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by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; FF/m; darlex; hobble dress; straitjacket; hood; gag; cock ring; denial; oral; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

Jake woke from a rather strange dream to find himself in an even stranger reality. He lay face down on a soft surface that he assumed was his bed. Assumed because he couldn’t see to be sure. Something covered his head, making vision impossible. Nor could he ask. Something that felt suspiciously like tape sealed his lips closed, allowing only humming noises to emerge.

Things were no better below the neck. His body seemed encased in something soft yet strong. His arms lay across his back, forearm to forearm, each separately encased in that soft material. Several tugs revealed that his arms were going nowhere. With each pull, he could feel something tightening around his waist, as if straps encircling his body held his arms in place.

Lower down, that soft material cocooned his legs, pinning them together into a single column, and no amount of effort on his part could separate them. His energetic struggles thus resembled the writhing of a snake more than the motions of a human being. They also got him exactly nowhere, a fact which eventually left him slumped in defeat.

“Good morning, sleepyhead. Awake at last, are we?” Jake stiffened. That was Sue, his current girlfriend. Had she done this to him? And, if so, why?

“I hope you like our new outfit,” he heard her say lightly. “Oh, and it is our outfit, by the way. You’ve been so insistent that we share everything, I decided to start with this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will.”

Gentle hands rolled Jake onto his back. His cock, he realized, was rock hard. He could feel something wrapped beneath his balls, as well as something cold and metallic around the base of his cock. With his weight now on his pinned arms, he found his ability to squirm reduced even more.

“This is a special order,” Sue said. “I got it from a place called Winter Fetish. What you’re wearing is called a Darlex Straight Jacket Hobble Dress. I know, guys don’t normally wear dresses. But, if we’re really going to share everything, shouldn’t that include clothing?”

Jake felt her tugging at something around his waist. “The design,” she told him, “is simple, but quite effective. The hands are enclosed within the extra long sleeves, with straps at the ends. The straps wrap around the waist and fasten together in back. There’s another strap in front that the arms pass through, to keep them from being lifted. Of course, your arms are behind you, but that’s because you’re wearing the dress backwards. For one thing, that keeps your hands well out of the way. But there’s an even better reason.

“The dress,” Sue went on, “has a zipper that goes from the neck down to just below the ass. Or, in your case, the crotch. This way, I just leave the zipper partially undone, and look what pops out?” Jake felt his cock twitch helplessly as Sue stroked it gently.

“The hood,” she told him, “is separate. It’s also made of what they call Darlex. As you’ve no doubt noticed, there are no eye openings. In fact, the only openings in the whole thing are two grommets at the nose, so you can breathe. Which is nice, considering the duct tape holding your mouth closed.”

Sue’s hand stroked his cock again. “As for this,” she said, “it came from a different store. You’ll be happy to know that you’re now wearing a locking cock and ball ring. It will keep you nice and hard, but won’t let you cum. And since it locks, it will stay on until I decide to remove it.”

Jake’s body stiffened as he felt Sue’s lips wrap around his cock. Slowly, sensually, she took him into her mouth, raising and lowering her head as her tongue swirled over the soft skin. Jake groaned as he felt his cock twitch toward an orgasm he knew wouldn’t happen until Sue chose to allow it. When, after several tortuous minutes, he felt himself slip from her mouth, he didn’t know whether to be disappointed or relieved.

“Did you like that?” Jake could feel Sue’s weight shifting on the bed as she moved to straddle him. “I know how much you love a good blowjob. And I bet you’d really love to cum right now, wouldn’t you?” Jake felt a soft tickle as her pussy hair brushed against his cock. When he felt his head brush against her lips, he bucked upward with his hips, struggling to sink himself within her.

“Not so fast, dear,” Sue teased, raising her hips slightly to keep herself out of reach. “You always were so very eager. With me, and with Jo.”

At the sound of that name, Jake froze. How could she know about Jo?

