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The Sex Mummy

by Abrank

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© Copyright 2006 - Abrank - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; bond; mum; wrap; electroplay; reluct/cons; X

The three girls slowly approached the mummy.  It was lying on its back on a table with its ankles locked in metal stocks.  It was completely wrapped in white bandages except for a dark object sticking straight up.


"Wow, is that a real penis?" the blonde asked.


"Try it and see," replied Candy.


The blonde grasped the latex-covered penis, and the mummy moaned in response.  She rubbed her hand up and down and the mummy arched it's back and raised it's pelvis.


"I think he's going to have an orgasm," the blonde said, her mouth open in wonder.


"Who wants to go first?" Candy asked.


"I do!" said the redhead.  She slipped off her panties and climbed onto the table.  She stood astride the mummy and then slowly squatted, guiding the erect penis into her already wet pussy.  As she did so the mummy suddenly thrust its pelvis upwards, forcing its penis deep into her.


"Oh my God!" the redhead screamed.  "I don't think I can take this."  She raised herself a little and said to the mummy, "Not so hard my dear mummy, be more gentle."  She carefully lowered herself but the mummy thrust upwards again, just as hard as before.


"I don't think he can hear you," said Candy,  "He is a mummy you know."


The redhead was more prepared for the second thrust.  She waited a few seconds then lowered herself again and began to rock back and forth.  She found that if she lowered herself straight down the mummy would thrust hard upwards, but if she moved back and forth the mummy's motions were gentler.


"Wow. This is almost like a fucking machine," the redhead said, "only better."


The blonde and Candy watched in silence as the redhead rode the mummy to orgasm.  Her climax was awesome with vigorous thrusts from both her and the mummy.  The onlookers felt themselves getting wet with desire.


The redhead lay on the mummy to recover, then lifted herself off the mummy's penis and carefully stepped down onto the floor.


"Are you sure there's a man in there?" asked the blonde, eyeing the mummies still erect penis.


"Oh yes, it's a real man.  Quite a handsome one if you must know."


"Well there's no sense in wasting a good erection," said the blonde taking off her panties and skirt.


"Let me clean it for you," said Candy.  She gently wiped the penis, which was running with the redhead's love juices.  "Do you want me to oil it?"


"No, I think I'm wet enough," said the blonde.  "In any case I don't like them too slippery."


She climbed onto the table and gently lowered herself onto the penis.  Like the redhead she was caught by surprise as the mummy thrust vigorously upward.


"Hot damn!" she said, "I think he really likes to surprise us."  Having watched the redhead, she rode the mummy carefully, occasionally pressing down to receive a powerful upwards thrust in return, but mostly moving more slowly to receive gentler motions.  It took her five minutes to reach orgasm.  Towards the end they could all hear the mummy make groaning sounds as he thrust upwards.


"I think he's having an orgasm too," remarked the redhead.




Stephan was a free man.  He hadn't been acquitted of the crime, but jury was hung, they could not agree on a verdict.  The judge dismissed them and the prosecutor decided not to proceed with another trial, he thought the evidence was not convincing enough to overcome the persuasive arguments of the defense lawyer.  Perhaps the person who suffered most in Stephan's family was his father who had paid the exorbitant legal fees.


Phil felt sickened by the decision.  The murdered girl was his sister, Samantha, and he was certain that Stephan was guilty.  Although Sammy, as she had been affectionately known, was sexually involved with Stephan, she was not his only girl friend.  Stephan, who had outrageously good looks, was never short of female admirers.  But he was not content with regular sex; he preferred kinky sex that involved inflicting pain on his partners.  Sammy had described some of things Stephan had forced her to do, dangerous games involving bondage and partial asphyxiation.


Phil was angry that he had not been allowed to testify at Stephan's trial, the defense lawyers claimed his testimony was all hearsay and had him excluded.  He was glad his parents were dead.  They did not have to suffer the anguish of seeing their beautiful daughter murdered and the killer walking free.


