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The School Project

by Miss Stacey

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© Copyright 2003 - Miss Stacey - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bandages; wrap; cocoon; tape; breathplay; blackmail; cons/nc; X

Judy Wilson arrived home feeling great after completing her daily five-mile jog. She enjoys a good workout and loved keeping her 5'6" 118 lbs curvaceous figure in good condition. She knew she looked good because she noticed many heads turning, male and female alike, as she trotted down the jogger's path in a white tank top, skin tight black spandex Capri jogging pants over a thong panty. Judy even caused a three-car pile up as she crossed the intersection at Read Street leading to her apartment. Unlocking her door, she checked her watch. "It's 5:45 pm, good, it's still early." She said as she entered her small, but neat, apartment quickly taking off her running shoes and sweat socks. She had plans to meet with her boyfriend Wayne tonight and wanted to take a warm bath and freshen up before seeing him. As she headed for the bathroom, her door bell rang. Judy opened it to find Marty, her thirteen-year-old neighbor. He's big for his age slightly taller than she is. He stands smiling at her with his colorful poke-mon backpack flung over his shoulder. 

"Hi Judy." He said eagerly. Judy was surprised to see him. 

"Marty?." She said weakly. He noticed the surprised look on her face. "Geesh, don't tell me you forgot about my school project." He said with concern. 

" Um, no..I haven't. Um, come in." She said. She tried to recover her composure and hoped he hadn't noticed she'd lied. She opened the door to admit him. She couldn't let Marty know that she had completely forgotten that he was coming over. Judy's heart sank. She'd been thinking about seeing Wayne all day and didn't want to cancel her date because she had to help a neighbor with his homework. She had to think of some way of getting rid of Marty. 

"Um.. Marty, I'm really tired. I just ran five miles and I'm beat. I'd like to get to bed early tonight. Can I help you with your project tomorrow.?"

Marty tilted his head slightly and looked disappointed. 

"But I have everything here and I'm ready to get cracking. I always get a good grade when you help me with my schoolwork. Besides, didn't you promise you'd help me with my project if I came back Saturday? Well, that's today. " He reminded her.

Judy suddenly recalled how she blew Marty off the previous Monday so she could go on a dinner date with Wayne. In her haste to free up her evening, she promised to help him with his homework on the weekend. She wanted to kick myself for letting this slip her mind. Judy glanced over at her wall clock and saw that it was nearly six pm and Wayne wouldn't arrive until eight pm. She thought if she could quickly help Marty with his homework, she could still have time to get ready for her date with Wayne. 

"Ok, ok. You got me kid." Judy said with a half smile.

"Cool, I knew you'd come through again."

He walked into her living room, their designated homework spot, and began taking his notebooks out of his bag and placed them on her coffee table.

"So what is your project going to be about." Judy asked as she cleared off the coffee table of some dirty dishes.

"My project is about ancient Egypt." He said as he fumbled around in his bag.

"Really? The Egyptian culture is fascinating." She said as she carried the dishes into her kitchen.

"Yeah, I know." Marty said as he continued fishing in his bag for other items. From the kitchen Judy could see him placing on the table what appeared to be many rolls of ace bandages. 

"What's all the bandages for Mart?" She asked as she stacked the dirty dishes in her dishwasher then turned it on. 

"I saved up my allowance and bought over 10 large rolls of self sticking elastic ace wrap for this project. I was thinking I could make you into a mummy as part of my project." Marty blurted out innocently. 

Judy laughed. "You're kidding right?" She walked back into the living room. She let out another chuckle and sat down next to him.

" Marty, you don't really think you can wrap me up like a mummy and take me to school as part of your project on the Egyptian culture do you? You silly goose." She said as she messed up his hair.

"Yeah I know I can't do that, but I have another idea. I brought my dads digital camera with me so I could to take pictures of you after you're wrapped up."  Marty reached into his bag and took out a digital camera. Judy was silent.

" I'm going to print the pictures out and paste them into my report. I'll get an A for sure with this idea." He said confidently. 

Judy was unsure about Marty's idea. "Marty, you should have talked to me about this idea. I don't think wrapping me up is a good idea Marty. Lets think of something else." She said with a smile. 

