!”

Madam smiled as her 2 bodyguards started to sort through the scarves. Each took a giant silk scarf, folded it and handed it to Madame Orb. They then pulled giant silken menstrual pads from their g-strings and stuck them over their mouths.

Rachel looked in amazement as the Madam quickly twirled the scarves up and wrapped them around her slaves’ heads again and again and again, holding the pad in place & firmly OTM gagging her slaves quiet. The 2 slaves stood up quietly and said nothing, as the Madam inspected them. “Yes, yes…zeeze are very good scarves! Ze quality is excellent, I must have zem all tonite for my verk!”

Rachel was flattered, but she wasn’t sure exactly what the Madam was referring to.“Ahh, Madam, thank you so much. May I ask, though, what is your line of business? Sales? Wholesale? Design?”

Madam Orb laughed, “Oh, my dear Rachel.. nothzing so specific! I am ze bounty hunter for hire & supplier of female slaves for ze private market! As zee slaves are high quality merchandise I must have ze perfect bindings to keep zee slaves quiet & docile, as vell as zee silk veapons to capture zem. Indeed I have very difficult time to catch zee slaves I need, as zey can be zo powerful… hahaha!”

Rachel’s head spun with this news. This woman was some sort of bounty hunter & slave dealer, which was illegal, capturing women for private clients using silk bindings & weapons… and she captured… superheroines? Her head spun.

Rachel gulped and faced Madam, summoning all her courage. “I'm sorry, Madam, I cannot help you in such undertakings that are illegal..”

The Madam smiled, and nodded to one of her guards, who immediately put a case in front of her, and opened it. “Vun million dollars cash now… and another million when you have completed your training. But you must verk for me and my boss – that is zee deal!”

Rachel gasped, “$2 milllion? You are crazy! That buys everything in my shop 5 times over!!!  It’s too much…”.

The Madam laughed again. “Nonzense! Vee vish to be your partners! And zee deal is conditional zat you verk for us… so? You have zee money problems, yes? You have another buyer… no? Vat options do you have?”

Rachel turned her head. She knew the slave business was wrong, but it was too much money. She was broke unless she accepted the offer. “OK, Madam, I accept on your terms - thank you.”

Madam smiled and shook her hand. “Ladies, zee papers please.” One of the guards put some papers in front of Rachel, who signed it immediately.

The Madam turned to her. “Now zat vee both own zee business, vee vill celebrate!”

Rachel smiled nervously. “Ahh, yes Madam.. great. What would you like to do?”

The Madam laughed. “You are zo funny, Rachel! Vee need to remodel zee shop quickly… and put up some advertising in ze stock… But first, Ladies!!!”

The two bodyguards approached the Madam, who strangely pulled 2 blue silken slave hoods from her g-string under her pad and placed them over her slaves’ heads. They were bright blue with the words “Webs Silk” on them.

Madam laughed. “Good advertising!” she said.

Suddenly all 3 looked directly at Rachel. Madam smiled again. “Zo… Rachel… you also vill also need to change… hahaha! Ladies… your help please!”

Without any warning the two bodyguards suddenly grabbed Rachel on each side and held her tight. Before Rachel could scream, Madam pulled a huge silken pad from within the g-string covering her pussy. Madam quickly stuffed the pad into Rachel’s mouth before she could scream, which instantly expanded inside her mouth to muffle any sounds.

She then pulled a giant dark blue scarf from the shelves and twirled it around and around to OTM gag Rachel’s mouth closed over the pad as it tightly wound around and around Rachel’s head again and again, until Rachel was completely silent.

As Madam completed Rachel’s gag, the 2 guards each grabbed one of her arms placing her hands inside silk bondage mittens, and tying them above her head using superthick scarf ropes, suspending her in the air off the ground. They then similarly tied each leg apart of the ankles to the side using more scarf ropes, so she was tightly spread-eagled vertically.

Madam nodded and the Guards quickly stripped her scarfdress, stockings, boots and gloves off her so she was nude. Seeing she still had hair on her pussy, Madam laughed. “Ve don’t like zis, Rachel… you need to be shaved!!! Hahahaha!” One guard suddenly sprayed thick shaving foam all over Rachel’s pussy while the other quickly shaved her clean using a very sharp blade.

Madam looked on approvingly. “Very good… ladies! Very nice work… now Rachel ve have more verk ve need to do, but you must be relaxed. Hmmm, let me feel you.” And with that the Madam gently caressed Rachel’s clit and pussy lips. “Hmmm, pervectly vormed, but nowhere near large enough… no matter, ve can vix you! Hahahaha!”

Her constant caressing was making Rachel become very moist and start dripping. She  moaned inside her gag. The Madam continued to manipulate her clit and pussy lips until they were rock hard and puffed up. Then the Madam bent over and gently caressed them with her tongue, driving Rachel to the brink of orgasm when suddenly the Madam bit down hard on her clit and pussy lips simultaneously with extremely sharp fangs.

As Rachel look on in shock a complete numbness and then paralysis passed through her pussy lips and clit before entering her body and holding her orgasm at precumming levels. As the Madam wiped blood away from her mouth, Rachel shuddered in horror as she saw venom glistening from her fangs. She was some type of spiderwoman!

The Madam stepped back as her slaves took over. The second guard started stroking Rachel’s clit and pussy lips which immediately started swelling to an enormous size. Soon they were 10 times normal size and Rachel was dripping liquid silk like a tap. She wondered what these spiderwomen wanted!

Meanwhile the first guard then suddenly sprayed more foam all over Rachel’s head and her slicked blonde hair. Madam nodded as she quickly whipped the razor and shaved off all of Rachel’s beautiful hair! Rachel would have cried but she couldn’t move.  

Madam stepped forward. “Hmm, good verk my slaves! Now next stage, as we discussed…”

With that both guards pulled their g-strings off to reveal heavy sanitary pads, which they then ripped out to reveal enormous pussies as big as Rachel’s had become.

Madam smiled. “Ladies, vee must have no noise, you know what to do.” And with that each Guard placed her pad over Rachel’s OTM gag and then rewrapped it into place with a bigger red silk scarf from the rack. Each guard then aimed their pussies at Rachel and started frantically spinning silk over her arms & legs and then reinforced the scarf bindings with thick silken web.

Soon Rachel was suspended in a thick cocoon of silk over her arms & legs, unable to move at all.

The Madam then threw her trenchcoat off, to reveal her powerfully built frame, extremely large breasts and 4 extra arms she had hidden beneath her jacket. She whipped off her headscarf to reveal her hidden 6 eyes and hairless head, and laughed again showing her super sharp large fangs in her mouth.

But it was her amazing G-string that made Rachel breathless. It was made of the purest black silk she had ever seen and it was huge! As Madam took it off, she gasped as she saw the sanitary pad covering her pussy was 5 times the size of her slaves, and 3 times as thick.

Madam noticed Rachel dripping profusely. “Ah, good slave, I am pleased. So you like my g-string? Hmm, zat gives me an idea! Hehehe! If you like my G-string, zen you vill love vot comes next…”

And with that Madam ripped her thick pad to reveal the biggest pussy Rachel could have imagined. It was 5 times bigger than her slaves! As she ripped off her pad, Madam’s pussy lips opened right up and her clit poked out about a metre, with wet sticky silk cum pouring onto the floor.

Then Madam swung into action. Simultaneously she pushed her huge pad over Rachel’s face, completely covering it with only her nostrils & eyes visible, as she used her hard clit to push into Rachel’s wet pussy and started to gently fuck her.

Her slaves gently stroked Rachel’s nipples & clit as The Madam rubbed her pussy hard and pulled out a huge wide silk scarf which she actively spun and wrapped several times tightly and thickly over Rachel’s mouth and around her head to secure the pad and render her completely silent.

When she was satisfied that Rachel could not make a sound, she nodded to her slaves who then each bit down on one of Rachel’s nipples even as she pierced Rachel’s clit with a barb on her clit, making a total of 3 holes. Quickly they took 3 giant rings that were hanging from Madam’s clit & inserted them into Rachel’s clit & nipples and silken them into place to prevent infection and make them unremovable.

The 2 slaves then spun a silk line to 1 each of the nipple rings, while the Madam squeezed her clit hard to produce a thick silken anchorline onto Rachel’s clit ring so she would not get loose.

By now Rachel was fearing her future and the venom was wearing off. All this work was making very horny, and her struggles increased from frustration.

Madam was pleased. “Hmm, vezy good indeed! I am pleased, Rachel! However next I must have no movement.. so… guess vat is next!” And with that Madam bit Rachel deeply on her pussy lips and clit a few times.

