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Sleep Tight, Pleasant Dreams!

by Jsmith7471

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© Copyright 2003 - Jsmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; FF/m; mum; cocoon; kidnap; nc; X

Scott enjoyed going out on travel for his company, occasionally. Sometimes he would be away for weeks at a time. The biggest thing he missed when on travel was his girlfriend and being mummified on a regular basis by her. However, when away on travel, one of the perks he had found, were the hotel's king size beds with king size sheets. Every evening, after he had finished his workout and returned to his room, he would treat himself to an old-fashioned sheet wrap to relax in.
He would pull the quilt and spread off of the bed and pile them out of the way on the floor. Moving quickly, he tugged the tucked ends of the sheet out from between the mattress and box springs, and left them hanging loosely. In the nude, he laid down on one side of the bed, pulled the sheet over his body, wrapped it around his ankles, tucking it tightly between his legs and held it tightly to his chest. With his arms held tightly to his chest, he began rolling to his left quickly, wrapping himself tightly in the sheet. By rolling at a slight angle, he was able to wrap the sheet snuggly around his legs and body. He usually ended up under at least 3 layers.

It wasn't vet wrap, elastic bandages or plastic wrap and duct tape. But it was confining and effective. His arms were helpless at his side, the palms of his hands flat on his ass cheeks. The sheet drawn tightly over his throbbing erection. His legs were held snuggly, unable to move them. Scott had ended up finishing in the middle of the bed on his back, with his head resting on a pillow. This was the second night he had done this.

He had left the room air conditioning off. Within about 10 minutes, it started to become warm in his cocoon. His hands and arms were becoming sticky with sweat. The sweat made it harder to move his arms against his body. He looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was 9:30PM as he lay back on the pillow, settling in. He looked down the length of his bound body. It wasn't exactly mummification, but he still had a tight cocoon holding him.

His breathing and heartbeat slowed down as he relaxed and drifted off to sleep. The last thing that he remembered was his rigid member, throbbing under the sheet and how good it felt.

Scott had been asleep for a while, dreaming and fantasizing, when he heard a noise off in the distance of his consciousness. He thought he felt something going on at his feet or ankles. As consciousness slowly crept back into his mind, he lifted his head and opened his eyes. Standing at the foot of the bed was a tall blonde. She was bent over, holding his feet off the bed. Pulling the end of the sheet, tightening it up and tucking the end in.

 He was groggy, unsure if he was still asleep fantasizing, as he watched her wrap a band of two-inch wide electrical tape around his calves and ankles to hold the sheet end tight, keeping it from unraveling. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs.

"Hey! Who are you and what are you doing? How did you get in here?" he exclaimed.

As he lifted his head and began squirming, a hand pressed on his chest, pushing him back down onto the bed. He looked to his left and saw another blonde leaning over that side of the bed, holding him still. She crawled onto the bed and knelt beside him. "Now just relax. Be still and quiet. Don't give us any trouble." she warned.

It was then that he noticed that they were dressed identically. Looking like chauffeurs in gray, tweed uniforms, including the caps. Both of them had nice figures. Their uniforms were very snug. Their breasts straining against the material, with their long hair tucked up in a bun under the hats. For some reason, they looked vaguely familiar.

While the second blonde kneeling to his left, seemed to be waiting, she made the sheet neater and wrapped it snuggly around his neck. Then she wrapped a band of tape around his neck also, to prevent any unraveling. After a moment, she began pulling the sheet tightly around his torso, snugging it up and smoothing it out. 

"Make sure it's tight!" commanded the first blonde. "We don't want him getting away. Keep him quiet! I'll help you secure him further, as soon as I'm done here. Then we'll prepare him for transport and pickup." 

" No problem." responded the second blonde.

As Scott watched he saw the first blonde had wrapped a band of tape around his ankles, his feet and his calves. She put his legs down, having rendered them immobile and moved over beside the second blonde. She handed her the tape and began feeling over his sides until she found his hands. "We'll need the first band of tape around his upper thighs to secure his hands." 

They started winding the tape around him, rolling him from side to side to get the roll under him. After five turns, they cut the strip. 

"How did you get in here? Why me?" asked Scott.

The first blonde (obviously the leader) smiled and looked down at him as he struggled. 
"It appears that your kink got the best of you. In your haste to become helpless, you forgot to deadbolt and chain the door. Being wrapped in the sheet and asleep, saved us the trouble of chloroforming you, before we secured you." she continued. "As to why you? We both spotted you working out at the hotel gym the last two nights. You were a perfect candidate!"

"A candidate for what?" asked Scott. 

"All in good time." she replied.

"Let's put a band around his shoulders, after we tape down the loose sheet over each shoulder. Also add a tape band around his elbows and at his waist." directed the first blonde. The second blonde moved over to his right side and they put the remaining tape bands around him. Now he was thoroughly secured.