Marty stood up. "I tried talking to you but you seemed too busy to talk to me. I figured you'd think it was a cool idea once you heard it. I guess it was a stupid idea." Marty said sadly. 

Judy didn't have time to argue with Marty. She glanced at her clock. It was 6:10 PM. She wanted to get things over with as soon as possible and not miss her date with Wayne 

"Listen, It's not a stupid idea, ok? Its just that I want to go to bed early remember. Your idea sounds like it will take way too long to finish tonight." 

"But, It won't take long at all Judy. Look, I found all these great notes on how the Egyptians wrapped people." he said. Marty grabbed his notebook and pulled out a hand full of pages of notes on Egyptian mummification he'd xeroxed from library books. 

"All I need to do is follow these notes." Marty explained as he handed the pages to her. 

Judy looked closely at the pages. They were step-by-step notes of the process of Egyptian mummification. She looked over at Marty who was kneeling with his hands in a mock prayer position while mouthing the words "please" to her. Judy looked at Marty, took a deep breath and grinned. She just wanted to be done with all this so she get on with her date. She pulled him to his feet by his shirt collar. 

"Ok, knock it off. You can wrap me up kiddo. But lets not take all night. I need my sleep." She said as she handed him his notes. 

"Alright! Cool! Thanks Judy" He quickly laid each sheet of the mummification notes in a row on the carpet.

"Lets get started before I change my mind." Judy stood with her hands on her hips.

"Ok, ok. I can start with wrapping your legs. Put your feet together." he said as he picked up the first roll of ace wrap. 

Judy placed her feet together. She looked down at Marty kneeing in front of her busying himself at her ankles. She felt him begin wrapping her ankles together with the stretchy tan ace wrap. He continued wrapping the material moving upward covering her calves. Judy felt her legs being sandwiched together as Marty continued winding the wrap around her knees then moving upward wrapping it around her thighs. She steadied her balance by leaning on Marty's head with one hand. She watched as her Capri pants begin to vanish from sight. Marty grabbed a second roll of ace wrap and continued wrapping from where the first roll ended. Judy lifted her arms up as he wrapped the tops of her thighs moving upward pulling and winding around her hips. When Marty had finished with the second roll the Judy was ace wrapped from her ankles all the way to her waist. Judy teetered slightly balancing on singled legs as Marty moved away from her to look at his notes. She looked down at herself and felt the material covering her hips, buttocks and thighs. He'd done a pretty good job she thought. She wiggled her legs slightly in the wrappings noticing the bandages held fast, hugging her legs her snugly but not to the point of discomfort. She put her hands back on her hips and saw the clock read 6:30 PM. She wanted Marty to hurry up.

"What's next kiddo?" she said as she watched him look at the next sheet of notes. 

" Next I wrap your torso." Marty explained. He placed the end of the third roll of ace wrap at Judy's waist and began wrapping her stomach as she held her arms up. He began wrapping around her midsection and was approaching her breasts when she grabbed the roll from his hand and nearly loosing her balance in the process. She steadied herself.

"I'll finish this part kiddo," she said with a grin. 

"Um, no problem.." Marty smiled in agreement. 

Judy began to wrap up her chest winding the bandage carefully over her bosom. She wrapped her torso many times covering her tank top all the way to her armpits as the roll ran out. 

Marty looked through the notes. " I have to continue the wrapping up to you neck." 

"Ok, but don't wrap it too tight around my neck, ok?" She pointed out the obvious. 

"I won't" he assured her. Marty used a fourth roll to continued where Judy left off. He wound the ace wrap from her armpit then over her right shoulder then around the top of her chest her crisscrossing the ace bandage several times alternating the wrapping over each shoulder. Then he carefully wrapped from the base of her neck to up under her jaw then back down again to the shoulder wrappings. With that done Marty looked through his notes again. Judy noticed that her breasts were more defined because of the way the elastic bandages stuck to her like it was glued on. She wished she'd not wrapped it so tightly. She crossed her arms over her chest hoping Marty didn't notice her embarrassment.

"Ok, Your hands and arms are next." Marty said as he grabbed the fifth roll of ace wrap.