Instantly Rachel’s body was completely paralysed, and her deep feeling of sexual frustration worsened. Her boobs and nipples suddenly swelled up to enormous size, as did her pussy lips and clit.

Rachel struggled to comprehend what was happening to her. As she felt the highly toxic muscle relaxant venom pass through her, Madam gently whispered to her “Zis is only zee first stage.. you vill never be human again!”

Madam then quickly webbed her clit up in a thick silken sock over her clit rings to make it all soft.

Smiling Madam then took her giant silk g-string in 2 arms and gently pushed them up into Rachel’s pussy. Rachel was horrified that she easily slipped both arms up there AND she could feel them form a supersoft silk lining inside her uterus. Immediately her stomach blew up like she was pregnant!

Rachel could feel her uterus starting to change as it began to thicken up with sticky silk inside her.

Madam then rubbed her clit really hard and grunted as a long thick wide eggtube suddenly was released from her pussy. It snaked straight up into Rachel’s pussy and silked itself to the opening of her uterus. Suddenly it hardened up and Madam started moving it back and forth to fuck her.

Madam groaned as she started to really get turned on. Her slaves held Rachel in place puling her nipple and clit silk lines as Madam’s thrusting got harder and harder, quicker and quicker. Suddenly madam’s lower half changed into a giant spider, with a huge bulbous abdomen. Madam’s eggtube still pumped from her pussy, but she used her back spinnerettes to anchor herself to the ground.

Rachel realized in horror that her abdomen was full of spider eggsacs, and that they were destined for HER! This realization came too late as Madam suddenly came in a high loud and long scream of ecstasy, as she came hard and fast for about five minutes in a massive torrent of silk.

A mass of eggsacs were pumped straight through her eggtube into Rachel’s uterus, making her seem incredibly obese and her stomach greatly extended. When she finally relaxed and withdrew her eggtube back into her pussy, her slaves quickly spun a thick pad of silk over Rachel’s pussy to seal her up.

Though The Madam had come, Rachel had not. The venom kept her highly charged close to orgasm, her uterus was full not allowing her to come and the Madam finally applied a thick silken sock to her clit as well, keeping her clit rock hard.

Madam resumed her human form & was very pleased with her new slave. “Now, Rachel, you must rest as you vill be a new voman soon… hmm, however, I zink you need somezing else. Ah yes…” And with that Madam spun a large Black silken hood with Webs Silk over it and placed it on her head, even as she spun a new special pregnant ass black silk g-string with Webs silk on the front as well.

All 3 women laughed. Madam then considered they would need to keep an eye on her as her pregnancy progressed. “Hmm, ladies, I have an idea!”

Discussing it with her slaves, all 3 laughed again. With pussies open they quickly spun thick white silk webbing all over the store to reinforce that the store was now part of the Webs Silk chain, with a spider motif. Customers would think it was fake, until it was too late…

On an angled web, the slaves placed Rachel gently and webbed her with some silk into place. Madam liked it, but felt something was missing. “Ah, yes.. some colour! Stand back, ladies…” And with that Madam pulled a large blue silk scarf silk from her pussy and draped it over Rachel hiding her cocoon but leaving her hood, bump & panties free.

Pleased Madam turned to her slaves. “You will prepare for customers!” And with that both slaves removed their hoods, spun new pads and g-strings, and a large silk scarf which was wrapped around their neck muffler style. They put on silk stockings, garter belts and thigh high boots, but remained topless, finally draping large black silk scarf cloaks over themselves.

Madam’s spider sense went off – someone was approaching. Knowing they would expect Rachel, Madam changed into an exact duplicate of her and went to the front door.

Zatanna the magician was at the door with Black Canary and Sirene. Opening it up Madam smiled to her friend. “What a pleasant surprise!”

Zatanna looked tired. “Sorry Rachel, we just stopped to pick up new scarves to wear. My costume is smelly and reeks of sweat. We’ve been trying to escape this strange bunch of alien bounty hunters all day and they have just disappeared. So I’m taking a break while it’s quiet...” Madam closed the door.

“Sorry to hear that! By the way, I just sold my shop to a new company called Webs Silk, so I am out of difficulties now. Like the new decor?”

Zatanna looked around. “Gee, it’s a different look Rach. All that white silk everywhere, you’d think you had spiders running wild spinning webs! But I guess it is Webs Silk… heh! Hey, I like the pregnant dummy slave over here in the blue – she looks so real!”

Madam smiled. “Yes, that’s for our new Mothers’ line. You like it?”

Zatanna nodded. “Yeah, hot! But I don’t plan on getting pregnant for a loonngggg time! So, anyway, mind if we grab showers?”

Madam smiled. “It’s a pity – you would look hot pregnant… please be my guest.”

Zatanna laughed. “Jeez, Rach, you are acting weird! OK, just get me and the other 2 girl’s giant scarves to wear after we shower, and then you can fill me in on what’s been happening…”

With that Zatanna stripped off her clothes revealing her extremely large breasts and hairy pussy to Madam, as she entered one of 3 showers in the back room.

Madam licked her lips. Here was a clear opportunity to capture 1 of the main threats to their power and to also utilize the other 2 heroines for power. Sonics were an Achilles heel of the spiderwomen, so any superheroine that had such powers was a primary target for indirect attacked, but could also be used for power. Zatanna’s magic had even more potential.

She nodded to her 2 guards, who each approached Zatanna’s companions.

Black Canary looked in wonder at the blonde woman in front of her. The shop assistant wore a trenchcoat open with her extra large boobs freely swinging, and with the finest g-string Canary had ever seen. Canary felt herself getting turned on as her pussy started getting so moist that soon she was dripping through her fishnet stockings.

The woman smiled. “Please, Miss Canary, follow me. I am here to help you – you may call me Weava.” She gently rubbed Canary’s pussy through her soaked stockings as Canary followed her without question.

Siryn looked in amazement as Canary wandered off, just as the second woman approached her. Siryn was not so easily swayed. She was Irish with strong will and repressed her sexual urges.

The woman bowed and asked, “I am Wydow. Ms Siryn, how may I help you?” Siryn looked at the woman with her large boobs and g-string under her jacket and was not impressed. “Put some clothes on!” she snarled.

Wydow laughed. “Yes, I get that comment often. Clearly you do not like me!” Siryn stopped. She did not like this woman’s open nudity, but she did not hate her.

“No that’s not true. I just prefer women clothed.” Siryn replied softly. Wydow nodded, taking off her jacket. She went to the rack and used a giant aqua blue silk scarf to wrap up her boobs into a bra. Then she took another dark blue large scarf and made a dress.

However as she took the scarf Wydow discretely took off her g-string, leaving just her pad across her pussy. Her scarf dress hid her swollen pussy & pad  – just.

“Is that better, Ms Siryn?” Wydow asked. Siryn nodded, she appreciated this woman’s understanding.

Wydow took Siryn over to the shower, just as Weava similarly took Canary and Madam went to Zatanna. They had to coordinate their attacks perfectly.

Madam closed the door behind her as she entered the first shower. Zatanna was singing and had soaped up her body completely. Her back was facing the open door.

Quietly Madam took off her jacket, stockings & boots so she was wearing just her G-string. Her 4 extra arms were released. She then unhitched her G-string and pulled off her giant pad very quietly, as her giant pussy lips suddenly flopped down dripping heavily with sticky silk.

Madam spun a giant ball of thick silk from her pussy and gently moulded it continually with 2 hands to keep it from setting. She spun a giant white silk scarf and stretched it out across 4 arms, as she held her pad in another hand with her final spare hand massaged her clit strongly. As it stiffened up to the size of her hand, Madam stifled a soft moan as black sticky latex silk started weeping from her pussy crack.

Zatanna turned off the shower and blindly reached for the towel. As she dried her hair and face, Madam swung into action. Quickly she pushed the mass of goo into Zatanna’s mouth and over her face, then forced her silken pad over Zatanna’s mouth, completely sealing it up. She then wrapped her giant silken sheet several times around Zatanna’s arms to pin them to her sides so she couldn’t cast spells, as she used her 3rd set of arms to pull a giant silken scarf from her pussy and wrapped it firmly over Zatanna’s mouth & head to OTM gag her fixing the thick pad into place. Finally she bit into Zatanna’s neck, injecting pure paralytic venom from her fangs.