If Scott wasn't helpless before, he was now. As he lay there, he took a quick, deep breath, about to start yelling for help. The first blonde saw this and immediately placed one hand over his mouth and the other hand behind his head, clamping it in a viselike grip. "No you don't!" she chuckled. "Bring a gag over here and turn up the television for a few minutes." she told the second blonde.

"Lngh mnee gnooo!" yelled Scott thru her hand. The television drowned out his cries. He bucked his feet and legs, struggling to get loose. The second blonde returned with a red ball gag. Not waiting to see if he would cooperate, the first blonde pinched his nose shut, waited for a moment and uncovered his mouth. When she uncovered his mouth, he immediately gasped for air and the second blonde pushed the ball past his teeth. It socketed in easily. They both grabbed him by his shoulders and sat him up. She buckled the strap to the gag tightly behind his head. Scott moaned and twisted his head. 

His jaws were already beginning to ache. The straps were pulling back deeply into the corners of his mouth. Scott winced as the first blonde pulled the gag strap another notch tighter.

Both girls sat back on the bed and looked at each other and then Scott. "I can't believe it was this easy." commented the second blonde. "That's why someone with experience, like myself, is always paired with a newbie, like yourself." the first blonde replied. The second blonde nodded to the first, acknowledging her comment.

Scott hummed into his gag looking back and forth between them as the first blonde reached out and absentmindedly stroked his erection. "Still packing a hard-on, even in a life threatening situation. Gotta love those men!" she commented. She continued stroking his cock for a few moments, acting as if he was not even there, and then stopped.

"With a solid, buff body and a vee shape like this, he'll make an excellent addition to the collection!" commented the second blonde.

They laid him back down and he humped the air whimpering, trying to attract their attention. They both got up and walked over to a bag on the entertainment center. The first blonde looked back and laughed at his helplessness. "Let's get him packaged." she said as she handed two wide rolls of electrical tape to the second girl, while keeping two for herself. They returned to the bed.

The first blonde lifted his calves, holding them as the other girl began wrapping at his toes, carefully covering the sheet with overlapping layers of the tape.

"Take your time! Nice and smooth. Good overlap on each wrap. I don't want to see any white showing thru." warned the first blonde.

Bob could see them wrapping his feet and ankles as the tape was applied slowly, deliberately and neatly. As the second blonde finished his feet, they switched places. Now she was holding his feet. The first blonde now took over the wrapping. As the tape wound around his calves and over his knees, he sensed that she had a different technique. The first blonde's wrapping was quick, steady and confident. She had definitely done this before. She maintained a steady tension on the tape as it was applied. She was already halfway up his thighs as he felt the contraction and additional compression of the tape beginning.

Unlike adhesive tape and duct tape which are dimensionally stable, the electrical/ rubber  tapes contract a certain amount when they are stretched during application. They lifted him up and piled some pillows under the small of his back, to allow the tape to be passed under him. As the tape covered his hips, penis and locked his hands even more tightly to his side, while passing his waist. Scott feared that with the crushing embrace of the wrap's contractions, he would have difficulty breathing as the mummification continued. This mummification was more intense than anything he had experienced before. (Or performed on anyone else.)

The pillows were removed and with a girl on each side, they resumed rocking his body back and forth to aid in the wrapping process. It was humiliating, as the girls wrapped him. They ignored him and continued chatting about how easy his capture was and the other guys they have observed at the hotel gym. They seem to have a never-ending stream of ideas of what they would like to do to them.

Many of their ideas centered on a drawing series by the bondage artist, SMS, entitled "Milking Stations". He knew the series, where males, either singly or in groups were bound stringently in various ways by dominant women. Then milked for their cum, either manually or by machine. Laughing and joking between themselves. It was as if he wasn't even there. As if he were an object. They ignored or even refused to acknowledge his presence. Even when he struggled or moaned.

His forearms had been welded to his waist and ribs as the tape wound ever higher, up over his chest and upper arms. They wound the tape carefully up, over and around his shoulders. Stopping when it finally covered his neck. Bob mmmphed and moaned as they both sat back to look at their helpless captive, critically admiring their work. Any body movement was almost non- existent. Occasionally, he would wiggle his feet in protest. They each ran their hands over the smooth, black mummy before them. Admiring the excellent work they had done. They were both in awe of the mummy before them.

After a few moments, the first blonde got up and walked over to the bag again. Bob bent his head as much as the tape permitted, becoming anxious, trying to see what she was up to. He suspected that they weren't done yet. The second blonde continued caressing and stroking his body, with a firm and insistent pressure. She moved up to his head. As she rubbed his face and hair, she saw that he was now sweating. Only then did Scott realize how hot he was. Three layers of cotton sheet and a solid layer of tape were taking their toll. Due to his nervousness and his arousal, he was really sweating. He hadn't been able to say anything because of the gag.

