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Should Have Looked Up

by Druid5

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© Copyright 2018 - Druid5 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; halloween; outdoors; woods; other/f; drider; capture; wrap; cocoon; susp; breastfeed; tease; arousal; mast; climax; transform; F2drider; reluct/nc; X

From the 2018 Halloween Special

Sophie slammed the door shut, giving the tyre a kick too for good measure. Of all the days to break down, things were hardly going her way today. First the Halloween activity day she’d been roped into helping out at, had been so poorly supported that she’d been bored silly manning some of the stalls. Then while trying to avoid being seen in the unflattering jumpers they had to wear, she’d hidden in a small cupboard, only to find herself an unwilling victim of a water dunking game. The guy she had hidden from, the one she was so infatuated with had then taken his turn in line to throw the balls at the target.

She was trying to hide her embarrassment while she watched the muscles in his arms and completely missed the clang of the target, there was no time for her to prepare before she was unceremoniously dropped into a freezing pool of water. She had to drag herself out of the pool and stood shivering at the side while another volunteer grabbed her a towel. While Sophie had wrapped herself up she had tried to keep an eye out for her eye candy, only to spy him on the arm of one of a blond from her college. She didn’t even stop to give the towel back or see if they had any dry clothes, she simply dashed between the stalls to her car, at least it was close by.

Now she was stood beside her car shivering again, it was a cold day and her earlier soaking had forced her to change into the gym clothes in her boot, a skimpy purple sports top and matching leggings. They were good at revealing her toned body and the tan she had spent all her afternoons working on, and good for attracting attention in the gym where she worked out. What they were no good at was keeping out the wind, or for having pockets for her phone. Not that the phone was any better, it had gotten wet in the plunge pool and flatly refused to switch on for her now.

She looked around at the trees on either side of the road, it was quite a good short cut, and no one really used it after the new highway had been built. But it ran straight from her house to college, and never saw the traffic jams her town had. Except with a broken down car it meant that she could be in for a long wait for anyone to come across her and help her out. She glanced at the tree line again, it wasn’t far through the wood that her lovely warm house was situated, she wasn’t dressed for a walk but it would get her home quicker. The thought of a good hot shower and her thick duvet were far too alluring.

She made sure to lock her car up, she spent a moment deciding what to do with her phone. Usually she slid it into her top, but it was still dripping from the case and she didn’t want to risk it jumping out in the wood. Instead she left it with her purse in the glove box, she could collect it later from the garage at least. Despite the situation she still found time to check on her appearance in the wing mirror, just in case she happened to cross paths with any guys, she couldn’t be too careful.

Her top was doing a good job to hold her chest in, she wasn’t the most blessed girl in college, but she wasn’t exactly flat chested either. The tight material was pulling her up and gave her the appearance of adding an extra size. Turing to the side she pulled up her leggings, they still had a shine to them and they rounded off her bottom nicely. The felt good and tight, a reassurance seeing as she hadn’t any spare panties with her, she was actually getting a little excited being more exposed, she made a mental note to try going without them next time she went to the gym.

Sophie tucked the car keys into wheel, seeing as it was broken down it couldn’t exactly be stolen. Turning to face what she hoped was home or at least civilisation, she set off at a jog through the trees. At first it was quite pleasant, no one around to disturb her, no cars or dogs, she was alone with just her thoughts. But after the first half mile it began to drizzle a little, her outfit was getting wet and even jogging she was getting cold again. Worse still she had misjudged the time, it wasn’t just the clouds making it darker, the light was starting to fade.

She was starting to struggle seeing where she was going. The trees seemed to be much closer than she remembered, and the roots were much more of a hazard to her, she had little choice but to slow down to avoid falling or bumping into anything. As it got darker she began to hear new sounds around her, not a gentle rustling through the leaves, but stranger noises. Creatures whistling to each other, branches creaking overhead even the occasional whispering.

Sophie used to hate living near the woods as a child, at night there were so many things moving around and sounds she couldn’t identify. Now all those nightmarish thoughts came flooding back to her, it didn’t matter she was an adult now, there were some fears that never went away. She could feel the hairs on her neck standing up, it was as if someone was watching her. She turned quickly only to spy the trees swaying, the only footsteps were her own, an yet the feeling was still there, she froze hoping to hear something.

Sophie failed to look up at the branches, if she had she would have noticed some strange white pods dangling like tree ornaments. She might’ve noticed the shape detaching itself from a branch and lowering itself down towards her. But she didn’t look up, she simply stood there partly crouched looking out in the gray light for a person following her. Only the sting of something in her back made her turn. She turned and found herself looking face to face with a pretty woman, one who had no problems with her figure seeing as she was completely bare.

