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The Sleep Study

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2010 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; drug; encase; nylon; tape; wrap; breathplay; electro; toys; anal; oral; sex; cons/reluct; X

“Good evening, I am Gene Harris, I am suppose to have a sleep study here tonight.” Gene Harris had been extremely tired over the last few weeks. After a visit to his family doctor to determine why he was always sleepy, his doctor recommended he have a sleep study to see if he has sleep apnea. The facility was an outpatient clinic, and Gene reported at 8:30PM, pajamas and pillow in hand.

“Good evening Mr. Harris, I am Tracey Mounds, your nurse and research technician for the evening. Please fill out this patient information form while we wait for the other patient.” Gene took the form from the nurse and began to answer questions pertaining to his sleep habits. Most of the questions seemed pretty standard until he reached questions 9 & 10:

9) Do you have erotic dreams?

10) Have you ever had a “wet dream”?

Hmmmm. Rather interesting questions, but how are these questions pertinent to the sleep study? He was rather embarrassed to answer “yes” to both, especially when his nurse was an extremely well endowed brunette. He just hoped he didn’t have a “wet dream” of her while he slept.

Nurse Tracey entered the room. “Well Mr. Harris, seems our second patient called and will not be participating in the sleep study tonight, guess it’s just you and me. I will escort you to your room”

Gene arrived in a room that was appeared to be a typical examining room with some electronic equipment on portable carts. There appeared to be an unusual large wooden wall. The nurse walked over to the wooden wall and proceeded to pull down a hinged bed. The Murphy Bed was hidden in the wall and was only pulled down when needed.

“This is where you will sleep tonight. The bed is very comfortable and we have extra pillows. Go ahead and change in to your night clothes and simply open the door when you are ready for me to prepare you for your study.”

“Thanks Ms. Mounds.”

“Oh, you can call me Tracey, we’ll be here all night together, just as well make it informal.” And the nurse walked out and closed the door.

Gene looked around the room. Seemed like he would be able to at least get some sleep, pretty quiet, fairly dark, and the bed was very comfortable. He removed his shirt and pants and put on a pair of pajama’s and a white tee shirt, his normal sleeping compliment. Though sometimes he would sleep nude, tonight did not seem to be the appropriate setting, especially with a hot nurse in the building.

Ready for bed, he opened the door to indicate he was ready for the sleep study.

“Well Mr. Harris, I need to attach several leads, and EKG to you to monitor both your heart and pulse and EEG your brain activity.” She pulled up each pants leg and his shirt to attach the electrodes. She had to put a putty like jell in his hair to attach the leads to monitor his sleeping brain activity. 

“OK Mr. Harris, climb in bed and get comfortable. You can read for a while until you get sleepy, I will peek in on you at times, I will also be able to monitor your activities remotely by activating this camera.” She pointed to a camera in the corner that would allow her to see him during sleep. Gene wasn’t really comfortable with someone being able to record a video, but, guess it must be done to properly evaluate his sleep patterns.

“One last thing, here is some medicine to assist you in falling to sleep.” Nurse Tracey handed him a small glass of liquid to drink. He swallowed the entire volume and immediately began to feel drowsy.

His erotic dreams began to vividly play. His mind was very foggy, his mind was playing games. He couldn’t seem to move somehow secured tightly in a stringent wrap. His body appeared to be a sausage, stuffed into a brown nylon casing. Nurse Tracey entered the room and gave a pleasing look over her captive tightly secured in nylon panty hose.

One leg of the panty hose had been pulled over Gene’s head, tightly fitting his arms to his side. A wad of surgical gauze had been stuffed into his mouth and secured with a small nylon stocking. The second leg of the panty hose had been pulled up over his legs, forcing both legs together. The two leg sections came together just below his belly button, thus giving the nylon legs an almost expanding appearance as they compressed his flesh.

As the nurse approached her patient sealed in nylon artwork, she picked up a pair of small cuticle scissors and began to cut a small opening in the crotch, allowing his penis immediate escape.

Gene dreamed of a warm, wet mouth gently sucking his cock, extended in entirety by Mr. EMHO, the acronym for an Early Morning Hard On as they used to joke in the army. However, as he began to awake in a fog of drowsiness, he realized his dream was a reality.

Nurse Tracey was gently, and oh so handily, giving him a blow job! Her tongue circled his cylinder, her lips descended up and down the shaft, tightly sealing around his cock as she deeply sucked. He was ready for a paramount explosion, but could not seem to force his cum up the extension. The nurse had taken a small strip of nylon and tied it tightly around the base of cock, thus creating a perpetual hard on and not allowing his lava to erupt.