The case did not seem to hurt Stephan.  On the contrary, he had more girl friends than ever.  They were attracted by his charm and by the hints of his sexual prowess revealed at the trial.


Phil was prepared to move on and accept the situation as a cruel twist of fate, but his involvement with Stephan was not finished.




Phil was dating Cornelia, an attractive girl whom he thought would make a good wife.  He intended to propose to her but hesitated, marriage seemed like such a big step.  They attended a reception given by a gallery for an artist friend of theirs.  They separated, as was their custom at parties, to circulate around the room.  A girl Phil had never seen before came up to him and introduced herself as Candy.  She offered condolences on the loss of his sister and said she wanted to discuss something with him, but the party was not the place.  Could they meet somewhere for coffee?  Phil agreed and she gave him her telephone number.  But Phil had no intention of calling her; he was fully committed to Cornelia and had no desire to get involved with anyone else.


Later that evening he was surprised to see Stephan at the reception.  He felt like leaving but decided to stay since the artist was such a good friend.  But a worse surprise was in store for him.  Twenty minutes later he saw Cornelia talking to Stephan who appeared to be using his charms on her.  That night Phil and Cornelia had a heated argument, Phil saying that she should not be talking to such an evil person, and Cornelia asserting her right to talk to anyone she chose.


Two weeks later Cornelia broke up with Phil saying said she was bored with him and had met someone else.


A few days later Phil discovered that the someone else was Stephan.  This was almost too much.  He sank into a deep depression made worse by his hatred of Stephan whom he felt had completely ruined his life.




The following Saturday, while cleaning out the pockets of his trousers to take them to the cleaners, he found Candy's phone number.  He called her and they arranged to meet that afternoon at a coffee shop.


"I wanted to say that I think Stephan really did murder your sister," said Candy as she sipped her cappuccino.


"I'm sure he did," Phil responded.  "Is that what you wanted to say to me?  If so, I'm leaving.  I really don't want to discuss Stephan."


"No don't go.  Hear me out.  I think Stephan is a really dangerous person, and if the law can't do anything about him, then we should."


"I'm not a vigilante and, much as I hate Stephan, I don't think I could kill him."


"I'm not suggesting you do.  I want to give Stephan a taste of his own medicine for what he tried to do to me, and for what I am sure he's done to others.  Besides which I can't stand the thought of murderers walking free.  That case where the obviously guilty football player was acquitted sickened me, and I resolved that if I were ever in a situation where I could stop a murderer enjoying his life after taking the life of another, then I would do it."


"What did Stephan do to you?"


"I went on a date with him.  My friends had warned me about him, but I'm into bondage and I was curious about Stephan.  Anyway I took precautions and wore my chastity belt."


"You wore a chastity belt!?"


"Yes.  Don't look so surprised.  Its quite comfortable and being made of steel protects me against being raped.  Well anyway, I went out to dinner with him and the next thing I knew I woke up in his apartment.  Fortunately he hadn't handcuffed me or anything, and he said that I had fallen asleep.  I was suspicious but didn't say anything."


"Suspicious of what?"


"I don't normally fall asleep in the middle of a date, particularly with an interesting person like Stephan, so I suspected he had given me some kind a drug, probably a date rape drug."


"What happened next?"


"Nothing really.  He took me home since I was feeling a bit woozy.  But when I undressed I found my panties weren't on quite the way I normally have them.  I think Stephan was going to rape me but gave up when he discovered my chastity belt."


"So why didn't you testify at his trial?"


"I was going to, but Stephan's lawyer told the judge my testimony didn't prove anything and would be prejudicial to his client.  The judge agreed so I wasn't allowed to testify."


"Me neither.  Do you think the judge had been bribed?"


"I don't know.  Anyway it's clear that we're not going to get any satisfaction through the law."


"Do you know what else Stephan did?"


"I'm sure he's done many things."


