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Self Mummification

by Guitou

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© Copyright 2001 - Guitou - Used by permission

Storycodes: Technique; Sb; mum

It is a history truth that I had him there to one year already. It is the first that I write and I hope that her you enjoy. I am French and forgiven me if the translation is not very good. If you like, contact me: [email protected] 


I constructed a big adhesive leaf (2m x 1,5m). For it I used a complete roller of adhesive ribbon that I joined strip by strip between distant two posts of two meters and regaining every passage of a good centimeter on the five centimeters of large of the roller. I wove this leaf therefore on a height of 1m50, I can applied other strip of my roller across this canvas to solidify it so that strips don't separate himself if I tried to bend me in two. Once my finished work, I took off my leaf finely of the two posts and put him over to dish sticky face on the on my bed (a bed of two no one grant I had withdrawn sheets and cover). 

I can got ready for the next stage. I undressed myself completely and I enveloped myself completely in the movie cellophane. First each leg separately then my body with shoulders, in short the head while taking care to make a hole to the level of the mouth. 

I didn't want to gag me because I knew that I risked to need to breathe comfortably and I don't have confidence in my nostrils. Finally, I rolled up each of my arms with the roller of cellophane until the height of wrists because I needed my hands again. I slipped a thick piece of moss between my knees and my ankles and I began to envelop my legs between them with an adhesive ribbon roller while tightening moderately. I began to the level of foot fingers until my shoulders in very contiguous spireses. He/it became me difficult to remain up, but I was not able to no pleased to sit down, this cocoon having rigidifié my joints. A good balance was required. I continued with the adhesive ribbon around my head, taking very care to not tighten. It also had for goal of good to fix the cellophane so that this one doesn't slip later under the perspiration and comes to obstruct my breathing. I don't have no more covered my eyes that would be me later useful. Finally, I covered my hands of thin latex gloves and sealed the all to my arms covered of cellophane with the adhesive ribbon. My cocoon arrived to term and was perfectly insulated. Only my arms were now free. 

Arrive now the hour of truth, the stage of no return. I displaced myself to bell feet, using my arms to keep the balance until the side of the bed or I had placed the element that will jail me completely. 

That East that I need to see what happens because I had to lie down on this sticky leaf that had to not pass the height of my shoulders. The leaf had to position himself of my shoulders until put calves. After having verified the alignment well, I didn't have anymore that to roll up me in this one taking care of good to apply my arms the long of the body. The weight of my body crushing the leaf on the mattress made that the least asperity was immediately paste, letting no game of movement possible of my arms. More of a tour were necessary, the leaf himself paste over it herself. 

Of this fact, I was wrapped completely, prisoner, arm against my body covered of this adhesive leaf. 

I had foreseen to take no tool to free me on me voluntarily even. The first cocoon of my legs and torso, followed this second envelope over to the of my arms and legs made that he/it was me nearly impossible to move. My excitation grew at the same time as an intense pleasure wave invaded me. It was me very difficult to stand good to the middle of the bed in order to not to fall later of this one following my uncontrolled movement of excitation to come. Because the cocoon was outside very smooth and slipped such a soap on the mattress. 

The exit: 

The idea was to succeed in standing up after having pierced of my fingers this leaf to be able to reach a knife placed on a table close to my bed. 
But he/it was me impossible to pierce this envelope because my palms of hands were plated and paste against my body and my gloves of latex fixed my fingers to the superior envelope. It was first necessary that I can return my hands in order to scratch with my fingers the adhesive ribbon that surrounded me. I was not able to no pleased to stand up or to bend me, the fact to have to the previous makes an adhesive ribbon cocoon since my fingers of feet until my shoulder, more my arms fixed to my body by this duplicate cocoon rolled up around me prevented to bend me sufficiently to be able to sit down on the side of my bed and thereafter to tempt to put me up in position to catch the indispensable tool to my liberation. 

My arms acted as of guardians the long of my body preventing all bending. I must confess that I have somewhat panicky, it's a good thing I had not gagged myself, because panic asks the need to breathe a lot, seen that my thorax was somewhat compress by this duplicate cocoon. Him my been necessary to a lot of cold blood in order to calm me and to take a slower breathing, I even shouted, trying to alert I don't know that, but I knew that no one could get along, what aggravated my anxiety. 

He/it only remained me to try to transfix this plastic gluing desperately in order to be able to slip there outside my fingers, then to try to enlarge this opening so that in short my hands are free. But I didn't always manage to move my adherent hands, gloves of latex made elastic and didn't want to tear itself/themselves. 

My arms were useless and didn't move an one millimeter. My salute was in the strength of my finger tip to displace itself/themselves sufficiently to be able to tear the latex. Hardest was for the small fingers that were stuck between my basin and the outside cocoon. Me successful finally to displace my hands, but I could not touch my two hands together, what would have facilitated me the task difficult to pierce my envelope. 