Sophie knew something was wrong, she was tingling all over, her knees felt week and unsteady. She found herself falling forwards into the arms of the woman who caught her and gently laid her out on the ground. Sophie tried to scream out or ask for help but her tongue was numb, just like her arms and legs were now, she couldn’t move them at all. All she could do was stare up at the woman, she could swear she was hallucinating now, it almost looked like the woman had several extra arms sprouting from her back. They were spindly and thin, each one ending in a sharp solid tip.

Sophie dropped her gaze a little and saw that the legs were shaped like normal thighs but the knees downwards were shinier and had spines on them. the feet looked shaped like they were in an invisible high heeled boot, but the toes were just a single sharp point. And then there was her rear, the bottom of her back didn’t round inwards like normal, instead there was a large bulbous, well sack was the only term that came to mind, a huge round lump almost the size of the woman’s torso.

Sophie desperately wanted to jump up and run away as the figure lowered a hand to stroke her cheek, it was cold and almost scaly like an insects. Sophie was panicking inside now, whatever the figure wanted, it couldn’t be good. She watched in horror as hands reached under the strap of her top, a tip from one of the extra limbs slipped under and pulled up. It had to be sharp as it cut straight through the material, several more cuts and Sophie watched her favourite top flung in pieces into the trees. She could just about see the tips of her nipples standing up on her breasts exposed to the wind.

The figure now moved onto her shoes, it slit the laces cleanly and pulled each one off to join the pile of clothes. The leggings it took its time with, it seemed to be fascinated with the material and how it looked and felt. But it didn’t stop it from gently running a tip under the surface starting with each ankle. Sophie could just about feel the fabric loosening, the cuts clean and slow heading up each leg to meet at her groin. The figure peeled the material back like the reveal of a new purchase, showing off the goods inside.

Sophie was now naked in the middle of the woods, paralysed and in the grips of some strange figure. She wanted to close her eyes and shut everything out but she was forced to watch on. The figure was now acting strange, it looked like it was trying to pleasure itself. It was using its hands to rub itself in an opening between its legs, Sophie was mesmerised as the creature began to slide first its fingers then its full hands into itself. It was making some very pleased faces as it did, its hands coming out shiny and sticky with strands of white between the digits.

Sophie felt some of the extra limbs reaching down and began to pick her feet up together, they moved them close to where the figure was fingering itself and held her firmly. Sophie watched as the hands began to pull out of the creatures slit and wiped some of the white strands onto her bare feet, it was sticky and looked quite flimsy, but the hands kept returning with more, wiping it round the feet. It tested the strength by pulling at her legs, but the strands held her tight, it was like super glue. Sophie was powerless to stop the hands, she could feel them lining her up now, they turned her sideways and her body had no choice but to flop round.

She couldn’t see what was happening now, but she could feel. Her feet began to slide into something that felt warm, she tried to think of anything else, but her mind could only see her feet disappearing into the slit. The flesh inside seemed to move and writhe about, her feet were getting covered in the white stuff. It took her in up to her ankles and continued till it was happy she was covered before she felt herself being pushed out, the last few moments were much quicker as her feet popped out. She was laid back down flat on the floor, her feet glued into to a single foot.

Sophie was now feeling groggy, whatever was in her system was getting worse. She wondered if she was now dreaming, it might have explained why the strange creature was now floating, its spindly limbs pulling it up some invisible rope. She could just see the occasional glint of some strand heading up to the trees. More concerning was a similar looking strand that looked to be linking her own feet to the creatures cunt, it had to be a dream.

Sophie saw the woman make herself comfortable on a branch, then she began to mime pulling on a rope. At the same time Sophie felt her feet tugging at her, they were being pulled upwards. Sure enough her body began to bend as her legs rose up, she was dragged roughly over the ground for a short distance before her back began to rise as well. As her head left the ground it was left to dangle backwards giving her a good view of the ground as it got further and further away. Sophie was usually ok with heights, but being dangled upside down and getting higher without any form of protection was enough to put anyone off.

It took a while for her body to be lifted up to the trees, it was only the touch of the strange feelers that alerted her to being level now with the creature. The world around her began to turn, it was spinning her round slowly, as it did it began to rub her skin against its wide groin, from it much thicker strands of white stuff was starting to cover her body. It began to pull her upwards, constantly coating her, the sticky substance pulling first her legs tight together then her arms which were held by her sides.

