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Self Mummification Takes a Turn

by Captain Howdy

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© Copyright 2009 - Captain Howdy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; wrap; tape; toys; stuck; caught; FMM/m; oral; bdsm; slave; cons/reluct; X

It was a free weekend all to me and I haven't enjoyed self mummification in a long time. I first learned how to do it reading various tutorials online while putting some of my own twist on how to do it. The first time I did it I ended up with tape residue all over my body that took a long time to remove, a day to completely remove.

I later found out starting with some kind of clothing on works best. I originally had purchased a leotard that I would wear under the duct tape, still having tape directly on my legs, now I have a full unitard which eliminates that problem all together.

I started to get my items ready; grabbing the duct tape rolls, saran wrap, extra thick diaper, vibrating butt plug, mp3 player with horrible music, unitard, spandex hood with open mouth and  last but not least the scissors so I can cut myself out. 

I needed to make a big duct tape square before I did anything else. I went to the hall way and strung a piece of tape the length of the hallway. I lined up my shoulders to where I stuck it on the walls. I started overlapping every piece of tape from there going down to the level just below my knees. I used many other strips over the square that was hanging in the hallway in front of me.

I remembered seeing on a website once of a slave with writing done with colored duct tape so I decided I should do the same thing, even though it was going to be a solo session just the thought of it there made me horny and thought of humiliation all together made this solo session that much more exciting. I had to think of what I wanted to write in tape so I just started making art. I measured up where I would start rolling up in this big square and marked a couple areas. I started by making tits with nipples right where they would be and moved to where my diapered area. I made a diaper panty looking outline and decided to write in tape 'Diapered Mummy Slave Now Ready'. I went to where my butt would be and wrote 'Now Plugged for Training'. I then finished it off by putting 'Fuck Hole' with an arrow pointing to where my mouth was going to be.

After the Duct Tape square was all done and ready I continued to get ready. I stripped down the put some lube on the vibrating butt plug and slowly put it up my ass. I then put the thick diaper on. After I had the diaper on I then put some rubber panties on that were tight that made me very aware of my butt plug that I shoved in my ass. I finished off by putting on the unitard and zipped up the back.

Suddenly the phone rang and I went to answer it, it was my neighbor across the hall, Jenny, saying she wanted to borrow some movies later on in the night and if I was going to be there. I said yes I was going to be here the whole night or should be. I hung up the phone and went back to my mummy session set up. I then peeled the tape square off the wall and laid it onto the floor.

I started wrapping my lower legs and feet in saran wrap and continued up to my torso. I then wrapped between my crotch and over my shoulders then wrapped up each arm separately. When I was done I was covered in saran wrap like it was a second skin, there wasn't one inch of the unitard that wasn't covered. I then wrapped up my feet and lower legs in duct tape making my legs tightly together and very immobile. I then fished right above my knees sticking a small rag between my knees so they wouldn't hurt rubbing together. I proceeded to put the ear plugs in with the horrible music, chosen by a friend, and proceed to tape the ear plugs in. I then grabbed a spandex hood that left the mouth open and covered the eyes. I then laid down next to the tape square and lined up so the fancy artwork I made would show up properly.

As I now was lined up perfectly as possible I turned the switch on for the vibrating butt plug and turned up to the highest vibrating setting. I then pulled the spandex hood on my head securing the headphones in even more and making my vision very horrible. I put my arms at my side, took one last deep breath and started rolling onto the tape square. I rolled over twice and am ready for the last roll over and I am completely sealed in my mummy tape square. I start my push to roll one last time, as I start rolling over I suddenly remember I forgot the damn scissors to cut myself free. Not a second later my body falls onto the last chunk of Duct Tape.

I can't believe I forgot the scissors and I now wonder how long I would be in this predicament. I roll back over so I am lying on my back. I look down and very faintly see the humiliating artwork. The arrow and words fuck hole was the most clearly with the limited vision I had in the hood. My mind starts racing as the horrible music is playing in my ears while i try to figure out now how I am going to escape. The next song on the mp3 player comes on and it's the Village People.....

Not knowing what horrible music he put on there that song alone made me want to struggle more to escape fast as possible. My mummified bonds were very secure this time which made me so horny that I could tell I was already leaking some precum. This was also the thickest I ever made the tape which I know added to the security of the wrap. The vibrating plug was making me go wild all at the same time, every struggling move made me more aware of the plug which seemed bad at moments and a massive turn on too.

