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She Got What She Asked For

by Orion

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© Copyright 2020 - Orion - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; mum; wrapped; trick; cons; nc; XX

Jenna stood for a while taking in her surroundings, here she was in London on the first leg of her European trip. After graduation from Cornell, she had applied for, and been granted, a Student Work Visa. This entitled students on a gap year from the United States, to work their way across Europe and get first-hand experience of the rest of the world. After London, she was going to head to Paris and Amsterdam, then see where her journey took her from there.

She travelled light, stowing all she required into her backpack. A couple of tops, some shorts, and an extra pair of pants, she had budgeted for buying any necessary items, such as panties, as and when she needed them. One dress and a bra, she didn’t normally wear such an encumbrance, but took one just in case she needed to wear it. Sundry items such as a toothbrush and paste would be purchased along the way.

She had left her home under a bit of a cloud, her father was a Minister at the church that the family worshipped at, and had frowned upon letting his daughter, the youngest of six children gain any sort of independence. He had just about allowed her to study at the university in New York, but couldn’t understand why, after gaining her degree in Art, she didn’t wish to stay in Danville, Illinois and get a job, get married, and raise a family as God demanded of her.

“Dad, there’s a big world out there!” she argued with him, “I’m twenty-two years old, for gosh sakes, and I want to see some of it before I come back here to whatever dead end existence it offers!”

“I always knew you’d be trouble, girl! I told your poor Mother on the day she brought you into this world!” he had replied, “I’m just glad she isn’t here to see how you’ve turned out, may she rest in peace! Mark my word, Jenna Rose Cobb, if you persist in this foolish notion to go gallivanting around the world, no good end will come to you, you’ll see!”

Try as she might, Jenna had been unable to talk him round to giving his blessing, and so it was with heavy heart that she packed a few belongings and had headed for Vermilion Regional Airport, from where she would make the short flight up to Chicago, and onward to London. Her eldest sister, Myra Sue, drove her to the airport and hugging her youngest sibling bade her farewell.

“Oh Jenna, I’m so envious of you, I never had the chance that you’re taking and I wish I could come with you, and leave this crud behind. Listen honey, I’ve put a little something in your backpack, now don’t you get offended by it, it’ll just make your travels a little more bearable. I love you Jenna Rose, now you take care of yourself, and I’m sure that when you return, Pop will have simmered down and we’ll all be one happy family again!”

Myra Sue kissed her sister one more time, and watched as the girl went through to the departure lounge. Wiping a tear from her eye, she found her car and drove home.

Checking in at a hostel in central London, Jenna looked at the guide that she’d picked up at Heathrow, and marvelled at the list of Art Museums that London offered. She discovered that she wasn’t too far from the National Gallery which was located in Trafalgar Square, and she decided to make that her first port of call, but that would have to wait until the next day, right now she was in need of a meal, and then some sleep, as the jet lag was tiring her out.

The new day dawned, and after breakfast she found herself standing in Trafalgar Square, taking in the sight of Nelson’s Column and the fountains. Turning around, she stood in awe of the great edifice of The National Gallery, and walked in. For the next five hours, she wandered around marvelling at the paintings displayed therein. While she ate lunch in the Museum’s cafeteria, she thought back to the surprise she’d discovered in her backpack. Myra Sue had slipped an envelope containing $3000 into it, with a note telling her to have fun in Europe. Well, she wasn’t going to let her big sister down, but she wasn’t going to waste the money either.

London proved to be all she’d expected it to be, she did all the tourist spots, visited all the art galleries that the guide mentioned, took in some West End shows. She was overjoyed one day, to be standing in a crowd of people in The Mall, and watching as the Queen of England herself passed by on her way back to Buckingham Palace, and gasped as she caught a wave from Her Majesty!

After spending four fantastic weeks in England’s capital, she decided to head to Paris where she was sure she’d experience life on the Rive Gauche. She’d heard a lot about it, and liked the sound of it all. Enquiring at one of London’s main rail stations, she purchased a Student Discount Rail Pass which afforded her travel across the rail networks of mainland Europe.

