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The Sentence

by Filador

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© Copyright 2001 - Filador - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; mum; bandages; encased; cons; XX

Part One

For however long I have left - the words will echo in my ears.  I'd quiver with fright, if only my grotesquely incapacitated body would let me.  I knew long before I was forcibly dragged into the chamber that my future was not likely to involve fun and games.  I never, ever learned to obey a master, despite my love of bondage and a desire to submit to restraint. 

Now, strapped at the ankles, knees, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists and forehead to a heavy wooden chair, I attempted to listen as the Committee listed the charges against me.  The gag in my mouth prevented me from mounting any defense, there would be no due process at this hearing.  My fate was sealed, what was to be done had already been decided.  Why were they continuing to bicker? 

I shivered slightly, my naked body attempting fruitlessly to rattle out of the restraints and slip away unnoticed, free, acquitted.  But such was not to be.  My mind raced at the possibilities - undoubtably, some form of intense, forced bondage as a severe punishment awaited me.  They would undoubtably try to break me.  Would they attempt to kill me in the process?  Was this sentence a punishment or an execution? 

Gradually, but unalterably, my love of restraint began to flow out of my body much as I sensed my life slipping away.  I began to breathe deeply to clear my head and fight off the nausea, a ringing began in my eardrums, my vision blurred to white as I sensed my body falling into and against the leather straps.  I startled into sentient thought as the sentence ripped into my my body like an electric shock - LET HIM BE MUMMIFIED!

Part Two

Carried backwards out of the chamber, with a leather hood laced tightly against my head.  I sensed that I was moving backwards through time and space to a rendevous with an undesirable fate that I could not escape.  Mummification.  A punishment.  More than saran and duct tape, without a doubt.  That I had seen done many times before. I couldn't avoid the buzz-saw fear, at the recollection of the process as done by the ancient Egyptians.  Organs removed through the left side of the chest.  Brains removed through the bored-out sinuses.  I had to immediately dismiss this as a viable possibility. 

Why would they not otherwise just outright kill me and get on with it?  I had to believe that they intended for me to somehow suffer-to be acutely aware of what was happening to me.  Somehow, I had to believe that this was not going to happen.  For some time we had been moving.  I must have been carried by many men.  I heard footsteps, but no voices.  There are many turns, and several long, slow descents, presumably down a flight of stairs.  My consciousness vainly attempts to bargain with reason.  This cannot be that bad.  A mummification.  A live mummification.  Let him be mummified! 

The nearer we get to the end of the journey, the clearer my reason became.  I have been handed over to the wetwi.  A cult of bondage fetishists known to me, but indirectly.  Ritualistic mummifications performed for their amusement.  In ancient history, the wetwi were the embalmers who were responsible for wrapping the mummy.  Strength of reason told me this was so-just a couple of bandages and sheets, have their fun, cut me loose and call it a sentence. 

Off comes the hood, lets get this going and over with.  A look aroung this room immediately flushed that hope out of my mind.  The buzzing began again, as the light from the candles at the edge of the room got brighter and crowded out all other images.  Cold sweat soaked the forehead restraint.  The smell of some type of chemical or resin sickened me - I fell again into the grip of the restraints as the room fell into buzzing, silent blackness.....

Part Three

Hope is a tenacious survival technique for the condemned. The rush of warm water over legs, chest and arms refreshed-and mislead.  I was safe - I was free.  I was acquitted.  I was wrong.  Flat on my back, wrists and ankles strapped to a wooden frame.  Totally naked, and still shivering slightly. 

My executioners drew close.  Their very appearance was terrifying.  Each man was bald-and dressed only in a brown skirt-like thing tied at the waist with a rope.  Huge, bulging arms on all the men drew attention.  Each man was no more than 5'2" tall-and built like a fireplug.  An arm and a leg were released from their restraints by one of the wetwi. A straight razor was withdrawn from a leather pouch, and some type of oil was rubbed into my skin.  It was slippery and slightly warm.  The razor danced across my shin and calf, the wetwi highly skilled at removing body hair.  Instinctively, I began to relax somewhat.  I could be hacked to bloody pieces at a moment's notice with these razors.  The wetwi were taking great care to not injure me. 

Straps were removed from the other arm and leg, to allow the other two to begin their process.  I was being shaved at all corners of my body by four mummifiers.  I felt like a butterfly being mounted for display.  The buzzing had stopped and my vision had returned.  The shaving process calmed me significantly.  I attempted to hang on to this thought, as if it would somehow sustain me through the ordeal.  I temporarily closed eyes as I felt the hot oils being rubbed into my crotch.  With legs spread apart, I was defenseless to the removal of all pelvic hair.  Oils of some kind continued to be rubbed into the skin, after the hair was gone. 

