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Silk Fashion

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2013 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; spiderwomen; capture; drug; bond; wrap; web; latex; cocoon; gag; envenom; unbirth; insertion; cons/nc; XX

Emma, Christine & Rouszanna were all regulars at the Host Nightclub, renowned for attracting the most beautiful women in town. Many models picked up work there, so it was the place to be seen. The three girls were all part-time models themselves, friends that were always trying to compete against each other for the best clothes and jobs that often come from the Host. Emma was a pretty brunette, Christine a statuesque blonde and Rouszanna a sultry redhead – all were over 6 foot with large breasts and slick pussies as appropriate.

One night, during a promo party at 10pm, a stunningly mature age woman approached the girls. Unusually tall she wore a large white silk scarf tied back over her hair, long black gloves and a very fine silk dress that barely covered her very large breasts and a fine silk g-string underneath.

“I am Madame Spindra” she announced. “I am looking vor some very beautiful girls to serve me and I believe you might be zem”.

The 3 girls were stunned.”Pardon?” said Emma in disbelief.

“I vant you to model” said Madame Spindra. “I vill not ask again... And I pay very vell…”

Christine & Rouszanna didn’t have to ask again. “Yes Madame. We would be happy to,” they said quickly.

Emma still thought there was something fishy about this. “I have never heard of you”, she said. The Madame looked at her and smiled.

“I zought you might zink like zis”, she said. She clicked her fingers, and another woman appeared from behind her wearing only a fine silk scarf dress. It was the most beautiful dress the girls had ever seen! The woman said nothing; her face was completely covered in a rubber mask but given fashion in modern times that didn’t seem strange.

Madame snapped her fingers and the girl disappeared back behind her.

“Zo? Do you agree to work zith me?” Madame Spindra asked again. The 3 girls, still stunned, simply nodded. “Good, good!” said the Madame. “You will report to me tonight at this address at midnight”.

“What????” the girls said.

“Yes, I work late…, here is $10,000 each.” The girls quickly agreed.

2 hours later the girls stood outside a fashion shop called “Madams”. The front door was locked, but from an alleyway on the side a light shone from a side door. As the 3 girls approached, a masked woman in a maid’s uniform opened the door for them but said nothing. Closing the door she walked forward taking them down stairs into a cellar underground. Madame Spindra sat quietly in a corner.

“Ahh, very good. You are on time… vell, please strip now.” The girls looked at each other. Madam stood up.”I vill NOT ask again… STRIP!!!”

Quickly the girls complied. As they did so Madam looked them over and rubbed her crotch through her silk dress. “yes, yes… very good indeed… Now ve will have some fun…”

The girls were nervous and confused. Madam smiled as she pulled her gloves off revealing clawed fingers, her dress pulled itself down as 4 spider arms emerged from her dress, her pussy suddenly ripped out of her panties revealing a large ravenous mass of vaginal lips and spinnerets, and fangs suddenly appeared from her mouth.

“You are very silly girls, very beautiful BUT VERY SILLY…” the Madam pulled her head scarf off revealing her bald head and 6 eyes hidden underneath. The girls realized too late that the Madam was a Spiderwoman…

“Veel vree to scream, pleaseeeeeee….” Madam smiled with her pussy dripping and as she licked her lips.

Emma dived for the door, but to her horror it was covered in a slick Teflon white sheet of webbing and her hands slipped off. Christine was in shock and simply screamed, while Rouszanna tried to run for the other side of the room. “Wonderful, wonderful...” screamed the Madam.

Madam twirled her head scarf at Rouszanna as she ran away, the scarf wrapping around her body and entrapping her limbs making her fall to the floor. She also shot a strong silky webnet from her mouth at Emma, combining it with webbing from her spider arms wrapping her arms up in a mass of silk so heavy she fell to the floor trying to pull it apart but to no avail. Finally she lassoed Christine with webbing pulled from her pussy and quickly pulled her towards her.

Once Christine was close enough she overwhelmed her struggles with thick silk flowing from her pussy and deftly applied by her spider legs to cocoon her from neck to toe. Suddenly she plugged Christine’s screams with a large wad of silk padding.

“Much better”, smiled the Madam. Turning her attention to Rouszanna she towered over her and then smiled again. “You can vait till later...” she bit Rouszanna on the neck who suddenly dropped very still to the ground paralyzed.

She picked Rouszanna up and stuck on a web on the wall, tying a web scarf over her mouth. “Not likely you’ll scream, but just in case…” Madam smiled at her.