Arriving in Paris, she stood for a while to take in the atmosphere of the city, and she soon found a hostel room for the night at least. Leaving her backpack, she ventured back out into the city, finding the Metro station at Volontaires she worked out the route to the nearest stop to the Eiffel Tower and being in Paris, she just had to get to the top of its famous landmark. The view from the top astounded her, she looked down and saw the city laid out below, and heard the distant sounds of the traffic wafting up towards her. With youth on her side, she took a leisurely stroll along the Quai D’Orsay and crossing the river was soon standing outside the Louvre. It sure was an impressive sight, and she took it all in. She couldn’t believe it, here she was standing in front of the world’s largest, and most famous Art Museum. It was a Friday and the museum would be open until late, so Jenna took her time viewing such masterpieces as the world famous Mona Lisa, and the statue of the Venus de Milo. The Mona Lisa was smaller than Jenna had imagined it, but she studied every brush stroke. There were many ideas as to who the lady in the portrait was, but Da Vinci had taken the secret to his grave.

It was evening when she left the building and after a shower and change of clothes back at the hostel, she went out to find a place to eat. Paris by night was a different city than its daytime look. There were street entertainers, and music seemed to come from every restaurant and café. Lovers walked hand in hand along the pavements, each only having eyes for their partners. Jenna sat outside eating her meal, and smiled as the love-struck couples passed by. A few days in the French capital would be enough for now, she thought and decided that she would then travel north to Amsterdam and take in what that city had to offer. She could always revisit Paris on her homeward leg. 

A few days later, Jenna stood in Dam Square and thought she was rushing things a little bit, she’d only been in Europe for around six weeks so why was she rushing around as though she was preparing to head to Deadsville. Determined to slow things down, she found a hostel which offered private rooms, and booked herself in for four weeks. After showering she took a walk around the streets, at one point finding herself in the Red Light District. She did a quick one-eighty and got back on her original route.

One week later, she had visited the Rijksmuseum, where she’d seen some of the old masters, including Rembrandt's “The Night Watch” and Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. As she settled down for the night she thought of the coming day’s itinerary. She was going to head to the Van Gogh Museum, and fell asleep dreaming of sunflowers and starry nights. She fell in love with Amsterdam, its narrow streets on either side of the canals, the 17th century architecture that even pre-dated the United States itself. She found a coffee shop and walked in, intending to have something that would take the edge off of the slight feeling of hunger. Ordering a coffee, she was delighted to find that it came with a little brown cake on a side plate, she drank the coffee and started nibbling at the cake. It was an amazing taste, and she enquired at the counter as to the possibility of purchasing more of the delicious treat. 

The girl behind the counter placed four pieces into a brown bag, advising Jenna not to eat them too quickly, as the effects could be overpowering to someone not used to it. Jenna thanked her and left the shop. Once out in the fresh air she felt a little dizzy and found a bench to sit on. A sudden realization came over her as she realized just what had happened, and a smile formed on her face.

“Wow!” she said to herself, “I’m being a very naughty girl! These are amazing!” She took a bite out of another piece, and within a while she was feeling relaxed as a feeling of great elation ran through her body. Slowly walking down the street, she soon found herself in the middle of the Red Light District, but instead of turning back, she laughed to herself and carried on walking past the sex shops, and looking at the hookers who openly displayed their wares from behind windows. She looked down at her own breasts and thought that she could give these women a run for their money, and laughed quietly at the erotic thoughts which now filled her head. Wishing to slake the thirst which she now had, she found herself inside a bar, and sliding into a booth, she ordered a beer from the waitress who hovered in front of her.

Slowly sipping her beer, and letting the beat of the music wafting over her she soon became aware that she was not alone in the booth.

“Hi honey, do you mind me sitting here?” said a female voice in her ear. Looking around at the visitor, she was happy to see a friendly looking face.

“No, please sit!” she replied, “I’m Jenna by the way.”

“Well hello Jenna, I see by your backpack that you’re from the States. Been to Amsterdam before?”

