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Silkbound Into Slavery 3

by Mike Silklover

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© Copyright 2005 - Mike Silklover - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; mum; silk; bond; susp; nc; XX

Part Three
Silkbound into Slavery Part 3
Sarah knew she had to make her escape soon before Stephanie returned, but had  no idea what to do next. Although she could just about see through the black  silk hood that encased her head, her wrists and elbows were securely and  painfully bound behind her back, and her ankles were hobbled with tightly bound silk scarves. She was standing shakily in the middle of Stephanie's admittedly  grand bathroom but, as she looked around there seemed to be no implements or sharp edges with which she could free herself. 

Elation at being left alone was starting to turn rapidly to despair, when  suddenly Sarah had a brainwave. She didn't need an implement if she could just reach the bonds on her ankles. She slowly dropped to her knees on the cold marble floor, careful to avoid toppling over and ruining the opportunity for ever. The action placed Sarah's tightly bound wrists in close contact with her scarf hobbled ankles, and she started to feel around with her fingers for the  knots in the hobble scarves. 

It was not at all easy, especially as her fingers were now starting to go  numb due to the tight bonds. After a few minutes however she found the knots in the scarf that joined her two bound ankles together. She cursed inwardly as she  realised Stephanie must have tied a dozen knots or so in the hobble scarf, and  each had been pulled tight to ensure they could not be undone easily. Despite  the seemingly impossible task Sarah started to work on loosening the tight knots  that Stephanie had tied earlier. 

With her hands bound tightly palm to palm, and the tight scarf bonds digging into the skin of her wrists she could only get a little grip on the knots and it took her many minutes before she felt the first of the knots easing slightly.  Buoyed by her success she renewed her efforts and rapidly got the hang of how to  use her fingernails to unpick each knot in turn. Finally, drenched in sweat from the exertion and strain of squatting down on her bound legs, the scarf hobbling her bound ankles dropped away. 

She was now free to move her legs and she stood up, trying desperately to  relieve the cramping and stretch her muscles. However she could not allow herself the luxury of further easing her tired muscles. "I've got to get out of the house before Stephanie returns", she thought, turning and heading out of the bathroom towards the bedroom door. Running somewhat unsteadily across the thick deep pile of the carpet, and dressed in nothing but a skimpy pair of silk briefs and a silk hood that hid her stringent gagging, she reached the partially open door to the bedroom and peeked outside into a corridor. 

Stephanie was nowhere to be seen and so Sarah walked quickly but unsteadily  to the top of the stairs that she remembered being guided up yesterday lunchtime whilst blindfolded. She was torn between racing to get out of the house and  caution in case she should run into Stephanie. 

She had absolutely no illusions about the revenge Stephanie would exact upon her if she was caught, and the thought made her extra cautious. The imposing  front door stood tantalisingly close to the bottom of the stairs but she could  just about see through the black silk that the heavy oak door was bolted from the inside with a head height bolt. There was no way she could reach that with her hands bound behind her so she would have to go out through the garden. 

Padding down the stairs in her bare feet she turned the corner at the bottom and followed the corridor towards the back door. The silk hood was starting to become a little clammy as her adrenalin started to pump and her breathing  increased, but the closer she got, the more excited she became. How could Stephanie have been so stupid as to let her get away? 


Stephanie walked out of the bedroom and deliberately did not look back.  Walking into her own bedroom she strolled casually into her own bathroom and  took a seat in a comfortable armchair facing the mirror. She flicked a switch on  a small remote control and the mirror glazed over temporarily before clearing again. It was a few minutes before Sarah came into view, hobbling at a remarkably fast pace as she entered the bathroom. The one way mirror allowed Stephanie to look straight into Sarah's bathroom, and a satisfied smile spread across her features as she relaxed and prepared herself for the entertainment that was to follow. She watched as Sarah relieved herself and then levered  herself to a standing position. Now the entertainment would begin. 

Previous captives had amused her for several hours as they hobbled around the  bathroom looking for some way of cutting or slipping their bonds, getting  themselves into all sorts of awkward positions and writhing pathetically around  the marble floor. She had a hunch that Sarah would prove an altogether more worthy adversary, and so it proved. 

She watched as the black silk hood that covered Sarah's face moved slowly  from side to side as she looked around the bathroom for an implement that would  aid her freedom. She was much calmer than the others had been and Stephanie began to wonder if Sarah was just going to stand there until she went back inside. Finally, and with what was clearly a triumphant movement, Sarah slowly  sunk to her knees so that her fingers touched the knots on her ankles. 