When she had finished she turned around to face Emma – who was still trying to pull herself free from the net webbing as she lay on the ground. “Vell, Vell, vell… the annoying one! Yes, you are my favorite… you are the vone.” Emma panicked as she heard this, what did the Madam mean?

“I vill have silence”. The Madam looked at Emma and suddenly grabbed her head with her spider limbs off the floor. As Emma look directly into The Madam’s pussy, a soft cascading scarfy webbing oozed out until it covered her vaginal area. Then she pulled Emma’s face tightly into the webbing.

Emma tried to struggle and breathe, but soon she was inhaling the sickly sweet fumes from the webbing and she passed out. Unconscious the Madam worked quickly, pulling Emma’s face out of her pussy and packing all the soft scarfy webbing into her mouth with her spider legs. Satisfied it was all in place the Madam pulled a special web pad over the top of Emma’s mouth and seamlessly sealed it on.

Emma started to wake up. Suddenly she realized her mouth was sealed shut and she couldn’t make a sound, the webnet still wrapped her up. In a panic she went crazy and started thrashing about, with the Madam hanging above her on a web line.

Madam rubbed her pussy quickly and firmly as she watched Emma trying to escape. Wet slippery gel dripped from her pussy as she did so, getting more & more turned. Suddenly her clit popped up from her pussy as hard as a rock. Emma saw her doing this as she tried to free herself, and thought “This doesn’t look good…”

“Very very good” soothed the Madam. Slowly she lowered herself down on her web line over the top of Emma. Suddenly the Madam bit Emma on the neck, and she was paralyzed. Then she clamped a pad of webbing over Emma’s face, and with a flurry of action on her clit suddenly her pussy erupted in a thick stream of acidic webbing covering Emma’s body.

Everything burned away, leaving only Emma’s body hairless and clean. Her pubic hair, long hair, clothes were all gone.

Madam removed the pad from Emma’s face, and smiled as she saw the look of horror in Emma’s face although Emma couldn’t move.

Madam hung above Emma and spread her human legs right open, while she locked her spider legs around Emma’s head and shoulders. Her pussy lips suddenly lost all tension and dropped loose above Emma’s head, as her vaginal muscles relaxed and her opening widened right open to 10 times its normal size. Emma was horrified –what the hell was going on?

Emma heard Madam quietly moan as she tweaked her clit and climaxed, suddenly a mass of goopy liquid silk webbing poured out from Madam’s pussy and over her head enveloping in a mass of goo. Madam’s 2 front spider legs tightened over Emma’s neck as she came, and as the liquid silk solidified Madam gently teased it down further over Emma’s body with her 2 back spider legs – never losing her grip..

Madam climaxed another 5 times. Each time the silk discharge got thicker and heavier, as Emma disappeared under a thick cocoon of silk. Finally as she climaxed for the last time she screamed and lowered Emma’s cocoon to the ground.

Madam stood back and admired her handiwork. “Very good”, she licked her lips. Rouszanna and Christine had looks of fear on their faces, what was this mad Spiderwoman going to do next?

The Madam then walked into another room leaving the 3 of them helplessly caught. Christine tried to move, but she was completely bound. Wrapped and paralyzed Rouszanna could only moan quietly. Emma’s cocoon barely moved with her feeble struggles.

Looking at each other Christine and Emma saw the fear in each other’s eyes…what was going to happen next?


Samantha looked at her watch. It was 9am and her 3 top models Emma, Christine & Rouszanna were not answering their phones. She had just been to their apartment building and they weren’t home either. She was furious.

Talking with other models she found out the girls had been at the Host Nightclub and then left, but no sign had been seen of them since then. One of the girl remembered seeing them talk to a fashion designer known as Madame Spindra, whom apparently had a shop on 4th Street and Macy 3 blocks over. With nothing to lose Samantha jumped in a taxi and got over there straight away. Sure enough she found ” Madams” straight away, knocking on the door and entering...

For the tenth time in the past hour Christine heard her mobile phone beeping faintly in her pocket, but she couldn’t answer heavily gagged and firmly wrapped up in her cocoon as she was. Similarly Rouszanna’s phone beeped as well. Emma’s cocoon barely moved and nothing could be heard.

Rouszanna started to feel her strength returning. The Spiderwoman had been gone for an hour or so; she could get some movement in her limbs but she had very little strength. Fortunately she had not been wrapped tightly like the other 2, so she could move quite a bit insider her webnet bindings.

Stretching inside her bindings she found her cigarette lighter in her pocket. She was able to grab it and started to try and pull it from her pocket so she could light it against the webbing that held her still...

