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Silkbound Slave

by Mike Silklover

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© Copyright 2004 - Mike Silklover - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; fem; mum; silk; cocoon; reluct; X

An alternative chapter from the classic book Miss High Heels which involves female domination, severe bondage with rope, silk scarves, bed linen and other laundry items of torment, and a hint of crossdressing. 

This tale of cross dressing and bondage was inspired by the book Miss High heels, in which a young boy, Evelyn Beryl, so infuriates his governess with his behaviour that she conspires with his aunt and ward and resolves to turn him into a woman. Kidnapped by the pair, he undergoes a period of enforced feminization and bondage before being sent away to a girls school where he is conditioned both mentally and physically to think of himself as a girl. Now a grown young woman called Denise, he returns to his governess Miss Priscilla at the end of his schooling, where she resolves to further her control over him by keeping her as a young lady under her strict discipline......... 

On a visit to the village, Miss Priscilla takes Denise to see Miss Pettigrew who runs the local laundry. She has a reputation as a strict disciplinarian and remembers Denise as an uncontrollable young boy. The original book continues..... 

"We delivered Helen's messages at the various cottages and at each one got further proof of how much I, Evelyn Beryl, was detested and feared. 

There was one cottage especially where the news was welcomed.  A little old woman called Mrs. Pettigrew and her big buxom daughter Lucy kept a laundry employing six girls of the village, where all the house linen of the manor, including the ladies' underclothing and finest silks and satins were washed and laundered. 

Sometime ago, just before I went abroad, owing to a statement of mine that Lucy had been insolent to me, I had persuaded my father to take away our washing from the laundry. Mrs Pettigrew was nearly ruined in consequence and would have been altogether, had not Helen given it back to her. 

She flung open a door suddenly and showed us a horrible little dark room at the back of the parlour.  "But that's where I would like to keep him in his girl's clothes," she exclaimed passionately.  "All his life I would like to keep him there fastened in a chair and feed him on bread and water.  We could do it too.  Tell Miss Deverell, please Missy!  Me and Lucy and my laundry girls, we could keep him safe and quiet in there.  I was terrified.  Her face was so threatening, her voice so passionate. She looked like a terrible old witch..........." 

The story now continues along a slightly different tack......... Miss Priscilla has decided that Miss Pettigrew's brand of discipline will do Denise a power of good. She has resolved to leave her to the mercy of the laundry girls for several weeks to improve her manners and demeanour............... 

Chapter 1 

"Well Miss Pettigrew, I had rather hoped you might feel that way. Having seen your dark closet and heard your ideas on discipline, I'm minded to ask for your assistance with Denise here. You may not recognise her but she is the very same Evelyn who almost ruined you all those years ago. Your distress at the time was too much for me and I decided that Evelyn should remain as a lady if he could not be trusted to behave correctly as a gentleman. Since then he has been schooled as a young lady and dressed accordingly in the finest silks and satin clothes. His body is now quite ladylike, although tight corsets are of course always required to prevent a relapse. Unfortunately, despite the very finest schooling, I find her to be as recalcitrant as ever young Evelyn was. She has a most unladylike foul mouth, much given to swearing and general blaspheming. She has also told me that she will run away from my aunt and I at the first opportunity. Naturally we have tried some severe remedial treatment to encourage more ladylike behaviour, and she is closely supervised during the day and tightly bound at night to prevent her doing herself any mischief. Nevertheless, I am at my wits end." 

"How very unfortunate for you Miss Pricilla", said Miss Pettigrew, eying up Denise who stood close to Miss Priscilla, dressed in a very heavy, woollen cape, the hood of which was drawn well forward, almost hiding her face in the shadow. She had not moved or said a word, other than a low muffled groan, since her governess had brought her in to the laundry. She had certainly been taking dainty ladylike steps and was politely quiet as her governess was discussing her future. 

"She seems to be thoroughly ungrateful for the fine schooling and pretty clothes you dress her in. I have no doubt that me and my girls could soon make her behave more like a lady." 

"Miss Pettigrew, that's splendid. I asked my valet to prepare Denise early this morning for an extended stay with you, and to pack a number of items you may find useful in helping her to mend her ways. Unfortunately, she bit poor Alfred while he was dressing her and he is very glad to be seeing the back of her for a while. I will pop in every few days to see her progress but for now, I shall leave you to it. Goodbye Miss Pettigrew, goodbye Lucy, see you soon." 

The buxom Lucy and her girls had stopped work during this conversation and were gathering behind Miss Pettigrew as it became apparent that they might have a slave to help them with the laundry for the next few weeks. Although none of the girls other than Lucy had been in the laundry when Evelyn had almost ruined Miss Pettigrew, they all knew the story of Evelyn's spitefulness inside out and looked forward to the opportunity to pay back the tormentor of their much loved employer. 

As Miss Priscilla closed the door of the laundry behind her, Miss Pettigrew turned to Lucy. "Lets see what we have here then! Lucy take off Miss High and Mighty's cloak for her. She doesn't seem to want to do it for herself". 

