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Shadows with Claws

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; dungeon; cell; gimpsuit; frame; saran; wrap; tape; encase; chast; gasmask; gag; denial; enslave; cons; X

James could almost sense her high heels walking toward him. He could not wait for his rubber bondage session with his ex-girlfriend to start. James had been sent a number of emails from his ex, they had started coming through a couple of days ago. He had not talked to her for over two years and was shocked to see her communicating with him. The relationship had been great and they got on very well with each other. The reason it fell apart was down to his fetishes and the fact she was not into anything kinky. But as he read the emails, his eyes dropped to the floor.

James was tall and thin with black hair and brown eyes. He was a shy, but friendly person. He was easy to joke with and enjoyed playing football and listening to music. Just a normal everyday boy from a small town in England. But if you looked through his web history it would show his true calling in life. Endless images of rubber bondage, mummification, hoods and gas masks, cbt and sexy latex catsuit girls. He loved kinky porn and viewed it daily. He hid the fetish side of his life away from his friends and family. The only person he told about his love of rubber torture was his ex girlfriend. She had taken the news badly and they split up soon after. Which is why the emails had come out the blue and left him speechless.

Email 1:
Hi James
I hope you are well and everything is going O.K. I know I have not talked to you in a long time and I know we have long been split up. But after a long time I started thinking about you again, I have missed you're warm smile and friendly personally. Over the past two years I have become a real kinky girl and now want to meet up with you. After I left you, I went into modelling and ending up wearing lots of rubber and latex stuff. I enjoyed wearing the tight clothes and started going on fetish websites as I grow addicted. I am now into the same type of sex as you are. I want you to be my play thing and sex toy. I have already got the outfit you will be wearing and wish to see you in it soon.

Please send me a massage back if you want to meet up.
Love Tamsin xxxx

The email had left James in shock and didn't know how to take the email. He wanted his dreams to come true and he still had feelings for Tamsin. He sent her an email back within a couple of hours. He asked when and where they should meet up.

Email 2:
Hi James
You can meet with me tomorrow at 12pm in the town centre. We will walk back to my house and start the rubber bondage session. I have a basement, which has been done up and changed into a dungeon. You will love it and I can not wait to get you inside. Hope to see you tomorrow.
Love your new sex thing. Tamsin

James agreed and want to bed that night with a huge hard on. He spend the night dreaming about the girl he knew and what it would be like to be under her heel. He loved her curved figure and perfect breasts. She was tall and slim with a rock like ass and long legs. Which is why he wanted to see her in a latex catsuit. She had neck long black hair and soft blue eyes. She was a good looking girl with out any make up. But she would wear mascara, eye liner and lipstick by the bucket load. She was a beautiful girl and James was very happy to be meeting up with her again.

He was up and ready in good time the next morning. He got some food and spend the rest of the time watching heavy rubber porn. He checked the clock and found he needed to leave. With his dick as hard as it would ever by, he walked out the house. He was walking with a swagger and with a smile on his face. He made it to the town centre in time and just walked around for a bit. She had been vague on the location and he just hope they walked into each other. It soon happened. She was walking towards him with her hair and make up as perfect as he remembered it.

They come together and had a quick kiss. It was a cold day and she was wearing a long coat. He could see latex poking out of the coat as he looked up and down her body. After talking for a bit and with James feeling happy with meeting, they headed off. It would only take them 5 minutes to get to Tamsin's house. They continued talking to each other as they walked away from other people. As they reached Tamsin's house, she turned less friendly and more like a dominatrix.

She ordered him inside the house and removed her coat. Revealing a full black latex catsuit, which covered her whole body like a shiny second skin. The view would stay with him for a long time. The latex showed off her curves and perfect body. With his eyes as wide as they could go and his heart jumping out his chest. She told him to remove his clothes and follow her down stairs. He ripped the clothes from his body and dropped them on the floor. Soon he was completely naked and was rock hard. She grabbed him by his cock and neck and squeezed both. She spat in his face and screamed at him to follow her. She was now his dominatrix and was controlling him.

She released his neck and cock from her grip and licked her latex covered hand. James found how she was acting to be a real turn on and loved her new kinky side. He quickly followed her down a set of metal stairs and deep below her house. With his dick pointing the way, they hit the bottom of the stairs and went through a solid metal door. The door was thick with soundproofing build into it. The other side of the door was a short metal corridor with three doors in a line. The centre door was sticking out from the wall and was covered in locks and keypads. The doors on both sides just had a keypad and looked to be thinner.

Tamsin ordered James to his knees in front of the centre door. She then entered all the codes and used all the keys to open it. The door made a loud clicking sound and opened into the pitch black room. She walked inside the room with James still on his knees outside. She flicked on the lights by using a switch right next to the door. With light flying around her epic rubber suit, it was hard to see what was behind her. She moved to the side and let the image burn into his brain.