"So," thought Stephanie, "you're using lateral thinking - very clever my dear." 

By pure good fortune Sarah was facing away from the mirror as she started to work on her bonds, which meant that Stephanie had a deliciously close up view of  the struggle with the silken knots. She had deliberately been very severe when binding Sarah's wrists and elbows, and she could see the narrow band of silk cutting deeply into the skin around Sarah's wrists. She had also tied a multitude of knots in the hobble scarf to make life difficult for Sarah. Sarah would therefore be finding it very uncomfortable as she tried to pick the knots  apart with her fingertips, and Stephanie frankly doubted that Sarah had it in  her to escape, given the discomfort her limbs must be in from her prolonged  mummification. 

Although it took over five minutes for Sarah to unpick the first knot, Stephanie was amazed at the strength and dexterity of Sarah's fingers as she  proceeded to unpick each silk knot in turn. Finally, after no more than 20  minutes work the last knot fell away and Sarah's ankles were no longer joined by the hobble scarf. 

Stephanie looked on in wonderment as Sarah bolted for the door and freedom.  It was several seconds after Sarah had left the bathroom that Stephanie realised  the true extent of what had just happened, and that she must act quickly if she was to make sure her captive remained in her custody. She pulled herself quickly to her feet and she too headed for the door.


Despite the black silk hood and the mouth filling silk gags that seemed to cover most of her lower face Sarah could clearly make out the outline of the  back door. It was not bolted and the handle was a simple lever handle that she could operate by leaning against it with her bound hands. Freedom was finally in sight. Turning quickly to open the door she looked back up the corridor and to  her utter terror she heard the click of high heels on the stairs. Someone was descending the stairs, and in a hurry too. 

Just then the back door bowed to her pressure on the handle and she pushed it  open and stepped onto the patio. The sunny vista of the well tended garden stretched out in front of Sarah. Just as she was about to launch herself  headlong down the garden towards the back gate and freedom she heard a quiet  electronic beep from the vicinity of the doorway. 

Almost immediately the webbing drawcord of her black silk hood began to  tighten about her neck. At first she barely noticed it given the amount of  adrenalin flowing through her veins, but after a few steps onto the soft grass  the black silk clamped itself against her mouth and nose, cutting off her air and stopping her in her tracks. Terror took over as she started to suffocate.  With her mouth stuffed full of Stephanie's white silk panties there was no way she could breathe through her mouth, and the silk of the hood had now taken on the properties of a plastic bag. She dropped to the grass, rolling over and over in a vain but desperate attempt to dislodge the suffocating hood. She heard a  thundering noise in her head as the tightening hood clamped itself against her  face, blocking her nose, as her efforts to breathe started to slow and become  weaker. She felt the darkness closing in on her and she knew that she was going  to die! 


Stephanie stepped out of the back door, her remote control in her hand. Her  customised 'exit prevention system' had proved more effective than she could possibly have hoped, stopping Sarah dead in her tracks. She sat down on the back step and smiled in evil satisfaction as she watched Sarah struggle for breath at her feet. 

Almost reluctantly, or so it would seem to a casual observer, she pressed a  green button on the remote control and the strap on Sarah's hood eased just enough to allow much needed air to enter. 

As Sarah started to realise that perhaps she was not going to die after all, Stephanie bent down and gripped Sarah's silk covered head between her hands. "You worthless, ungrateful little slut", she screamed into Sarah's face, shaking  the hooded head wildly as she did so. 

"How dare you try and escape from me after the kindness I've shown you. Did  you really think that I would let you go that easily. You're really going to pay for pissing me off and abusing my hospitality. Unfortunately, we don't have as  long as I would like before you get crated up, but I'm going to make sure that  the next few hours are the most uncomfortable you've ever spent, just you wait, bitch!" 

Stephanie's voice, so close to Sarah's face through the silk of the hood, was  almost hysterical and full of fury and rage, and Sarah recoiled in terror as her  head was violently shaken by Stephanie. As Stephanie slowly calmed down and  released the grip on Sarah's head, she lay on the grass, desperately sucking in the limited amount of air that now seeped under the hood around her neck, her  head hurting from Stephanie's vicious onslaught. She had been so confident of  her ability to escape, and yet now she was a helpless captive again, and almost certainly about to pay for her misplaced confidence. 