If I didn't know what was likely to happen eventually, I would have felt like I was being treated at a health spa.  The wetwi continued with their furious razors, moving up to the chest to the armpits.  I had become adept at relaxing and laying very still to avoid any possibility of injury.  I flinched but did not wiggle as the razor sliced rudely into my hair.  I closed my eyes for a long time - trying to put the thought out of my mind-imagining how hideous I would look with no trace of hair on my body. 

Suddenly, all activity ceased.  The wetwi withdrew for the moment.  They were careful to ensure the candles gave sufficient light to illuminate not only the room, but the several mirrors strategically placed about the room along the walls as well as directly above me on the ceiling.  I instantly determined that these were for my benefit-to permit me full visual access to the horrible process that was about to begin.  The figure in the mirror was not recognized - like a cross between an alien and a guinea pig. 

My transformation had already begun.  It moved when I moved, but did not resemble me.  I had already lost a substantial portion of my identity.  Fear compelled me to look around the room-this was my chance to determine what stuff was left lying around.  I would hopefully get a clue as to whether I was supposed to survive my encasement, and how. 

The contents of the room offered no comfort.  A wooden table with heavy cross braces underneath it was centered in the room.  Nest to it were piles - tens of piles of hundreds of rolled up linen bandages.  The pile itself was significantly larger than my naked, shaved body.  There were metal pans, somewhat like baking pans filled with some type of amber fluid.  I presumed that the strong chemical smell was coming from the pans.  There were folded sheets - about 6'x9' - and about 20 in number.  And, finally, frighteningly, there was the mummy case. 

A wooden, form-fitting box that was hollowed out on the inside lower half, slightly larger than my naked, shivering body.  The edges of the lower half and the top were beveled and grooved-suggesting that they fit together precisely and snugly.  I saw no air holes in the mummy case.  The buzzing began again - the room went completely white as the wetwi returned and lifted my quivering body from the frame onto the mummification table.  Their ritual and the climax of my encasement had arrived.

Part Four

An unexpected sensation grew in the pit of my stomach and spread throughout my prone body as the Wetwi lowered me into place on the mummification table.  Mummification rack would be a more descriptive term.  A leather strap, about 18" wide, ran from just above the back of my head, down my spine and stopped somewhere beyond my feet.  I was balanced perfectly on this strap, permitting maximum access to most areas of my body.  In addition to the main strap, there were straps at 90 degrees at the shoulders, butt and knees.  As I looked to the side, it appeared that these straps could be slid up or down the length of the table, depending on what part of my body was being wrapped.  As soon as I had figured this out, I was spread-eagled and strapped down at the wrists and ankles, cradled in a harness of leather.  

There were approximately 6 or 7 men around the table-I knew that escape was out of the question, even if I were not restrained.  I looked up at the figure that reflected back at me and studied it, knowing that this may well be the last look at my unwrapped body.  I began to wonder what it would look like once the encasement was complete....the whirring began in the pit of my stomach and for the first time, I began to crave for the process to begin.  I stared at the wooden mummy case awaiting me, and grew strangely excited at thought of being so thoroughly encased in it...

My thoughts were rudely interrupted-it was time to begin.  The Wetwi began the ritual much in the same way as the ancient Egyptians began-by stuffing packing into any available opening.  My mouth was forced open by prying fingers.  I was initially terrified that my tongue was going to be cut out.  That thought was soon tempered-as small wads of linen were stuffed underneath my tongue, deep into the cheeks and on top of my tongue.  My cheeks bulged out and my lips barely closed as my jaws were forced as shut as possible.  There was so much packing in my mouth it was impossible for the teeth to clench.  There was a strange taste-a cross between latex and fiberglass, with a pungent smell. 

A bandage was tied around my head from the crown to the jaw, effectively forcing my mouth shut.  Smaller strips were rolled between fingers and shoved into my eardrums-packed in tightly as sound suddenly was shut off.  I could no longer hear any sounds in the room, but could sense noises coming from deep within my body.  The suspended miror revealed the layers of packing protruding from my ears and mouth-the effect was bizarre and certainly was effective in sensory deprivation.  As all this was happening, a slow, intense urge began to build in my crotch.  Again I became terrified as a powerful, unstoppable erection began to build.  To my amazement, it was ignored by the Wetwi as the bandaging process at last began.  The strap on one hand and the opposite ankle were released.  My left arm and right leg were lifted off the table and placed in a harness. 