“No, this is my first time, and I think it’s a beautiful place!” the girl told her.

“Thank you Jenna, are you enjoying the sights of my city?”

“Indeed I am, I’ve spent some wonderful times visiting your Art Museums!”

“Oh, are you an artist yourself then?” the woman asked her.

“Not yet, I’m just bumming around Europe trying to sort myself out, before I go home and disappear into obscurity. I graduated from University and got my degree in Art.”

“How wonderful,” said the woman, “Listen, I own a gallery not far from here, if you’re interested? Oh wait, how remiss of me, I know your name but haven’t told you mine. I’m Marit, Marit de Haan.” She said, offering her hand, which Jenna took in hers.

“Pleased to meet you Marit. Ooh, you’ll have to excuse me, I’m feeling a bit weird at the moment.”

“Oh, I think our Jenna has been at the weed cake, am I right?” Jenna nodded as Marit went on, “I’ll drop you back at your hostel if you promise to come and see my gallery tomorrow, here, I’ll give you my card.”

Back at the hostel, Jenna showered to clear her head, and soon she was fast asleep. The next morning, she enjoyed a hearty breakfast, and while she ate she looked at the card that Marit had given her the previous night.

“Gallery De Haan, Bloedstraat 43, A’dam 1012” it read, and Jenna shrugged her shoulders and thought that as the woman had been kind enough, then it would be rude not to return the kindness, and visit the Gallery. Well, what harm could it do? She would be the perfect guest, even if the Gallery was crap she’d still show her appreciation.

Within the hour she was standing outside the Gallery on Bloedstraat. It was a relatively smallish building, located between the grandly named Museum of Prostitution and the Museum of Erotica.

“Don’t be shocked!” she told herself, “It is Amsterdam after all!”

Taking a deep breath, and not knowing what to expect, she entered the building and was immediately met by Marit.

“Jenna, how lovely of you to come, I was hoping that I’d see you again!” the woman smiled as she embraced Jenna, who didn’t pull away. “Come, let us have a coffee, then I’ll show you around!”

Whatever it was that Marit had, Jenna wasn’t sure but she stood enthralled by this woman who exuded confidence. She let herself be guided into a back room, and when Marit suggested that she take off her backpack and leave it there while they walked around the Gallery, Jenna agreed at once. After drinking the coffee, Marit indicated that the tour should begin.

Jenna was impressed by the various exhibits, paying attention to the paintings displayed. They were unlike any style she was familiar with, and she asked Marit questions about them.

“I created them myself, Jenna dear, while my mind was assisted by certain, shall we say, medicinal products!” Marit laughed as she talked.

“Oh!” replied the girl, her face reddening the realization of what her companion was saying, “You mean you were high on something?”

“Yes darling, now be honest with me,” she said, noticing the girl’s red face, “How did you feel after eating that cake yesterday?”

“Well I have to admit that I felt sick at first!” Jenna told her, “But after a while, I felt really relaxed, and happy with myself. I ate another one in my room, and fell asleep dreaming of some wonderful things!”

“That’s my girl!” Marit said gently to her, “Let your mind go free, I find that it feeds my creative juices to partake before I start on a new exhibit. Now let’s show you some of the exhibits in the next gallery, I think you’ll really appreciate them!”

They entered a room, and Jenna’s mouth opened wide in amazement at the sight of six life-size figures, each one mummified in some form of material, and invisibly affixed to a black painted wall. Each figure had the exact same pose, upright with their legs bound together and their arms folded just under their breasts.

“Do you like my girls?” Marit cooed in Jenna’s ear, “I call them, The Seven Sisters, and yes, I know there’s only six there, but I’m working on acquiring the seventh and final one at this very moment!”

“Wow, they’re really cool!” Jenna replied quietly, “How did you do them, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“We’re almost finished here, so why don’t you come with me to my workshop, and you’ll see my methods for yourself?”

“Oh yes please Marit, I’d love to see how artists such as yourself create such works of wonder!”

