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Sex Worm

by PHF

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© Copyright 2012 - PHF - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; pantyhose; woolens; cocoon; latex; encase; toys; insert; gag; torment; climax; cons; X

Kelly and Kris had confided their little secret to JoAnn, a trusted friend they had met this year in med school. Their secret being they liked to tie each other up and sexually torment each other. They had been at this for the entire year to date, but had to keep it hush, hush due to their third roommate Holly not knowing and to the best of Kelly and Kris’s knowledge would not approve one bit.

The reason for the confession, however, was not to simply get the burden of this secret off their chest, but to get some help in their plan to be bound together for an evening, this upcoming Saturday night, and then be released before Holly returned Sunday at noon. Kelly and Kris had turned over 100% control of the situation to JoAnn, asking that she be as twisted and kinky as possible. The girls really wanted to be helpless, but needed to be set free so Holly would not become aware in the slightest. They asked for JoAnn’s help on Wednesday, so she set off to get supplies from the local super-mart and an adult store in the city near the campus. JoAnn was able to develop a plan and get the items she needed to drive these two girls up and over the edge.

Saturday afternoon came quick, and Kelly, Kris, and JoAnn met at the apartment the two and Holly shared once Holly left for her parents for the night. The two were totally in the dark as to what JoAnn had planned, and extremely excited to see that should brought toys along with her.

JoAnn instructed both girls to strip all their clothing off and to go use the restroom. They then were told to shower and shave off all hair from the neck down, which was a fairly easy task considering they both groomed in this manner anyhow. Once the showers were complete and both girls were emptied and dry, JoAnn set forth on her task at hand.

The first piece JoAnn addressed was to lightly glue a thin tube to each girl’s legs, arms, breasts, and tailbone right above their ass. All the tubes joined together at an intersection near their shoulders blades, then a single tube ran up the back of their neck and draped down to the floor. The tubing was very thin and flexible, so the girls hardly noticed it was attached to them after all was set in place.

She then handed both girls tight yet thick wool sweaters. Both girls found this to be quite itchy at first, but warm and cozy as they became accustomed to the soft fabric. JoAnn helped them both make sure the tube placement was not disrupted and to pull the long length through the neck of the sweater.

The next item was a pair of latex panties for each girl, both with special attachments on the inside for each the rear and front to be filled. The outside of the panties had a plug to inflate the intruders once inside, and the girls also noticed a battery pack on the front, to which they correctly guess control a built-in vibrator on each. Once the panties were pulled up and the “friends” were in their homes, JoAnn inflated each plug until the girls indicated they were as full as they could be.

The next item JoAnn pulled from her travel bag was a pair of thick cotton tights. She guessed a size bigger than both girls would normally wear so they could be pulled up to right below their breasts that were concealed beneath the wool sweaters. Two pairs or ultra-shiny pantyhose followed to encase their legs to the point where you could no longer tell they had toes. To keep both girls interested as she proceeded, she gave each vibrator a buzz, which not only sent their pussy insertion crazy, but activated a clit massager and a stimulator on the butt plug as well. This created quite a stir with both girls and an equally disappointing end when JoAnn quickly shut them off. “Trust me; you’ll have a river flowing from between your legs by the time this is through.” JoAnn explained.

JoAnn then pulled three more ultra-shiny pantyhose pairs from her bag for each girl, but each with the crotch cut out. She also pulled out a pair of thick, tight wool socks. She placed the socks on each girl’s hand, pulling the sock up and over the sweater sleeve. She then helped each girl pull on the pantyhose shirt tops, which sealed their wool mittens in place. The pantyhose worn on top pulled down over the pairs worn for bottoms, encasing each girl from neck to toe in shiny hose, with a layer of now moist, sweaty wool beneath. All of the girl’s excitement was growing at a hot and frenzied pace. Just as Kelly and Kris could ask what JoAnn planned next, another set of two pairs of pantyhose were pulled from her bag. She instructed Kelly to sit and watch what Kris would be transformed in to, and in turn what her fate would be next.

JoAnn had Kris place her pantyhose covered wool stumps together behind her back, and pulled a single leg to the first pair of hose over her hands and up her arms to the base of her neck, creating a pantyhose arm-binder. To ensure escape was not coming without help, JoAnn took the other leg up and over Kris’s head, then pulled the waistband down her smooth and shiny hosed body. JoAnn slid a second pair of hose on Kris in the exact same manner, this pair tighter than the first. To help Kris’s breathing for the night, JoAnn cut a small hole for her nose, and then a second hole for her mouth. JoAnn also then pulled the length of the tube out of the way at the waistband, ensuring this would be available for use later.  

Just as Kris let out a “Thank you”, JoAnn inserted an inflatable gag that had a dildo on the outside, turning Kris into a nylon covered fuck toy. JoAnn quickly strapped the gag to the back of Kris’s head and inflated until all that Kris could make was muffled groans and grunts. JoAnn flicked Kris’s vibrating panties on as she went to work on Kelly, who was now excited and wet watching Kris struggle standing in her cocoon.