Regaining her composure, Stephanie released Sarah's head and sat back down on  the step as her captive lay wheezing on the grass. "Let me explain to you Sarah. You will probably have realised by now that the hood I put on you is not made of  real silk. It's actually made of acetate, the material they use to make rain  scarves waterproof. As well as keeping the rain out, they are also completely  airtight, making it an ideal material to use for this purpose, don't you think  so my dear?" 

Sarah could not believe her ears. Stephanie's voice had bizarrely returned to  its normal quiet conversational manner. There was absolutely no indication in  her voice that she had just tried to asphyxiate Sarah, or of the vicious shaking  that Stephanie had given her. It was almost as though they were still drinking  lemonade together on the patio. Except that Sarah was effectively trussed,  hooded, gagged with a pair of Stephanie's used white panties and had only just  survived suffocation thanks to Stephanie's devilish electronic hood tightening  device.

"I think we will leave the hood on while we move back inside Sarah. After all  I wouldn't want you to try another escape. Just bear in mind that I can tighten  that neck strap in a second with the remote control I'm holding. And if you  think I will ever loosen it again, think again. You will have shown your  complete lack of potential as a slave and I will just have to cut my losses and  start looking for another slave if you prove to be terminally unsuitable."

Sarah heard the words with mounting dismay. Unless she had completely missed it, Stephanie had just calmly discussed killing her if she should make any future attempts to escape. Not that there was much chance of that in her current condition though. Stephanie had loosened the hood just sufficiently to prevent suffocation, but there certainly wasn't enough air available to mount another escape. 

"I'm afraid that the bedroom is no longer suitable for what I have in mind for you Sarah, I have a far more appropriate location in which to teach you the error of your ways. Now let's get you up on your feet!"

Sarah felt Stephanie's hands on her shoulders as she levered Sarah's body  upwards so that after a struggle Sarah was once again standing upright. Stephanie reached up to ner neck and unfolded the red silk scarf that adorned  her throat. Shaking it out she rolled it into a bandage and bent down to reapply  the hobble between Sarah's already bound ankles. "I will not make this hobble as  tight as the last one because you are going to have to go down some steps but I  am going to take some precautions to ensure that we don't have a repeat of your previous behaviour". 

From a table on the patio Stephanie took a length of cord and tied the end of  it around the hobble scarf at her ankles and drew it up her back to feed it  through the scarf binding her wrists. She then unraveled a length so that she could stand back from Sarah yet still maintain control over the rope. "There.  You will have relative freedom to walk but if you try to run or make any other  inappropriate movement I will just haul in on this cord. Your bound ankles will be lifted off the ground and you will fall flat on your face, so I don't advise  it. If you make it necessary for me to topple you to the ground, be very sure that I will also find it necessary to tighten your hood once again. Now. Start walking. Back inside and turn right along the corridor." 

Sarah could still just see through the suffocating acetate hood and she  started taking tentative steps towards her punishment, careful not to give  Stephanie any excuse to yank her ankles away or to tighten the hood strap again. The procession of cruelly bound and hooded captive, tethered to her elegantly  dressed Mistress and captor moved slowly towards the back of the house. Finally they arrived at what was clearly an outside door, and Stephanie moved forward  with a key to unlock it. Pushing the door open, she propelled Sarah ahead of her  into what appeared to be a loading dock, complete with ramp and a roll top door  to the driveway. 

"Welcome to my crating area my dear", said Stephanie, hauling in slowly on the rope tether so that Sarah's wrists were pulled inexorably towards the floor  and she was forced to kneel.. "Later this afternoon, my colleagues will arrive with a big truck and a large crate to put you in. In the meantime, I must teach  you the error of your ways. You do realise that any attempt to escape from your  new masters will almost certainly involve a long, slow and very painful death. They do not take kindly to their possessions developing minds of their own." 

Stephanie continued hauling in on the hobble rope until Sarah's bound wrists came into contact with her trussed ankles. Stephanie bent down behind her captive and tied off the end of the rope to the bindings on Sarah's ankles,  effectively confining her in a kneeling hogtie. 

"There now my dear, you just remain kneeling there while I make some preparations. I think we can dispense with the hood, now that you are properly restrained again". Stephanie reached over and unthreaded the webbing strap of the acetate hood and slowly drew it from Sarah's head. Sarah breathed deeply with relief. Although still securely gagged with both a sodden silk scarf and the pungent taste of Stephanie's used panties, she welcomed the ability to suck in fresh air through her nose. 

"I will allow you to watch my preparations and you can guess what I have in  mind for you. It is a variation of a position made famous by Sally Roberts, with  one or two variations I have developed over the years".