As she took a final lick of the lollipop, she again took the scissors and began to cut the nylon stocking that encased the legs. As Gene’s legs were nearly numb, movement was difficult even though the nurse was beginning to free them from the nylon wraps. Movement was only momentary as the nurse took the strips of nylon and tied each ankle to the top of two IV poles mounted on each corner at the foot of the bed.

With his crotch fully exposed and legs hanging high from the poles, it was evident the nurse had another erotic scheme. As she moistened his anus with KY jelly, his sphincter would soon become the target of her next sexual adventure. She strapped on a large dildo, with the projectile directly aimed at the opening of his rear.

Still attempting to totally come to his senses, he suddenly felt an uncomfortable, but somewhat enjoyable feeling entering somewhere into his lower body. As Nurse Tracy slowly moved the dildo in and out, he realized he was being ass fucked by this beautiful nurse. He watched as her breasts heaved up and down. As the nurse became more stimulated, she grasped her own boobs, kneading the mounds and pulling at her own nipples. His own hard on seemed to grow bigger with the additional pressures exerted into his rectum, forcing him to became even more excited and produce an even greater reserve of bubbling semen.

She pounded the dildo rhythmically in and out of his rectum. Her movements became more pronounced as she came closer to an orgasm. He wanted to grab her tits, squeeze her nipples, and plant his hard-on directly into her cunt. But, his nylon wrappings prohibited him from even the slightest movement. Nurse Tracy vibrated and gyrated herself to a magnificent orgasm. Poor Gene Harris could only watch as his sexual tensions caused him to faint and again drift off into an erotic sleep.

“Well, I see you are awake.” Nurse Tracey said with a smirk. But, Gene could not answer. His mouth was tightly sealed with a plastic tape. When he attempted to move, he realized his most of his body was wrapped in what appeared to be medical tape.  His penis and his nipples were left uncovered, while every other inch of his body, from his toes to the nape of his neck, was wrapped and sealed tightly. As he viewed his captivity, Nurse Tracey gently caressed his manhood.

Something else felt awry. Again, there was a tightness around the base of his penis. He now realized this nurse had again secured him for her own sexual pleasures. “Well, Gene, the answers to your questionnaire indicated you really enjoy your dreams. Since we are alone tonight, I thought I would make your dreams come true by fulfilling my own sexual fantasies.”

She then began to explain he still had a perpetual hard on due to the fact she had tightened some surgical binding around the base of his erect penis. “And your nipples are open to allow me to apply these.” And with that comment, Tracey lifted a pair of clamps with wires attached. She began to lick and suck his nipples to cause them to harden. Once the nipples became enlarged, she took the clamps and attached one to each hard knob.

“These nipple clamps will serve two purposes. For now, a slight electrical charge into the nipple clamps gives a level of sexual pleasure that you have never imagined. With your body cocooned, these electrical impulses, combined with my personal touch, will nearly drive you crazy with sexual excitement. The tight surgical bindings will not allow an orgasm, at least not yet.” She slid each of the IV poles around the bed until they were beside his shoulders. As she straddled Gene, she reached out to each IV pole as if to measure distance.

The nurse herself was also going to enjoy the electrical excitement. Tracy reached over to the shelf and picked another up a pair of nipple clamps. Wires were also attached to each clamp she placed on each of her budding nipples. And with that initial explanation, she reached over to a rheostat and provided a slow dribble of electrical current to all devices. As the electrical current began to flow, Tracy mounted his massive erection and began to enjoy the ride.

The encased male figure could barely move as the nurse used her vaginal muscles to squeeze the erection. The electrical current served to provide an even greater sense of sexual explosion. Movement was very restricted, only allowing Gene to move worm style, alternating hips and knees, forcing his manhood deeper into Tracey’s tunnel. The rapid bounding of her tits nearly mesmerized Gene as each breast flopped up and down. As her orgasm caused her to vibrate wildly, Gene could only watch and moan with tension as his boiling semen was still trapped below his shaft.

As the nurse reached the pinnacle of the enjoyment, sweat beads ran off her tits, causing her nipple clamps to give her an unexpected jolt. She quickly turned off the electric transformer to avoid any further sudden volts of electricity. “Oh, you are so ready for even greater pleasure.” With that Tracey dismounted so she could again reach something on the rolling shelf of goodies.