"He seduced my girlfriend.  I was planning to propose to her."


"I'm sorry for you, I really am.  But that's not a crime.  What he did to your sister is a crime, as is what he tried to do to me."


"Yes, but I worry about Cornelia.  I think she's in danger with Stephan."


"So what do you plan to do about it?"


"I don't know.  Short of buying a gun and shooting him there's nothing I can do."


"Well I think there is something we can do.  But I can't do it alone; I need your cooperation.  Are you prepared to devote some months of your life to seeing that Stephan gets what he deserves?"


"Yes, my life is ruined anyway.  I will do whatever you say short of actually killing the bastard."


"Well here's my plan."




Phil moved out of the city into the country.  He viewed several properties and purchased an old farmhouse.  It was quite isolated and had a large basement with access from the outside.  He moved into the house two months after the conversation with Candy and immediately began work on structural changes and redecoration.


Candy resumed her relationship with Stephan.  She indicated that she was a dom and had a number of sub clients that liked to be punished.  She had photos to prove it.  In reality these were photos of her girl friends who were also into bondage.  This piqued Stephan's interest and he asked to be allowed to participate.  She said her slaves would never accept him as a master, but if he masqueraded as one of them he could join in some of their bondage games.  It would amuse her to then let him have his way with them, to whip them and torment them in other ways.


Stephan begged to be allowed to do this.  Candy pretended to reluctantly agree, and said that she belonged to a secret bondage club that met from time to time.  If Stephan were really interested she would ask the host if she could invite him.  Stephan replied that he was, and Candy promised to see what she could do.




"My bondage club is going to have a mummy party next week," Candy said.  "Would you be interested in going?"


"What's a mummy party?" asked Stephan.


"The participants get wrapped in bandages just like an old Egyptian mummy.  You can get a wonderful sexual high being wrapped up and helpless."


"That doesn't sound like much fun."


"Oh it is.  You should try it at least once.  Actually, if you want, there's a special wrap for male mummies.  The bandages cover the body except for the penis, which sticks out.  The girls make love to the mummy.  I'm told it's wonderful being made love to in this way and not being able to do anything about it.  Sometimes I wish I were a man."


"That sounds more exciting."


"There's more.  You get to whip one of the girls who made love to you.  Originally we made it so that the mummy whipped the girl who gave the least satisfying sex, but we found that some girls so liked to be whipped that they deliberately performed poorly.  So now we let the mummy choose."


"Hey, that sounds really exciting."


"Do you want to go?  I think I can get you invited."


"Sure, I'd like to try it.  When's the party?"


"One evening next week.  The host doesn't announce the day ahead of time; he's afraid of police raids.  I'll have to call you on the day to let you know.  Are you free next week?"


"Let me see.  I can't do it Tuesday, and Friday and the weekend are out, but I think I'm available the rest of the time."


"OK, I'll call you when I get the message.  There's one more thing."


"What's that?"


"There's a $200 entry fee.  It pays for the drinks and the equipment, and we give a cash prize to the girl who gets whipped the hardest."


"That seems expensive"


"I'll tell you what, since you will be coming as my guest I'll pay your fee.  If you have a great time you can pay me back later.  I'm sure it will be an experience you'll never forget."


"OK, thanks."




Candy called Stephan at 8:00 o'clock Monday evening.  "I haven't gotten a telephone call, so it's not going to be tonight.  He calls before eight if it's on.  Lets hope its not tomorrow."


She called him again at 7:35 pm on Wednesday.  "The party's on for tonight.  I only just got the word so we don't have much time.  Can you meet me in the Sear's parking lot at the side entrance in 10 minutes?"


"I'll try."


"We don't want to be late.  Come as you are, you can bring your favorite whip if it's handy."


"OK, I'll meet you there."


Ten minutes later Candy was waiting at the designated spot, but there was no sign of Stephan.


'God!  I hope he doesn't chicken out at the last minute,' she thought.  'All this preparation for nothing.'