As Lucy moved forward and lifted the heavy cloak away from their new and unwilling house guest, the reason for Denise's demure silence became instantly apparent. She was bound so severely that Lucy wondered out loud how she had ever managed to walk into the laundry on her own. Denise stood erect and silent because that is all she could do. Her head was completely swathed in a large white silk scarf that had been wrapped several times around her head before being tied off tightly in a pretty bow at the back of her neck. The scarf matched the colour of the heavy corset that encompassed Denise's torso and the pretty suspender belt and white silk stockings that encased Denise's shapely legs. . 

An extension of the corset extended over Denise's groin and disappeared between her legs where it had very clearly been secured tightly to the back of the corset. A pair of delicate white silk panties and a pair of beautiful black high heeled shoes with bright shiny buckles completed Denise's ensemble. The scarf shrouding her head was tied at the back through an elongated hole at the top of a wooden pole. This extended from behind her neck, down her back to her knees. The pole provided a rigid support to which Denise had been bound at numerous places with both rope and scarves to ensure she could not bend her body in any way at all. 

A tall leather collar, buckled to the pole with three wide leather straps, held her silk swathed head high in a very ladylike posture. Denise's arms had been very thoroughly bound with rope at wrists, elbows and shoulders, welding them tightly together so that her elbows touched. Her arms had then been further bound to the pole, using holes through the pole, which allowed her arms to be cinched tightly to the wooden support. The reason for her dainty steps also became apparent - gaily coloured silk scarves had been tied around each of her legs at knees and ankles and a connecting scarf had been applied between them to create a 2" to 3" hobble. To make matters worse for the poor girl, the bottom end of the wooden pole ended behind her knees, where a rope threaded through the bottom hole, had been cinched tightly to the individual scarf bindings below her knee. The overall effect was to create a rigidly bound package in which the young lady had not the remotest possibility of being able to bend from the vertical. 

"My goodness gracious me girls", said Miss Pettigrew, "she must really have hurt that valet this morning. What an excellent job he has made of immobilising the conceited little trollop! Lucy, go and untie that pretty white scarf and lets see her face after all these years". 

All the laundry girls crowded around the silent Denise, as Lucy moved to loosen the cruelly tied silk muffler. 

"Golly Mama, no wonder she has'nt moved her head, look!" 

As the folds of the heavy silk scarf fell away and dropped to hang at Denise's neck, the girls' eyes opened wide in astonishment. Underneath the muffling scarf Denise was even more securely blindfolded and gagged with additional silk scarves, all made of the finest silk and all pure white to match her outfit. The effect was staggering. A folded scarf had been placed over each eye and a longer scarf had been bound over the padding several times before being tied off tightly at the back of her neck. The lower half of her face was obscured by a multi-layered gag of shining white silk, that concealed a bulging and clearly fully packed mouth. Miss Pettigrew had no doubt that her mouth also held several of the large shimmering white silk scarves. As Lucy started to untie the scarf securing the blindfold in place, the reason for Denise's lack of complaint became obvious. Her ears were packed with huge plugs of white wax, which had been held in place by the tight binding of the blindfold. Denise could not have heard a single word that had been said in the laundry and, as she had been prepared by Miss Deverell's valet, she probably did not even know where she was. 

"Oh my", said Miss Pettigrew, "this is really going to be a lot of fun." 

As she spoke, Lucy undid the final folds of the blindfold and allowed the folded scarves to fall away revealing a pair of eyes blinking in the sudden light. As Denise grew accustomed to the light, the look in her eyes turned from bemusement to one of fury and her green eyes blazed over the white silk at the assembled girls. For the first time they heard Denise make a noise. It was only a small noise, more a guttural groan from deep in her throat, but evidence of the fact that the valet knew well how to gag a difficult young lady. 

"Ok Lucy, lets see what Miss Denise has to say for herself. Take off the gag and unplug her ears but leave her collared and tied to her pole for the present". 

Lucy picked out the wax from Denise's ears and then started to work on the knots that the valet had tied in Denise's gagging scarves. He had obviously been very angry when he tied Denise and had cinched her bindings with a tightness that must have been very painful for the poor victim. It was several minutes before Lucy was able to release the knots. Her gag in fact comprised two tightly tied wide muffling scarves, one of which had been tied over her nose and beneath her chin so that she would not waste valuable breath in trying to free herself. 

Beneath those was a thicker rolled scarf which was drawn and tied cruelly back between her teeth, cutting into the sides of her distended mouth. It held firmly in place what seemed to be at least two more silk scarves packing her mouth so that it gaped wide. As the cleave scarf fell away, Miss Pettigrew stepped closer to Denise, thus placing herself in the direct firing line of a sodden, wadded ball of silk which Denise ejected forcibly from her mouth, hitting Miss Pettigrew right in the face and leaving Denise's spittle covering Miss Pettigrew's nose and mouth as the wadding fell to the floor. There was a moments silenced disbelief from the girls, unable to comprehend what embarrassment and loss of face Denise had just caused to their dear employer. 

"You filthy, ugly old harridan. How dare you keep me like this. Untie me this instant and stop your foul washermaids gaping at me like that. I will tell my aunt about this and she'll close you down and have you thrown in gaol". At which point Denise started to scream at the top of her voice. 

