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Secrets on His Computer

by Davion

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© Copyright 2013 - Davion - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; discovery; wrap; plastic; foot; lick; femdom; tease; bfold; gag; oral; sex; denial; climax; cons; X

Our story begins on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Sarah was doing a few things around her small apartment that she shared with her boyfriend, Jim. Nothing really important, just getting some odd jobs accomplished, while Jim meanwhile was down the street at the bar watching the game with his buddies. While Sarah was futzing around the apartment she decided that she was going to try to break her boyfriend’s computer password while he wasn’t home. It was a game that had been going on for as long as they were dating. Both of them had their own laptops and neither knew the others password, so whenever they had time and the other wasn’t around they tried to figure out the password that would unlock all of the secrets that they wanted to know.

Sarah knew that Jim’s was something to do with a book, and had spent quite a bit of time trying to decipher his clue. Today was her lucky day though, as she finally decided that she was going to put the clue into a search engine, just to see if it got any hits, the page displayed exactly what she wanted to know. Not only did it show the clue which she input, it showed the quote that referred to the clue. Realizing that this might have been the answer that she was searching for she hurried over to Jim’s computer and turned it on. Waiting impatiently the system finally booted up, and she input the quote. Although not very long as far as a quote goes, it was long for a computer password, but she was immediately rewarded when the system logged her on. Thrilled she jumped up and did a little victory dance.

Sitting back down she started looking through some of the files that were on the desktop. A bit crestfallen, finding mostly files that referred to Jim’s job she was about to call it quits when she decided to look into his pictures folder, you know, just to see if there was anything interesting. Opening the folder she was surprised at how organized that it was, he had separate folders for any kind of pictures a person could think of, everything from “desktop wallpapers” to “cute animal photos” to “friends and family”.

Sarah was a little depressed that she had still come up short of anything to joke with Jim about when she saw a file that for some reason looked out of place. It was titled “My Pics”, which was pretty standard, except for the fact that it was the only folder that wasn’t specifically named for what was inside of it. Opening it she was rewarded with exactly what she wanted to find.

Going back for a moment, it should be stated that Jim and Sarah were quite in love with each other. Sarah was about 5’11” with long soft blonde hair and deep green eyes, she was not a model but she had been known to turn a head or two when she wanted too. At 5’11” Sarah had been thrilled to find Jim, at 6’4” she had found a boyfriend who she could go out on a date with and wear heels, and not be taller than him. Jim has brown hair and blue eyes, the kind of eyes that you could stare into forever and feel better just for the opportunity.

Both worked normal 9-5 jobs, but when they both got home they spent the majority of their time together just enjoying being with one another. Sarah really didn’t think that there was anything weird about Jim, he was a great boyfriend, he listened, he was always there to rub her feet if she was having a rough day, he even liked to cook, and to Sarah’s surprise was really good at it. Although he always complained about his own cooking saying that it wasn’t any good and promising that next time it would be better.

So as the file opened Sarah was shocked at what she saw, just like the previous folder these were all labeled specifically with what was in them, except these weren’t simple “wallpapers” or” pictures of friends”, these files had names like, “bondage”,” foot worship”, and “mummification”. Sarah was shocked that Jim had kept all of this from her, she was under the impression that they told each other everything. Intrigued she started looking through some of the folders, expecting mainly weird pornography, she was surprised that in almost all of the pictures that the models were almost always fully clothed. She came to the conclusion quite quickly that Jim wasn’t a creep, that he just had some fetishes that he had chosen not to share with her.

Closing the folders Sarah turned the computer off and sat in front of it thinking about what she had found. On the one hand Jim had never lied to her, she had never asked him any questions about anything like this, and she really couldn’t fault him for not sharing, I mean some of this might have caused other girls to leave him without another word being said on the subject. Sarah however was left thinking more and more about what this new information did to their relationship, and in the end decided that it didn’t change anything.

It did however explain a few things, for example why he never had a problem giving her a foot rub whenever she asked for one, which is something that she had been forced to beg previous boyfriends to do, and why he didn’t just sort of rush his way through, but actually took the time to make sure that she enjoyed her foot rub. To herself she had to admit she was a little turned on by some of the things that she had seen, which was very unlike her, but she was strangely ok with wanting to try new things with Jim. In fact, she knew exactly which one she wanted to try first. Smiling to herself she went into the kitchen and started grabbing things that she was going to need later.