I struggled for almost an hour, having to listen to horrible stuff spanning from Nelson to Hanson to Culture Club. I don't think my arms have budged more than one millimeter inside the mummy wrap. The music now started to repeat, which made it that much worse that I was going to have to listen to the same 13 songs over and over until I can escape.

I struggled for what seemed like four hours and was able to move my arms slightly inside my mummy wrap. If I had remembered the scissors I would of been able to reach them well over an hour or two ago but I think my arms have reached the limits of movement and I foresaw no escape unless I started to yell for help, which was going to be a last resort if I do not escape by morning.

Even though I couldn't hear anything it felt like there was running and or stomping on the floor. I rolled over and saw a shape of someone in my apartment. I said hello who is there and a second later the person who ever it was walked away. My mind was now racing about a billion miles per hour wondering who that was and why did they just leave me here or did I just imagine the image. I wanted to know but wanted to escape before they came back, if they came back and struggled even more.

After another thirty minutes of trying to struggle my ass off I ran out of energy to do anything. I had already flooded the diaper I was wearing and felt the floor shake again and this time I saw a few shadow figures now in my apartment. One of them knelt down and felt my diapered area and was patted quite hard, they should definitely been able to figure out I had wet the diaper as much as it could be. I was rolled onto my side and I could feel my butt being felt up. I guarantee they felt the vibrating plug, let alone saw my writing about my ass being plugged for training. I was rolled back onto my back and could feel a hand creep up my body and this made me horny and scared as hell. Instinctively I asked, even though the music blasting in my ears I couldn't hear a response, who are you and what do you want. A finger touched my lips and I automatically stuck out my tongue to lick the finger. They moved their hand and my mouth was squeezed on the sides of my mouth and some large ring gag was put in my mouth and strapped onto me tightly leaving my mouth open very wide and vulnerable. A collar then was put on me and it was a posture style that made me tilt my head back or lift my head up high. I felt a click on the collar making me think it was locked onto me.

I was then lifted up and placed on my bed with my head over the edge. I saw a shadow figure walk towards me. They stood by my head and used their finger to draw the words I had put on my chest and they drew out the arrow as well. After that I felt a guyʼs ball sack smack my nose and then the ball sack was sitting right in my open awaiting mouth. I didn't do anything as I never wanted to suck off another guy other than in fantasy. I then felt something smack my chest a few times like a whip and then quickly started licking the ball sack hanging in my mouth. That went on for the entire YMCA song that just so happened to be playing, then the guy started fucking my mouth.

Thankfully he didn't fuck my mouth hard but he did gag me a little. As he fucked my mouth I almost instinctively worked his dick with my tongue. He fucked my mouth for the length of four songs until his sweet and salty cum squirted into my mouth. As he came he shoved his dick down my throat and I could feel his cum squirt down my throat. As he pulled out of my throat and mouth I could feel some of it squirt onto my spandex hood and drizzle a bit down my face. I have up until then only tasted my precum, the taste was similar but was two to three times as strong as my precum. As he walked away he patted my side like I was a good boy or something.

There was another guy that did the same thing but the second guy was much smaller in size and seemed to be shaved clean. Even though he was smaller he sure filled my once virgin mouth and his dick tasted very sweaty like he was exercising all day and hadn't cleaned up yet, I guess my waiting mouth was supposed to do the cleaning. This guy seemed gentler in the way he fucked my mouth but stuffed it down my throat more times than the first guy. When he finally came in my mouth it seemed like it almost three times as much as the first guy and he also squirted some directly down my throat. My mouth seemed so full of cum that if it were any more full it would leak all over my face. I could feel cum seep into my nose and with every breath now all I could smell cum and the only taste in my mouth was cum. 

After he was done with my mouth the third shadow figure came over and this time it was a woman! I did my best to lick what i could but as slapped with the whip again. I stop licking so I won't be whipped again. Suddenly a stream of piss shoots into my mouth then all over my face. After she was done pissing all over my face she stepped back.