Lucy quickly picked up one of the larger white scarves from the floor and proceeded to stuff it deep into Denise's mouth, cutting off the scream and reducing it to an angry grumble. Because Denise was still attached rigidly to the pole she was powerless to stop Lucy taking the thickly rolled scarf and pulling it tightly between her lips, forcing the wadded silk deeper into her mouth and completing the makeshift gag. 

Miss Pettigrew wiped her face on her apron and moved right up to Denise's face. 
"You really shouldn't have done that young lady. You will regret it for a very long time to come. As for your aunt, it was she who delivered you here this afternoon and after that little outburst I don't think she will be too keen to take you back. I, on the other hand, remember how you tried to close me down many years ago. Me and my girls are going to enjoy tormenting you Denise. We know just how to handle spoilt brats like you and believe me when I say that you will not enjoy it one bit. 

Chapter 2 

"Lets see what Mis Deverell packed for our Denise during her enforced stay with us", said Miss Pettigrew as she undid the buckles on the leather gladstone bag that had been left by Denise's side. The bag was packed full. On top was a large pile of about 50 freshly laundered silk scarves of varying sizes and colours. Many of them were white but there were huge brightly coloured paisley squares and some very long thick evening wear scarves in bright vibrant covers. Miss Pettigrew recognised most of them for she had personally laundered them. The silk scarves and delicate silk and satin undergarments were far too valuable to be left to the clumsiness of her girls, and she took pride in ensuring they were perfectly laundered. Placing the scarves on the table, she next took out three corsets of varying sizes. Each was white in colour and had the groin extension that Denise was currently wearing. The design of this extension was ingenious and would ensure that Denise's unwanted male parts were forced back tightly and locked between her legs whilst still allowing her to tend to her bodily functions. Miss Pettigrew did not know how well Denise had been feminised but she was sure of one thing - the corsets would be very uncomfortable. It would serve her right she thought - how dare Denise spit that wet silk packing straight into her face. It was a humiliation she was determined to repay. 

The rest of the bag offered up a selection of ropes, five clean silk pairs of drawers, four of the long silk pillow case covers that were used for the long bolsters in the main bedrooms and a white silk hood. This last item was beautifully sewn and comprised a triple thickness of the finest silk scarf material sewn into a hood shape which was just large enough to be drawn over the head. About 18" deep, the hood was finished with a drawstring at the bottom, which would allow it to be tightly fastened at the wearer's neck. All together, the bag's contents provided a vivid example of how Miss Deverell kept Denise in torment. Miss Pettigrew was well versed in this form of subjugation - her girls were generally well behaved but she set very high standards of behaviour in the laundry and occasionally a girl would need disciplining. She abhorred the whip used by other employers in the village but felt that her way of doing things was far more effective, even if the punishment lasted for rather longer than the whip. All the girls would participate in disciplining the errant girl and this made them more aware of the consequences for any wrongdoing. 

Miss Pettigrew decided that they had spent long enough on Denise for the moment and that it was time to get back to work. She would give some thought to Denise's participation in the work of the laundry later on. 

"Girls, we need to get back to work. Denise cannot stay here in the middle of the shop. Sally, go and fetch the tall slatted chair in the small closet, the one you girls sit on if you have been naughty. Lucy, untie our vulgar guest from her pole and we will strap her in the chair for the rest of the afternoon and place it in the dark closet next to the furnace. First of all though, lets see how well this hood works". As she said these last words, Denise suddenly became very agitated, screaming as best she could through the silk wadding packed into her mouth and trying to shake her head as much as the pole would allow. Fear had replaced the defiance in her eyes and she was clearly very scared. Miss Pettigrew noted Denise's reaction with interest. She took the silken hood, opened out the drawstring and approached Denise. 

"Ahh, have we found something that will tame you a little?", said Miss Pettigrew as she grasped Denise's jaw and looked deep into her eyes. Lucy could barely conceal her delight. "Go on Mama, put the hood on her and lets see how she swears at us then". 

Denise became quite animated as Miss Pettigrew slowly drew the hood down over her head, savouring the effect it was having on her captive as she held her head tight to stop her shaking too much. The three layers of silk slid down easily over the gag that Lucy had so forcefully applied. The rolled scarf bit deep into the sides of Denise's mouth and forced the damp silk of the gag packing deep into Denise's throat, almost causing her to retch. Miss Pettigrew snugged the drawcord tight around Denise's neck and stepped back to see the result. Denise had suddenly gone silent and all that could be heard from the white silk shrouded blob that had been Denise's head was a deep rasping breath as Denise tried hard to breathe through the three layers of finest silk. The shimmering silk of the hood was sucked tight against Denise's head as she breathed in, the folds closely following the contours of her face. As she breathed out, so the hood became a round inflated globe, before an inward breath caused the silk to be sucked in and the cycle continued. Miss Pettigrew was impressed - the hood was just the right thickness to make breathing difficult for the wearer but not so thick that breathing was impossible. The imposition of a tight silken gag beneath the hood must be making the experience quite frightening for Denise and it was clearly an excellent tool to sudue the young lady. Miss Deverell had chosen her tools of subjugation well. 