"Hold out your right arm with your hand palm down, fingers straight out, and your thumb tucked in." Marty instructed. 

Keeping her left hand across her chest Judy held her arm out as he described. Taking her hand, he began to wrap from the tip her fingers around her hand trapping her thumb against her palm. He continued winding the ace wrap around her wrists and up her forearm and onward up her arm stopping at her arm pit. Judy discreetly placed her now wrapped right arm and hand over her chest she held out her left arm. Using a sixth roll of ace wrap Marty wrapped Judy's left hand and arm the same as her right. Judy placed her wrapped left arm over her right happy to assume the classic mummy position and keep her delineated breasts from view. She looked at her clock. 6:52pm. It was getting late. Judy pretended to be sleepy and feigned a yawn.

"Ohh, Let's get finished ok, I'm going to fall asleep here." She said groggily.

"I'm almost done Judy. Just a few more steps. Next I wrap your arms to your body. Keep them crossed over your chest like that." He told her as he grabbed the seventh roll of ace wrap. 

Judy gladly kept her arms where they were as Marty began winding ace wrap around her upper body at her elbows winding the wrap upward pinning her arms to her chest. She noticed her balance was getting much worst as he wrapped. She didn't want to fall wrapped up like she was.

"Hey, maybe I should sit down for this Mart." She said worriedly. Marty stopped wrapping then proceeded to help ease Judy to a seated position on the wood floor. She bent her knees and leaned backwards slightly as Marty stood behind her holding her waist as she neared the floor. It was a little harder for Marty to guide her down than he thought and he lost his grip on her for a moment causing Judy to bump down on the floor on her rump. Judy winced, but wasn't hurt.

"Good going kiddo" She said jokingly. Marty shrugged his shoulders "Sorry.You ok?" He asked. 

"I'm fine." She said while shifting her weight trying to get comfortable on the floor. Marty grabbed the dangling ace roll and finished wrapping Judy's arms to her body. 

"I'll wrap up your feet next." he said as he positioned himself in front of her wiggling bare feet. 

Judy watched as Marty placed the end of the eighth roll over the toes of her right foot then wound the ace wrap across the top then under the arches of her bare feet squeezing her feet together as one. After wrapping her around her feet a few times he looped the ace wrap over the toes of her left foot then wrapped from her toes all the way to her ankles then back down to her toes again until the roll was finished. Judy sat on the floor wrapped in ace bandages from the tips of her toes to her neck. She couldn't move much. Judy pointed her feet and wiggled slightly. She looked over at the clock. It was 7:15. Wayne would be there soon she thought. She needed to speed things up. Marty was looking at the last page of notes. 

"You're.(yawn) .. almost done right?. I want to sleep badly" She said faking a half sleepy stare.

"I have to wrap your head next. Don't fall asleep ok?" He asked

"I'm ok. Just hurry it up so you can take a few pictures ok, I'm getting warm in all this." She said as she wiggled and bumped the heels of her wrapped feet on the floor a couple times. Marty used the ninth roll and placed it under Judy's jaw and began wrapping around up over the top of her head then back behind her neck. He crisscrossed the ace bandage in front of her face covering her mouth. Judy tensed up slightly as the wrappings covered her lips. She dismissed it as a natural reaction and tried not to move as he continued wrapping her mouth several more times. He crisscrossed the ace wrap again and wrapped around her forehead and the back of her head. Her hair was soon disappearing under the ace wrap. Her head was half wrapped as Marty grabbed the tenth roll of ace wrap. Marty began at the bridge of her nose a began wrapping around her face winding the material snuggly as he went. Judy took in a deep breath of air into her nose as she saw the first strip of wrapping cover her eyes. Her vision was obscured slightly as she blinked and tried to peer though the material at her wall clock. She could just make out it was 7:30pm. She panted a little and tried to speak past the wrapping over her mouth.

"..arshh yosssh don.. yeshhh.?" she said causing the tightly wrapped bandages over her lips to drift deeply into her mouth as she tried to talk. Marty stopped wrapping for a and looked at her wrapped face for a moment.