“Oh,” he heard Sue say, “in case you didn’t know, Jo is one of my best friends. So I know all about how you wined and dined her, how you fucked her until her money was nearly gone. Then you dumped her, didn’t you? She told me all about it, you know. That’s why I sought you out. It’s also why I moved you into my home. Normally, I wouldn’t bother myself with someone like you, but, for Jo, I decided to lower my standards a bit.”

Sue lowered her body atop his, pinning his cock between them. Slowly, she began rocking her hips, sliding her pussy lips up and down the length of his trapped cock. Jake moaned and squirmed, but her weight, along with his bonds, kept him pinned to the bed.

“After Jo told me about you,” he heard Sue say, “I did some checking. It turns out there are more than a few women you’ve fucked out of their money. Well, you always did consider yourself quite the lady’s man. And you’re so very proud of your cock. Well, from now on, your cock is the only part of you that will matter.”

Sue shifted her weight slightly, and Jake felt his cock slip easily inside her. Slowly, she moved her hips, drawing a moan from his sealed lips with each movement.

“Oh, this feels so good, doesn’t it?” Jake felt the weight of her upper body vanish. “All I need now is someone to play with my nipples. But, since your hands aren’t available, I guess I’ll have to do that part for myself.” He heard her moan softly. “Oh, yes, just like that.”

Slowly, tortuously, her hips began to increase their pace, pushing down onto him a bit faster, a bit harder, each time. Soon, Jake’s hips were bucking in response, driving himself upwards as much as his bonds would allow. His cock twitched and throbbed with a need and a pleasure that were almost akin to pain. Gasping moans slipped from his sealed lips as he felt her clutch at him, her muscles clenching as she rode out her own orgasm. He felt her rise from him, his hips pushing upwards in a desperate attempt to remain inside her, but a cool breeze quickly replaced her warmth as his cock throbbed helplessly.

“That was nice.” He felt her tongue stroke him, and again his body bucked. Ignoring his moaning pleas, she licked his cock clean. “And tasty, too. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together again real soon.”

The doorbell rang, and Jake felt the bed shift as Sue climbed to the floor. He could sense her leaving the room, and, for several moments, all was quiet as he writhed helplessly.

“Oooh, that looks nice.” At the sound, Jake froze. That was Jo’s voice. “I always did love his cock, you know. May I?”

“Be my guest.” Jake heard the rustle of clothing, then the bed shifted. Someone straddled his helpless body, and, once again, he felt his cock engulfed by someone’s pussy. This time, he knew, it was Jo who rode him. His cock, however, didn’t care who it was, throbbing mercilessly, driving his body to buck and twist in its bonds seeking the orgasm he knew wasn’t there to be found.

“You see, dear,” he heard Sue whisper into his ear, “we’ve decided to keep you. For a while, anyway. The two of us are going to use you as many times today as we can. By the time we’re done, you’ll do anything, anything we want, just to be allowed to cum. Of course, you’ll have to be securely bound before the ring comes off, just to be sure we can get it back onto you afterwards. But if you behave yourself, we may allow you to move around the house unbound. Except, of course, for your cock ring.

“Oh, and by the way, Jo’s moving in with us. The poor dear can’t support herself on her own any more, thanks to you, so I’ve decided to let her live here. And that way, we can both use you whenever we have the urge.” Sue laughed. “Who knows, maybe we’ll even decide to become lovers. I’ve never wanted to be with another woman, but she looks so sexy right now, riding you. So who knows?”

Jake groaned as his hips continued to buck. She was right, he knew. A day of this, and he would do anything to cum. And if they kept him in this ring constantly, it wouldn’t be long before he became their willing sex toy, desperate to please for the chance to cum. Writhing in his soft prison, he felt Jo’s muscles begin to clench as she rose toward orgasm. Desperately, knowing it was hopeless, he thrust upward, driving himself into her as fast and hard as his bonds allowed. It wasn’t what he wanted, but his body had control. As Jo’s pussy clutched at him, one strange thought echoed through his helpless mind.

If I ever get out of this, I will never ask to share anything with a woman again. Especially clothes.


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