“Now, Gene, we will experience the absolute pinnacle of sexual pleasure.”  She picked up a large tape gag that had strings attached to each end and across the middle of the tape. “We will now both participate in the most exciting, most pleasurable and most dangerous, of any sexual encounter.” Nurse Tracy began to explain the pleasure and almost narcotic high experienced in erotic asphyxiation. “The lack of oxygen, combined with an orgasm, is truly the ultimate in sexual enjoyment.”

This practice can be very dangerous. It was rumored actor David Carradine died while participating in self gratification during an erotic asphyxiation encounter. Gene had actually heard rumors of a local college girl found in a self hog tie with a noose around her neck and dildo inserted in her vagina.  But, Nurse Tracy had several safeguards in place as she strategically planned for them to both enjoy this most dangerous of pleasures.

The tape gag she developed for herself had strings attached that she would tie to the top of each of the IV poles. She measured the strings precisely so when she passed out, the strings would pull the tape gag off of her mouth and nose. As an additional safety feature, the nipple clamps that were attached to wires leading to the rheostat were set to a small mercury switch that would activate when she fell.

The mercury switch would transmit an impulse to the electrical rheostat to send a rather high voltage shock into the nipple clamps to awaken the nurse before she succumbed from lack of oxygen. Once awakened, she would quickly remove the gag off of the nose of her mummy and discharge an electrical shock to his nipples if he remained unconscious.

This rather complicated system was in place to assure the safety of both the willing and unwilling partner. It was apparent she had participated in this adventure many times before, as this procedure had been calculated to the nth degree. She again climbed on to the bed and could hardly control herself as she aimed her already soaked pussy around the Nuke missile about to launch. She slowly lowered herself on to her mount. After his penis was completely embedded into her cave, she untied the surgical tape around the base and prepared for a massive eruption.

The key to this exotic and erotic pleasure is the decreased level of oxygen to the brain combined with an orgasm that is believed to provide an amazing high that some say is equivalent to the most powerful drug. After assuring the gag ties were correctly in place, Nurse Tracey sealed the special gag over both her mouth and nose, assuring the seal would not allow any air to enter or escape. She also reached forward and took another piece of tape and completely sealed both Gene’s nostrils. This final seal, combined with the already tight seal over his mouth, served to eliminate any chance of oxygen from entering. His thoughts now shifted from sexual excitement to a panic to live. 

With nipple clamps in place on each body, Nurse Tracy began the slow assent to sexual nirvana. The key to the ultimate autoerotic asphyxia is to coordinate the actual orgasm precisely with the lowest level of oxygen to the brain before collapsing into unconsciousness. Timing was crucial, as Tracy began to slowly induce the sexual pleasures. Each movement became more pronounced.

She began her rhythmic movements, timing each thrust to allow maximum pleasure for both. She could feel Gene become more excited with each second, either from his sexual frustrations or survival panic.  She could sense they were both nearing the point of no return and increased the speed of her movements.

Suddenly, the uncontrolled muffled screams from behind the taped mouths signaled the mammoth orgasms were taking control of their hot bodies. Tracey was in a hallucinating state when she felt the shots of hot cum crash against her vagina walls. Gene resembled an arched masonry bridge as he pushed off the mattress to force his erection deeper into the horny nurse.

The lack of oxygen was having the desired effect, a sexual high that couldn’t be described without the aid of a controlled dangerous substance. Nurse Tracey flung herself high as the projectile inside her ripped upward, pumping gallons of hot fluid flooding every inch of her cavity.  Gene’s tape restrictions only served to heighten his pleasures as he finally felt the release of the sexual tensions that had been confined.

With so much exertion, the oxygen levels were soon depleted. The last vision Gene had before he lost consciousness was the beautiful naked nurse falling off of his manhood. As Tracey collapsed, her system worked perfectly as the ties attached to her gag immediately pulled the tape off of her mouth and nose.

As she lay prostrate, the mercury switch moved horizontally, sending a signal to the rheostat to transmit a high voltage shock to the nipples of the unconscious nurse. The charge immediately filled her tits with an electric jolt that forced each globe to jerk wildly. Nurse Tracey gasped for air as she suddenly jumped.

 She awoke to see bright blue skin contrasting the white tape confinement of her sexual prisoner. She reached up to pull the tape off his mouth and nose. His breathing still did not begin. She immediately jumped to the manual switch and sent a powerful shock into the alligator clamps attached to Gene’s nipples. The high voltage zapped the large, white pillar that bounded off the mattress. She panicked began to erratically tear at the taped body. 




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