Samantha entered the shop, which was very dark and lit only by some faded skylights and old electrical bulbs. It was full of very fine and expensive silk clothes including scarves lingerie and evening dresses. Sam was very impressed, it was indeed cutting edge and as good a boutique as she had ever seen.

“You zee anyzing zat you like?” a voice came from behind the desk. Sam looked up to see a stunningly beautiful older woman in her 50s wearing a flowing black silk toga with a large black scarf tied back over her head. Her large breasts and heaving pussy stuck through and she as highly impressive

“It is all amazing”, Sam said with a hint of nervousness. The woman smiled.”Good, good. You are clearly of good taste. I am ze Madam...”.

Sam explained to the Madam she was looking for her models. The Madam smiled – “Yes, zay modelled for me. In fact they still are...”. Sam was confused.

“What do you mean they are modelling for you?”

Madame smiled again. “Do you wish to see them?” Sam nodded and the Madam locked the front door and pulled the curtains down...


Rouszanna flicked her lighter again and again but there was not enough oxygen beneath the webbing for it to light. With all her strength she pushed and pushed until a tiny tear appeared in the webbing and finally it lit. “Owwww!” screamed Rouszanna as she burnt her hand, but she succeeded in burning the webbing which fell away from her. She tore off her gag as she landed on the ground. Looking around she found a large knife which she used to hack into Christine’s cocoon and after some time she too was free. However, neither the knife nor the lighter would have any impact on Emma’s cocoon, which was too impervious to damage.

Both girls looked for a way out in the darkness. They could hear murmurings in the dark – as Rouszanna flicked her lighter on, they were horrified to see a dozen women in all sorts of cocoons and bindings around the room prisoners as they had been.

As her lighter went out for the last time Rouszanna found the door and headed slowly across the sticky webbed floor to escape....


“Vell, vell,, vhere ver ve? Ahh yes....YOU ARE MINE!” With that the Madam threw away her black silk toga and scarf, laughing loudly. Sam shrank back in horror as she saw the pulsating pussy of the Spiderwoman with silk dripping from her spinnerets, which sprang towards her. Too late she tried to duck, as the Madam overpowered her and sent her crashing to the floor. Pulling a large glob of sticky white wadding from her pussy, the Madam pushed it deep into her mouth as she also bite her on her shoulder with her fangs. Quickly the Spiderwoman hogtied Sam’s hands and feet behind her back with thick webbing, as the poison entered her bloodstream and her struggles quickly lessened and finally stopped.

The Madam pulled her headscarf off and tied it over Sam’s mouth, to make sure she was totally silenced. “Zes, now you look much better...” laughed the Madam. “Also, you don’t need these clothes...” With that the Madam tore off all Sam’s clothes including her bra and panties so she was totally naked. “Hmm, zis is good and not great... you need to loosen up...”

Suddenly a door behind her opened up, and the 2 girls emerged to find that the Madam standing over Sam. “Vell, it took you long enough”, laughed the Madam.

Rouszanna snarled, “What are you talking about? We got free on our own...”.

Madam laughed again, “Oh you poor silly slave. You are only free because I let you, I need some entertainment”.

Madam snapped her fingers. Two spiderwomen appeared, all nude – one wearing a latex mask and gloves, the other with a large tissue hanging out of her pussy. “You may now surrender.. If you vish...”. Rouszanna screamed “Never”. Madam sighed. “If zat is what you vish..”

Christine knelt down and the Madam smiled. “You will serve me”. The tissue woman pulled a web noose out of her pussy and attached it to Christine, leading her to another room.

Rouszanna screamed and charged the Madam with her knife. Simultaneously the latex woman shot black sticky latex rubber at the blade covering its edge so it wouldn’t cut, as the Madam stepped sideways and shot a bolas web at Rouszanna’s feet – wrapping around her ankles and bringing her quickly down to the floor. The blade was knocked out of her hands.

The Madam sprang up onto the roof dragging the web line behind her and jumped up and over a rafter on the ceiling and landed back on the floor. Quickly she pulled the web line tight and suddenly Rouszanna was hanging upside down. The latex woman quickly shot rubber bursts at Rouzanna’s hands and encased them in rubber mitts.

Madam laughed and laughed. “Yes, my slave... you are now helpless and are mine... no venom this time, I want you active!

Madam then locked her front spider legs around Rouszanna’s neck and pulled her face into her pussy. With her face pressing hard against her clit, Madame sprayed a thin layer of absorbent silk over Rouszanna’s face, which stuck firm and started to rub. As her clit rubbed harder and harder, she got more and more turned on. Rouszanna tried to scream but the silk stuck firm and soon webbing started oozing her through, pushing into her mouth and down her throat. Just then as Madam was about to climax the sheet was ripped away and Madam’s pussy suctioned over her mouth. Madam came with a large roar and an even larger torrent of silk.