The second blonde crawled off the bed and walked over to the thermostat. She turned it on and set it for 68 degrees. She returned to the bed and gently wiped his face and head with a towel. His eyes pleaded with her for his release. "I'm sorry. There is nothing that I can do. I'm afraid that the decision has been made."

"Help me finish his head and we're done." directed the first blonde.

"We're going to finish wrapping your head. Then we'll leave you for a few hours to return later in the night, with some helpers. They'll help us move you, when the traffic in the hallway is down. A quick ride in the freight elevator around the corner, and you'll be on your way." Hearing this, Scott struggled fiercely, twisting and thrashing his head from side to side, moaning "Nnngh!Nnngh!"

His cock was throbbing. It had never been harder as it throbbed and pulsed under the tape. He was wrapped so tightly that his body was actually stiff as they bent him, trying to sit him up. They piled some pillows behind him to hold him up. Bent as he was, with his chest being compressed, he couldn't move a muscle and his breath rasped thru his nose, his breathing becoming more labored.

They sat on each side of his head; the second blonde assisted the first by holding his head still. The second blonde looked down and saw the frightened look on his face. Her expression softened, "It's going to be ok. Don't worry." she said, in a soft soothing voice, as she smiled at him.

"I'ss   ooo  ight." he pleaded with them.

She wiped the drool away from the corners of his mouth and his chin.Those were the last words he uttered as the first blonde applied three strips of medical tape over his mouth, sealing it shut. The tape extended from his chin up to right under his nose. Then she took out what looked like a small headband made of a piece of ACE bandage. Using both of her hands and a lot of effort, she stretched it over the top of his head and under his chin. His mouth was now clamped completely shut, his teeth meeting in the front. This compressed the ball gag and forced it back further into his mouth. His eyes watered as he fought to control his gag reflex. A few tears rolled down each cheek. The ball trapped his tongue on the floor of his mouth. Swallowing his drool became even harder, if not impossible.

Starting at his neck, she wound black vet wrap around his throat. The bandages covered his mouth as they both wound it around his head. Angling the bandage allowed them to wrap it under his chin and over the top of his head. 

They paused long enough to put earplugs in and a soft pad over each eye. "Bye bye, honey." As they looked down and smiled, he heard them laughing as if at a distance. Scott panicked as his last two senses disappeared. Other than moving his head, he could barely struggle. He had never felt this helpless or at someone's mercy. Without his sight, he felt the bandages cover his ears and eyes and pull tightly over his forehead as they completed his head. After a moment of stillness, he wondered why they hadn't put him down.

He felt some motion on the bed and then something at his neck again. "Damn! What are they up to now?" he thought.

"Don't wrap his neck tightly. Do a good job on his head. I love heads mummified tightly in electrical tape." said the first blonde to the second. As she finished covering his neck with a snug wrap, the second blonde transitioned to a tight, steady tension as she wound the tape around his head.

Thru the vet wrap, Scott felt the contraction of the tape and knew they were using more electrical tape to finish the job. After a few moments, he sensed that the activity had stopped and he knew they were done. Strangely enough, he wanted desperately to see what he looked like as a satin black mummy. He felt them remove the pillows from behind him, allowing him to lie flat on his back. His breathing was now easier. The electrical tape around his neck now prevented him from moving or turning his head. His head was locked to his shoulders. He was totally helpless. The only sounds escaping his head was a low whimpering and mewling that the girls could barely hear.

They sat there caressing and rubbing his head and body for a while, becoming turned on, themselves. They had done this. Put a male in their control, rendering him totally helpless. The power they felt was intoxicating and arousing. They took their suits off and took turns riding his chest and face. They humped his face, smothering him with their pussies. Scott struggled desperately to breath. Their scents were reinforcing his arousal. His cock throbbed and he couldn't do a thing about it. He managed to wiggle a finger. Nothing else moved.

After a while, Scott felt nothing. He realized that they must have gone. He lay there, still sweating. It was so hot in his cocoon. Feeling the compression all over his body. His jaws ached from the gag. His body bound helplessly, unable to move. All sight, sound and touch having been taken away. His breathing slow and steady, thru his nose. They had placed pillows on either side of him to prevent his rolling out of bed.

After awhile, Scott drifted off to sleep. His dreams were of mummies, kidnappings, being helpless and statuesque blondes.

Scott felt some movement that startled him awake. Being blind and sensory deprived, he had no idea how much time had passed, since they had finished his "packaging".

He felt hands gripping his ankles, shoulders and his middle as they slid and lifted him off the bed. He was very frightened and his Mmmmmfffff'ing had no affect on his captors. He could faintly hear a woman warn him. "Lie still or we will drop you! Damaged goods are of no use to us!" He felt himself swaying slightly as they carried him out the door of his the elevator! He wondered briefly what would be next.


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