As Zatanna slumped into her arms Madam let her pussy relax, and shot a black latex web on a 45 degree angle across the shower, supersticky and waterproof.  She stuck Zatanna on the web, spread-eagling her legs apart, and shot thick black sticky latex webbing all over Zatanna’s body, wrapping her up into a thick black cocoon except for her boobs, pussy and head.

Madam then spun a special liquid latex silk scarf and wrapped it over Zatanna’s gag OTM style several times making her completely water proof. Pleased with her work, Madam then pierced Zatanna’s nipples and clit inserting giant golden rings which she sealed and then spun tight silk lines between the 3 rings all together supertight making her clit rise.

Madam stood back and admired her work as Zatanna groggily stared at her, wondering what had happened. Madam resumed her normal form and Zatanna shook in fear. This was the bounty hunter she had been trying to escape from!

“Yes, Ms Zatanna, ve meet finally! Your friend Ms Rachel now verks for me, and she has been most useful! By zee way, ve have much need for you and your powers as my slave! But verst vee must get vid off zis hair, it is zo unseemly! Hahahaha!”

Zatanna looked down at her pussy, as Madam turned on the shower letting warm water trickle down her body. Zatanna’s gag and cocoon were completely waterproof. Gently Madam slipped her hand inside Zatanna’s pussy even as she tweaked her silk lines to make Zatanna groan. In the warm water she got very wet very quickly and her pussy hair softened quickly.

Madam got a large can of foam and sprayed it all over Zatanna’s pussy and quickly shaved it clean using a sharp razor. Then she sprayed foam on Zatanna’s head and eyebrows. Zatanna shook her head violently as she didn’t want to lose her hair.

Madam laughed. “Slaves have no hair,” she snarled and bit Zatanna’s neck again , paralyzing her head and neck muscles. Quickly she razored off all Zatanna’s hair off including her eyebrows.

“Much better” she laughed. Madam quickly spun a large silken scarf and then wrapped it over Zatanna’s head covering her bald head. “Zis is good” she said. “Now you are ready”.

Madam then held the silklines in one arms and rubbed her clit again really really hard. This time her pussy lips opened right up and she climbed up onto the web above Zatanna’s head. Gently she lowered herself down over Zatanna’s head with her lips expanding and opening up.

Madam was so wet she easily slipped over Zatanna’s head. Quickly she moved up and down, harder and harder, up and down, until suddenly she came in a large torrent of thick goopy silk.

Quickly she climbed down and sprayed silk over Zatanna’s head to secure her silk, before spinning a blue  silken hood with Webs Silk on it. She placed it Zatanna leaving only nose & eyeholes free – her slave was now secure.

“Zis is perfect! You vill never be free again, Zatanna! But ve will use your powers for our benefit, I zink as a permanent slave”.

“Hmm, but zere is one more zing I need to do”. Madam was still super horny from her preliminary fuck, so she whipped out her eggtube and pushed into Zatanna’s pussy where it slid up easily, securing itself on her uterus. As she rocked back and forth her eggtube got harder and harder. Madam grunted as a  large eggsac suddenly passed from her pussy through the eggtube into Zatanna. With a high pitched scream Madam released the eggtube into Zatanna, making her pregnant, and filling her with silk cum.

Madam quickly sealed Zatanna from her arse to her clit with a superthick supersticky superwide pad.

Zatanna’s orgasm continued to grow, but it now had no release. Madam also spun thick silk over her clit as well so she couldn’t relieve herself even if she got free.

Madam felt Zatanna’s power growing. She knew she had to find a way to harness it before Zatanna could escape.

Meanwhile Weava took Black Canary into another shower and stripped her off. Canary stood in the shower in a trance as Weava gently massaged her pussy with her hand. Canary was so spellbound she didn’t notice Weava soap her pussy hair up and quietly shave it all off.

Canary kissed Weava on the lips. As she did so, she felt a sharp bite on her lips then another on her throat. To her horror Weava suddenly showed her fangs!

As Canary fell to the ground Weava threw her jacket off revealing 4 additional arms and her headscarf to reveal 6 additional eyes. She had no hair as Canary realized to her horror Weava was a spiderwoman.

Canary tried to move but she suddenly felt extremely dizzy. Her Canary Cry wouldn’t work either as she suddenly realized her vocal chords were paralysed!

Weava laughed. “Ahh, Miss Canary, you now realize what I am! You must know however I do like you, so you will serve me and my mistress. But first, I know you love my g-string so you shall have it! Hahahaha!”

With that Weava ripped off her g-string then her pad, stuffing both into Canary’s mouth. Her pussy was enormous, as her lips dropped to the floor. Before Canary could react a thick blast of silk sealed the pad and g-string in her mouth.

Weava quickly spun and pulled a giant silken scarf from her pussy. She then OTM gagged Canary with her giant scarf, wrapping over head several times to silence her.

Weava then bit Canary’s clit. Canary’s clit and boobs ballooned in size even as her body was completely paralysed, leaving her incredibly horny.

 Weava then picked Canary up in her 4 arms and twirled her at super speed. Spraying thick liquid silk all over her, Canary was soon wrapped up in a thick 3 foot thick cocoon with only her boobs head and pussy free.

Weava quickly spun silk over Canary’s hair to stick it down and spun a pussy scarf to tied it up, before she spun a Blue Webs Silk slave hood putting it over Canary’s head.

Weava liked her work. But something was missing. “Ahh, of course, my apologies Ms Canary!” Weava laughed. Weava then groaned as she strained her bum muscles. To Canary’s horror a spider abdomen emerged as Weava turned into a drider.

“Ahh that’s better, now let’s see…ahhhhhh” Weava clenched her fists and her spider abdomen contorted for a fewminutes until suddenly a huge blue silk eggsac was forced out of her spinnerettes. It was extremely sticky and soft.

Weava gently picked it up and slid it inside her superwet pussy, “Ohhh, nice, you’ll like this” she smiled as she rubbed her clit hard.

Suddenly an eggtube whipped out of her pussy and forced its way up into Canary’s pussy & uterus forcing the eggsac up with it. As it was so slippery it released the eggsac inside her before retreating back into Weava’s pussy. Immediately the eggsac blew up making the uterine walls supersticky and Canary pregnant.

“You are now ready to meet my Mistress” Weava smiled.

Siryn meanwhile had entered the shower with Wydow. Wydow bowed. “Is that all, Ms Siryn” she asked.

“Yes thanks Wydow” Siryn said as she got undressed and was about to enter the shower.

Wydow turned. “Oh Ms Siryn” she said, “I forgot one thing.”

Siryn turned. “Yes?”

“THIS!” Wydow lifted her scarf skirt exposing her pussy to Siryn, who saw the biggest pussy she had ever seen, shoot a thick sticky mass of silk straight over her mouth. Wydow also shot acid webbing over Siryn’s body, completely dissolving her pussy hair and head hair as well.

Wydow then shot more sticky silk at Siryn’s body, entangling her arms in a complex web. Wydow threw off her bra & skirt scarves and held them in her hand, revealing herself to be a spiderwoman to Siryn.

Before Siryn could react Wydow leapt on top of her and sunk her fangs into Siryn’s neck, paralyzing her. Siryn slumped to the ground, paralyzed with venom as Wydow pulled a giant pad from her pussy and sealed Siryn’s mouth up with it. Quickly she then pulled a giant silk scarf from her pussy and otmgagged Siryn around her head and mouth several times.

Wydow then spun a large silk armglove and put Siryn’s arms in it, securing them behind her. She used her 2 scarves to reinforce it securely.

Wydow then opened her pussy right up spinning liquid silk all over Siryn. Soon she encased in a 3 foot thick cocoon except for her head, pussy & boobs.

Wydow knew Siryn was extremely dangerous and she had an idea. She bit down on Siryn’s clit blowing it up 20 times and making her boobs supersized. Then she pierced Siryn’s clit 5 times and her nipples as well, inserting large golden rings into them. With superfine but extremely strong silk she pulled them together tightly as she felt Siryn’s orgasm rise and rise. To make sure it stayed tight and that Siryn couldn’t get them undone she spun thick silk socks over Siryn’s sharp solid 3 foot long clit and her very large nipples and breasts.

Wydow admired her work as Siryn lay there helpless. “Hmm, no good with a bald head!: Wydow quickly tied a large pussy scarf over Siryn’s bald head and then spun a slave hood with Webs Silk on it.

“Better” Wydow thought. She knew she had to get her slave to Madam, but Siryn’s exceptionally large pussy was open as she was bound and gagged and she got really horny. “Ahh, what the hell” Wydow quickly whipped out her eggtube which was much thicker than normal spiderwomen and slipped it inside Siryn. To her delight she fitted perfectly which had never happened before.