Stephanie left Sarah in her kneeling hogtie, helpless on the concrete floor, as she made her preparations. She started by pulling a wooden pallet underneath  the crane gantry that dominated the centre of the dock. She then picked up a  remote control and started to lower the hook. Attached to the crane gantry by heavy chains and a series of pulleys, the hook was designed for lifting heavy pallets, although Sarah, watching from across the floor had a horrible feeling that on this occasion she might be on the receiving end of the hook. 

Once Stephanie had lowered the hook to within a foot of the base of the  pallet she shut off the winch and started to prepare some coiled ropes. Made of  soft nylon, the ropes were incredibly strong but very supple. Finally, she went  to a cupboard at one end of the dock and returned with a large cardboard box  which she placed on the ground by the side of the pallet..

"Now we can start", she said as she returned to where she had left Sarah.  Bending down, she untied the rope securing Sarah's wrists to her ankles and  hauled upwards on Sarah's bound arms. "Come along now. I want you to walk over to the pallet and lie down on your front. And don't get any funny ideas about  making a break for it - the doors are all locked."

Sarah started to hobble slowly forwards, her progress once again restricted  by the silk scarf hobble on her ankles. When she reached the pallet she slowly sunk to her knees and knelt on the edge of the pallet. With her arms firmly  bound behind her there was no way of breaking her fall should she fall forward, so she waited for further instructions. 

Stephanie was clearly getting impatient. Seizing the back of Sarah's hair in a vice like grip, she shoved Sarah firmly in the back so that she fell forward  onto the rough wooden floor of the pallet. Stephanie broke her captive's fall by  pulling back on her hair, a move that caused Sarah to cry out in agony as her weight was taken almost completely by her hair. Her naked breasts banged down onto the rough wooden planking and she lay still, trying to get her breath back and reduce the pain from her hair and her breasts. 

Stephanie set to at once to secure her captive. Leaving Sarah's existing bonds in place for the tme being she used the soft rope to securely bind Sarah's  ankles, knees and thighs, taking the rope between the coils on each occasion to  cinch the bindings and make them even tighter. Sarah's scarf bound arms received  the same treatment, with tightly tied rope coils at wrists and elbows. The rope allowed Stephanie to get greater leverage than had been the case with a single silk scarf, and she used the opportunity to draw Sarah's elbows even closer  together, eliciting a muffled howl of anguish from the silk stuffed mouth. When  Stephanie was satisfied that her charge was fully bound with rope, she proceeded  to untie the now redundant silk scarves, placing them in a pile next to the  pallet. 

"Now my dear," said Stephanie, coming round to the front so that she could look her captive straight in the eye. "Let's make things a little less comfortable for you!" 

Sarah's eyes opened wide in horror at what was being done to her and in  anticipation of the pain that was certainly to come. Stephanie was clearly enjoying Sarah's distress and sat down in front of her so that she could drink  in the discomfort and muffled protests that emanated from Sarah's securely  gagged mouth.

"My goodness, I do enjoy this", thought Stephanie, as she finally dragged her  eyes away from her captive. There would be more opportunities for that later she told herself.

Manoeuvering the large metal hook into position, she first of all hooked Sarah's ankle bindings over the hook so that her legs were now bent up behind  her at a right angle. She then leant forward and pulled firmly on Sarah's bound  wrists so that her whole body arched upwards from the pallet. With a struggle she managed to hook Sarah's wrist bindings over the hook as well. Sarah was now  bent back in a fairly stringent hogtie - certainly the muffled cries from behind  Sarah's gag suggested to Stephanie that her captive was not enjoying the  sensation. The size of the hook meant that Sarah's wrists and ankles were not yet joining, but the strain would soon start to tell Stephanie told herself. 

"Now comes the fun bit my dear," said Stephanie as she picked up the remote  and returned once again to stand in front of Sarah.. "Let's see what happens  when I press this button shall we?," she said, with an evil glint in her  eye.. 

As Stephanie pushed the Up button on the remote, the winch started to  operate, slowly drawing the hook and its load up towards the ceiling. The result  was gratifylingly instant, as Stephanie saw the strain of the suspension start to tell on Sarah's face. The hook drew Sarah's ankles and wrists closely together behind her and soon almost her whole weight was being borne by the  ropes on her wrists and ankles. As her stomach bowed under the strain and her body finally lifted off the pallet a muffled scream came from Sarah's gagged mouth and Stephanie watched in delight as Sarah tried to squirm and wriggle on her hook. 