A transparent brown rubber gimp suit was the first thing he saw. The suit was hanging from the ceiling and looked stunning as the light shinned off it. Behind the rubber suit was a metal X frame. Which went floor to ceiling and looked to be build into the metal surface of the room. Placed next to the frame was four rolls of plastic wrap, ten rolls of electrical tape, six rolls of duct tape, rubber swim cap, gas mask, chastity cage and butt plug. He was ordered to stand up and walk towards the metal X frame. As he got into position, he had a good look at the set-up. The metal was circular and looked thin. The frame had two thin metal poles for his feet to stand on. She told him to spread his legs and arms outwards and stay still.

She coated his body with warm lube and passed him the rubber gimp suit. With his hands shaking and his dick crying out for a kinky bondage session. He started moving his legs into the tight suit. The suit was made with thick rubber and his toes had independent rubber sleeves for them to slide into. He soon had his lower half wrapped in the tight shiny suit and was struggling to get his body inside. With a lot of force and fighting with the suit, he was finally and completely enclosed within it's rubber walls. From the neck downwards his skin had been replaced with see through rubber and it was squeezing him from all sides. The suit was a perfect fit and made James's body look amazing. He was rubbing his hands down the suit and around the special rubber cage for his cock.

His cock and balls had been trapped inside a condom like pocket of the suit. His hard on was pulling the rubber as he worked his rubber hands over his dick. She soon put a stop to it and showed him the chastity device. The stainless steel device was make up of a solid metal base and a web like cage. The cage his dick went into had a thick metal framework with gaps in between. She grabbed his dick and pushed the metal cage over his cock. She slapped his balls and cock to get rid of his erection. She drilled the metal cage all the way to the end of his cock. With her other hand, she put the ring around the base of his cock. The ring was padlocked in place and she lined up the cage. She then padlocked the cage to the ring and watched as the feeling of helplessness rolled over James.

He was already sending blood back to his penis as the rubber squeezed through the metal cage. She ordered him over to the frame and told him to put his feet on the metal poles. He did as he was told and found balancing on the poles hard work. She picked up a roll of plastic wrap and started covering his left leg. She wrap him as tightly as she could. His left leg was soon bound to the frame and she moved onto the right leg. Again she wrapped the plastic as tightly she she could and started work on his arms. Soon his arms had been covered with plastic and she started doing his body. After 10 minutes his whole body was enclosed in thick sweaty plastic and he was bound to the frame. She had used the whole roll on the first layer and picked up a second.

She wrapped him in a second layer of plastic and left just his hands and head free. She used the electrical tape next and restrained his hands and fingers into helpless balls. She then used the tape to reinforced key sections of the set-up. She taped his ankles, above and below his knees, upper legs, groin, stomach, chest, wrists, above and below his elbows, upper arms and a X around his body. She had used up all the electrical tape and now it was time for the duct tape. She started at his feet and moved up his body as she wrapped the tape as tight as it would go. Slowly his body was being covered by the black tape. She was acting like a madwomen as she wrapped him up. A huge smile on her face and a used roll of tape in her hand. She left his cock area clear of tape. Soon his body had been turned duct tape black as he saw her undo her catsuit and pull something out of her pussy and ass. It turned out to be a butt plug and red panties. She joined the two together and ordered James to open his mouth.

She jammed them into his mouth as he gagged and moaned. She pick up the swim cap and a roll of duct tape and quickly wrapped up his lower face. Layer after layer of duct tape was placed over his mouth. She then used the plastic wrap to coat his head and used the whole roll. She made one small hole of his nose and then added more tape. He was soon completely mummified as she cut his caged cock out of the layers of bondage. She put his head in a rubber Russian gas mask and left him for the night.

James was horny and hot inside as he struggled to move. Breathing through the gas mask was not easy and the tape was squeezing air from his body. Sweat was building in his rubber gimp suit as he waited for his mistress to come back. It was then he could almost sense her high heels walking towards him. He had only been mummified for three hours and was already becoming her slave. He was dreaming about what she was wearing and his dick was fighting the steel as he did so. She was dressed as he hoped she was. Wearing a full enclosed latex catsuit in a fire like red with build in hands and feet. He could almost smell her sweet latex suit and godly body. Even with the gas mask troubling his breathing.

She was standing right next to him and placed her hands around his cock and moved her mouth to his right ear. She was stroking his caged cock as she started whispering in his ear.

"I bet it's hot and sweaty inside that rubber gimp suit. Do you like me playing with your pathetic cock, you stupid pig cunt. How long would you like to be kept captive in that steel chastity device. I think three weeks will break you and turn you into my slave. I have two vibrators to torture your cock and a bubble bottle for your gas mask. The bottle is filled with my piss and you should learn to love the smell. Right let me get this set-up and then I will leave you to it." 

She continued playing with his trapped cock as she got him ready. Her rubber hands stroked his balls as she attached the bubble bottle to the gas mask. She then rolled her hands over his mummified body as she tied the sex toys in place. She was happy with her work and give him a hard knee to the balls as she left the room. He was crying as the door slammed shut and locked.


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