Before Siryn knew what was happened her pussy was being pumped by the biggest thing she had ever felt. She groaned inside her gag, as her orgasm grew. To her horror she suddenly felt extremely turned on and superwet. Wydow was delighted – her captive was ovulating to her eggtube fucking her.

Suddenly Siryn’s pussy lips opened right up as her socked clit lifted up and her uterus produced a thick silk lining at the end of the eggtube. Wydow got really turned on and fucked her harder and harder. Spiderwomen did not need sperm to reproduce, only female eggs and hormones. Wydow was fucking Siryn at the perfect time!

Suddenly Wydow and Siryn came at the same time, Wydow’s silk cum shot straight into Siryn’s uterus and made contact with her human egg. Wydow’s spider DNA immediately fertilized it and made increase in size 1 million times so it filled Siryn’s uterus to the brim and made her pregnant. Wydow immediately sealed her up with a giant pad from her arse to her socked clit.

All 3 spiderwomen pulled their slaves out into the shop. Madam was most impressed.

“Good verk, ladies”. She said.”Ve can now make zem into real slaves”.

The guards and Madam hung the new slaves up next to Rachel. They had further plans for them.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Madam resumed her Rachel identity.

There was a young Asian girl there, wrapped in silk as her costume and covering her face. “Hello…my name is Cindy Moon or Silk…and for some reason I have come here. But I don’t know why!”

Madam was quite impressed. She had heard of this new spiderwoman. “Yes, please come in, my name is Rachel – perhaps you are drawn to the silk in my shop?”

Silk followed her in. There was something very familiar about this woman, but she couldn’t figure out what.

Madam knew Silk was confused. She was a real spiderwoman, but had only partially developed from the introduced spider DNA from the spider that bit her. Still Madam was very impressed with her, but she needed further development.

Madam turned to Silk. “Why don’t you look at my special scarves in the back?” Silk agreed, as she was highly impressed by the scarves and wanted to see more.

As Silk entered the back room she noticed it was incredibly quiet. She felt the presence of others in the darkness. Looking closely she saw cocooned women completely bound up in thick silk. Human size spiders crept through large webs keeping them restrained.

Suddenly the door opened and Madam entered with her 2 guards. She was in her spiderwoman form, naked with her powerful boobs and large pussy free, as were Weava and Wydow though they were more muscular and wore slave hoods and has been OTM gagged with large silk scarves again.

Silk stared at them. They were spiderwomen like her, but much more advanced.

“Yes, Silk, and vee are telepathic too” Madam spoke to her in her mind. “You have to come to be vith us, though you do not know it yet. Hahahaha!”

Silk approached Madam slowly. Her pussy and boobs were incredible, so big and huge. Silk watched as Madam’s boobs shuddered in excitement and her pussy dripped pure silk.

 Madam encouraged her. “Do not be afraid, Zilk…it vants you to touch it. “ As she drew near, Madam grabbed Silk’s hand pulling straight into her pussy.

Silk gasped, she had never felt anything so wet and silky in her life.

As Silk’s hand gently rubbed Madam’s pussy, Madam got turned on. Madam’s clit, pierced with many rings and covered in a thick silken sock, suddenly stood up a metre. Suddenly thick silk shot out of Madam’s pussy over Silk’s hand, so supersticky she couldn’t pull away despite her superstrength.

Another wad of thick sticky silk shot out of Madam’s pussy, straight over Silk’s mouth, which was quickly filled with sticky silk. More silk shot out pinning her arms to her sides then another blast of sticky silk wrapped her arms up quickly in a silken sheath cocoon.

Silk desperately tried to get free. But with her hand was still stuck in Madam’s pussy, her mouth stuffed with thick silk and her arms completely bound, she was unable to move or fight.

Just then the Madam reappeared. “It zis all right, Silk, vee have zis under control. However vee must keep you safe.” As the Madam walked up she grabbed a giant white scarf and another blue one from the rack and nodded to the slave behind her.

Rubbing her clit the slave suddenly grunted and shot a mass of supersticky webbing all over Rachel’s body. She kept spinning webbing until Silk’s arms & legs were buried under a mass of silk and she was completely cocooned except for her boobs, pussy & head unable to move. The slave then came up behind her and stuffed her mouth with a big scarf covered in sticky goop from her pussy, then bowed to the Madam. The Madam quickly wrapped the blue silk scarf over Silk’s mouth expertly several times around her head securely to OTM gag her, leaving her unable to make a sound.

The Madam quickly twirled the other white scarf into a gag and OTM gagged Silk firmly over and over her mouth and wrapped the scarf around her head. She also bit Silk on her neck. The other slave also started spinning webbing over Silk and soon had her completely cocooned up except for her head, boobs & pussy.

With Silk now helpless the Madam smiled at her. “Zo Zilk, now ve have you for our use, you must know our greatest needs  – capturing slaves & breeding new spiderwomen! You are quite unique and could be a good slave catcher – but I zink you would be better for breeding!!! Hahahaha!”

Madam then took Silk up onto her large web across part of the showroom roof horizontally and lay her down on it. She pierced Silk’s nipples and clit and placed rings on them, tying silk lines to them and onto her own clit. She bit down on Rachel’s pussy lips making them swell right up. With 1 set of arms she started rubbing her pussy, as another set rubbed her boobs and the final set massaged Silk’s pussy. Silk groaned inside her gag as she got more & more turned on. The venom paralysed her but also made her super horny.

Suddenly Madam’s eggtube shot out from her pussy into Silk’s pussy. Silk gasped – it was immensely huge and filled her up, but it was very gentle. Gradually the eggtube got harder and harder, as Silk’s orgasm grew. She felt her uterus swell and become covered internally with silk. Silk watched in horror as her stomach grew in size, like she was pregnant. Suddenly Madam grunted loudly as she came, forcing a very large eggsac into Rachel’s pussy and then squeezed into her uterus.

The eggsac filled Silk’s uterus so completely her stomach popped out as she was pregnant. Silk screamed as the eggsac continued to expand. Silk felt she was going to burst when suddenly the pressure was released towards her bum. She gasped as she realized a spider abdomen had been created from her uterus and her bum was now pushing out with it inside the cocoon. Soon she had a complete abdomen like the Madam, but it caused her pain.

Just then a second eggtube from Madam’s spider abdomen spinnerettes suddenly burst out and plunged into the cocoon, straight up Silk’s spider abdomen where her spinnerettes were to be located. Madam used cooling sticky silk to gently reduce the pain slowly until Silk’s pain had subsided and her spinnerettes were now activated.

Madam then quickly wrapped up Silk in a complete cocoon, except for her large pussy, head and extra large boobs. Madam covered Silk’s boobs with special sticky pads and sealed her pussy up with a giant pad from her arse to clit. She pierced her clit inserting more rings and then wrapped it in a thick silken sock. Finally she hooded Silk in a Webs Silk slave hood and placed her next to Rachel on her web.

Madam now had 5 slaves now on her web. As she need a break she decided to lay down on her web to rest. As she relaxed she ordered Wydow & Weava to head home via the Stargate in the basement. They bowed and left immediately.

Shortly after they had left, Rachel started twisting and struggling violently. Her pad ripped off as her pussy opened right up and a mass of silk poured out. Madam was very excited. Rachel was in labour!

Rachel’s groans grew louder and louder and her pussy quivered more violently. It opened more and more until suddenly an arm pushed its way out, then another, then a head with black hair, body with massive boobs, then finally legs and feet. Dripping with silk the new spiderwoman finally stood up and dried herself with a silk towel Madam gave her.

Rachel was horrified, it was a spiderwoman version of her! Madam laughed and hugged her new niece, who hugged her back. Madam named her Rachna – as she dried out, Madam had to admit she was impressive. 7 foot tall, black hair to her waist, massive boobs, 8 eyes, sharp fangs and the biggest pussy Madam had ever seen on a spiderwoman.

Madam had genetically engineered her to be able to spin the most and best silk of any spiderwoman. She had all Rachel’s memories regarding silk and scarves as well.

Rachna looked at her mother, then at Madam, and her again. Heavily gagged Rachel could only struggle and moan – then she remembered that spiderwomen were telepathic.

Rachel concentrated as best she could to communicate with Rachna.

“Yes, Rachna, I am your mother. You belong with me! Not that bitch, me! Free me and we can escape to be together!”

Rachna looked quizzically at Rachel and then at Madam. Rachel’s heart sank as Rachna turned to Madam and hugged her. Madam smiled. “She belongs with me, Rachel. I was going to make you one of us, but then I thought I could make one of us from you. And here Rachna is – she is perfect!”

