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Skirt Mummy

by Jane

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© Copyright 2006 - Jane - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; mum; wrap; straitjacket; cons; XX

I have just found this site and I want to tell you about my life.

It all started 30 years ago when I was 15, I was quite boring, a tom boy, always hanging out with the boys. I was the only girl at school who wore trousers, I never wanted to be a girl, I dressed and acted like a boy.

This went on till I left school; I then noticed that to get on in life I needed to change. Firstly I lost a lot of weight and grew my hair. But the biggest change was when one day I put both feet into one leg of my track suit trousers, it felt nice, I pulled it up to my knees, it was very tight and I stayed like this all night.

Over the next year I started to wear skirts, always tight. I was looking and feeling attractive and sexy. It is the 60’s mini skirts are all the rage, but I never showed my knees, I often used to wear a skin tight hobble skirt under a loose dress.

But one day I met Mike, now my partner, he loved that I wore tight skirts. After a year getting to know each other, he told me that he likes his arms being trapped, and that he fancied me because I like my legs being trapped.

We fell in love, I could not look back, 10 years ago I had never worn a skirt but now, all I wear is skirts, and Mike loved it. We moved in together, then I found out why he loved me, in his room he had a straight jacket, with a bottom half for legs.

Mike said, “Do you fancy trying it on?”

I never thought that I would ever do some thing like that. So we did, he put a blindfold on me and said to put my arms out, the jacket slid on to my arms. I was nervous, my arms were pulled across each other, then it felt like I was like being cuddled, the straps were done up tight and to my surprise it felt really nice, Mike said that’s what I love.

Then I felt my legs being pulled together, this I liked, it was like a mega tight skirt, I was pushed on to a bed, and I lay there for ages. I loved it, next morning I could not stop thinking about mummification, from then on we tried every way, cling film, bandages, tape, we had so much fun, we even have a vacuum sleep sack, which I spend many hours in.

Its now 1990 and I have a 16 year daughter, who is identical as me in size, but the only difference is that she has never worn a pair of trousers, she always borrows my tight skirts. Her name is Kirsty, but her friends call her Skirty, because of she only wears skirts.

One day Mike said that I have a surprise for you. He had a bag full of bandages, a pack of 6 rolls of duct tape, cable ties, and role of pallet wrap, I thought we are going to do our thing, but no.

Mike gagged and blindfolded me, then wrapped each arm and leg in pallet wrap, very tight, then put duct tape over. I then felt a vibrator go in. But this time it was different, each finger was done separately, then Mike used all six rolls to wrap me up and down. I was then lent up against a wall then he started to wrap me in the pallet wrap.

Then my head was wrapped, I could not breath, suddenly a hole was made for my nose. This was the tightest it had ever been. Mike said I have another surprise for you, I was pushed on to the bed, and I did not realise he put me into our vacuum sleep sack. All the air went and I drifted off. Then Mike said goodbye.

I could not take it in, the vibrator was on a setting to go on for 20 minutes, then off for 20 minutes, I heard the door go. I was enjoying it, but after a period of time I started to panic, the phone went, it was work then I realised I had been mummified all weekend and I was late for work.

I wet myself several times. I was trapped. I thought I was going to die, my daughter was in Spain till Friday and no one could help me, I passed out several times not knowing what would happen to me.

Then the door went, I thought it was mike, but it was Kirsty, she came home with a boy that she met on holiday. I heard her say my mum has a straight jacket upstairs; Kirsty came up to find me and helped me out.

It took 2 hours to unwrap me, and I realised Mike had left me. I had been mummied for 6 days, and was put off forever, but Kirsty said she was doing it now and liked it. I thought she was old enough to find out for herself.

2 years has passed, and I still dream of this, and have found this site.

Met a new guy, spotted wearing tight skirts. but all ways think of mummification



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