To keep both girls on the same pace, JoAnn turned on Kelly’s panties as well while she was layered in tight nylon and then gagged with the same penis gag. Both girls had briefly wondered how their gags would come in to play, but only for a short while as the first wave of orgasms overcame them. JoAnn took note and shut down both vibrators and laid out a tarp in the living room for the next phase.

Since each girl’s visibility was limited, they had to have JoAnn walk them safely to the center of the tarp. They heard the rustling of the plastic material beneath their feet, and became more excited at what JoAnn had planned next. Making sure to pay equal attention to both girls, JoAnn began rubbing each girls legs up and down, then caressing their crotch and ass. She worked her way up their stomach and over each pair of lovely, bouncy breasts, and then worked her hands over the sheath that was their arms in the pantyhose binder. She then massaged their head; paying close attention to not go near their nose slit in the hood, and then had each girl lift a foot one at a time to massage the bottom of their feet.

As this upright massage continued, each girl noticed their cocoons getting slightly tighter and very much so warmer. Once JoAnn announced she was finished, she let the girls in on her first little secret. While massaging both girls head to toes, she had rubbed in generous amounts of liquid latex, which had soaked in to the pantyhose creating a latex bodysuit. All each girl could do was meow and moan in to their gags, to which JoAnn responded to by hitting them both with another 20 seconds of vibe time. There was no way either girl was escaping this situation without help, which JoAnn had planned on as well.

Once both girls’ feet were dried, JoAnn moved them off the tarp and rolled it up in to the corner. She then laid down four thick and soft comforters on the carpeted floor, and in turn laid each girl on the ground. Kelly and Kris were positioned where their soon to be vibrating crotches were together, legs up each other’s body to the other’s shoulders. JoAnn took a second round of liquid latex and mixed in a light helping of glue, and painted the seam between legs and body of both girls. By the time it dried, both ladies were bound together for the foreseeable future. To add her last touch to the bondage, JoAnn started at Kris’s head (and Kelly’s feet) and pulled down a nylon body tube. The tube was just big enough to fit the two of them, and all that stuck out was their heads and penis gags. She then set both vibrators on random and watched the latex/nylon worm begin its first of many paired orgasms they would endure.

Both girls were shocked when a cold, slimy gel began to come out of small holes in the tubes buried beneath their cocoon. JoAnn let them both in on secret number two, a mixture of a gel that increases sexual stimulation and a sports cream that while cold right now will heat up in a matter of seconds. The sex gel began to work in about five minutes, so just when the girls started to feel a bit of the intense heat from the sports cream, the stimulation gel drove them both in to a frenzy. The wool layer that the girls were first coated in made certain that the cold of the gel would quickly be turned to heat. JoAnn decided she could watch no more and pulled her own shorts and underwear off, set both girls vibrators on high, and first rode Kris’s penis gag in to a very wet and intense orgasm. To make sure Kris’ knew exactly what had happened, JoAnn sat her pussy lips right on Kris’s nose, coated her with juices. JoAnn then paid equal attention to Kelly’s end of the sex worm, and followed with a nose coating of cum as well. This only further drove the two girls in to a deeper sexual frenzy.

In between massive bouts of cumming or riding the other girls bucking, Kelly and Kris missed that their front door had opened and JoAnn was now talking to a very intrigued Holly, who JoAnn called and insisted she come back to the apartment tonight. See two weeks prior JoAnn and Holly ran in to each other at a bar, and after a few cocktails Holly confessed she has seen Kelly and Kris in the act of binding each other, and wanted so badly to be a part of the action but was too shy to ask. It was only when the two confronted JoAnn about this fetish night that JoAnn decided she would help Holly on her cause and give her a tightly bound present to do with as she pleased.

JoAnn broke the action for a moment, shutting off both vibrators and speaking loud enough so both girls could hear through their latex hoods. She let them both know that a fourth girl was now amongst them, but not to worry, she was quite trustworthy. It was at this time that Holly spoke up, which shocked the girls and caused them to both start wriggling against their bonds. Holly went to each end of the cocoon and gently spoke to each girl, explaining how she loved how helpless they both were and that she was going to enjoy using them as a giant vibrator for the evening. JoAnn showed Holly the entry tubes for the sex gel mixture to be pumped in to the cocoon, and gave her a quick show as to the immediate reaction it brought about.

With all this news of how exactly the girls were bound, JoAnn could tell Holly was curious herself. JoAnn had planned on this being a potential, and had Holly strip, use the restroom, and bathe in a similar fashion as the two previous girls. More sex gel and vibrator action was added to the worm to keep them busy for the time being. Once Holly emerged from the shower, JoAnn began encasing her in multiple layers of pantyhose on her legs and arms, and then a matching arm-binder to ensure she would go nowhere tonight as well. JoAnn coated Holly in liquid latex as well, and once it was dried she cut a hole for Holly’s pussy to be exposed. She then guided Holly to Kelly’s penis gag first, and assisted Holly’s balance as she rode Kelly to a wild and messy orgasm. Without hesitation, JoAnn helped Holly up and over to Kris’s gag, where more waves of cum flowed from Holly on to Kris’s gag and face. This was certain to be a long and exhausting night for all the girls.



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