Rachna looked at her mother. “Moth-er?” Rachel nodded. “Yes, yes, I am your mother – free me!”.

Madam smiled. “Yes Rachna, this is your mother – but she is our slave. What do we do with slaves?”

Rachna suddenly rubbed her clit really hard and screamed as a mass of sticky gum webbing shot out over Rachel. It coated her completely up to her neck in a clear silken cocoon, being so sticky and thick she couldn’t move. Rachna then spun liquid webbing and at super speed wrapped her mother in a superthick cocoon except for her pussy and head.

“Mother must be slave” she snarled. Rachna sunk her fangs into Rachel’s neck, paralyzing her completely, then whipped out the largest eggtube Madam had ever seen. She plunged it into Rachel’s pussy and whipped it and out so quickly and so many times it was in a blur. It was so wet and silky Rachel opened right up, more than she had for Madam, so Rachna came spraying a mass of eggsacs into Rachel’s uterus and pussy, right to the brim until Rachna silked her closed with a massive pad from her arse to her clit.

Rachna finished it off spinning another massive scarf over her mother’s mouth to reinforce her gag and then rehooded her.

With Rachel now 10 times bigger than she had been before, Madam was delighted. Her work was done. She had a new commander to take over the Scarf Shop. Madam transformed herself into a giant drider and spun a web harness which she used to hold the incredibly pregnant Rachel, and took her into the cellar where the Stargate was located. She suspended Rachel in the middle of a giant silken web above the Stargate and told Rachna she was now in charge of invading this earth. She hugged her daughter then activated the Stargate and went home, with her 2 guards Weava and Wydow with her.

Rachna was now alone. She looked at her mother suspended in her giant web and smiled. Changing to her drider form she climbed up on the web and sunk her fangs deep into her mother’s neck. This time the change was profound as Rachel’s resistance finally slipped away. Her body changed into a slave spiderwoman, with her limbs changing to spider legs, her hair falling out, her head growing 6 extra eyes and fangs, as well as her pussy swelling in size dramatically. Her size grew tremendously as a giant spider abdomen pushed it way out of her bum – her giant pregnant stomach swelled even larger.

Being a slave spiderwoman Rachel now had no free will and low intelligence, her only function was to serve her Mistress and Queen, in this case Rachna. She resembled Loth’s Alien Spiderqueen somewhat, though her spider abdomen kept growing until it was massively oversized, twice the size of her.

Her pussy now was bigger than Rachna’s, and her giant spinnerettes located in the underside of her spider abdomen were 1000 times more complex than any spiderwoman before her, except for the spiderqueens. 

Rachna grinned, she knew the real change in Rachel now. As she gently rubbed Rachel’s clit which sprang up to immense size, a huge eggtube pushed out of her rear spinnerettes. Driven by Rachel’s sexual drive, it was 2 metres in diameter made from see-through fine but tough membrane muscles. Just on reflex Rachel pushed 10 metres of eggtube out in a curve back to her mistress, with thick sticky silk dripping out. Rachel could use her eggtube to spin silk or eggsacs or reverse and pull slaves into her uterus if required – very handy indeed. At its end Rachel controlled its opening by tightening & relaxing sphincter muscles.

Rachna went back into the shop. Just then she heard a massive rip as the pad covering Silk’s pussy was torn apart as a blast of silk exploded outwards. The hooded Silk suddenly tore herself free from her bonds and leapt off the web down to Rachna. She was now immensely muscular with huge massive boobs and an even bigger pussy. Rachna smiled and simply said “Bow”. Silk immediately bowed as Rachna whipped a large pad from her pussy and placed it over Silk’s hood mouth, then spun an even thicker web scarf to OTM gag her mouth closed.

With Silk now her first slave, Rachna was ready. She ordered Silk to take the 3 captives to the cellar web  from the shop, which Silk did promptly.

Rachna now needed spiderwomen slaves to serve her. Silk was a good start – but other spiderwomen from this Earth would be most useful indeed. Her mother’s change to a giant spiderwoman slave plus her own emergence had created an immense concentration of spider pheromones that were irresistible to spiderwomen.

As it was getting dark she closed the shop and made it dark, retiring to her cellar with her mother to wait. Smiling she gently rubbed her mother’s clit until Rachel’s eggtube unfolded from her abdomen, and then stretched right out down to the floor from the web 10 metres.

Rachna whipped out her own eggtube and slipped it into her mother’s pussy quickly. It hardened up very quickly and widened to fill Rachel’s pussy. Very quickly Rachel was super moist and slippery, allowing Rachna to whip her eggtube in and out faster and faster, harder and harder, until she was moving back and forth at superspeed, faster than the eye could see. Soon Rachna was groaning loudly as her orgasm grew and grew.

Soon Rachna was thrusting desperately as deeply as she could into her mother’s pussy, stimulating Rachel’s ovaries and uterus directly with her eggtube. As she came in a loud scream thick cum silk from her eggtube, filled with high levels of Arachnid hormones, filled Rachel’s uterus and stimulated her to start spinning thick silk & laying eggsacs.  

Pleased Rachna quickly pierced Rachel’s nipples and clit pulling them together tightly with thick silk under high tension to maintain her orgasm and not let her have any release. She also spun nipple covers  and a thick silken sock with a super thick pad over Rachel’s clit to ensure she couldn’t relieve herself and would have an immensely high level of orgasm to frustrate her, resulting in the thickest silk possible to control the most obstinate slaves.

Frustrated Rachel started laying large eggsacs on the ground from her eggtube to try and relieve her sexual frustration in her uterus and pussy, even as she simultaneously shot thick webbing all over the walls and roof of the basement as she tried to cum. However, the sock and clit/nipple rings that her Mistress had placed on her were so tight and thick that she couldn’t cum, which drove her nuts.

As a result the whole room was soon covered in thick dripping white sticky webbing from floor to ceiling, with only the Stargate and the large web with the 3 prisoners visible. Both Rachel and Rachna could move over the webbing because their hands and feet were specially coated, but anyone else would get stuck.

Rachna was very pleased – she knew Rachel was now unbelievably horny. Suddenly Rachel put her head up, sensing prey nearby – something to fuck and wrap that might give her relief was very close…

Jessica Drew the first Spiderwoman was sitting on a building above a shop she had never seen before. It was called the Silk Scarfer. She had been drawn to it for some mysterious reason, and whatever it was had made her super horny. Her pussy soaked through her skintight lycra costume as it dripped profusely, with her rock hard clit sticking through like a small penis and her boobs greatly enlarged and hardened with rock hard nipples.

She could barely think straight.

Sudddenly the new Spider Girl, Anya Corazon, landed above Jessica. She too had a soaked pussy beneath her uniform with rock hard clit and boobs, though hers were smaller than Jessica’s.

Then the new Spider-woman known as SpiderGwen landed beneath Jessica. She like them was superhorny, wet, and had rockhard clit and boobs.

The 3 spiderwomen said hello to each other, and discussed their arrival. Jessica told the other 2 she would take the lead as the senior spiderwoman. As she suspected a trap she suggested that they make their way into the shop through the front, back and roof to see what was there simultaneously.

The 3 spiderwomen departed to carry out their missions…

Anya landed at the front of the store. It was very quiet indeed. Using a hair clip she unlocked the front door and closed it behind her. She found herself surrounded by the finest silk scarves she had ever seen.

Anya’s pussy dripped even more at the sight of these scarves. It was so wet that she dripped through her costume and got extremely horny, rubbing her pussy harder and harder in frustration.

Anya tore her uniform open in front of her pussy and grabbed one of the scarves, rubbing it on her pussy to satisfy herself. It felt soft and silky and the more she rubbed the hornier she got. Soon her clit was the size of her hands but her sex drive was now even worse.

In frustration she ripped her costume right off. Now uncontrollably horny and nude, with her small boobs now extremely large, she staggered to the back of the shop where she found a door leading down.

Quietly Anya crept down the stairs. It was very dark. In the darkness she could see white sheeting all over the room, with some large circular gate right at the back. Something large was moving in the darkness above her, but she couldn’t see it clearly.

Suddenly thick webbing wrapped around Anya’s waist and pulled her down the stairs to the basement, onto sticky white silk. Before Anya could react she was picked up in 8 long legs from a giant shape above her. A thick wad of silk was sprayed into her mouth and a large silken pad then stuck over her mouth silencing her even as a large silken scarf was wrapped several times around her head and over her mouth to OTM gag securely.