Shaking herself from the hypnotic rhythm of the deflating and inflating silk hood, Miss Pettigrew brought her mind back to more immediate concerns. "Right Lucy, now Denise is quiet and docile, lets get her secured into the chair. You untie her from the post; Doris, Debbie, Sally and Mary, I want you each to take four of these silk scarves, fold them diagonally to the width of a bandage. When Lucy has finished, I want you each to take one of Denise's limbs and secure it tightly to an arm or leg of the chair with the scarves". A chorus of "Yes Miss Pettigrew" came from the girls as they set to their task with a will. Soon Denise had been untied from the pole and her legs had been freed from their scarf hobble. Still wearing the shimmering silk hood, Denise was carried by the four girls to the large high backed oak chair which Sally had retrieved from the closet. Each girl then set to the task of securing Denise with the silk bandages, as tightly as they knew how. They knew that Miss Pettigrew would inspect their handiwork later and besides, they all wanted to pay back this arrogant young lady who had so insulted Miss Pettigrew. 

Soon, Denise was welded to the chair with scarves and Miss Pettigrew stepped forward with several lengths of clothes line to complete the work. Taking a long length of the cord, she looped it in two and wrapped it around Denise's waist. At the front, she took the long ends through the loop and pulled the resulting slip knot tight around Denise's waist before feeding the loose ends down through Denise's crotch and back between her legs. Looping the ends around the centre slat of the chair back, she braced a foot on the back on the chair and hauled hard on the ends of the cord. The result was very satisfying. A muffled howl came from beneath the silk hood as Denise's lower body was hauled back against the unyielding oak of the chair. Miss Pettigrew then fed the cord back through the slats and proceeded to rope Denise's torso tightly to the ungiving chair. She finished the intricate lacing by taking the ends over Denise's shoulders, pulling tight and tying the ends to the bottom rung of the chair. 

Denise could not now move an inch, secured as she was by the tight scarves and the layers of unforgiving rope. The white silk hood continued to inflate and deflate slowly as Denise tried to suck in enough air through her silk gagged mouth and nose. Miss Pettigrew was not yet finished with Denise; she was now fully secured but not yet humiliated. This would be a gradual process, starting with her gag she decided. 

"Lucy, run to the scullery and bring me back three of the dirtiest napkins that came down from the big house after last night's dinner. Sally, I want you to fetch several of the dirtiest dish rags from the sink where you do the washing up. We will show Miss Denise that before she can learn humility she must first be humiliated".  Miss Pettigrew spoke with a quiet but frightening intensity in her voice. The girls had seen her this way before and rushed to do her bidding. They were all glad that they were not in Denise's situation - Miss Pettigrew was not a woman to be crossed. 

Taking the proffered napkins, Miss Pettigrew took one of the 2' square linen items and folded it in half several times until she had a large thick pad of soiled table linen that would become Denise's gag wadding. One of the dirty dish towels was rolled into a thick sausage and a second was folded to about 5" wide. 

"There now, we are ready to change Denise's gag. Lucy, remove the poor girl's hood, it seems to be causing her some distress". As Lucy undid the drawstring around Denise's neck, air rushed into the silk hood and the inflation subsided as Lucy peeled it over Denise's face. The inner layer of white silk had plastered itself to the contours of Denise's face and nose, sticking to the sweat that glistened underneath. Denise was red faced, sucking in the cool air as the oppressive hood was drawn clear. 

"Well, I say girls, that was a very effective hood. Next time one of you scorches one of the Mistresses pinafores you had better watch out". The assembled girls giggled nervously and averted their eyes. They knew Miss Pettigrew did not joke about these matters and momentarily they all pictured themselves undergoing the torment recently visited on Denise. They would redouble their efforts over the next few days and Miss Pettigrew, noting their reaction, knew it. 

"Now Denise, you have a foul mouth and appalling manners and I don't see why you should be gagged with the finest silk when there is something more appropriate to your behaviour. This soiled napkin and these dirty dish towels will be your intimate companions for the rest of the day. I suggest you reflect closely on the errors of your ways as the aroma overwhelms your senses.  I am now going to remove your. When it is free I wish you to exercise and free your mouth and jaw muscles. If you say a word, spit or make any other noise whatsoever, you will be tightly regagged, the hood will be reapplied and you will be hogtied and wrapped tightly in sheets until tomorrow morning. Am I making myself clear young lady?" 

Denise nodded slowly, the fear back in her eyes. Little did she know that Miss Pettigrew had planned this for later anyway. As the thick cleave scarf was unknotted from between her lips and pulled free, Denise allowed Lucy to extract the now sopping silk scarf that had been packed deep in her mouth. She swallowed hard and moved her jaw around to ease the stiffness that was apparent. 