Having curled up on the couch after making her preparations Sarah had dozed off while waiting for Jim to get home. She woke up as she heard keys fumbling slightly in the lock and sat up quickly trying to look like she was just casually watching TV. Jim opened the door and slightly stumbled as he stepped in and shut the door behind himself. It was about 10:30pm, and although not outright drunk Jim had his fair share of drinks at the bar. She watched as he took off his jacket and put it on the hook by the door before walking over and sitting down on the couch next to her, “Hey pretty lady” he said as he leaned over and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

When they came up for air Sarah inquired about the game, and was given a brief synopsis before Jim asked her how her afternoon had been, and started apologizing for being out with his buddies instead of being here with her. His sincerity just confirmed for Sarah that he really was the man that she thought he was, and she was even thrilled that she would have the chance to make him even happier.

“So” she started, “I was thinking that maybe tonight we could play a little game” she said with a small smile and just a hint of flirt in her voice.

Jim did not waste any time, and said that whatever she wanted to do tonight that he was all for it. So while Jim took Sarah’s feet into his lap and started to massage them, Sarah informed him of what she had been doing with her afternoon. To his credit Jim did not look at all upset that she had broken his password and searched through his files, and immediately agreed when she said that she was interested in trying a few of his well kept secrets. So the two of them got off the couch and went into the bedroom. Immediately Sarah was feeling a bit nervous as they crossed the threshold, but she soon was past it as Jim started taking off his clothes to prepare for what she wanted to do.

As she saw her lover revealing more and more of himself she was happier and happier about her decision. Already having the items that she was to need on hand, and instructing Jim to stand in the middle of the floor, she started slowly winding each of his legs in clear plastic wrap. After she wrapped up each leg individually in 4 or 5 layers of plastic she had Jim stand with his legs together as she wrapped them together with even more plastic wrap starting at his ankles and traveling all the way up to his thighs before reversing her course back down to his ankles.

After she was fairly certain that his legs were not going anywhere she repeated the initial process of individual wrapping on his arms, and then used the remainder of the wrapping tightly binding his arms directly down at his sides, wrapping from his waist all the way up to his shoulders. When she had finished he was fully wrapped save for his head, his crotch and his feet. Retaining his ability to bend at the waist she helped him down into a seated position before laying him on his back, with his head looking up at the bottom of her desk.

Jim had absolutely no idea why Sarah wanted him halfway under her desk, but he was about to find out. As he lay there quietly Sarah was going about cleaning up empty boxes of plastic wrap and putting all of Jim’s clothes into the hamper. At one point even leaving the room and setting the microwave before bringing back in a chair from their kitchen table which she placed near her desk with the legs straddling Jim’s body. As she left once more Jim could hear the microwave beep that it was finished and the next time she came into the room she was carrying what appeared from his awkward position to be a bowl and a glass of wine. Jim could hear her place the bowl and glass down on the desk before sitting down.

As she sat all of a sudden Jim couldn’t see anything because she had placed her feet, covered in simple thin white cotton socks, directly on to his face, covering his eyes in the process. Not having been told to do anything, and never having been in this position before, at least not with Sarah, Jim just lay there trying not to breath too hard, but enjoying every breath as it brought with it the faint odor of Sarah’s feet. Nothing bad, it wasn’t a bad smell, it was that perfect little side note that only a dedicated foot fetishist could enjoy.

Jim loved Sarah’s feet, although he had never told her so, small and petite despite her respectable height, they were soft to the touch and Jim delighted in every opportunity to rub Sarah’s feet. As he lay beneath her, slowly becoming aroused even by this simplest of acts, Sarah too was enjoying herself already, although she did not know why.

As she sat eating plain noodles and drinking her wine she was browsing the web as she sat with her feet partially smothering her boyfriend. She realized, as she was close to finishing her meal, that the reason that she was becoming aroused had to do with her having full control of her boyfriend. Sarah was not a very dominant person, and although she wasn’t a pushover she never had that ability that she had seen other women have of getting whatever they wanted with just a word and a look. She had never even thought about this until now, but maybe one of the reasons that they did it was for the rush, because right now Sarah was definitely feeling a rush as the sudden power trip finally realized itself in her mind.

Smiling, and without even looking down at Jim, she moved her feet slightly so that her toes were right in front of Jim’s mouth, and in the best commanding disdainful voice said, “Kiss my toes…slave” she almost couldn’t stop herself from giggling, but somehow managed, and a moment later she could feel Jim’s lips pressing up against her sock covered toes.