As Anya breathed in she realized the silk wad, pad and scarf were soaked in chloroform making her weak and her spider strength useless. As she looked up groggily she saw a huge spiderwoman licking her lips at her even as the spiderwoman quickly pinned her arms behind her and wrapped them up into a silk arm sleeve so she couldn’t move them.

The spiderwoman then similarly wrapped her legs up into separate thick silken leg sheaths that connected to the arm sheath exposing her pussy to the spiderwoman. The spiderwoman then bit Anya on her neck injecting venom to paralyse her as well as heighten her horniness.

Just then another spiderwoman dropped down in front of Anya on a pussy webline smiling. “Greetings, Anya, I am Rachna and welcome to my lair! I see you have met my mother, Rachel…you are very important to her! She is extremely horny and needs relief, just as I need slaves to serve me! And yes, I know your 2 colleagues are coming in as well…hahahaha! So I’ll got and greet them, and let Rachel have some fun with you…”

With her spiderlegs Rachel gently stroked Anya’s pussy as her venom took effect. Anya’s pussy lips and clit began to swell and soon her pussy lips were immensely huge and dripping profusely. However as she was so young and not yet full grown, her pussy would not reach full size to allow Rachel to fuck her straight away with her fullsize eggtube.

Rachel was very frustrated but then had an idea. If she couldn’t use Anya externally as a fucktoy she would use her internally.

However just then Rachel sensed there were more spiderwomen around. She needed more time with Anya to do her properly. So to keep her ready she swung her giant eggtube around just above Anya’s pussy. Very gently she pushed the tip of her eggtube into Anya’s pussy, which opened right up to take it. Gently she pushed it back and forth using her eggtube’s slick lubricant to slip it in a good foot, before she tightened her eggtube up and spun a massive silken dildo outwards which got wider and wider up to 3 foot wide. Rachel then used a giant stretchy silken web to hold it in place and gently rock the dildo back and forth to open Anya up slowly and stretch her pussy out to adult size until she returned.

Anya groaned beneath her gag. To make sure she made no noise and kept silent, Rachel quickly spun another giant silken pad completely over Anya’s face and then spun another giant scarf to regag Anya yet again to make sure she was silent. This time Anya made no noise and Rachel left her with giant silken dildo slowly opening up her pussy.

Meanwhile Spidergwen had gone to the back door of the shop. Strangely she found it open. Cautiously Spidergwen went inside and crawled on the roof into the main shop. She found the most amazing scarves she had ever seen! Looking around she found a door open leading down to the cellar. As she was about to descend the stairs she suddenly became aware of someone behind her.

Too late Spidergwen felt a sharp pain on her neck as something bit deeply into her, injecting her with venom. Dazed she turned to find a powerful spiderwoman in front of her with a giant black widow spider crawling back into her pussy. The spiderwoman had incredibly muscular arms, wore a silk hood with Webs Silk on it and was OTMgagged with a silken scarf. Despite her face being hidden Spidergwen realized to her horror it was Silk!

Silk quickly ripped her g-string off to reveal a silken pad, which she quickly clamped over Spidergwen’s mouth. It was soaked in chloroform, which combined with the spider venom to make Spidergwen weak and sleepy. Silk then released her giant pussy which she used to spin a giant silk scarf, and OTM gagged Spidergwen over her mouth and head several times.

Before Spidergwen could react she also spun thick silk over each of Spidergwen’s hands and wrists to block her silk. Silk then spun thick mitt gloves up each of Spidergwen’s arms to her shoulders to make sure she couldn’t spin any silk.

With Spidergwen now helpless Silk ripped her costume off her in preparation, including her hood.

Silk quickly spun Spidergwen’s arms into a pure silk straitjacket with self-tightening arm sheath, and placed her legs into pure silk stockings. She suspended Spidergwen under her shoulders using a silk harness from the roof and spread-eagled her legs apart wall to wall using silken lines. With easy access to her pussy Silk grabbed a can of shaving foam from the shelf nearby and sprayed it over Spidergwen’s blonde hairy muff so it was covered in a thick layer of soapy foam. Gently she used a razor and shaved Spidergwen’s pussy clean.

Admiring her work she then decided that no hair was best for her slave. Spidergwen shuddered as Silk looked at her long blonde hair, as tears came to her eyes. But it was misplaced as Silk felt no emotion. She climbed up onto the roof and suspended herself on a thick pussy silk line as she sprayed 2 more cans of shaving foam onto Spidergwen’s blonde hair and then quickly razored it all off so Spidergwen was as bald as a badger.

Silk then pierced Spidergwen’s nipples and clit, inserting rings and pulling them together using silk lines. She then spun a silk scarf which she wrapped over Spidergwen’s head, before she finally spun a silken hood with Webs Silk on it and placed it on as well.

With Spidergwen helpless Silk bowed as her Mistress Rachna emerged from the cellar and admired her work. Rachna was very pleased indeed and complemented Silk. Rachna laughed at Spidergwen and told her she looked great but was not quite yet ready. She had to be developed to be a slave.

Rachna nodded to Silk and told her to take her into the basement. Looking around she sensed someone was watching her. However she turned and followed Silk down into the basement.

In the darkness of the basement Silk placed Spidergwen on a massive silken web in front of the Stargate and then retired to the stairs. To Spidergwen’s horror she saw Anya on a web above completely wrapped up with a massive silken dildo gently driving her pussy open. Who had done this to her?

As if to answer a giant spiderwoman suddenly lowered herself onto the web above her. Spidergwen was shocked and shuddered in fear as Rachel sat above her, both her front pussy and rear eggtube dripping profusely with sticky slippery silk cum.

Just then a series of powerful stun bolts hit Rachel, but with no effect. Both Spidergwen and Anya managed to see Jessica swing down from the roof and launch a venom blast attack. However Rachel didn’t even blink, it didn’t affect her in any way despite Jessica’s best efforts.

Rachel quickly whipped her giant eggtube from her abdomen and stretched it right out, aiming at Jessica as she flew around the room. Suddenly she shot a blast of pure silk straight at Jessica. The silk was the stickiest and strongest Jessica had ever encountered, being pure cum silk straight from the spinnerettes of a giant spiderwoman sexually frustrated. It wrapped over Jessica quickly, entangling her from her neck to her feet. Rachel shot another silken blast, then another, wrapping Jessica up so tightly she fell onto the silk covered floor.

Just then the sound of bullets filled the air as Black Widow’s stinger was fired multiple times and she somersaulted into the middle of the basement. Jessica had called her in for backup. Unfortunately her sting had no effect on Rachel either; indeed she was no spider powers at all and found herself stuck on the sticky silk with Jessica and Spidergwen.

As Widow tried to break free Rachel merely aimed her eggtube at her and shot a mass of silk over her pinning her to the ground. She was inconsequential to Rachel.

As Rachel descended to claim her prizes she sensed another spiderwoman was near. The mysterious Madame Web suddenly appeared out of nowhere, sticking to a wall above Rachel, out of her reach.

As Madame Web tried to telepathically control Rachel, she didn’t see or sense Rachna quietly creep down above her.  Rachna spun a giant pad from her pussy as she closed in on Madame Web, as well as a long long supersticky silken scarf.  She also used a couple of arms to warm up her pussy getting it ready for action.

Suddenly Rachna pounced on Madame Web, clamping the pad heavily over her mouth even as Rachna sunk her fangs deeply into Madame Web’s neck. Her venom immediately paralysed the Madame, stopping her telepathic commands. Rachna quickly used her scarf to OTM gag Madame Web securely by wrapping it over her mouth several times.

She then quickly ripped off Madame’s costume and whipped her eggtube straight into her pussy, hard and slippery, to stop Madame from gaining focus. Quickly Rachna built up an orgasm and came hard into Madame’s pussy, pushing a large eggsac into her as she came. She sealed Madame up with a large pad from arse to clit and then tethered her clit to her nipples with silk lines.

Finally she spun Madame Web at super speed in her arms with liquid silk being sprayed at high pressure  from her pussy. Soon Madame Web was wrapped in a 3 foot thick cocoon with only her pussy pad, clipped boobs & clit and head visible.

With such a dangerous prisoner there was only one place for Madame Web, even though she was bound cocooned and gagged. Rachna quickly ran to Rachel, who immediately opened up her eggtube. A thick silk line emerged from within and wrapped around MW’s cocoon and then slowly drew her in to Madame Web’s horror.

Once she was inside Rachel’s eggtube thick silk immediately covered her as she slowly was dragged in further and further. Movement became impossible as another smaller eggtube connected to her pussy and suctioned over her lips and clit.