"Ok, that's enough", said Miss Pettigrew, picking up the thick linen napkin and folding it across the corners so that it ressembled a thick cone of tightly rolled cloth. She advanced on Denise. "Open wide young lady and keep it open". Denise responded in a half hearted way, but the small opening was all Miss Pettigrew needed as she plunged the sharp end of the dirty linen plug deep into Denise's mouth, forcing it deep inside with her thumbs and pushing it into every crevice of Denise's mouth. Denise's mouth gaped wide and she started to retch and choke as the plug hit the back of her throat. Her body shook as she tried to control her choking and was about to vomit as Miss Pettigrew partially withdrew the plug, allowing the retching to subside. "That is the first and the last time that I will ever remove a gag that I apply on you, young lady. A gag is only truly effective if the wadding fills the whole mouth and if, when trying to make a noise, it causes the wearer some discomfort. You would do well to remember that over the next few weeks or life could become very unpleasant for you. I am going to replace the napkin now and I expect you to control yourself".  

The rest of the laundry looked on. All the girls had been through this, normally as a result of their first misdemeanour, and they momentarily felt a twinge of sympathy for Denise.  Miss Pettigrew reinserted the linen napkin rather slower this time and allowed Denise to check the retching that was a natural reaction. When Miss Pettigrew was sure that Denise had conquered her gag reaction, she forced the rest of the napkin into her mouth, filling every available cavity and leaving just a tiny corner of soiled napkin poking out of Denise's mouth. Taking the long sausage shaped dish towel, still damp from the recent dish washing, she placed the centre of the towel over Denise's lips and took both ends behind her where she tied a knot and yanked hard. The violence of the cinching forced the choking napkin deeper into Denise's throat and the retching started over again. 

Securing the knot in the towel, Miss Pettigrew came back to face Denise and taking hold of her chin, looked her deep in her eyes. "You had better control yourself because the gag is not coming off now until this evening".  Denise's eyes showed utter panic but she gradually brought herself under control and started to breathe deeply through her nose. Taking the wider folded dish towel, Miss Pettigrew went behind the chair and drew the towel in front of Denise's face. Carefully positioning the fold so that the towel extended from above the bridge of her nose to beneath her chin, she took the ends behind the central slat of the chair and hauling tightly, tied Denise's gag and the lower part of her head to the back of the chair. A low moan of distress came from beneath the muffling folds of dirty dish towel. 

"There girls, a good job even though I do say so myself. There's just one more thing. Lucy, the white silk hood please".  Denise's eyes fluttered in panic at the thought that the hood might be applied again.  "The closet is very dark Denise but the girls need to collect soap powder from there occasionally so we will use the hood to blindfold you so that you will not be disturbed".  As she spoke, Miss Pettigrew pulled the hood down over Denise's head until the drawcord came below the band of her muffling dish towel. She drew it tight and tied it off. "I know the hood covers the whole of your head Denise and might further restrict your breathing, but I'm sure that is what it was designed for and I've no intention of allowing you to make any noise while you are here. You might disturb my girls from their work, and we can't have that. Besides, it will allow you to concentrate on your breathing without distraction. Now girls, lets pick up the chair and take it back to the closet so that we can get on with some work". 

Denise was now an integral part of the heavy oak chair, bound to it by silk scarves, rope and by soiled dish towel. As the chair was placed in the centre of the small dark closet and the girls filed out, Miss Pettigrew turned to the silent and immobile figure secured to the chair. 
"In the next days and weeks my dear you are going to regret all the trouble you caused us all those years ago. I'm going to keep you here, trussed and gagged, and make your life a misery, and all my girls will help me, so you just reflect on that as you sit there comfortably. It is going to get worse, much worse, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it." 

Chapter 3 

Denise sat trussed tightly to the chair in Miss Pettigrew's dark closet and reflected on her sorry situation. Despite having worked hard at boarding school, she had returned to find a vengeful aunt who was always finding fault and a governess who delighted in tormenting and restraining her charge. She had been woken from a deep sleep this morning by the valet Jeremiah. A simple soul, he nevertheless followed Miss Priscilla's instructions to the letter and did so with an enthusiastic sadism that he made no effort to hide. So it was that she was laced into the tight and restricting corset and then bound to the wooden pole that served as a hugely uncomfortable mobile prison. Jeremiah melted some wax in his hands and wadded it deep into each ear, rendering her completely deaf and unable to hear the exchange of comments between him and Miss Priscilla who had come into the bedroom to supervise the binding. Her legs were hobbled with a number of silk scarves from her drawers and Miss Priscilla provided a heap of freshly laundered large white silk scarves, which Jeremiah proceeded to use to gag and blindfold her. Two of the huge scarves were wadded deeply into her mouth before a knotted scarf was forced between her lips and tied tightly behind her neck. 

To add a sadistic twist, Jeremiah then bound her face with a large scarf folded in three so that her head was rigidly held against the pole and her blindfold was rendered ever more effective. She had then been left alone in the bedroom, presumably whilst Miss Priscilla prepared for the journey ahead. Unable to see, hear or speak and welded to the pole up her back, Denise could only remain still in the hope that she did not fall over. It must have been several hours before she heard movement in the bedroom, two pairs of hands picked her up and laid her on the ground where they proceeded to wrap her tightly in a large bedsheet. The ends of the wrapped sheet were then twisted so that the parcel became tighter around her head and feet, and she was lifted and carried down the stairs into the waiting carriage. As she was laid down, she realised that she had been placed in the coffin like luggage container that Miss Priscilla had designed specially to her measurements. 