“Come along then, Mijn lieverd!” Marit held Jenna’s shoulder, and steered her into a back room, helping the girl take her denim jacket off and placing it on the back of a chair. Jenna sat on the offered chair, and didn’t notice Marit lock the door to the room.

“Listen Jenna, I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward here!” Marit said to the girl, “I’ve had the most wonderful idea, and I hope you will consider this, but do you think you would like to be the inspiration for the last piece of my work?”

Jenna’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Why Marit, while you were showing me the six figures on the wall, I was thinking that it would be so cool if you used me to model for you, in fact, please let me be the seventh figure up there, I beg you!”

“No need to beg, my dear, I was thinking of asking you anyway, you have the most perfect figure. Full breasted, wide child-bearing hips and a lovely waist! Jenna, I think I shall make you the centrepiece of the display, I can always move the others around, they won’t complain at all, well they’ve not said a word to me before now!” she laughed, “I’ll make some more coffee and we can chat about how you will be immortalised!”

As she poured out the hot drinks, she stood between the cups and Jenna, thereby stopping the girl from noticing that she poured a little white powder into a cup. She carried the cups over to a table and pushed one over to the girl who eagerly drank from it.

“Well now Jenna, the process involves me wrapping your whole body in bandages which I pre-soak in a light plaster solution and when it is dried, I carefully cut away down the sides of your body and we get you cleaned up. I then put the two empty halves together, seal them with a heavier plaster mix, and when that one is completely dried, I sand off any rough spots, and “et voila!” as our French friends would say, we have our new casting!” she told Jenna, watching as the drugged coffee slowly had its effect upon the hapless girl. 

“What do you want me to do first then Marit?” Jenna asked, through half closed eyes. Marit looked with satisfaction as the girl slowly came under her control.

“Get yourself undressed my dear, you can leave your panties on if you wish!”

“No! If I’m going to model for you, I’ll do it properly!” replied Jenna, and five minutes later stood naked in front of the elder woman, “Do you like what you see, Marit?”

“My dear, you have a beautiful young body, now walk over to the worktable and lay yourself face down on it, I need to coat you with a gel first, which will act as a barrier between the plaster coated wrapping, and your skin!”

Thirty minutes later, Jenna laid on the table, coated from head to foot in gel, her short brown hair was slicked back onto her scalp, and Marit began work on her final work of art.

Dipping one foot lengths of bandage into the plaster solution, and wringing off the excess liquid, she began wrapping at the ankle, keeping the girl’s legs apart for now. Then Marit wrapped from Jenna’s waist up to just under her breasts. The next stage was the hands and arms and within minutes the young girl was almost done, all that remained was her head, the rest of the beautiful body was now wrapped tightly in a plaster cast cocoon, her legs drawn together and wrapped as one.

“Taking shape nicely Jenna,” she said to the girl, who hadn’t spoken throughout the process, “You’re not saying anything are you, but I can see by your raised nipples that this is turning you on, am I right?” she bent over Jenna’s drugged body and gave her a lingering kiss on the lips. “Oh baby bear, you will be a perfect addition to your six sisters! They, like you, were so keen to have their moment of glory, but of course as in your case, I had to wait until they each begged to pose for me. Now, the gel which I used to coat you with is not a barrier, but a bonding agent. It has bonded the bandages to your skin forever, I can’t cut the bandages off even if I wanted to. When I have covered your head, I will leave you to dry off completely, and when you have hardened, I’ll wrap you head to toe in vet wrap, seal you in clear latex and then you’ll be ready to join your sisters. To all intents and purposes, you will have disappeared from the face of the Earth. I’ve already disposed of all of your belongings in the furnace, and taken care of the money you had, thank you for your generosity!”

All that the hapless girl could do was watch, as her head was wrapped in the plaster soaked strips, and soon only her eyes, nose and mouth were left. The last thing that she heard, as her face was completely covered and she was plunged into eternal darkness, was her father’s voice scolding her,

“Jenna Rose Cobb, I tell you, no good end is going to come to you girl, if you persist in this foolish notion!”


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