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Self Mummification 2

by Guitou

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© Copyright 2001 - Guitou - Used by permission

Storycodes: Technique; Sb; mum

It is a history truth that I had him there to one year already. It is the first that I write and I hope that her you enjoy. I am French and forgiven me if the translation is not very good. If you like, contact me: [email protected] 

A well animated self mummification:

This real history occurred in ‘94 on the place from my work when I was still paid. Often I left the office in the last and an evening I benefited from the empty buildings to give up myself with my passion. The accessories available were large plastic bags and rolls of adhesive tape of packing. I thus started by fixing two uncurlers of adhesive tape at a foot of table. The advantage system was to be able to roll up me these ribbons all while maintaining a tension of the tape. I overlapped the head with a small bag out of plastic and am wrapped to me with the adhesive tape of packing while having taken care to leave an opening on the level of the nose. I thus was muzzled and plugged. 

For the body, I used a large bag out of plastic of 2m of depth and just rather broad. I started with me to attach the legs and the feet with a roller until the height of my knees then fixed the top of the bag at my blow so that this one cannot go up too high and to choke me thereafter. For my security I kept with me a cutter. Lastly, I lay thus equipped on the two ends with adhesive tape which I had with the unrolled precondition of the reels fixed at the foot of the office. I started to roll up me around those, sometimes I crawled to make go up to descending the ribbon at will, like bringing me closer those, sometimes I rolled again on me even. So on until I is satisfied with my integral cocoon. I did not go until the end of the rollers, because there was of it much too much and fortunately for me for the continuation. 

One me A nevertheless needed a good moment and several tens of turn on me to even arrive at my ends. Ca is there, I ready and was completely immobilized in my cocoon of plastic and adhesive tape. I was worthy to appear in the row of the mummies. I held in my right hand this famous cutter and decided to slip it between my thighs which were sufficiently tight to maintain it. Then I left myself gone with my excitation, fidget me of pleasure and trying to see whether I were able to escape, which made assemble the excitation more and more. I had worked well and it was impossible for me to leave this situation without my cutter. It was even impossible for me to move my arms inside and it envelope was sufficiently thick to be able to cross it or tear it. 

Lastly, after a few hours of disordered movements in all the directions and well having taken well pleasure, I decided to release me. I sought between my thighs the famous cutter and it was not there. No the problems, it with slipping and must be under my buttocks. The cocoon was well tightened and I had evil to slip my hands below my buttocks. Unpleasant surprise, it was not there either. I put back my hands with difficulty with the top of my legs and sought with touch between those, always nothing. I raised my legs highest possible, saying to me that it was to be lower and shook me hoping to make it fall to my hands, but always nothing... 

My coasts started a little to hurt me, so much my arms were tight against my thorax, that also prevented me from being able to breathe comfortably. More I excited itself and panicked, more I missed air. My muzzle did not arrange the things, I did not have that the weak one leads my nostrils to breathe and could not inflate my lungs entirely. I had only one solution to cure that, it was to calm me, stop gesticulate and to take a long total meeting of rest to think of my situation which became very tedious and to take again my breath. Should I wait the next morning thus that my colleagues of office find me. Not, it was really impossible to consider and I was also likely to make me return at once. It is necessary for very taken that I find a solution to release me before the morning. 

An idea, in the close office, my colleague left his toolbox on the travelling table. If I crawl to this table, I could make fall the case and I would find well at least a tool there to be able to tear my plastic nightshirt. But another problem still arises, it is that I would be this cannot leave only one finger to be able to catch though it is... With definitely, I am in beautiful cloth, welcome the humiliation tomorrow morning with arrived of the colleagues, in the worst case the owner himself. I think of it, very of a blow, to the fact, I am always connected to the rollers fixed at the office. If I manage to block the ribbon, while moving me through the entire workshop, I would be able well to demolish me those. It will then be enough for me to turn in the other direction on me to even be able to separate me of this adhesive tape. The idea was not bad and it failed to succeed. In fact, I could remove me only from some turns of ribbon before this one does not break. 

Disappointment, it was finished by it of me. Free with being taken I benefited from it to excite myself again and take my last pleasure before humiliation. The pleasure was with the measurement of my imprisonment without loophole and the orgasm which followed from there was one of largest than I had. It occurred well more than one hour before I again try in despair of cause to release myself. Miracle, I succeeded in nevertheless crossing the cocoon, sufficient ribbon had been removed and at the good place at the time of my preceding attempt. But only my fingers were outside, while forcing a little I succeeded in slipping a hand. 

For the remainder impossible to release me, it is necessary for me with very taken something to reach that point. I thus crawled like ground worms to the office of my colleague. I see nothing there and must find the good path. Finally I am there, but it is necessary for me still to make fall its case and it is with one meter in height. I arch pare on my back and balances my legs on the shelf. Not easy and in more it is well at the bottom, but I arrive nevertheless at my ends and Re-miracle, it falls close to me. It does not remain me any more that to seek with touch a tool which can deliver me. I seek and find neither cutter, nor scissors. There should however be well this kind of utensil in a case of technician, or then during the fall they fell too far. 

Such an amount of worse, I and seized me enough of it of the first screwdriver which falls me under the hand. I can say to you that it is not really the kind of adequate tool to release itself from an influence of adhesive tape with the little of handiness which I had. But as a practitioner of holes here and there, because it is the only thing which one can make with a screwdriver, I nevertheless succeeded in weakening the cocoon and with being able to release me gradually. Once completely released of my links I found my cutter, I would have strangled it well that there. One can say that this night I really had all the feelings that one to feel little at an extreme meeting of bondage. It did not remain me any more but with all to clean and also to dry me of my sweat before re-entering at home to sleep there the little of hours which remained night.


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