Madame Web’s orgasm was now driving her bananas but she had no release. To her horror she suddenly entered Rachel’s silken layered womb where she was embedded into one of the walls. Her body was partially webbed internally to Rachel’s giant clit which lead to her pussy outside, and Madame Web found herself gliding back and forth smoothly across it. Strangely the more frustrated she got the quicker she glided across Rachel’s clit. Outside Rachel felt her first pussy slave giving her great relief from her growing orgasm, and she smiled.

With Madame Web now secure, Rachel turned her attention to Jessica who was still struggling with her silken bonds. Jessica had managed to rip most of the webbing off, just as Rachel towered over her.

Rachel smiled evilly as Jessica cursed. Rachel shot a thick web over Jessica’s arms to gum them up and stop her using her Venom blast, as she towered over the Spiderwoman and bent down quickly to bite her on her neck. Rachel used highly toxic venom that even Jessica couldn’t fight and she immediately fell on the floor paralysed.

Safe to approach Rachel quickly ripped Jessica’s costume off her pussy, boobs and head.  She wrapped Jessica in a superthick cocoon except for her head pussy and boobs. Rachel’s pussy eggtube, superhard and extremely wet, pushed its way out as Rachel was extremely turned on.  It quickly whipped up into Jessica’s pussy and latched onto her uterus, creating a silken plug that could never be broken unless Rachna willed it. Secured the eggtube expanded to fill Jessica right up, causing her sexual frustration to grow exponentially.

Rachna decided to join the fun. She spun a large pad which she forced into Jessica’s mouth and then spun another silken scarf to OTM gag securely. Rachel meanwhile gently eased herself back and forth on her eggtube, getting harder and harder and wetter and wetter.

As her orgasm grew, more and more silk with spider DNA was forced up Jessica’s pussy inton her uterus causing her body to swell in size by a factor of 5. Her pussy lips and clit grew enormously to completely take Rachel’s full eggtube, 4 more arms grew from her torso, 6 eyes appeared on her forehead, her stomach swelled up massively as she became pregnant.

Excited Rachna decided to get involved. She grabbed a can of shaving foam and quickly sprayed Jessica’s pussy as Rachel fucked her. She shaved her quickly as clean as a whistle. Rachel loved the new feeling and her fucking quickly created a silk g-string over the clean area which stuck firm and would never allow hair to grow again.

Turned on Rachna then sprayed the whole can on Jessica’s head and quickly shaved off her long black hair. Rachna was now so wet she quickly raised herself above Jessica on a silk line and opened her pussy right above her. Her pussy shot a silken tube straight down onto Jessica’s neck and secured itself, as Rachna pulled the silk tight back towards her. It created a super tight funnel hood, which got tighter and tighter the closer Rachna got and the more she pulled on it.

Linked to Rachne the 2 spiderwomen went for it. Rachne’s thrusts got deeper faster and stronger as she hardened up even more, just as Rachna’s pussy slipped right over Jessica’s face and then back up faster and faster and faster.

Rachna’s pussy was incredibly soft and elastic, but incredibly moist as well – silk cum dripped then poured over Jessica’s shoulders. Soon Jessica was gasping for air as Rachna’s pussy had clamped right over her face and head, enclosing it completely and rubbing it faster and faster and faster. The hood was soon completely full of silk that insulated Jessica’s head and face from the friction being created against Rachna’s clit, which was monstrously huge and hard.

Suddenly both Spiderwomen came simultaneously, with the force nearly blowing Jessica’s mind. Rachne’s eggtube sent a powerful blast of cum silk with a giant eggsac into her pussy and uterus, as Rachna’s pussy suddenly released Jessica’s head while encapsulating it in an airtight latex silken hood.

With Jessica completely wrapped Rachne quickly pulled her into her pussy and silked her against her clit, using her as a dildo to keep her urges in control.

With the main spiderwomen under control Rachna and Rachne took a break. Black Widow was yelling abuse, but they took no notice of her. Rachna nudged Rachne and told her to watch the fun.

Suddenly 1 of the giant eggsacs cracked open. Black Widow tried to escape her silk bindings but it was too sticky and strong. To their horror a giant black spiderwoman symbiote oozed out of the eggsac towards her.

As it got near it sprayed silk into Black Widow’s face, covering it with a thick silken pad, and stifling her cries. Another shot of thick silk saw a thick white silken scarf wrap around and over Black Widow’s mouth and head to securely OTM gag her. As it sprayed more silk to pin her down it started to flow over her body.

Soon Black Widow was completely covered in the black symbiote, her struggles gradually ceased as the symbiote took over her mind and reprogrammed her.

The spiderwomen were enjoying the show. Suddenly the symbiote released Black Widow’s body and flowed into her pussy, where it plugged itself into her uterus, making her pregnant but functional.

Rachna was impressed with what she saw. Black Widow was now hairless, muscular, with 6 powerful arms and 2 legs, wearing a black latex slave hood with OTM gag that showed her 8 glowing red eyes. She wore only a black g-string with thick pad across her pussy and now had a spider bum with rectal spinnerettes.

Rachna liked what she saw. She clapped and ordered Blackwidow and Silk to come with her to the shop even as she hugged Rachna and told her to rest.

Just then the doorbell rang. Rachna changed to her mother’s form of Rachel Ney, as Diana Prince knocked on the door. Rachel was her friend, which Rachna was counting on to put her plans into action. Jen Walters the She-Hulk was with her.

Diana hugged Rachna and congratulated her on the new shop. She said that she thought Webs Silk was a strange name, but the blue scarves and white silk walls looked great!

Rachna closed the store & took Diana to the back for a cup of tea, as Blackwidow & Silk were asked to show Jen the basement stock.

As Rachna closed the door behind them in the back room she quietly sprayed her G-string pad with extra sticky silk from her pussy. Diana was much stronger then her, so she had to be very deliberate and planned. She had her 2 most venomous pussy spiders (redbacks) ready to go as well.

Diana remarked that Rachel seemed different, more confident. Rachna laughed and said she thought that was quite true. Diana wished she could stop fighting all the time as a superheroine and slow down. Maybe she could assist Rachel in the scarf business, as she loved scarves.

Rachna said she was glad to hear that, as she had always wanted Diana. Diana, who was daydreaming, said she would be glad to help at any time.

Rachna said to her she could help now, turning as she did so. Before Diana could react she ripped off her g-string and threw her sticky pad straight into Diana’s face, which immediately sealed over her nose and mouth. At the same time she opened up her pussy, spraying thick silk over Diana and pinning her arms and legs to her body as she webbed her in a thick silken cocoon. She also threw her 2 pussy spiders at Diana, who moved around her at super speed on silken lines also webbing her up and bit her again and again with their most toxic venom.

With Diana off balance by the element of a surprise attack, Rachna was able to get a thick cocoon over her restraining her and had her weakened by her pussy spiders and her pad. However it was not enough as Diana had phenenemonal endurance. She had to keep the pressure on.

Quickly Rachna whipped out a long silk scarf and OTMgagged Diana to keep her quiet. Diana was starting to stretch the cocoon with her struggles significantly and threatened to rip it apart.

Rachna was able to get close enough to bite her deeply on her neck. Diana groaned but kept struggling. So Rachna keep biting her again and again and again, until Diana’s struggles started to slow. After 12 bites Rachna had run out of venom, and Diana was still able to move. Rachna placed all 6 of her pussy spiders into Diana’s pussy and sealed them in with a  silken pad.

Rachna then started spinning heavy liquid silk over Diana, and twirled her around at superspeed. Her cocoon was now 3 metres thick! Rachna was exhausted – Diana looked still finally, so she was finally breathed.

Just then Diana’s cocoon started to move, albeit very slowly. Rachne couldn’t believe it! She was tapped out, no silk or venom left – what was she going to do?

Suddenly a voice came from above her. “Need some help, my daughter?” To Rachna’s great joy her mother the Madam dropped down with her Aunt Shelob.

Rachna hugged her mother and Aunt. They all laughed as Shelob explained that magical superheroines could not be always be overcome with silk. As she was a spider goddess herself she would be able to handle Diana.

As Diana’s cocoon slowly ripped open Shelob sunk her fangs deeply into Diana’s neck. Immediately all movement ceased. As Rachna was exhausted Madam spun new restrictive silk alongside Shelob over Diana’s cocoon to restrain her completely from neck to toe.  All 3 spiderwomen then spun a thick final latex layer of silk to stop Diana from breaking through the cocoon.