The powerful rush of having her very first command followed instantly was enough to bring Sarah to a very high level of arousal. Allowing Jim to continue kissing her toes for a few minutes, Sarah, almost subconsciously, was rubbing herself through the thin satin of her loose lounge pants, and was quickly becoming more and more aroused. Not wanting to believe that it had taken her 24 years to realize that she too had at least one fetish that she did not know about she immediately continued to torment Jim, who had not even breathed a sound since the ordeal had begun. Ordering him to bite the toe of her sock she slowly pulled her foot free of its cotton confines before placing it directly back on Jim’s face as he helped her pull her second sock off as well. With her bare feet now having nothing between them and Jim’s face she ordered him to begin licking her feet…

Jim anticipating what would happen next as he helped Sarah remove her socks, he was ready when the order came and began to lick the heels of Sarah’s feet, as that was the only part his tongue could reach at the moment. He heard a sharp intake of breath as he started, and did not have to worry about a way to lick the rest of her foot as Sarah maneuvered whatever part of her foot that she wanted attention on directly in front of his mouth. He spent a lot of time licking up and down her absolutely magnificent soles, and if anyone had been watching they would have seen his penis fully erect and standing as straight as a flagpole pointing away from his body.

As Sarah finally brought her toes to his mouth for him to worship he started by simply licking each one individually, before sucking on each toe as his tongue made its way darting in between them, searching for the soft spot that tickled just right. He knew he had found it when he heard a gasp from above the desk and Sarah was pressing her feet down a bit harder against his mouth. Continuing right in that spot his work was rewarded as he heard her begin to moan slightly, and her foot pressed down against his mouth harder and harder until eventually, as he was about to express his discomfort, she moaned one last time and the pressure of her foot was removed completely…

Sarah had never had an orgasm like that before in her life. She knew that she liked having her feet rubbed on occasion, and she knew that sometimes that led her down the road to being in the mood for messing around later, but she never thought that her feet alone could be a conduit straight to an orgasm, well that plus the fact that her hand had found its own way of keeping busy. Not even realizing that she was crushing her boyfriend she held her feet down and held onto the feeling as long as she could until finally she burst into the best orgasm of her life. She leaned back and just sat for a minute enjoying as the throws of orgasm slowly washed away.

After a moment remembering what was going on she looked down at Jim, who was staring straight up at the bottom of the desk, and slowly working his jaw back and forth. When looking down at Jim, she caught a reflection of the mirror in the corner and saw his erection. Smiling to herself she softly put her feet back on top of Jim’s mouth and waited as his tongue got her soles nice and wet with his saliva. Then moving the chair back she started to massage his penis with her soles and toes as she had seen in the pictures on his computer. She heard a sharp intake of breath when she started, but was shocked that he did not make any other sounds as she continued to rub his cock. After a few minutes her feet got tired, and she moved the chair up once again and put her toes right back in front of Jim, and as he started to hit that same spot once again she decided she knew exactly what she wanted to do next…

Jim was almost there when Sarah decided that she was going to stop the foot job that she had been giving him. Wanting for anything in the world that he could have grabbed her feet and put them back on his cock he was, for the first time, upset that his arms were uselessly wrapped to his sides. He had to stop himself physically from attempting to extricate himself from his position, reminding himself mentally that Sarah had not been turned off by her sudden learning of his secret fetishes, and in fact had been willing to try them to make him happy. He licked her toes for a few minutes, as she seemed to be thinking about something, because he heard no sounds coming from above the desk.

After a couple of more minutes of licking she got up and moved the chair and helped Jim into a sitting position, which was complicated now by his erection, and after that Sarah helped Jim to his feet (which was no easy task) and helped him to hop over to the bed. Jim was a bit worried at this because his still erect penis was waving this way and that as he hopped, and he was sure he was going to fall and hurt himself. But with Sarah’s help he got to the bed with no incident and as he turned, she playfully pushed him backwards onto the bed, and with no means of stopping himself he fell backwards with his head landing on the pillows at the top of the bed. He almost said something as to the danger of pushing a mummified person like that but his voice was lost as he had a front row seat for his girlfriend stripping out of her clothes and slowly getting on the bed straddling him.

