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Skirt Mummy 3

by Jane

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© Copyright 2007 - Jane - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; wrap; enclosed; mum; saran; tape; cons; X

Note to the author: I don't have part two of this story.

It’s been a few months, since I returned from our holiday, where I was left for ages completely mummified. I have forgiven Kristy, who has now moved in with a new boyfriend.

My new partner Dave still loves me to wear tight skirts, tighter the better, at home I have made a hobble skirt out of a pair of his jeans, they are so tight I only can move 4 inches at one time, and there is still a ban on trousers in the house. When Dave comes home from work, he changes in the garage into his favourite skirt, a taken in below the knee stretch denim skirt he lives in it.

One day I was at home as usual, when I had a call, Dave has been involved in a car crash, and was hurt, I rushed of to the hospital. When I got there I was told that he had broken both collar bones and would need an operation.

A few days went by, Dave was on the mend, but was in pain and upset that he could not move his arms. Eventually he came home, as soon as he came in he asked me to help him in to his tight skirt, both arms was strapped to his chest he had to be like this for 6 weeks, he was like a mummy.

Dave kept complaining that as his arms moved an inch it hurt like hell, so I came up with an idea. Dave did not know that I loved to be mummified and this was a good opportunity to introduce him to it. I said to him, how about me making him a chest bandage, he said ok.

So I looked around the house on what I could use, I went in to Kristy’s old room, knowing that she had left some skirts and dresses in a draw. I found a full length dress which stretched a bit, I remembered that she used to live in this, so I tried it on, the skirt was mega tight but the top half was too big for me, then I had an idea.

I got my sewing machine out and put a zip in the back, and put a strip of stretch material in the top. I showed Dave, he looked nervous. He stood up and stepped in to it, I pulled it up him and did the back up, he now looked like a mummy, and he said that feels better.

I thought he looked good and said he was to stay in it all night. The morning came Dave was flat out on his back fast asleep, the door went, and it was Kristy she had came round to collect her dress that I used. When I told her what I have done with she wanted to see Dave in it.

She walked in to our bedroom and said that he reminds him of our old days.

Dave said, "What old days?"

Kristy said, "Oh don’t you know that Jane loves being totally mummified!"

I was embarrassed by this, Dave said, "Tell me more."

It was a Saturday and I had nothing to do, "Kristy & I can show you."

I said, "What have you in mind?"

Kristy said, "It's up to you."

I said, "Ok lets do it."

Kristy said, "I will be back soon. I’m going to get some stuff to do it with."

Whilst she was gone I explained to Dave that I have been doing mummification for years, and I love it.

Kristy came back with a 400 meter role of pallet wrap and 3 rolls of duct tape, she said to Dave, "Do you mind me doing this to my mum."

He said, "No I have had fantasies of doing things like this."

Kristy said, "How tight should I do it?"

He said, "As tight as possible". I said ok.

Kristy said that she has learnt a new way of doing in, she started to wrap each leg and arm about 6 layers, then my body. I thought that it felt nice. Then she did the new thing. She wrapped my legs and arms in duct tape, with my fingers and toes wrapped up too. Then she pulled a hood over me, one leg of an old pair of trousers that I'd altered for a hobble skirt. I saw that she made a hole for me to breath.

Then she said, "Legs together and arms down."

So she started to wrap up and down, up and down, it took ages, about an hour, by then I was in heaven. Then she said to open wide and pushed a tube in to my mouth, and wrapped my head up, then up and down.

Dave said that this is turning him on.

Kristy said that she has used all the 400 meters of tape. And said that she had more to come. She got out the remaining two rolls of duct tape, and wrapped me up in them. By now I has lost all feeling in my legs and arms, and totally drifted off. I could not move a millimeter.

Dave said, "Lets leave her."

By then I was gone. They left me all day, and went over to Kristy’s house.

I was loving it, when they came back Dave asked, "Do you want to be let free?"

I said, "No leave me."

So she did, for 2 days. It was intense I had wet myself several times and started to smell. Eventually I was let free it felt wired being free, I had got used to being bound.
Now Dave knows my secret and has said when he feels better he wants me to do it to him. Wait for Skirt Mummy 4..





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