Whenever they left the hall, Denise was always bound and secured in the coffin. Miss Priscilla claimed that no-one as naughty as Denise should be seen or heard by members of the public and so she was regularly gagged and hooded for her travels in the carriage as well as being bound tightly or mummified in a sheet or blanket. The bondage imposed on her during these trips was extremely uncomfortable and disorienting and it was with some confusion that she found herself much later looking at Miss Pettigrew when the scarf binding around her head had been removed. She had never intended to hit Miss Pettigrew in the face with her saliva sodden scarf packing but she was so keen to expel her agonising gag that she just had to push it out. Her temper had got the better of her again, one of the reasons Miss Priscilla gave for keeping her gagged and restrained most of the time at the Hall, and now she was in a serious pickle. 

The girls had done a tight and effective job of restraining her to the chair with all the scarves and she was having problems getting enough air through the layers of silk and the loathsome silk hood that Miss Pettigrew had taken such a liking to. It seemed to be hours before she heard an excited gaggle of voices entering the closet. Miss Pettigrew's voice was loud and authoritative as she gave directions to her obnoxious washer girls. 

"Right then my young maidens. Let's take a break from the laundry and remind young Denise of her lowly place in life. Lucy, I want you to go into the laundry room and lower the clothes hanger so that it is about 3 feet from the ground. Suzi, you can supervise the rest of the girls in untying Denise. I want you to bring her into the laundry when you have finished, but make very sure that she can't escape or I will give you a whipping you'll never forget. Also, make sure you gag her well - I don't want any more soggy scarves flying around the room. Once you have finished, bring her down to the clothes hanger at the end of the laundry and we'll do some hanging of our own." 

The girls set to releasing Denise with alacrity as Miss Pettigrew went into the laundry room to supervise proceedings. The clothes hanger was exactly the same in design as the hangers found in most scullery's, in that it comprised 9 long parallel slats of wood, held apart by a metal frame at each end. The top most slat formed the pinnacle of a triangle when viewed from the end and each slat was set in the bracket so that it was about 6 inches from the one next to it and slightly lower. In this way, wet sheets could be hung over each slat without getting in the way of the others. A pulley and cord was attached to the top of each metal frame so that the frame could be raised to the ceiling to allow the sheets to dry and not drape on the ground. Miss Pettigrew's hanger was much more robust than the domestic version and was designed to hold upwards of 20 wet sheets at a time. The slats were circular wooden poles about an inch in diameter and the metal framework and pulleys were all heavy duty items. As Miss Pettigrew entered the laundry, Lucy had already lowered the frame to waist height and tied off the pulley chains. 

"Well done Lucy, I think we will secure young Denise to the hanger overnight and see how she enjoys being wrapped tightly in wet sheets. If we haul her up to the roof, no-one will be able to see her through the window and if we make her bonds tight enough, we won't need to leave anyone here to look after her." 

"Golly, Mama, you are so clever, can I be the one to gag her once we are finished?" 

"Of course, my love, but as a little challenge for you, if when you have finished, she can be heard from the ground, you will take her place for the night and I will apply your gag". Lucy shivered inwardly. She would have to make Denise's gag terribly effective if she was to avoid spending the night bound tightly above the laundry. Denise would find her night very uncomfortable - but then so what, she was a spoilt brat and deserved all she was going to get. 

Back in the closet, Suzi was giving directions to the other girls. It was quite a responsibility to be in charge of a captive and as they had to pass by the main door to the laundry to get to the clothes hanger, she was determined that Denise would not get the chance to escape. Denise was now nude save for her full length corset and had been completely untied save for the white napkin that packed her mouth so fully. Rather than carry her all the way, the girls had improvised a prisoner hobble. Her hands were crossed, tied and cinched behind her back with a long powder blue silk scarf and her elbows had similarly been bound together so that her chest was forced forward. Her kness had been bound tightly together with a further scarf so that she could only take tiny steps forward by swinging her hips ungainly from side to side. 

Her task had been made even more difficult by the black, high heeled stilettos that Suzy had forced onto her dainty feet and by the long scarf which had been tied between her wrists and her knee hobble. The stilettos were one size too small and would make Denise's journey to the other end of the large laundry most uncomfortable. A rope had been tied to each of her ankles and the ends passed up through her bound wrists. Two girls held an end of the rope each so that Denise could hobble forward when the trail rope was loose. If Denise tried to make a run for it however, the girls would just haul on the ends of the rope, Denise's ankles would be yanked into the air and she would fall flat on her face. It was unlikely that Denise was going to run anywhere, having been bound tightly to the hard wooden chair for the last four hours, but Suzi was not one to take risks, particularly when it might mean incurring Miss Pettigrew's displeasure. 

Suzi went to the table in the corner of the closet which contained the scarves and other items that Miss Priscilla had so thoughtfully provided to assist in Denise's subjugation. Picking up two of the heavy silk bolster covers, she returned to where Denise was standing. "I think these will do as a gag Denise, don't you?." 