It took its time on her waist, Sophie could now feel the creatures slit, the lips moving on their own, spreading their contents across her contours. Sophie could only keep gazing down at the leaves as she was wrapped up, her breasts too got a thorough coating, the creature slowing to enjoy every part of her curves. Sophie was now being wrapped round her neck as she began to see its legs, each rotation she got to see more and more of the figure. She could see it had shiny black skin, almost insect like, its legs were bent and spread wide to allow Sophie’s body to get in close.

She began to see flashes of softer pink flesh between the black, and from it the white stuff that was now covering her mouth, the thought of her mouth rubbing a woman’s cunt was both revolting and yet somehow appealing at the same time. Perhaps she could’ve thought on it more if not for the sudden realisation that the stuff had glued her lips shut and was now starting on her nose. She tried with all her might to wriggle or just make some move to resist, but nothing was happening. The white gloop coated her nose and continued up round her head. she could still feel the world spinning as she began to suffocate, she wondered what would be left of her body, would she be found or just be another girl lost in the woods. She felt the creature close her eye lids before they too were coated, at that moment she blacked out.

The world was still dark when Sophie came round, the dream had felt so real, she wondered where in it she had actually fallen asleep. She tried to open her eyes but found they were stuck tight, no matter she’d just need to wipe them clean. Nope, her hands were stuck fast. She paused to take stock of what she could feel, her body was tightly bound, she couldn’t feel any clothes or ropes, it was just some solid mass that held her in place. She tried to call out but her mouth was full, some wad of something held her tongue in place, a gap at the back of the wad seemed to allow her to breathe.

It couldn’t have been real she thought, she tried to see what she could move, she was able to wiggle her legs but as a single limb. The effect left her panicking again, there was no contact with the ground, and as she swung her legs she felt herself bouncing a little. There was a sudden movement as something began to grip her body outside, she could feel a gentle touch around her eyes before they were freed. She blinked as the morning sun hit her and had to wait until they adapted to the brightness.

When it did she half groaned half screamed. In front of her shining in the light was the bare vision of the woman from her dream, a dream she was quickly realising was very much reality. It was clearly a female, the large orbs on her chests, the narrow waist and curved hips, the long silver white hair. That was where the human like features stopped, its skin was a combination of leathery surfaces and shiny scales, its head was made up of interlocking scales with several pairs of eyes. Behind it three sets of extra arms sprouted from its back, the limbs looking like the legs of a spider.

And that bulbous extension to its body instead of a tail that seemed to be able to move up and down on its own. Sophie had heard tales when she was younger, tales she thought had been written to scare kids into not straying into the woods to play. Tales of the driders, part person part spider. Some said they were simply a spiders body with a human torso, but this was much more like a person. Perhaps they had evolved over time, or perhaps the stories were only from glimpses.

Sophie let her body go limp in fear, somewhere below she heard the patter of water on leaves. Embarrassed she realised she’d let go of her bladder, somehow the fluid had been able to flow and fall to the ground below. The drider seemed to be amused at that and left her to dangle for a while. Sophie looked around her at the trees, most had thick white strands below their branches. Strands that ended in a cocoon, each one was shaped like a person, and as Sophie looked closer, all of them appeared to be female shaped. The giveaway was the comic like appearance, they all seemed to have enlarged breasts, some of which were actually uncovered and displayed like some sex toy.

Some of the cocoons were still, the occupants not moving, some were wriggling around. Most had solid outer shells, just two tube like partings, one at the mouth and one where she assumed their legs met. She realised that must be what her own mouth was like, held open with a tube running inside, it would also explain how she could pee freely. The cocoon opposite was wriggling quite a bit, from the way it was shaped the woman inside had to either be very fat or heavily pregnant. Her breasts were exposed and looked swollen and full, Sophie guessed the second option was getting more likely.

It was getting dark again when the drider came back to Sophie’s cocoon, she’d seen it visit the others from time to time. It had spent a while at each one pressing itself against them for something. The cocoons had been left swinging as it left them. Sophie waited as it looked her up and down, it seemed to click to itself as it did. She felt like a prize animal being judged for its price and meat. Whatever it was looking for it seemed to be happy, it began to advance on her bound form, the spidery legs touching parts of her body. The drider clung on with them while its normal legs spread wide to allow the bulbous rear appendage to dip between her legs, Sophie couldn’t see what it was doing, nor could she see the extending tip of it approaching her. She did feel it begin to press into her groin, she had used toys before but her virgin pussy had never felt the real thing.