With her slave secure Rachna burst into tears and hugged her mother and Aunt. They calmed her down saying Diana was a tough target and she had done very well for her first A grade web. Madam gently rubbed her daughter’s pussy until she felt her starting to drip, as Shelob did the same to Diana. The 2 older spiderwomen winked at each other as suddenly both of them started masturbating Rachna and Diana together. Rachna’s eggtube suddenly shot straight into Diana’s pussy and her mother massaged her clit hard. Shelob held Diana’s cocoon at the perfect angle so Rachna got harder and harder and slid in and out faster and faster, until she came in a massive scream. A massive torrent of silk overflowed into Diana’s pussy, as Madam quickly sealed her up with a super pad from her clit to her arse.

Madam held her daughter as she completely relaxed and stroked her clit. Rachna now had her silk back, and was exhausted. Madam and Shelob took her downstairs to place her in her web to sleep…

Meanwhile Silk and Blackwidow showed Jen the new scarf stock in the shop. Jen became bored quickly, but feigned interest as Diana was her friend and she didn’t want to offend these women.

Suddenly a loud orgasmic scream filled the air. Jen immediately turned to go and investigate.

Silk and Blackwidow knew their Mistress had just cum, so they had to keep Jen out of the back room. Dropping their disguises both women ripped their pads off to show their pussies. Blackwidow threw 2 giant scarves at Jen’s legs to tangle them up, and succeeeded in tripping her over. Silk as the more powerful one jumped onto Jen on the ground and clamped her pad over Jen’s face. Jen suddenly found the pad was chloroformed. Blackwidow also jumped on top of Jen as well, forcing her bigger pad over Jen’s mouth as well and spinning a giant scarf to OTM gag Jen.

Both spiderwomen spun thick silk to cocoon Jen up, as well as biting her to inject venom. However Jen was immensely powerful as well as being gamma powered, so she tore through the silk as quick they could spin it and their venom had very short effects.

Exhausted the spiderwomen kept trying to stop Jen, but soon she knocked them aside. Jen said she would kill them if they were real threats, but laughed as she saw them as inconsequential.

Just as she was about to enter the back room 2 immensely powerful spiderwomen stepped out in front of her. Blackwidow and Silk immediately bowed to the floor as the spiderqueens Charlotte and Lolth entered the room. Jen immediately went to knock Lolth over but Charlotte stepped in front of her sister, holding Jen’s hand in mid-punch and threw her back across the room.

Charlotte remarked to her sister she was glad they had decided to visit one of their shops. This could turn out to be fun. Lolth walked over to Blackwidow and Silk, telling them to rise, as they had performed admirably and hugged them welcoming them to the family.

Charlotte also hugged the new spiderwomen. Jen was furious and charged them all. Charlotte turned around and caught her in her spider arms, while spraying thick webbing from her pussy all over her. Jen was horrified to find Charlotte was significantly stronger then her and she couldn’t break free.

With Jen pinned in Charlotte’s 4 arms, Lolth quickly ripped off all of Jen’s clothes revealing her powerful frame large boobs and hairy bush – all gamma green.

Jen yelled and swore at the spiderwomen but there was nothing she could do. Lolth told her mouth was filthy and they wouldn’t listen to it anymore. With that she pulled a supersticky mass of silk from her pussy and pushed it into Jen’s mouth to silence her. She then spun a massive pad over Jen’s mouth before spinning a huge silken scarf to OTM gag her.

Finally she sunk her fangs into Jen’s neck, which immediately paralysed her. Lolth nodded to Charlotte, who agreed they had to get her down into the basement as they had no idea how long the venom would keep her paralysed.

They raced downstairs and all the spiderwomen met up – Lolth, Charlotte, Madam, Shelob, Silk, BlackWidow and Rachel while Rachna slept on her web.

Lolth quickly spun supersilk bindings from each of She-Hulk’s limbs so she was suspended and spread-eagled on a web with her pussy at a good height. Charlotte let her go so she was suspended and nodded to her sister. Lolth felt Jen’s pussy was getting wet and then sternly told her she would be punished for her insolence and lack of respect.

Silk and Blackwidow, though exhausted, wanted revenge.  Seeing that Jen was hairy Lolth told them they could proceed. Both spiderwomen grabbed a can of shaving foam and a large razor.

Silk sprayed thick thick foam over Jen’s bush, rubbing her hands through it to make Jen wetter. Then she shaved her clean extremely slowly making her pussy shine. She then webbed it slick so hair could never grow back.

Blackwidow likewise drowned Jen’s hair in foam. She used a massive razor and very precisely shaved her green hair all off. Wiping her bald head clean she then wrapped Jen’s head up in a white silken scarf.

With Jen now ready Charlotte stood in front of Jen and smiled. Jen had just started to regain movement when Charlotte whipped her powerful eggtube straight into Jen and started fucking her hard. Jen gasped as the powerful eggtube hardened up quickly and moved back and forth without any friction at all, she had never felt such an orgasm. However she felt heavy and frustrated when she tried to come and realized to her horror that Charlotte had silked up her ovaries and uterus blocking all sexual release.

As her orgasm became uncontrollable and her frustration grew, Jen started feeling very weak. To her horror again Charlotte started glowing green as her eggtube got harder and harder and quicker and quicker as it pumped Jen’s pussy. Jen realized too late the spiderwoman was stealing her powers.

As Charlotte came she released a torrent of silk into Jen, who resumed her human female form. Now powerless and weak, Silk and Blackwidow licked their lips. Silk quickly sealed up Jen from her arse to her clit with a giant pad, while Blackwidow spun a silken whip and a tight slave hood which she placed over Jen. Silk spun her own whip and the spiderwomen started whipping Jen on her nipples, back and front to punish her.

All the spiderwomen laughed and laughed, especially at Charlotte who was now glowing green. Charlotte laughed as well, as it would some time for her system to absorb the raw power the She Hulk had give her.

Madam thanked all the 3 sisters for coming to visit. They reminded her to focus on the plan, then hugged her before activating the Stargate and returning home.

Madam then hung Diana in the basement on a web, watched her daughter sleep and had a laugh at the girls whipping Jen.

Just then she heard a knock at the front door. She changed into Rachel’s form and answered it. It was Madonna the rock star.

Madonna haughtily told her she had been recommended to her as the best supplier in the country of silk scarves. Madam nodded and smiled. Madonna told her to serve her quickly as she had to get to her  concert in 30 minutes.

Madam invited her in. However Madonna’s bad manners and a long day had taken its toll. Madam herself was itching for a fuck. Madonna looked around the shop and picked a few scarves.

Madam shook her head when Madonna told her this was her pick of scarves. She pulled a huge soft blue silken scarf from her g-string panties to Madonna’s complete surprise. “Is zis soft enough for you?” she asked.

Madonna picked up the scarf, which was incredibly soft but also very sticky. Soon her hands and arms were tangled up in a sticky mass of blue.  Madam smiled and pulled another scarf out of her pussy. This one floated over Madonna’s arms by itself and wrapped around her tightly forming a silken straitjacket to sheathe her arms.

As Madonna struggled to get free she fired a torrent of expletives at Madam. Madam calmly pulled off her g-string and released her pussy, firing a massive silken pad straight into Madonna’s mouth. It sealed her mouth shut as madam whipped a massive scarf out of her pussy and OTMgagged Madonna’s mouth shut.

She then proceeded to wrap Madonna in a thick silk webbing cocoon so only her head boobs and pussy were exposed. Laying Madonna down she told her she was surprised to see her hairy so Madam quickly formed up madonna’s pussy and head and shaved them clean with a huge razor. Madam tied a silken scarf tightly over Madonna’s head before spinning a slave hood for her and placed it over her head.

She put Madonna on a horizontal web with her arse up and pussy accessible and whipped out her eggtube. It hardened up very quickly and was nice and slippery as she fucked Madonna doggy style from behind. Soon Madam was as hard as a rock and came in a torrent of silk. She padded Madonna shut from her arse to her clit.

Rachna stood there smiling, pleased her mother had come. She hugged her as her mother told her to send for a spiderwoman replica of Madonna and Diana. Soon they had arrived and Madam sent them on her way, their infiltration plan now underway.

Rachna retired downstairs to guard the prisoners, as Madam resumed her Rachel form. Soon there was a knock at the door. Madam answered it to see a powerful blonde big boobed woman standing there.

“Ah, hello..Rachel Ney? I’m Karen Starr, otherwise known as Powergirl. Diana thought you might be able to help me…” Madam smiled as she opened the door and welcome Karen in…



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