She leaned down over him and started kissing him, forcing her tongue into his mouth and deepening the kiss with each passing moment. As she broke off of the kiss she ran her hands down his plastic covered body, stopping when she got to the break in the plastic. Smiling back up at Jim, she quickly jumped off the bed and returned with her two socks from earlier in her hand, and before saying anything else she was shoving them into Jim’s mouth. Playing the part of a good plaything Jim allowed her to put the socks into his mouth. As she rejoined him on the bed he was interested in what was going to happen next…

Sarah personally thought that the sock gag idea was brilliant, and as she got back on the bed with Jim she smiled at him as she once again straddled his body, but this time instead of leaning forward toward his face she leaned backwards rubbing the lips of her pussy against his rock hard member. Seeing his eyes light up she slowly teased him for a minute before slowly, sensually lowering herself onto him until he filled her completely. Sarah loved Jim’s cock, even on a night of heavy drinking (which Jim did not do often) he could always get it up and hard. Tonight was no exception and as she slowly worked her way up and down on his firm manhood she was lost in how completely it filled her, and how good it felt every time that it was inside of her.

Not being new to being the person on top, Sarah knew exactly how to move to increase both Jim’s and her own pleasure, but it was different without his hands there to guide her. But it was all the more enjoyable knowing that she was in complete control. Pumping up and down Sarah slowly worked her way through two excellent orgasms before her legs started to complain. As she started to tire she knew that Jim had not yet reached his own climax, and as she slowly removed herself from him she could hear in his pitiful moan that he had been very close.

Smiling and leaning forward she shook her finger in front of her boyfriend’s eyes, “No no no” she said, “Not yet”.

She leaned back away from his face and slowly laid down next to him on the bed, her arms flung over him as she lay and gently whispered air into his ear, which she knew was a sure fire way to arouse him, and every once in awhile darting her tongue out to caress his ear and drive his inner fire into high gear. Sarah was almost disappointed that besides a few flinches and shudders of her bound mummified captive, that he was behaving perfectly. At some point Sarah dozed a bit, her inner warmth and the warmth of the plastic lulling her to sleep…

Jim was intrigued when she gagged him, wondering what was going to happen next. When she straddled him and started riding him like he was a horse, he was ecstatic. He was enjoying every moment, every movement, every little bit of her that was slowly working its way up and down upon his manhood. He watched as she had her first orgasm, and was almost lost to his own when she started absolutely going at it to reach her second. But alas after her second orgasm she pulled herself off of his cock, and he was sure that she heard his moan of need and desire.

Smiling she simply laid down beside him. She was driving him nuts blowing gently into his ear, and licking his earlobe. It was driving him up the wall but with his arms bound to his sides there was absolutely nothing that he could do about it. He knew he was in trouble when he realized that she had fallen asleep. Now it had been quite a while since he had returned from the bar. He was no longer feeling much of the alcohol, but unfortunately it had the effect of flushing his system.

Grateful that Sarah had left his crotch open, he slowly rolled himself out of her arms, and almost fell off the bed, but somehow got his feet pointed towards the floor and caught himself and used his momentum to stand up. Hopping toward the bathroom door, which thankfully was open, Jim made his way one hop at a time to the toilet. Creatively making use of the facilities by leaning forward with his head against the wall he successfully solved his problem. Not being able to flush he just turned and started making his way back into the bedroom. This however is where his luck ran out as Sarah was standing in the doorway waiting for him.

“Trying to escape I see” she said as she took a hold of him by his arm and half pushed, and half helped Jim back over to the bed.

Pitching him onto it mid hop, he landed on his back and rolled onto his stomach. Jim felt her roll him over onto his back, and then briefly saw her getting onto the bed before his sight was blocked, this time by a blindfold. He felt her pull the sock gag from his mouth, and he began to work his jaw around. His stretching was cut short though by Sarah’s crotch as she lowered her pussy right down onto his face. Having no way of doing anything else he stuck out his tongue and began to please Sarah’s clit as best as he could.