As I looked in the mirror, it looked something like an orthopedic ward.  I was strangely anxious for my encasement to begin-to encase my body and seal it off from threat of further harm.  The Wetwi placed fingers between my fingers and toes to separate them.  I resolved to study as much of the process as I could-becoming increasingly anxious to experience the totality of my restraint.  The mummification of the fingers began with a single roll-a roll of about 1" in diameter was wrapped around my index finger  -first once, then again, up and down until the entire finger was covered over.  The bandaging continued for several layers, approximately 1/4 inch thick.  I stared at the finger and imagined this process being repeated many times over on the rest of my eager body. 

Once the bandaging was done, one of the mummifiers squeezed the finger and held it snugly for a few minutes.  I was so lost in this, I was initially unaware of the wrapping that had begun at my toes.  Almost simultaneously, the mummifier let loose of my finger and began wrapping the thumb in a new bandage.  I instinctively wiggled the wrapped finger-to my utter amazement and astonishment, the wrappings had become absolutely stiff and permitted no movement.  My heart nearly stopped right there at thethought of my entire body being not only totally wrapped, but rigid inside a cocoon of hardened bandages.  I thought my erection was going to burst-I attempted to gasp out, and discovered to my horror that the packing in my mouth had hardened, gluing my teeth and jaws together in a solid unit. 

My eyes must have given away the discovery, as I noted just a hint of a smile in one of the mummifiers.  In about ten minutes time, each finger and toe was neatly, separately bandaged.  My hands looked like I was wearing hockey gloves.  Wider bandages were produced, as I laid back and watched the process continue in the mirror above.  It reminded me somewhat of an operating room.  2" wide bandages began to be wrapped around my palm and wrist, then over the bandaged fingers, effectively locking them together.  The bandaging around the hands and wrist continued for several minutes, as each layer was initially wrapped loosely, then subsequent layers being pulled progressively tighter and tighter.  Wider bandages were produced and wound around my wrist, up the arm, past the elbow and up to the shoulder.  4" bandages were now being wrapped around, about 10-15 layers I estimated, as my arm began to loose it's natural shape uner the bandages and take on the appearance of a mummy. 

The last few layers were quite snugly wrapped-somewhat like a vacuum bed sensation, as the resins in the linen began to harden, fixing my mummified arm into position.  The process was repeated over the right leg, as bandages were wrapped around the toes, up past the arch and ankle, and running up the leg to the knee.  My ankle was flexed so that the toes pointed up towards the ceiling as I was laying on my back.  The Wetwi continued to rub the layers of bandage into the lower layers, forcing the resins to bind together and form a solid unit.  After about 45 minutes of wrapping, my right leg was wrapped from the toes up to the crotch in about 20 layers of bandages.  The foot appeared as if it were clad in an off-white moon boot.  All the features of the definition of my leg had disappeared under the layer of bandages. The left arm and right leg were lowered back onto the harness of leather, as the process was repeated on my left leg and right arm. 

As the wrapping continued, I attempted to squirm inside the wrappings of my mummified limbs.  Movement was impossible. The sensation was as if my skin had been glued into a form-fitting cocoon.  I could not flex any joint,  Attempts to move fingers and toes brought pressure and sensation against my fingernails and toenails.  I attempted to lift and move my hand, and was surprised that I could no longer feel the leather straps holding it up, or feel my fingers against my thigh.  I closed my eyes, imagining this sensation, squeezing and restraining every inch of my body.  My erection instinctively and expectantly grew.  as I opened my eyes, the Wetwi withdrew.  I looked up at a hideously-incapacitated body, heavily bandaged at the legs up to the crotch and arms to the shoulders.  Escape even without guards was impossible, as I could no longer bend my limbs.  I grew impatient-and longed for the mummification of the rest of my body. 

My impatience was rewarded with the quick return of the Wetwi-once again, arms and legs were raised, spread-eagled, and placed in leather restraints.  Longer straps were used this time, as the thickness of my mummified limbs had grown significantly.  I again felt like a mounted butterfly.  Without warning, there was movement around the perimiter of the table. The main strap that had supported me had been pulled away, and I was being held by only the cross-straps.  I knew the time to encase my torso had come.  A harness of bandages was placed underneath my chin and lower jaw, and cradling the crown of my head.  I instantly felt a pull, and my neck and spine were drawn straight.  I could not understand why I was being put into traction-then-suddenly, felt the rude intrustion into my behind.  Just as they had done with the mouth and ears, wads of resin-soaked linen were shoved up inside of me, spreading my cheeks even wider.  My erection was at full force now.  I struggled in my bonds to do something about it. 