Denise's eyes were wide with fear and confusion above the napkin, which still so fully packed her mouth. The silk binding over her mouth had been removed and she was finally able to slightly relieve the pressure on her jaw, but any thought of calling for help from the customers only a few feet away at the front of the laundry was a forlorn one. The acrid taste of the Clorox used to starch the napkin pervaded her mouth, and the saliva dribbling down her throat behind the packed napkin was bitter and foul tasting. It would only induce a choking fit, as it had when she was being gagged earlier. The girls were unlikely to loosen the gag if she did start choking so she knew she must keep calm. She still had no idea why these nice young girls were intent on causing her so much torment but it was clear that they were just as experienced as Miss Priscilla in devising novel ways of restraining her, and they were certainly enjoying their work. She had the most awful feeling that she was going to be the unwelcome captive of the laundry girls for some considerable time to come. 

Taking hold of a corner of the now soggy napkin, Suzy pulled the wadding out of Denise's mouth in a single brutal movement and proceeded to forcefully apply the new gag. The bolster cover was made of the most exquisite white silk satin, a heavier silk than the scarves which had packed her mouth on arrival, and it took some time for Suzy to cram the silk material into Denise's mouth. She poked it into every cavity until Denise's mouth positively bulged with the amount of silk invading her delicate mouth. Finally she was satisfied with her handiwork. Although an end of the silken material still poked forward of Denise's lips, the vast majority of the silk was now firmly wedged deep into Denise's mouth. Taking the other silk bolster cover, Suzy took both ends and twirled the long expensive length of silk into a band which she proceeded to bind over the gag packing, wrapping it round Denise's head three times and cinching it tight on each loop before tying tightly in a knot below her ear. 

The first loop cleaved her lips and forced the silk packing even deeper into her mouth. The second loop went over the packing, covering her mouth and preventing any noise from escaping and the third loop, cinched savagely behind her neck, was purely perverse on Suzi's part, as the wide binding covered from above her nose to under her chin and drew the whole gag together in a tight inescapable muffling of silk. It ensured that Denise would find it difficult to breathe if she exerted herself in any way. All that remained above the mass of white silk, binding the lower part of her face was a pair of eyes, wide with bemusement and fear. Suzi could see no reason to allow Denise use of her sight and used one of the damp silk scarves from her earlier gag packing to bind tightly over her eyes, wrapping it around her head several times before tying it off tightly at the back of her head. 

What a pretty package she thought to herself, as an inspiration suddenly came to her, which would surely endear her to Miss Pettigrew for her creativity. She took a long thin scarf and tied one end to the blindfold at the back of Denise's head and then took the other end down through the scarf tying her knees together. As she pulled upwards and drew in on the scarf, Denise's head was drawn back until it was almost horizontal and a muffled squeal came from beneath the muffling silk. Suzi tied off the scarf at her knees so that Denise's head was now looking at the ceiling. What a perfect package to deliver to Miss Pettigrew she thought, as she steered Denise out of the closet and down the length of the laundry. Denise was obviously in some considerable discomfort and Suzi smiled to herself as she prodded Denise to take tiny step after tiny step towards her next torment at the hands of the Miss Pettigrew and her evil band of laundry girls. 

Chapter 4 

"Right Lucy", said Miss Pettigrew, " lets place one of those white fluffy bath towels over the frame so that our Denise is comfortable tonight. Then go and get me 20 or so wet cotton sheets from the soaker". 

As Lucy hurried off to do Miss Pettigrew's bidding, poor Denise emerged from the closet doorway at the other end of the laundry. Miss Pettigrew noticed some customers were still in the shop at the front of the building but she need not have worried that Denise might alert them to her plight, for a plight it was indeed. Apart from her white corset and a pair of uncomfortable looking black stiletto heels Denise was nude. Her knees were bound tightly together with several loops of a white silk scarf which meant that any steps she could take were tiny dainty steps as she swung her body from side to side. Her arms and wrists were clearly strapped behind her and Miss Pettigrew knew that Suzi would have made a good job of securing them tightly and securely. Denise was bound as tightly and securely as it was possible to get whilst still allowing her to walk upright. 

Two girls walked behind her trailing lengths of rope which were attached to her ankles for security and a further tight binding had been applied between the back of her head and her knee bindings so that her head was forced backwards. Had she been able to see, she would have been forced to look at the ceiling, but a brightly coloured silk scarf was bound tightly over her eyes as a very effective blindfold. As she slowly advanced down the length of the laundry, Miss Pettigrew saw that Suzie had taken no chances with Denise crying out for help. The whole of her lower face was muffled in tightly wound white silk and it was clear that a very large and uncomfortable gag was packed deep into Denise's mouth. 

"Well done Suzi, you and the girls have excelled yourselves with young Denise here. Denise is going to be mummified for the night in some of our nice wet sheets so I think a degree of sensory deprivation is in order. Sally, go and find me some soft wax and I want you to warm it up and then pack Denise's ears with it so that she is rendered completely deaf. Leave your excellent gag and blindfold on for the time being. Lucy is going to apply the real gag later, but I don't want to hear any more vile words from Denise in the meantime............ 