"Oh, am I done.? I'm Almost there. I'll be finished soon then I can take the pictures and unwrap you, ok?" He asked Judy.

"...osh kashh." she said giving him a little nod then holding her head still so he could finish.

Marty continued wrapping her face and head. In minutes Judy was plunged into total darkness. Marty finished wrapping her head completely except for her nose. Judy's sat on the floor wiggling and turning her head to and fro completely wrapped from head to toe in ace bandages. Marty held Judy by her shoulders and eased her onto her back. Judy struggle slightly pointing her feet and wiggling her torso. She couldn't see, speak or move very much. She rolled over onto her side. Marty took one picture with the camera but it came out poorly because Judy had moved. He began to get impatient.

"No, Judy I need shots of you on your back, ok?" He said as he immediately shoved her back onto her back. 

"UUmmfff.mmarshy!!!." She tried to call out to him.

She was startled at his rough handling of her and suddenly felt somewhat afraid being helplessly wrapped up like she was at his feet. She began to wonder if this was a good idea after all. She began to struggle more vigorously in the wrappings. She attempted to sit up but Marty pushed her back down. 

"UUmmmmFFFFF..gahhhh" Judy was angry now.

This wasn't what she was expected. She wanted to stop this now. She began fighting the wrappings that held her. Marty was trying to focus his camera but Judy was moving and kicking her feet too much for him to take a clear shot. 

" Judy!, shit. Ok, I know what to do!" He said as he walked away from her. 

Judy stopped moving when she heard Marty walk off. She turned her wrapped head to one side as she tried to listen and make out what he was doing. She could hear him in the hall looking through her closet. Judy's heart began to race. She wanted to be unwrapped right now. Judy's heart pounded faster as she heard Marty's foot steps getting louder. She felt him push her onto her back again.

"AAAHHhhmmmff.!!!!!" She screamed. 

Judy tried to sit up again but felt Marty's weight as he sat on her stomach. She tried to sit up but was pinned on her back. She felt his hand holding firmly her wrapped ankles. She tried to kick her feet. She desperately wanted to know what the hell he was about to do to her. Then to her horror she heard the sound of duct tape being pulled from a roll and felt her feet being tightly taped right over the ace bandages. Judy panicked! Marty was actually beginning to wrap her up in duct tape. 


She was helpless as he continue wrapping the tape. He pulled it very tightly, as he wound it around her ankles and calves and onward around her knees. As he continued upward taping her thighs she noticed the tape prevented her from bending her knees. She felt the taping continued around her upper thighs. Marty got off of Judy's stomach and quickly wind tape tightly around her hips, upward around her, buttocks, waist and stomach. The constant sound of the tape being pulled off the from its roll terrified Judy. She bucked and fought fearful as she was becoming even more immobilized by the minute as he tightly applied more duct tape to her struggling body. Next he began taping her arms even tighter to her chest. She found it more difficult to breath. She felt the tape winding around her elbows, lower arms then upward around her upper arms. Marty sat her struggling form up in his lap and continued to wrap from Judy's shoulders up to her neck. The tape wound around her neck became a stiff column that made it suddenly very difficult for Judy to turn her head. Her head was forced to look forward as Marty then began wrapping tape around her lips and head several times pushing and sealing the ace bandages deeply into her mouth. Her gagged screaming becoming muffled hums now. 

"...mmmmff!!" Judy pleaded. 

Marty ignored her sounds and continued taping up her head tightly. She was scared Her nostrils flared as she breathed and panted with fear. Marty had finished duct taping Judy Wilson into a duct tape prison and placed her onto her back on the floor. Her movements reduced to sporadic trembles and shivering. Her speech was muffled, her hums noises all but unrecognizable. Judy tried to lift her featureless head up off the floor as she make another futile attempt to struggle.


Her movements only exhaust her for she is wrapped too tightly. Defeated and helpless, she lowered her head and tried to breath slowly and remain a still but she was just too afraid not to struggle. Burst of air from were heard from her nostrils as Judy fought for release, her feet and torso twitching slightly. Marty began taking pictures from all different angles of the shapely, female mummy at his feet. Judy could do nothing as Marty rolled her cocooned body onto her stomach to take pictures of her from the rear.