But two minutes later she was relieved to see Stephan drive up in his Porsche.  Candy looked around; there was no one else in sight.  She rolled down her window and called out, "I'll drive.  Get in, we don't want to be late."


Stephan hurried over carrying a whip and got into the passenger seat.


"Here's a blindfold," Candy said.  "The host likes visitors to be blindfolded; he doesn't want them to know where these little parties are held.  But I trust you, if you don't want to put it on that's OK.  If the host asks, I'll tell him you were blindfolded."


"OK, thanks," said Stephan and made no move to put the blindfold on.


'Typical,' thought Candy as she drove through the increasing darkness to the house where the session was to take place.


When they arrived there was only one other car in the driveway.


"Looks like we're one of the first," said Candy.  "Bring your blindfold."


They got out of the car and descended some steps to a door.  This had a heavy iron knocker and a sliding panel.


"Put your blindfold on," said Candy and knocked twice.


The sliding panel opened.  "Who knocks?" intoned a muffled voice.


"Thirty four," replied Candy.


The door opened and Candy took Stephen's hand and guided him inside.  The door closed, and she removed his blindfold.


Stephan found himself in a small and windowless room.  It contained a TV and eight easy chairs arranged around the walls.  A wooden door covered with iron studs and pierced by a large keyhole faced the door through which they had entered.  The man who had let them in was dressed from head to foot in black leather.  Only his eyes were visible, the rest of his head being concealed by a bondage hood.  The mouth opening was zippered closed and secured with a small padlock.  His wrists and ankles were chained together and another chain connected them.


"Here's the fee," said Candy handing him an envelope.  "It pays for my guest as well.  His name is eighty-seven."


The leather clad man nodded in acknowledgment and took the money.  He said in a muffled voice, "You're early, we're still setting up.  Would you like a drink while you wait?"


"I'll take a glass of red wine.  Pinot Noir if you have it," said Candy.


"And I'll have beer," said Stephan.


The man stared from one to the other.  "Very funny!  You should know better, thirty-four.  But I suppose you must have your little joke.  Tonight it's Margaritas.  Would you like one?"


"Yes please, I'll take one," said Candy.


"Me too."


"Salt or no salt?" said the man looking directly at Stephan.


"With salt," said Stephan.


"No salt for me," said Candy. 


The man disappeared through the studded door and Stephan turned to Candy.  "How come we're early?"


"I'm sorry.  These usually start at eight.  I just assumed this would be the same."


They sat in silence.  Stephan fingered his whip and seemed a little annoyed.


The man returned bearing a tray with two glasses.


"When does it start?" Candy asked him.


"At nine.  Didn't you get the message?"


"I'm not sure.  I just assumed it was eight."


"Do you want to watch a movie while you wait?"




The man turned on the TV and started the DVD player.  The movie began.  It was a bondage movie that Candy had seen before and was not one of the most exciting.


After a few minutes Candy looked across at Stephan.  His eyes were closed.


"Finish your drink Stephan," she said.  "You've almost spilled it."


"Oh yes," Stephan said and took another sip.


Five minutes later Stephan was snoring and his glass was on the floor.


Candy got up and turned off the TV.  "It's time for the party to begin," she said quietly.




When Stephan awoke, he was assailed by strange sensations.  Things seemed to be pressing into his body in many places and there were objects in his mouth and in his ass.  He was lying on his back.  He tried to move his arms and legs but couldn't, the only thing he could move was his head.  He opened his eyes and looked around.  He was in a rectangular chamber lit by candles in wall brackets.  By their flickering light he could see that the walls were decorated with hieroglyphics and paintings of ancient Egyptians.  There were two tables, the one he was lying on and another which supported a sarcophagus.  He tried to sit up but as he did so something dug into his waist and he lay down again.  He looked down at his body and saw that it was covered with bandages except for his penis which was sticking straight up in an erection.  Except that it wasn't his penis.  It was too large and his real penis felt like it was being bent down between his legs.