Denise awoke from a fitful and extremely uncomfortable sleep. Having been frogmarched the length of the laundry last night, a rope tying her head viciously back to her knees, so that her gagged and blindfolded head was pointing up at the ceiling. Unable to take anything more than tiny mincing steps because of her bound knees and hobbled ankles, she had been delivered to Miss Pettigrew who, with the enthusiastic assistance of her girls had proceeded to wrap her in layer after layer of cold wet sheets before binding her tightly on her back to a wooden framework. Each limb had been separately wrapped with the wet sheeting before being tied to the wooden frame with loop after loop of cotton cord. Due to the thickness of the wet sheets, the girls had been able to haul on each loop of the rope to ensure that her binding was both cruel and viciously effective. When they had finished, she felt she was a part of the frame and could literally not move a muscle, other than her head which was still unrestrained. 

This did not last long as Lucy, the sadistic daughter of Miss Pettigrew, set to to impose her own brand of head bondage on poor Denise. The silk satin bolster, which had previously swaddled her head down to her neck, was slowly unwound. One of the girls had moulded warm wax had into each ear so that she was effectively deaf. Although she could hear Miss Pettigrew giving instructions she could not make out any of the words. For some reason Lucy had thoughtfully provided Denise with a small wet towel on which to rest her head. It acted as padding against the hard wooden rail her head rested on, and was entirely out of character for one so sadistic and cruel. Lucy's head came into view above her. She was clutching a handful of dripping wet silk scarves that had been delivered with her by a thoughtful Miss Priscilla, and her intent was soon clear. Pinching Denise's nose so that Denise had no option but to open her mouth wide, Lucy commenced to pack her mouth with the sopping wet silk. 

Because they were wet, Lucy was able to cram two scarves into each of Denise's cheeks, leaving a very tiny passageway in the centre of her mouth unpacked. Almost at once Denise felt the water dripping down the back of her throat. Lying flat on her back, she could do nothing to prevent the insidious flow and struggled to swallow as Lucy's enthusiastic and vigorous packing squeezed more water down her throat. Lucy then took one of the thick silk satin scarves, shook it out on the diagonal and tied two knots in the centre. Forcing her fingers into Denise's mouth she prised apart the cheek packing and forced the huge silken knot deep into the centre of Denise's mouth. Denise almost choked at the onslaught but managed to contain her gag reflex, reminding herself of Miss Pettigrew's warning about never releasing a gag once applied. Lucy took the ends of the satin scarf round behind her neck and knotted it firmly so that the knot was forced deep into Denise's mouth, causing a new rivulet of water to drip down her throat. 

Lucy was by no means finished and appeared with another satin scarf, folded into a four inch bandage. This she placed over the knotted gag so that the top was just below Denise's nose, and the bottom cupped her chin. This too was pulled tight and knotted behind her head. Lucy then reapperared with a jug of water. Eagerly watched by the other girls she proceeded to drip water onto the satin bandage until it too was completely soaked and the water was flowing through it into Denise's mouth. Soaking the satin knot deep within her mouth. The soaking of the scarf allowed it to become a little looser and Lucy brutally tightened it again so that the damp bandage formed a tight and brutally effective watertight seal, preventing even the tiniest of noises from escaping Denise's stringently gagged mouth. The silk of the scarf squeaked as the damp knot was tightened and Lucy knew that it would take ages to release when Miss Pettigrew finally decided to release her in the morning. 

The other girls were very impressed with Lucy's technique and there were smiles all round. Before Lucy was finished, she knew that she had to prevent Denise from snorting or making any noise through her nose, otherwise she would lose the bet with her mother. She decided to make it uncomfortable for Denise to both breathe and make a loud noise at the same time so she took a small silk pocket handkerchief and wadded it into Denise's left nostril. With the waterproof gag tightly in place and a plug of silk filling one of her nostrils, Denise lay very quietly and concentrated on breathing. Lucy was not finished yet however. Taking the long silk bolster cover which had previously gagged Denise on her torturous trip through the laundry, Lucy folded it lengthways into a bandage about a foot wide and then laid the centre of the bandage over Denise's face so that equal lengths hung down on either side. 

Making sure that Denise's head was still resting on the small fluffy towel she proceeded to take the ends of the bolster behind Denise's head, beneath the wooden rail on which her head was resting and back to the front. Then, ensuring that the silk bandage covered the whole of Denise's head, she pulled tight on each end so that Denise's head was forced back against the towel and welded tightly to the frame. Denise's features were clearly outlined against the taut silk binding as Lucy tied off the ends on top of Denise's gag, reinforcing the mouth packing and causing another trickle of water to run down Denise's throat. 

Satisfied with her efforts, Lucy stood back to admire her handiwork. Denise was taking slow laborious breaths beneath the multiple layers of tightly bound silk packing her mouth and binding the lower part of her face and the rest of the girls looked on in admiration, and not a little concerned for poor Denise. To suffer such a complete and severe gagging was unusual for a girl's early training at the laundry, but Denise had clearly upset Miss Pettigrew and Lucy was helping her to reimpose her dominance. Lucy basked in the admiration of her fellow laundry girls and reflected to herself on the pleasure she would have over the next few weeks, devising new and uncomfortable bondages for young Denise. 


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