Eating pussy was not one of Jim’s favorite ways of pleasing a woman, and he knew Sarah knew this, but tonight it was not his say, and he simply tried his best to please her quickly so they could switch to something else. He had a pretty good idea that he was doing a good job when she settled down more heavily onto his face and began stroking his cock with her hands, once again bringing him to a full erection. Just when Jim thought that he was going to run out of air Sarah removed herself from his face and once again lowered herself down onto his throbbing erection. Jim just hoped that this time he too would be able to come to a successful conclusion…

Sarah was surprised that Jim wasn’t next to her when she woke up. At first she was worried, but quickly heard him in the bathroom. Deciding not to embarrass him by walking in on him she just waited on the bedroom side of the door for him to start hopping out. She grabbed his arm as he exited and dragged/shoved him quickly onto the bed as she chastised him for what she called “trying to escape”. After maneuvering him onto his back she put her sleeping blindfold on him, and then yanked the socks from his mouth as she straddled him again, this time putting her pussy right onto his lips.

Without even as much as a word from her she was glad that she knew his place enough to simply start pleasing her with his tongue and his lips. Relaxing a bit and putting more pressure onto his face she began to really enjoy herself. Jim didn’t really like to eat her out on a regular basis, but he was really good at it, and she was thrilled whenever she could get him to do it. As she settled herself even more heavily onto his face she leaned slightly forward and began to softly stroke his cock, making sure that when she was ready it would be strong and firm.

She was coming very close to another orgasm, and was back and forth about it, but decided that she did not want to suffocate her boyfriend, and removed herself from him, and in the same motion spun around and once again lowered herself onto Jim’s upright manhood. Working quickly she soon had come to the realization of the orgasm that Jim had started for her, and was well on her way to another when she had a really evil thought. Slowing way down, and denying Jim most of the sensation that went along with rapid lovemaking she began to rub herself and slowly, and what most have been agonizingly slow for Jim, brought herself to yet another orgasm as Jim could do nothing but lay and enjoy what little pleasure she gave him…

Jim could tell that Sarah was working her way through yet another orgasm, and was approaching the own limits of his desire when she once again removed herself from his cock. He knew that she had moved, but he could not see to where, and was surprised when one of her feet was taping against his mouth. Like a good plaything, Jim immediately started licking Sarah’s foot, but on the inside he was writhing in the agony of the sexual teasing that he had been put through tonight.

He was about to go into an inner monologue on how he was going to repay her for what she had done, and that was when he felt her tongue and her lips begin to caress the tip of his quivering member. He was so surprised that he almost stopped licking her feet, picking up his pace again when her tongue left his member and the foot was taping him on the mouth again. Quickly taking up where he had paused he was thrilled when her mouth was once again on the tip of his manhood. Not being able to move was almost painful, as he wanted to keep Sarah from stopping, but every time that he even got the slightest bit distracted the tongue and lips would draw back, and the foot would tap him until his licking was deemed good enough for the pleasure she was giving him to continue. This unknown to Jim served two purposes…

As Jim finally got done licking Sarah’s second foot he was still only about half way to his destination, and Sarah was well aware of this fact. Pulling her head away, and moving farther down the bed, she was rewarded with a weak moan of sadness from Jim, which turned into a sigh of relief as her feet, once again covered in Jim’s saliva, were once again working hard to massage his cock into an orgasm. Slowly working first with her soles, and then with her toes she worked Jim’s throbbing penis, drawing out the process as long as was possible.

But eventually she could not hold out on him any longer and he came, shooting cum all over her toes which were still squeezing and rubbing his cock, all the way till it was fully deflated. She quickly considered making Jim lick the cum off her feet, but it was not one of the things she had seen pictured on Jim's computer, and she thought that it might be taking it a bit far, so she just stood up and walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower before letting Jim out of his wrappings…

Jim could not remember an orgasm that intense that he had ever had. He heard Sarah get off the bed, and heard the water turn on in the bathroom. Settling in to wait for her to come back and let him out he thought about how his afternoon and night had gone. All in all it had been pretty awesome. Quicker then he expected he heard the water turn off and Sarah came out in a towel with a pair or safety scissors and cut Jim out of his plastic prison.

As he stood and stretched, and Sarah threw out the plastic, he worked out all of the cramps that had started to form. He watched as Sarah walked back toward the bathroom and dropped the towel in the doorway, “Coming” she asked in her best flirty voice. Jim wasted no time joining her in the shower.

After they were both clean, and after a bit of making out beneath the shower head, they both toweled dry and went about putting the room back in order. Jim happened to look at the clock as they were finishing up, and saw that it was quite late, and they both had work in the morning. They both decided that sleep was needed if they were going to be able to function at all tomorrow, and thus a discussion of the night’s activities were put off for another time as they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

To be continued...

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