I needed a lot of effort again to pierce this envelope, but the hole was ridiculous and would not be able to anything never to catch this manner to the outside. I was exhausted, the fear to remain stuck increased my tentatives progressively. I shouted again and in vain, I had closed windows and I knew that there was not anybody outside. I reassembled all my available strengths and pulled as much as I been able to enlarge the small opening. Strips that I had glued across my canvas filled their role and gave back the difficult escape. To the tip of several tests, me successful nevertheless gradually to widen the hole and in short to be able to slip there my hands. 

He/it is astonishing, to what point to have his/her/its free hands give you more of confidence. 

Yet, all was not won, I was always prisoner, I hurt more and more in my thorax because my lungs wanted more of space and my arms collapsed now against my coasts. Efforts that I had just produced incited me to breathe such a marathonien that has just finished his/her/its race, I had the impression to choke and my lungs could fill themselves in depth owing to the tightening of my first cocoon. 

Now I had to spend to the second stage of my escape, that is to say to put me up in spite of this rigid and slippery cocoon that forces me in the absolute immobility. He/it was me always impossible to stand up and my tentatives always ended up sending back me to the point of departure, that is to say stretched out on my bed. 

My feet wrapped wholes by the smooth adhesive ribbon slipped on the carpet. I didn't have any supports to be able to block my feet and to straighten me up in position. Besides, I didn't always have enough suppleness and was not able to no were pleasing to be held in seated position, because it cut me in addition the necessary breath to efforts that I had to provide. To say that to every time that I am free, I dream to be in such a situation. But once I am wrapped, I only think about a thing, it is to free me, a true paradox. 

But veiled, I am in hot the, I perspire like a sponge taking out water, my arms and my thoraxes make me pain, I lack cool air and I am afraid to slip of my bed and to find again lying on the carpet of where him would be me surely very difficult to succeed my escape. If I had not made all these efforts to try to escape my own jail and if someone was close to me, I could have benefitted to best of this troublesome situation and benefit fully of my fantasizes. Instead of it, I lost all this time that could have been the pleasure to try to free me. Not being able to remained more as this, I tempted the all for the all, to the risk to fall and to find again on this cursed slippery carpet. 

I played the swing, taking more and more impetus to every movement in order to stand in seated position on the side of the bed, feet to nearest of this one. 
He/it has me was necessary to several tentative evidently, because my feet slipped and I fell again stretched out on the bed for several interminable minutes the time to take my breath. I was more and more hot and had tendency again to panic. Did I believe several times that I would not arrive there ever and that he/it fails me sooner or later to resign me to remain in this cocoon, but how long? 

Finally, repeating this exercise tiring, I succeeded somehow in putting me in seated position on the side of my bed, to half crouched down on my feet. My cocoon pulled strongly to the contrary of my position, wanting to all price to throw back me on the such bed an elastic to his/her/its point of rupture. My arms made me very badly and my breath began to miss. I only have two solutions; either I discourage myself and fall again on the bed, either I force a last time in order to straighten me. The movement must be precise, if I lose the balance I would find again certainly stretched out on the carpet and of so low it will probably be me impossible to recover my liberty, without counting the discomfort of a hard soil. 

Useless to say that my balance was rather unsteady, feet, arm wrapped whole in a rigid enough plastic cocoon. The first tries was the good, but only supports of my legs on the side of the bed helped me in this uncertain position. I forgot to say that he/it was night and only the gleam of the moon permitted me to see pieces of furniture that surrounded me more or less. My view was not perfected because my eyes were covered of transparent cellophane and somewhat steamy by the perspiration. 

In fact, only my mouth and my hands were to the free air, but the mobility of my hands was not no more extraordinary. Before me, to fifty centimeter was the piece of furniture on which he/it seems me I had seen a cutter before being carried away. I say well he/it seems me, because I had not put him deliberately there, but it was now my only hope of salute. Evidently to reach this piece of furniture, I need to go to bell foot there, even though there is only fifty centimeter, for me it becomes the fighter's course. If I fall before, I will need all to restart and especially to be able to go up again on my bed that will permit me thereafter to rise. 

I take my courage to two hands and after having verified my ice-cream confection well balances on my two rigid legs I launched myself right. To the second hazardous jump, I stumbled against the piece of furniture in question and began to search for the knife while holding on somehow with my hands. A lot of emotions and of cold sweats the time to localize the either saying knife. I found him after some desperate excavation instants among all objects that were there. I held him firmly and moved back while hopping in rear in order to fall again on the bed. 

If I had not found the knife, I would have needed to jump to bell-tower feet through the room until the office, either a course of five meter without mistake and inside of a collar limiting all movement, but it was the goal that I had fixed myself if I had not recalled myself that this knife was very more near. 
I took my breath to new and benefitted my success to grant a small moment of pleasure. 

Finally, I cut up my cocoon, freeing my wrists, gradually then my arms. 

There I have of new breathed a little more comfortably and I cleared my mummified head completely in order to better to benefit air that seemed me better. 
Later, after a small well deserved rest, I cleared myself completely and I took a good shower well cold. 

Veils for the small history. I made myself a beautiful fright and yet, I only think about a thing, it is to restart. But this time, I would put a knife to soil to the case he/it is me impossible, as it to failed to be the case, to stand up. 

This was not my first experience of this type, but it is the one that gave me the more of emotions. 
As all experiences that risk to be definitive. 

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