Scared, she tried to press her legs together, but the drider knew how to stop that. Sophie felt one of the spider limbs push through the cocoon heading for her back passage. She instinctively pushed her hips as far forward as she could to avoid it, only to find the end of the drider’s appendage push into her. She inhaled sharply as it pressed inside, its surface coated in a slippery liquid. The drider waited as it began to extend, Sophie was trying to cope with the strange feeling of being impaled as the drider began to press its chest closer to her face.

She barely had chance to register the fact that the breast was now pressing in on her mouth tube, a single leg moving material from her nose to stop her suffocating. Sophie tried to struggle but her movements just made things worse, it pushed the drider up further inside her pussy, it was also causing a squirt of liquid to spray from the drider’s breast. The substance was sweet on her throat as she couldn’t use her tongue to stop it. Another squirt followed as the drider began to squeeze itself against Sophie’s cocoon. As it did she could feel it penetrate her virgin flesh, there was a little pain but it was nothing compared to the feel of the large flesh thing rubbing her clit.

She was starting to pant and choke on her liquid meal as her body began to gyrate in time with the drider’s motions, the thrusting was beginning to take over everything in her thoughts, all she wanted was for the drider to keep going now, to go deeper and faster. Sophie wasn’t quite sure what she was feeling but it felt good, like her body just wanted to pop. And Pop she did, she sprayed the cocoon and the drider as a thick substance ejected into her own body as the drider let loose too. Sophie was left limp as the drider pulled out dripping, it squeezed a final spray from its breast before moving away into the trees. Sophie closed her eyes and let the sweet nectar slide down her throat while she dozed off.

Through the haze she could see the drider begin to service another cocoon, she could read the motions now, the tight grip and the thrusting. As she watched she remembered the feel of the creature inside her, despite everything she wanted it to come back and service her again. Over the next few days Sophie got her wish, the drider kept returning to her and filling her up while breast feeding her in return. It seemed to have taken a liking to her as it returned far more often than it did to the others.

Sophie found she looked forward to its visits, they helped to block out the other things she had to see. Every one of the cocoons had started to swell, after a few days their breasts were revealed to ease the swelling inside. The one opposite Sophie looked like she was due, the drider certainly thought so, it had cut the cocoon so the woman’s legs could be spread, the drider had used its legs to guide a large orb out of the woman’s channel, it wasn’t a child, but an egg like thing, the drider had sealed the cocoon back up and left the girl to dangle.

Every day another of the cocoons produced one of the egg like shapes, and each day Sophie wondered what they were and where they were taken. She was also very curious and relieved to find her own body wasn’t swelling up, though her breasts were now feeling very full and heavy. The day came when the drider slit the cocoon so that they could have more room to grow. To Sophie’s horror, and the drider’s glee, they were no longer the tanned colour that followed hours of topless lounging, they were now a shiny black colour, the surface made up of smooth plates of some sort.

Sophie had screamed out but her voice was different, gone was her confident tone, instead she was making clicking sounds, sounds that were beginning to make sense to her. The drider continued to visit her and to fill her holes, Sophie couldn’t help herself, she just wanted to make out with the creature all day long, yet she couldn’t think why. Every time the drider visited it took a while moving round on her back, it kept opening and resealing the cocoon, a good thing too as Sophie felt it tighten round her hips every day. It was during a night time session when the drider was deep inside her when Sophie decided she wanted it even deeper, without thinking she tried to use her arms to pull it closer, around her the cocoon broke, her scaly arms wrapped round the creature and squeezed, her extra legs joining in.

The girl opposite heavily pregnant with another egg looked on in terror as before her the two drider’s began to swing around on invisible threads, she could barely keep up with one!


Sophie dangled on her thread watching the forest floor, close by a handsome human had just driven off after kicking out his date. It was a pretty thing, a blond with very good curves, her mate would love this one, they could take it in turns putting their eggs into her and watching them grow. The girl threw her clutch bag down to the ground, her phone wasn’t in it, it was in the car. She turned her attention to the slightly rusty car on the side of the road, long abandoned. She checked to see if it would open but the door was stuck fast, all she could do was use the mirror to check her makeup. Deciding the woods were the quickest route she set off clambering through the trees. She failed to notice Sophie descending silently, she failed to see her abdomen sack swing down between her legs. She failed to see the sharp appendage that caught her in the back delivering a paralytic shot though she felt it as she fell to the floor unable to scream.

As Sophie wrapped the now naked girl up, her mind flashed with the memory of the blond on the arm of a male she desired. Yes she would make a very good host.


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