My struggling was answered with commencement of the bandaging around my crotch and lower stomach.  Rolls began at the top of the legs and continued, figure 8 fashion around my butt cheeks, around the top of the crotch, over the balls trapping them inside layers of resin-soaked bandages.  As the wrappings got tighter, my erection began again.  How much longer could they continue to ignore it?  This must be a part of the sentence-denying me the ability to obtain release, yet keeping me in a state of permanently-heightened excitement.  The bandages became much bigger now-approximately 6" wide, as they were wrapped from my hips up to just underneath my armpits.  As each layer of bandage was wound around, it was pulled tighter than the last, trapping me in a snug, form-fitting cocoon that, once hardened, denied me the ability to flex at the crotch. 

Suddenly, the point of The Sentence hit home-just as the Wetwi finally began the encasement of my fantastically erect cock, trapping it forever in rigid bandages.  Rolls of resin-soaked bandage were wrapped around my now fantastically-erect cock, tighter than any wrapping done so far.  At least 10 layers encased my erection, increasing it to a fantastic size.  As the resins began to set, the mummified cock was pressed, erect, against my stomach pointing towards my navel.  Quickly more layers of bandage were wrapped around the crotch, figure-8 style, trapping the erect cock against my crotch.  As the resins began to set, it felt as if someone were squeezing and sucking my poor encased cock, increasing the size of my erection. 

Just as all this was sinking in, the Wetwi released each leg from its restraint and placd them together, side by side,  mummy-fashion.  The pressure on my spread cheeks grew even greater, forcing my erection even tighter against it's restraining cocoon.  I was growing dizzy with the eroticism of the sensation, and inhaled quickly through my nose.  Cold air brought me back to reality-and a fantastic view of a mummy-in-progress.  The Wetwi were now becoming artists.  Packs of wet, resin-soaked bandages were placed in the cavities between my legs to form the appearance of a solid unit.   I could feel none of this, as the layers of wrappings had long grown too thick.  I flexed at the toes and crotch in a fruitless struggle to escape my sentence.  More layers of bandages began at the feet, encasing the toes, ankles, and legs together in a solid unit. 

The wrapping continued up to the armpits for several layers, until all features of my body had disappeared.  The lump that was at once my erection was buried deep inside the wrappings. I squirmed violently inside the encasement seeking release-but there was no release.  I could feel the constant pressure of the wrappings against my cock-but the hardened bandages prevented any movement or additional sensation.  This was diabolical.  I was being encased to struggle fruitlessly, indefinitely, an erection without satisfaction, a mummification with constant stimulation and no orgasm.  I wanted the final bandaging-now.  As I squirmed undetectibly inside my cocoon, arms were placed against my torso, mummy-style and pressed into the hardening layers of the chest wrappings. As with the legs, packing was stuffed into the gaps between the arms and chest on front and back to form a smooth, solid unit.  Heavy bandaging again began at the feet and progressed upward to the shoulders.  I now truly had the appearance of a mummy-and was rapidly becoming a solid unit from shoulders to toes.  I sensed movement from off in the distance, but because of the head harness, could no longer look to see what was happening.  I studied the contours of my encasement from toe to shoulder, savoring the look and knowing that soon the final bandaging-the mummification of the head-was about to begin.  I would cry out if only my trapped jaws would let me. 

The end of my vision came all to soon-as pads of resin-soaked padding were placed into my eye cavities.  I quickly, instincively, closed both eyes, my last look at my grotesquely-incapacitated body lying in the leather harness of straps.  I could only imagine the process from this point forward, and from what little I could sense through my sense-deprived body. The strap holding my jaw together was cut away, but the head harness was left in place.  I could hear and sense bandages being wrapped around the upper shoulders, and suddenly felt the first initial layer as it reached my neck.  My breathing became shallow and quick-I could only breathe through my nose and became increasingly concerned about suffocation.  My fear of suffocating was replaced by my urge to feel the bandages being wound over my face and around to encase my head.  I immediately felt resistance as I drew air through the bandages-but could still breathe without too much difficulty. 