"Now then Sarah dear, let's get you up to working height so that we can get  on with the rest of the restraint shall we?" Stephanie continued to keep her finger on the up button until the horribly bowed form of Sarah had reached the  height of Stephanie's shoulders, whereupon she shut off the mechanism.

"I know that must be very uncomfortable for you sweet thing, but I did promise you an experience you will never forget, so let's carry on shall we?. We're not finished yet, not by a long chalk."

Stephanie reached over behind Sarah's head and started to unpick the knot in the silk scarf cleave gag. Freeing the last knot she drew the tight silk band forward and out of Sarah's mouth. She then put her fingers inside Sarah's still  stretched mouth and plucked out the sodden white silk scarf wadding. 

"There. I do need a little space to work with for this next bit, but we will  leave my panties in place shall we? In fact, let's just make sure that you can't  expel them whilst we are working." 

And with that she put her fingers back inside Sarah's mouth and prodded the  sodden silk panties even deeper towards the back of Sarah's mouth. Sarah almost  gagged on the pressure against the back of her mouth but managed to contol her  gag reflex before she started to choke.

"Excellent control my dear - I'm impressed. I must push a little harder next time!", and she chuckled to herself. 

"Now, to move on, it's time for what I like to call my rainbow hood, so  called because the hood utilises all the colours of the rainbow. And in case  your mind isn't working on full power at the moment, that's seven colours, or in  this case seven large silk scarves."

Stephanie had extracted a neat pile of folded multicoloured silk scarves from  the cardboard box while she was talking, and she now started to unfold the top scarf, a vivid solid red Ferragamo. Taking the unfolded red scarf she placed it  over the top of Sarah's head so that one side of the silk square was parallel with her shoulders and in line with the back of her neck. Taking the two rear corners of the silk square, one in each hand, she drew them forward and tied them in a double knot underneath Sarah's chin. With one side of the hood anchored she then took the front two corners that were dangling in front of  Sarah's bowed face and drew them down tightly over her face so that the crimson red silk was now taut against Sarah's face. To complete the hooding she pulled the two corners back behind Sarah's neck where she tied them off tightly in a  double knot. Sarah's head was now completely encased with a shimmering red silk  hood, its silky folds clinging tightly to her face. 

"My goodness that does look good", thought Stephanie as she unfolded the second, bright orange silk scarf. 

"Now for the second colour of the rainbow", she whispered in Sarah's ear said  with glee. "It's a pity that as we go on you won't be able to appreciate the  artistry of my rainbow scheme, but I am sure that you will find the experience educational, particularly as you will fin dit increasingly difficult to breathe  as we move towards the far end of the rainbow". 

The orange silk shimmered in the glare of the harsh lighting as Stephanie  applied the second hood in exactly the same way as the first red scarf, ensuring  that the material across Sarah's face was as taut as possible.

The full hooding with all seven coloured silk squares took over five minutes as Stephanie lovingly applied a silk square from each of the colours of the rainbow until the final violet silk square had been applied. Sarah's head now  ballooned with the seven layers of silk scarves and her breathing had become  considerably more laboured as she fought the layers of smothering silk. 

"A work of art if I do say so myself," said Stephanie as she surveyed her  handiwork. "Now to fill that little gap that I made earlier on."

Stephanie reached into the cardboard box and came out with a tangle of leather straps and a large red rubber ball. "Although you can't see this Sarah,  this is called a ball gag head harness. It is quite a fearsome device when applied properly - the rubber ball goes into your mouth to hold my panties in  place and the the leather straps form a tight harness over your head so that there is no way of dislodging it. Let me take you through it as we put it on.  The first element is the ball which we will just pop into your mouth and keep in  place with the neck straps." 

Stephanie held on to the two ends of the gag strap and offered the ball up to  the silk hood, behind which Sarah's mouth gaped open.

"Not only is this gag harness hugely effective my dear, it will also considerably tighten up your hood." With that, Stephanie drew the straps behind Sarah's neck and buckled the gag strap. By drawing firmly on the strap she  succeeded in forcing the ball and seven layers of rainbow coloured silk deep  into Sarah's mouth, where it filled the cavity left by the removal of the silk  scarf wadding. Careful not to tighten it too tightly, Stephanie fixed the buckle in place and turned her attention to the chin strap. 

"This strap holds your jaw firmly together and prevents you from slipping the  gag out by moving your jaw", she explained as she pulled the strap underneath the taut silk covering Sarah's chin and secured the buckle as tightly as she could. Sarah clealy yelped in discomfort at that point but the panties, the  rubber ball and the leather straps prevented any noise from coming out. 