Judy felt betrayed and now humiliated as she struggled face down on the floor. She adjusted to this new position trying in vain to bend her knees, move her hips and turn her head. There was nothing she could do to free herself. Then Judy's doorbell rang. Judy knew it must be 8:00pm and that it had to be Wayne at her door. Judy was desperate. She thought to herself. "God! It's Wayne. He has to help me!" With all her might, screamed as best she could as her feet and head lifted off the floor slightly.

"MMMMMMMMff!!..MMgghFF!" she managed. 

Marty Froze. He looked at the front door and then back to the quivering helpless mummy on the floor. Marty rushed over to Judy and roughly pushed her onto her back again and leaned close to her face.

"Who is that? You didn't tell me someone was coming over." he said fearfully. Judy screamed again.

"MMMMGHHHFF.Gggmmmfff!!!!!!!" Marty got angry. 

Then Judy heard the horrid sound of more tape being pulled from the duct tape roll. Without warning, Marty placed a strip of duct tape tightly over her nose. Judy had no air. Judy panicked. Her body tensed and trembled violently Her body went rigid with feet pointing and her torso vibrating as she fought for air. 


Marty watched Judy's panic stricken shivering for a few moments then ripped the tape off her nose. Judy's body went limp. She panted and gasped taking into her lungs much needed air. Her nostrils flared as she breathed deeply and moaned.

"That was just a sample Judy!" He whispered into the terrified girl. 

"I'm going to open that door and you better go along with everything I say or I tape your nose for good. Understand?" Judy's nostrils flared as she indicated with hums that she would do as he ordered. There was another knock at the door. Marty dropped left the whimpering mummified girl on the floor and went to open the door. He looked through the peep hole and saw a man in a leather jacket and sunglasses.

"Yes?" Marty said as he behind the door. 

"It's Wayne Judy, open the door babe" he asked. Marty glanced over at the nearly motionless tightly wrapped Judy then opened the door slightly. Marty had seen Wayne before with Judy. Wayne was of average build, 6' tall, dark brown hair, somewhat rugged features. Wayne recognized Marty.

"Oh it's you Marty, what's up? Where is Judy? We are supposed to go out tonight." he said

"Um, she's here, helping me with my school project right now. She didn't tell me she was going out." Marty explained. Wayne grinned. 

"Hey, why are we talking like this let me in so I can talk to Judy." Marty open the door wider and let Wayne into the apartment. Wayne was very surprised when his attention was immediately caught by the shapely mummified form laying on the floor.

"What the hell? Is that Judy?" Wayne quickly walked over and kneeled down above Judy. He could see her entire body trembling slightly.

"What is going on here Marty? Why is Judy wrapped up like this?" he demanded.

"Well, Judy agreed to help me with my school project about Egyptian mummification, so it was her idea that I wrap her up like a mummy and take pictures that I can include in my report" Mary tried to say nonchalantly.

Wayne propped Judy up on his knees and spoke to her. "Babe, this was your idea?" Judy felt like she wanted to die. She wanted so desperately to have Wayne save her. 

Marty stepped a little closer and ripped a strip of tape that was taped over Judy's nose into smaller pieces so Judy could hear it. Reluctantly, Judy indicated affirmative hums that she was her idea.

"Judy you should have told me you wanted to do this tonight." He watched as Judy tried to lift her head. 

"mm.mmmm..mmff..mmmffgg.." unknown to either Marty or Wayne Judy was crying now.

Marty rushed over walked over to Wayne and Judy with his camera. He tapped Wayne on the shoulder.

"She said I should take pictures, so can you put her on her back so I do that now?" 

"Sure." Wayne gently placed Judy on her back then stood up. 

"Judy I'm going to head out then. We can go out again another time. Looks like you are wrapped up for the evening." he said. 

"Yeah, Judy comes up with the coolest ideas" Marty said as he resumed taking pictures.

Judy could hear Wayne's footsteps walking away. He was leaving her alone with this monster. She lost control as she heard her apartment door open. 


As Wayne closed the door he thought heard faint muffled noises coming from Judy's apartment.



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