"Hey what's going on?" he shouted through his gag.  "Where am I?"


A door opened and Candy strode into the room followed by Phil.  They were both dressed in long white gowns.


"Ah you're finally awake," said Candy inserting a plug into Stephan's gag and tightening the strap so that he could no longer breathe through his mouth.  "You fell asleep you know.  You must have been tired."


"Let me out of this!" said Stephan, but his words were muted and unintelligible.


"Don't try to speak," said Candy soothingly.  "Save your energy for later, you will need it.  You did agree to be mummified, and your mummification is almost complete; we just have to wrap your head.  I wanted you to be awake as we complete the ceremony."


Stephan mumbled something and tried to sit up.


Candy pushed him down and said to Phil, "I think this mummy's going to be too active.  Could you bring me the slave collar?"


Phil returned with a heavy iron collar which he locked round Stephan's neck.  It had chain at the back which Phil fed through a hole in the table and padlocked underneath.


"Now try to sit up," said Candy.


Stephan found he could raise his neck about six inches from the table.  He held the position for a few seconds then relaxed and lay back down.


"There, that's more like it," said Candy.  "Whoever heard of a mummy that could sit up?  Now, before we finish wrapping you I want to explain what we've done and what's going to happen.  As you can probably feel you are wearing a steel chastity belt.   There's an artificial penis attached to the front.  I know you can't feel it, but you may have noticed it, it sticks out through the bandages just as I promised.  Oh yes, I make you a present of it so it's definitely your penis.  Now I'm keeping another of my promises.  Some beautiful girls are going to come and make love to your penis.  Don't worry, you won't be entirely without sensation, in fact we've amplified the sensation for you.  Your penis has micro switches built into it.  When the girls push down on it, as I'm sure they will, powerful electric shocks will be delivered to your muscles causing you to thrust upwards.  You won't have any control over this, but let me assure you the girls will enjoy it.  But don't think I've neglected your poor chastised penis.  If they squeeze your artificial penis, micro switches will deliver some nice juicy shocks to your real one.  Isn't that thoughtful of me?  There are other electrodes in your body, I'm not sure how many Phil implanted, but if your penis is moved sideways it will cause you to writhe and squirm in some quite amusing ways."


"Why are you doing this to me?"


Candy guessed at what he said.  "Why am I doing this?  Why, to pay you back for all the things you've done of course."  She paused for a second then continued.  "Oh yes, there's one more promise I will keep if you ever manage to escape; I will allow you to whip one of us.  But I don't think that's going to happen."


Stephan mumbled something unintelligible.


"Don't try to talk anymore.  Just relax and enjoy the sensations as I finish your mummification."


Candy inserted the breathing tubes into his nose and applied a leather blindfold.  She put headphones over his ears and began to wrap bandages around his head.  Stephan appeared to be begging and pleading with her, but she ignored him.  As the layers of bandages grew thicker and tighter, his complaints gradually became quieter.  She turned on the white noise generator to his headphones and his mumbling ceased entirely.


"It's time to tell my girls we're ready for them," said Candy.  "Phil, you'd better wait in the other room and watch on the monitor.  They don't know you and will feel more comfortable in this first session if it's just me."




After the blonde had finished bouncing on Stephan's penis, she descended from the table and put her skirt back on.  "Thank you Candy, I needed that," she said.


"Oh you're very welcome.  I didn't want to keep him all to myself.  You can come back tomorrow if you like."


"Oh thank you, I'd love too."


"Me too," said the redhead.  "And thank you so much for sharing him with us.  I think I will be on a high for the rest of the day."


After the girls had gone, Candy stroked the mummy's bandaged head saying, "It's my turn now.  I feel like a nice long lovemaking session.  And after I'm done, I think Phil wants to play with you.  You're so lucky; you're even more popular now as a mummy than you were before.  I think I will have to start taking reservations."





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