Relaxing now, Madam smiled. She took a soft silk scarf from her pussy and wiped the silk away from Rouzanna’s face so she could see her, then she folded it in a square over her mouth and started lopping a large white silk scarf around her head, OTM style, till it was secure and packed and she tied it off.

Then twirling Rouszanna around at high speed Madam quickly started coating Rouszanna with liquid silk which then hardened into a cocoon as she spun around. However it was very very stretchy without actually breaking. Soon she was covered in a thick cocoon from head to toe, with only her eyes and nose free, as well as her pussy.

She tried and tried to break it, but it wouldn’t give. “Nice, very nice,” laughed Madam. Then the latex woman stood over her and Rouszanna thought she could see a smile through the mask. Madam grabbed her by the boobs and clit via some very tight silk lines and tweaked them hard. The latex woman groaned and liquid black latex dripped out over Rouszanna. Madam tweaked harder and harder – the drip turned into a flow. Faster and faster, soon Rouszanna disappeared beneath a thick but slick layer of latex rubber. As her latex girl came to the edge of orgasm, Madam suddenly picked up Rouszanna’s and jammed her into her latex girl’s pussy – completely unbirthing her.

As she exploded the cocoon shot out from her pussy, a completely smooth latex dildo! Madam was very pleased. Rouszanna tried to escape but both the cocoon and latex enclosure was too flexible and unbreakable.

Finally to make her even better, Madam pulled a large silken bag from her pussy and stuffed it into Rouszanna’s pussy. “This will make you feel better”, she laughed. Rouszanna felt the bag squirming insider her pussy and screamed insider her gag as she realised it was a silken egg sac... her squirming inside the latex bag turned Madam on. She dismissed her latex slave and slipped Rouszanna’s dildo cocoon inside her pussy....


Meanwhile, Christine was led into another room. With the spiderwoman holding her by the neckline she motioned for her to take her clothes off, which Christine did. The spiderwoman motioned again for her to take a “Tissue” from her pussy, which Christine again did and wiped her own. All the hair fell out, and within 2 wipes she was as clean as a whistle. Bending over again this time the spiderwoman pulled a massive “Tissue” out and wrapped around Christine’s head – again her hair fell out straight away, leaving her bald.

Just then Madam re-emerged, with her belly bulging with her new toy. “Yes, she is good too.. I want her as storage...”

The spiderwoman smiled for the first time at Christine, who suddenly got very nervous. Suddenly she pulled the neck silk line tight and lifted Christine into the air with 2 arms. Unable to breathe Christine tried to free her neck; however as she did so the spiderwoman grabbed her wrists and shot webs to 4 ways, one for each limb. With the lines Christine was now spread-eagled and suspended helplessly.

The spiderwoman pulled out a giant hankie scarf and stuffed it into Christine’s mouth. She then took another giant scarf and wrapped it over her head several times to firmly gag her. With her now helpless the spiderwoman got close to Christine’s pussy lips and suddenly bit her on them. It hurt for a second, but all of a sudden her lips went loose. Then they started to swell, getting bigger and bigger until they were the size of her hands. To Christine’s horror her vagina started expanding in size, stretching out until it was as big as her head. As the spiderwoman massaged her pussy, it started dripping and finally to her shock webbing coated the internals.

Christine had become a storage unit for the spider women. Just then the Madam dragged Sam in. “Very nize work..” she complimented her spiderwoman. Sam looked in horror at Christine!

“Oh, don’t worry...” Madam laughed. “You vill get to zee what happens yourszelf!”

The Madam hung Sam alongside Christine from the same rafter with strong silk lines leaving her suspended in a ball next to Christine, who was still spreadeagled. The slave spiderwoman also bit into her pussy, and like Christine’s, it suddenly went very loose and expanded quickly. Again she felt very slippery and also to her horror felt webbing coating her internals.

Madam was very pleased. “Good vork!” she smiled. Then, like with Rouszanna, she pulled out 2 giant egg sacs from her pussy the size of pillows and pushed them into the girl’s pussies tightly – they fit tightly and snugly – with both girls in a permanent state of arousal.

Finally to finish off, both the Madam and her spiderwoman starting spraying webbing over both girls so they eventually disappeared beneath thick webbing, unable to escape of scream. Only their eyes showed the look of fear no their faces.

Her job now done, The Madam licked her lips again...”Yezzz, next is ze Victoria Secret Fashion Show... zat will be fun...”


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