"These last two straps go up over the bridge of your nose and attach to the  gag strap at the back, finishing off the harness." Stephanie's running  commentary did nothing for Sarah, as she felt the constriction across and over her face becoming tighter and more claustrophobic by the minute.

Stephanie attached the overhead straps to their female buckles on the gag  strap and then took a short breather from her exertions.

"I know you think that your bondage could not possibly become any worse my dear, but there you are wrong", and she set to to tighten each buckle in turn, forcing the red rubber ball and its accompanying seven layers of silk even  deeper into Sarah's mouth. Finally satisfied that the gag harness was on as tightly as she could make it, she picked up a long thin piece of cord from the  cardboard box and went to stand behind Sarah's head. 

When you reach your futre employer deportment will be an important part of your life, so let's start right here by helping you to keep your head up." With  that she tied one end of the cord to the brass ring that was imbedded in the strap that went over the crown of her head, and drew the loose end through the metal hook that secured Sarah's wrists and ankles. She then hauled in slowly and gently so that the cord pulled Sarah's head upwards until it was facing  forwards. The effort required to pull Sarah's head up that far and the strain on  Sarah's neck muscles must have ben equally strained. 

"There. That's a more ladylike position for a young girl, dont you think?" 

Sarah couldn't answer. Indeed, she could barely breathe. The strain was  intense and the position could not have been sustained had Stephanie not tied  off the end of the cord around the hook.

Despite the total bondage that Sarah was now enduring Stephanie was still not  finished. She delved once more into her cardboard box and came out with two  fiendishly large clover nipple clamps, to the ends of which had been attached  two foot lengths of white shock cord. Ducking under Sarah's taut and immobile body she gripped each of Sarah's niples in a vice like grip abd started to twist  and knead thenm until the niples stood proud of her well endowed breasts. There  was no response from Sarah because a response was no longer possible. When each nipple was fully engorged Stephanie clamped it tightly with the clover clamp. 

"These nipple clamps are very special dear sarah. They are designed so that  the more you try and pull them off the tighter they grip. Ingenious heh?"

Stephanie ensured that the clamps were firmly fitted and then went over to the other sid eof the loading dock and dragged back a what looked like a long thin conveyor belt with built in electric motor.

"I know you can't see this Sarah, but I am quite proud of it. I had it designed specially and I will show you how it works." Dragging the long conveyor belt under Sarah so that the long axis of the conveyor ran along the length of Sarah suspended and hog tied body Stephanie took hold of the lengths of shock  cord dropping down from the nipple clamps and pulling them tight, attached each  one to a ring bolt in the centre of the conveyor belt. The slight tension in the  shock cord caused Sarah's nipples to stretch under the strain but the clamps did  their job and held on tighter.. 

"Now look what happens when I switch it on". Stephanie flicked a lever on the  side of the device and the ring bolts holding the shock cord started to move forwards along the length of the conveyor belt. As they did so the shock cord stretched even further until Sarah's nipples would stretch no more, at which point Sarah's whole body started to swing forwards. Almost immediately, the  conveyor stopped and changed direction, the ring bolts this time moving quickly to the rear. The shock cord once again did its work on Sarah's nipples and this  time pulled her body backwards, starting to build up a momentum of swings that increased in amplitude as Sarah's body matched the pulling of the shock cords. After about three minutes of the conveyor moving backwards and forwards, a  pattern was established. The cord would pull Sarah's body forward and as she  swung forward on the fulcrum of the metal hook the shock cord would stretch her  nipples and cause her to swing backwards. Her rearwa! rd motion was again only  stopped by the stretch of the cord and the punishment of her nipples. Despite  her severe gagging and the many layered silk hood that covered Sarah's head Stephanie could still hear the muffled moan of pain as Sarah reached the top of  the pendulum swing. 

"Frankly my dear I am sometimes amazed at the extent of my own ingenuity,",  Stephanie remarked as she stood back to enjoy the show. "It is now about four  hours until my accomplices in crime come to crate you up. In that time your  nipples will become so sensitised and sore that the merest puff of wind will set  them off. They will remain extreemly tender for about two weeks, or until you  dock in Bangkok. What a shame then that your crate is going to be so close  fitting. I will leave you now to your own thoughts - perhaps one of them should be the folly you made in trying to escape. You could still have been relatively comfortable all wrapped up in bed, rather than swinging from your nipples for  the next four hours. Pleasant thoughts my dear." 


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