I could hear and feel vibrations as layers of bandages were wrapped progressively thicker around the head and neck.  I imagined the image as the features of my face became gradually but irreversably blurred under the layers.  I shivered at the thought, and realized I was now a solid unit from toes to head.  The feeling was unlike anything I had ever experienced-erotic, dark, silent, constricting, highly sensual and very much alone.  I began to panic as the final bandaging began.  I recalled the sheets-about twenty  6' x 9' sheets that were folded next to the bandages.  I sensed the first of these sheets being dipped in the resin and then wrapped around and smoothed over my now completely-mummified body.  The sheet stretched from the base of my toes to crown of my head, and was wrapped around my body twice.  A layer of bandages over the shroud effectively trapped it into place.  Another sheet was again wrapped around my body, this time from behind and finishing in front.  Layers of bandaging followed over this sheet.  With each shroud, breathing became more labored.  I sensed that I was pulling air from around the face and neck bandages as I inhaled, as they seemed to pull in closer for an instant.  This process repeated eighteen more times until the last shroud was in place and a last, final heavy bandaging from toes to head was done. 

Countless hours had passed since the mummification ritual began.  I was now hopelessly encased in multiple layers of hardened, resin-soaked linen.My skin was glued to the inside of this gruesome cocoon.  I could feel my trapped erection but could not squirm to do anything to gain relief.  I could not open my eyes-my world was totally dark, no external sounds penetrated into the layers of my mummification and no sounds escaped from the inside.  I was encased from head to toe in a solid, form-fitting, total sensory deprivation chamber from which I could not escape.  This was my Sentence.  Again I squirmed against my bonds, testing the totality of their restraint and effect in denying me the ability to release. 

Suddenly, the mummy case popped into consciousness and I grew panic-stricken at the thought of being placed into yet another layer of restraint.  Almost as if they sensed the thought, the Wetwi lifted my mummified body off the harness and placed me in a standing position.  It was a bizarre sensation to be placed upright, solid, and have the bandages hold so firmly. I wondered as to what was happening outside my encasement, and sensed strange vibration resonating throughout the outer wrappings.  Sometimes it would stop, and then it would come back, as if someone was rubbing the outside of the layers of the wrappings.  As it progressed further up my mummified body, I sensed a kind of slurping sound, like the sound mud makes.  Or plaster.  Plaster!  They were encasing my mummified body completely in plaster-of-Paris!  I would sufficate!  I tried to scream-but was denied by the layers of packing stuffed in my mouth and difficulty in breathing. 

Oh God, please let me have an air hole!  I felt like I was drowning-and imagined the Wetwi smoothing the layers of plaster.  I suddenly had the strangest urge for them to completely encase me in the thick plaster, as I sensed the slippery goo being smeared across my face and head and heard the mud-like slurp as the last layers of bandage were swallowed up by the thickening plaster. As the plaster was beginning to set up, and before it reached it set, I was lowered on my back into the mummy case.  The plaster conformed to the contours of the inside of the case, and I knew that once it set that I would be effectively glued into the mummy case.  The Wetwi poured the last of the plaster over the top of my mummy , sealing it against the edges of the mummy case and forming an air-tight seal for when the lid was to be set in place.  I struggled violently inside the bandages-but to the outside world, there was no sign of life under the layers of encasement. As I thrust at the crotch and gripped my hands, I drew deep breaths from somewhere inside the wrappings.

The lid of the mummy case was lowered at last onto the mummy.  Plaster squished out between the seal, and was neatly wiped away from the outside by the Wetwi.  Inside, the weight of the lid pressing against the top of the plaster and wrappings squeezed me even tighter inside my encasement.  It was difficult to expand my chest to catch a breath.  My erection grew again inside it's cast, unable to climax .  My thrusts became more intense as I drew increasing breaths through the layers of the wrappings.  How much air could be left?  Was I completely encased in plaster, and restricted to whatever trapped air was left in the wrappings?  That could be exhausted in a few minutes. I thrust again, feeling the solidness of the wrappings rub up inside my rear.  If a hole was left in the plaster, I would have the additional residual air left inside the mummy case.  How long could that last?  30 minutes?  I squirmed again, feeling the totality of the mummification against every square inch of my skin. Suddenly, the mummy case was moving-I was being jostled inside my cocoon and I sensed that I was moving backwards, much as I felt as when I was being lead into the Commission awaiting sentencing.  For however long I have left.....

As the Wetwi reached their destination, the mummy case was moved down to the fourth row and placed at the end of that row on the right, next to the 34 other mummy cases neatly arranged in rows in the chamber.  A marking was chiseled into the outside of the case, similar but not identical to other markings in the adjacent mummy cases.  With that, the Wetwi withdrew from the chamber and proceeded directly to the Commission to make their final report in the matter. 


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