The gag was then unbuckled and the ring was pulled out and my mouth was quickly covered and shut by a hand and I was forced to swallow the piss and cum cocktail that was in my mouth. After I had swallowed all that I could my mouth was opened again and this time a penis gag was put into my mouth. I could tell that cum was wiped all over it because it tasted like cum I was just forced to eat and swallow. This gag also was locked onto me as I felt the click of a pad lock.

My chest then was being rubbed in a gentle way and it felt good. My stomach then was being rubbed, I am sure they were rubbing it to remind me of all of the cum and piss I just consumed. My diaper was patted very roughly and I was surprised how much I could feel it through the thick diaper I had on. On and off my diaper was smacked then rubbed roughly for about 5 minutes.

I then felt the smacks of the whip on my chest many times. It didn't hurt that much, I don't think they were hitting full strength. Even though I wasn't being hit hard I knew there would be red marks all over my chest and arms. After a minute it became annoying and I started thrashing around a little to avoid the hits even though I had no choice in the matter being mummified and all. After 5 minutes or so of being whipped on the chest I was rolled onto my chest and the whipping started on my back. They did not just whip my back they whipped my diapered butt and whipped it very hard. I was shocked at how much I could feel though the diaper. It stung and stung bad. Along with the whipping the butt plug still vibrating hard was being hit almost every time my ass was being whipped.

I was now whimpering in pain and arousal then it became more of a worn down whimper that there was no more fight in me. After my ass whipping was over I was lifted off my bed and set back down on the floor on my back. I felt some poking near my right hand and to my surprise it was the scissors. After the scissors were partly inside the mummy wrap I was patted on the chest and I could tell my three guests had left however they had left the penis gag in my mouth and the collar on me. I was hoping they had left the keys but I had to escape first.

I quickly as I could used the scissors to cut myself fee. It took me no more than ten minutes to cut myself completely free. I tried to pull the hood off but the gag prevented its removal. I pulled the back of the hood over my head and the hood just dangled off of the gag. I could now see and looked for keys. I didn't see them right away so I took the diaper off and took the butt plug out. The keys were not to be found. I then looked at the mummy wrap. There was a note on the chest.. It read 'Thanks for the video, come over and watch it together. -Love Jen'.

My mind raced even faster and I even got a little dizzy to where I had to sit down on the bed. I can't believe my neighbor Jenny did this. How did she find two guys to agree to fuck my mouth and how could she just pee on me and in my mouth like she did. I didn't know how I could even go in the hallway like I was in the collar and gag. I dressed in some street clothes; it was hard as heck to do in a posture collar. I finished off with a winter coat that had a big fuzzy hood to conceal my gag and collar.

I peeked out the door to make sure no one was around and I hurried to the door across the hall to Jenny's apartment door. I knocked on it franticly and heard her yell it was open. As I walked in I heard her ask for me to lock the door behind me. I walked to the back room of the apartment to where she was located. As I walked into the room I saw the two guys that most likely had their way with my mouth. The one that was shaved clean was locked in a dog cage and he also had a chastity belt on and he looked at me and smiled. I then turned to look at Jenny and my gag prevented me from asking for release.

She demanded that I get undressed as fast as I could and that I would be released soon. I humbly undressed all the way. She told me to come over to her and I did. I couldn't see what she was doing to my balls and dick but I could only assume she was putting a chastity belt on me. She showed me the key and said that my cock now belonged to her. She then had me step into some panties of some sort, as they were pulled up she told me they were real anal training pants. Right after that I felt a plug go up my ass. I was then shocked to feel it being pumped up and expanding in my ass. She fiddled with something and took the bulb off the panties that pumped up the butt plug, however the plug stayed in its pumped up size. The butt plug was definitely now larger than my medium one I was just wearing during my mummification session, it was so big it brought a small tear to my eye. She turned me around and was fast to put some leather cuffs on me.

Jenny then had me sit on her bed then she attached a chain to my collar so there was no escape. She told me lets watch this movie then we'll talk about how things will be from now on. She then pressed play on her video player and to my horror it was a video of me mummified. I can't believe it, they recorded the whole event. I actually got to see that my artwork was lined up perfectly which made me proud.

As I watched my mouth being fucked, I only could think what my life was going to be like now.... Would I become another slave boy like the one in the dog cage? Would I be mummified again like I was and used again like I was? Only time would tell....



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